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Everything on this site is BtVS (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) based / AU, Spike+Buffy (Spuffy) centric and NOT FOR CHILDREN.  They can't do this on TV (although they tried . . . they really, really tried!)!

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  ~*~ QUICK LIST ~*~

A. Unexpected:                                                                  Click here for 'Extras'

Chapter 1, Unexpected Ally 

Chapter 2, Solace

Chapter 3, Need 

Chapter 4, Betrayal                                                     

Chapter 5 PART 1, Warrior      

Chapter 5, PART 2, Warrior     

Chapter 6, Prophecy

Chapter 7, Love                                                           

Chapter 8, Return                                                       

Chapter 9, Expecting

Chapter 10, Totally Expected - Research

Chapter 11, Patrol Buddies

Chapter 12, Forgiveness

Chapter 13, Routines

Chapter 14, Secrets

Chapter 15, Liam, Angelus, Angel

Chapter 16, Wedding Day

Chapter 17, And Baby Makes 3

Chapter 18, The Initiative

Chapter 19, Did We Win?

Chapter 20, Party!                                                                

Chapter 21, Glorificus                                                           

Chapter 22, Council of Wankers                                         

Chapter 23, Lucky to have you                                           

Chapter 24, Warm Champagne

Chapter 25, Ben-Glory-Glory-Ben

Chapter 26, The Promise

Chapter 27, 147 Days

Chapter 28, Immortal

Chapter 29, Try Harder

Chapter 30, Dearest Buffy

Chapter 31, New Year's Eve

Chapter 32, Happily Ever After?

Chapter 33, NOT Avon Calling

Chapter 34, Bitty Bad

Chapter 35, Angel or Star?

Chapter 36, William's Heart

Chapter 37, Soulless

Chapter 38, Merry Christmas?

Chapter 39, You have the Key

Chapter 40, Early One Morning

Chapter 41, Goldilocks

Chapter 42, Trigger

Chapter 43, Jukebox

Chapter 44, Sing it For Me

Chapter 45, Blood

Chapter 46, Warrior Lovers

Chapter 47, Mistress of the Dark

Chapter 48, Big Guns

Chapter 49, Safe House

Chapter 50, Fish in a Barrel

Chapter 51, Baptism

Chapter 52, Itch

Chapter 53, For Love

Chapter 54, Have I Told You Lately?


B. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, Life Goes On:


1. More than Whiskey

2. Danger Across Dimensions

2.1 Cooties, Genes and Slayer Dreams  

2.2 Bread and Cookies 

2.3. Untouchable  

2.4 Epilogue  

3. Lemmings 

4. The Gem of Amarra

4.1 Freckle Boy 

4.2 Surfer Boy  

4.3 Sex, Lies and Videotape  

4.4 Please Come Home  

4.5 Drunk and Disorderly  

4.6 Most Vile Creature    

4.7 More Than Freckles  

4.8 More Than Chocolate  

5. And Baby Makes . . .

5.1 Giveth and Taketh Away

5.2 Please Wake Up 

6. Kooks

6.1 You Complete Me

6.2 Real Babies

6.3 Addicted 

6.4 La Vida Loca

6.5 Worry-free

6.6 Seeing Red  . . . . and Green 

6.7 ih-fuhl-juh-nt

6.8 Un-Mixy

6.9 Sweet-Bit & Baby Blue

7.0 Brownies

8. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

8.1 More Than Words 

8.2 Hotel California  

8.3 Slipped Away

8.4 Promises

8.5 Wind Beneath My Wings

8.6 A Different Kind of Knight

8.7 With a Little Help From My Friends

8.8 Shades of Grey 

8.9 Destiny

8.10 Everything is Different Now

8.11 Taking You Home

8.12 Take Me There

8.13 Every Breath You Take -

8.14 Mother and Child Reunion

8.15 Baby, I Love You

8.16 The Cow Jumped Over the Moon River


C. Teach Your Children Well:

1. Run To You

Buffy faces a gut-wrenching decision; Spike thinks she's made the wrong one and he looks on it as a betrayal of his love. In order to save their daughter, she must lose her family. Will he ever be able to forgive and trust her again?

1.1 Good Vibrations

1.2 Earth Angel

1.3 Crazy Dreamers

1.4 Fever

1.5 Sugar and Spice

1.6 The Long & Winding Road

1.7 Honesty

1.8 Alone Again, Naturally

1.9 If I Could Turn Back Time

1.10 Love Hurts

1.11 If You Leave Me Now

1.12 I Feel The Earth Move

1.13 Happy Birthday

1.14 Masterpiece

1.15 Tug of War

2. Hokey-Pokey

It's nearly Christmas ... time for a little fun - but first, a couple of weddings...

2.1 Braveheart

2.2 I Melt with You

2.3 Bless the Broken Road

2.4 Let's Be Naughty

2.5 Stand by Me

2.6 What It's All About

2.7 I'll Be Loving You Forever, P1

2.8 I'll Be Loving You Forever, P2

3. In These Choos?

3.1 In These Choos?

4. Everything I Own

Buffy and Spike find themselves transported into two different worlds. They face their hardest test yet as they each try to survive their worlds, find who did this to them, and get back to life as they knew it in the Unexpected Universe.

4.1 Somewhere Over the Rainbow

4.2 What a Difference You've Made

4.3 Elusive Butterfly

4.4 Remember Me

4.5 You and Me Against the World

4.6 Hero

4.7 Lean On Me

4.8 Don't Cry Sister

4.9 Lost

4.10 Just the Way You Are

4.11 Bridge Over Troubled Water

4.12 How Do I Love Thee?

4.13  part 1:  Time Passages

         part 2:   Blue Sky

4.14 Love Can Build a Bridge

4.15 You'll Never Walk Alone

4.16 One Way or Another

4.17 Not Like the Movies

4.18 Even Angels Fall

4.19 Magical Mystery Tour

4.20 Billy, Don't Be a Hero

4.21 Just One Last Dance

4.22 Changes

4.23 Home Sweet Home

4.24 Acapella

4.25 Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

4.26 You  Save Me 

4.27 It's A Small World

4.28 If Tomorrow Never Comes 

4.29 Wild Angels 

4.30 Follow Your Heart 

4.31 A Note from P4s (My muse needs help!) 

5. Can't Buy Me Love

As Buffy settles back into life after the 'Wish World' and gets ready for a new addition to their family, an old friend pulls the financial rug out from under their fairly comfortable life. They also find that something from Spike's old life isn't as they thought. Will they end up sacrificing the littlest bit or even their own lives in an effort to make an old wrong right?

Warnings for sexual situations, implied rape of a minor (not graphic), gory violence, torture, bloodshed, character death, and what was the other thing? ... oh yeah, angst.

5.1 I Love You This Big

5.2 Come and Get It

5.3 Ordinary Miracle

5.4 Hard Day's Night

5.5 Dreamweaver

5.6 I'd Do Anything

5.7 No More Mr. Nice Guy

5.8 My Little Girl

5.9 Come Fly With Me

5.10 Goodbye Blue Sky

5.11 We Gotta Get Outta This Place

5.12 White Room

5.13 I Fight Authority

5.14 Je t'aime

5.15 Iron Maiden

5.16 The Touch

5.17 Even the Losers

5.18 Takin' Up Space

5.19 If I Were Brave

5.20 Daughters

5.21 Isn't She Lovely

5.22 Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

5.23 Standing Outside the Fire

5.24 The Birds and the Bees

5.25 Just the Two of Us

5.26 Stay With Me

5.27 Stay With Me, Reprise

5.28 Killer Bunnies

5.29 Runaway Train

5.30 Tough Little boys

5.31 Sixteen Tons

5.32 Wonderful

5.33 Too Much Month at the End of the Money

5.34 Angel's Lullaby

5.35 Li'l Red Riding Hood

5.36 If You've Got the Money, Honey

5.37 2000 Light Years From Home

5.38 Wishes and Stars

5.39 Except For the Turkey

5.40 Hungry Heart

5.41 Let's Get Ready to Ruuuummmbble

5.42 The House That Built Me

5.43 Tangled Up In You

 5.44 If We Make it Through December

 5.45 God Gave Me You

 5.46 Love Stinks

5.47 Crazy Girl

5.48 Hurry Home

5.49 Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

5.50 I'll Be Your Man

5.51 Don't Stop Believin'

 5.52 Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

 5.53 Space Oddity

 5.54 Comfortably Numb

 5.55 I'm Falling Down

 5.56 I Need a Hero

6. Magic

A one chapter interlude. Since so many bad things happen on Buffy’s birthday, last year she declared ‘no more birthdays’, thus forcing Spike to find some creative ways to celebrate the day of her birth. This is his solution. Buffy Birthday Eve.

7. Miles To Go Before I Sleep

While Spike and Bess are on a mission with Angel, Buffy and Annie find themselves embroiled in a life and death struggle in a Sunnydale that is far from home.  Most of their friends are dead; those that remain have changed so much as to be nearly unrecognizable. Can they be trusted to help Buffy and Annie get back home or will they use the opportunity to escape the hell they've been living in and leave the Slayer and her daughter to languish in a dimension ruled by demons? As Buffy tries to keep her daughter safe, she must put her trust in someone - that someone is Spike, but he's changed too.

Warnings for sexual situations, character death, violence, angst, Spike/Other Male (not graphic), attempted rape, threesomes including Buffy and Spike.

7.1 Red Solo Cup

7.2 Gift-less

7.3 Night Prowler

7.4 Faithfully

7.5 Beggars and Choosers

7.6 Love The One You're With

7.7 S&M

7.8 King of Anything

7.9 You and Tequila

7.10 Helpless

7.11 Jealous Guy

7.12 Stairway To Heaven

7.13 Octopussy

7.14 Stand

7.15 Hurt

7.16 Why

7.17 Fear

7.18 The Way Things Might Have Been

7.19 Promises, Promises

7.20 One Fine Wire

7.21 Dancing in the Moonlight

7.22 Without You 

7.23 Run 

7.24 World Domination 

7.25 Bad Day 

7.26 Land of Confusion 

7.27 Regrets 

7.28 Bittersweet Symphony 

7.29 Reunited 

7.30 If I Knew Then 

7.31 I Knew I Loved You 

7.32 My Sacrifice 

7.33 I Believe In You 

7.34 Wash It All Away, Part 1 

7.35 Wash It All Away, Part 2

7.36 Fix You

7.37 Fallen

7.38 Anticipation

7.39 Big Boy Toys

7.40 What No One Else Can Do

7.41 Puppy Love

7.42 Bromance

7.43 Stuck in the Middle With You

7.44 My Old Friend

7.45 Homeward Bound

7.46 I'll Be There for You

7.47 Fortune Favors the Brave

7.48 Pale Blue Dot, Part 1

7.49 Pale Blue Dot, Part 2

7.50 Turn, Turn, Turn

7.51 Harvest Moon

7.52 Moondance

7.53 Photograph

7.54 Miles To Go

Complete:  10/05/2012


D. The One Who Knows:


1. Scream

Picks up a couple of weeks after Troy identifies the language of the now-decoded book that tells how to create a new Gem of Amarra as that of an extinct tribe of Native Americans, the Raamar. Spike and Troy go on a mission to find someone that may be able to translate the spell to create another Gem of Amarra so Bess can have one as well. While he’s gone, Spike decides to play a little game with Buffy, but will it backfire and be more torturous for him than her?

1.1 Women Are From Venus

1.2 Sexting

1.3 Dream a Little Dream

1.4 Undefeated

1.5 Fight For You

1.6 You've Got a Friend

1.7 Centerfield

1.8 Swing!

1.9 Scream

Complete: 01/19/2013

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