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If you haven't read all the Unexpected stories thus far, you will find spoilers here!


  • Elizabeth Anne "Buffy" Summers-Weckerly was born January 19th, 1981.

  • William Wesley Weckerly, AKA: "William the Bloody" and "Spike"

    • Born August 20, 1852 to Anne and Henry of Clapham, England. Father died a hero in battle in 1856. Turned by Dru in 1880 1890 (Date of turning changed during 'Everything I Own' due to Hallie's Vengeance Wish). First came to Sunnydale in September, 1997. Soul restored by accident when Willow was trying to restore Angel's soul during the fight over Acathla in May of 1998. The 'perfect happiness clause' of the spell was removed by Jenny Calendar when she translated it and does not exist for Angel or Spike.

  • Spike and Buffy were married in  February 1999, a few days before the birth of their first daughter. At the same time, Spike claimed Buffy and she is now the last in the line of the Clan of Aurelius; the Master's line. They can communicate telepathically through the bond when they both open it and share very vivid and realistic dreams. 

  • Anne Joyce, "Annie" ("Niblett")

    • Born on February 14th, 1999. She is the Key. First born child of Spike and Buffy. Annie loves dancing, especially ballet, and is exceptional with languages. A certified 'Scooby-pup'. Attends Mission Hill Magnet School, K-12, and is enrolled in the Global Studies International Baccalaureate program.

  • Danielle Dawn, "Dani" ("Lemon Drop")

    •  Born on February 12th, 2004. Twin of William Rupert; Dani was born first. The twins share a soul and have bond which allows them to communicate telepathically and in dreams. Dani is a tom-boy and loves sports. Is exceptional at soccer; also plays Little League Baseball. Buffy nearly died giving birth to them. A certified 'Scooby-pup'. Attends Wilkins Elementary School.

  • William Rupert, "Billy" ("Junior")

    • Born on February 12th, 2004. Twin of Danielle Dawn. Billy was born second via emergency C-section. He shows signs of empathic ability and loves singing, acting, and dancing as well as all things Sci-fi, especially Star Wars. A certified 'Scooby-pup'. Attends Wilkins Elementary School.

  • MacKenzie Verity, " 'Kenzie" ("Testarosa")

    • Born October 9th, 2010. Conceived when Buffy went back in time to 1890 to end the 'Wish World' and slept with William. She is said to be the prophetic child of Santo Veritas: A seer of truth who shall see the truth through a veil of lies, uncover the darkness shrouded by the light, and possess the power to tip the scales. She was born in a cemetery with only Spike there to help Buffy. Powers unproven.

  • Elizabeth Anne "Bess" ("Buttercup")

    • Created from Hallie/Cecily's vengeance wish to steal Buffy's family. She is a physical and spiritual clone of Dani and can communicate with Billy via dreams. Was born in 1887 in Clapham, England. Orphaned around the age of three  when her father, William, was turned by Dru and then he killed his wife, Bess' mother, Cecily. Raised, along with her siblings (William Jr. and Anne) by John Weatherford, the vicar of the Church of Clapham, and his wife, Wanda. They moved to Philadelphia shortly thereafter and he became a steel worker to support their new, adopted family. Bess was called as a Slayer in 1900. Turned August 1901 at the age of fourteen. Reunited with biological parents (Spike and Buffy) in 2010 after living entire unlife imprisoned by the Council and used to try and create a race of 'Super-Slayers'. The Council restored her soul with the same spell Willow used to restore Angel's and Spike's.  Bess' Slayer strength has been enhanced by being turned into a vampire.



  • Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay were married in a Wiccan ceremony on November 26th, 2004.

    • Edmond “Eddie” Giles Rosenberg-Maclay was born March 11, 2010. Son of Willow and Tara. Born by Tara; fathered (using artificial insemination) by Rupert Giles. Powers unknown.

  • Xander Harris and Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins were married in June, 2002.

    • Joshua Jacheal "JJ" ("Whelp") Harris was born on April 21st, 2004. No special powers.

  • Angel and Cordiela Chase were married on December 18th, 2004. They still live in L.A. and run Angel Investigations.

    • Connor Chase was born in July 2006. Powers unknown.

  • Wanda Weatherford, the woman who raised William's 'first family', is a Guardian Angel, an emissary of the PTB. She is forbidden to do more than give advice to her charges, but has been known to break that rule. She pops up from time to time to offer advice and comfort to the Weckerlys, but has many charges, so she isn't always available.



Other milestones:

  • All the Potentials were endowed with full Slayer power in February 2003.

  • Buffy and Spike learned of the other dimensions and got the memories from the 'Evil Joss' Universe in May, 2003.

  • The ‘Wish-World’ lasted from January 19th, 2005 to January, 16th 2010.

  • The Council of Watchers was overthrown by the Sunnydale group in April, 2010 after it was discovered they were holding vampires, including Buffy and Spike's Slayer/Vamp daughter, Bess, prisoner and trying to create a 'Super-Slayer' through cruel and unusual means.

  • A new organization, called the World Safety Council, was formed in April/May 2010. It is governed by the Council Governing Committee (CGC) which is made up of an equal number of Slayers and Watchers. Voting ties are broken by a 'third party': Winifred "Fred" Burkle. It is headquartered in Sunnydale, CA. They are set up as a non-profit organization and funded mainly by government grants and donations as all the Watcher Council funds were depleted. Anya Harris is the CFO.

  • The Slayers have been organized into military units. Faith is the General, the ultimate leader in time of crisis, of the Slayer army.


  • The Prophetic Child of Santo Veritas: A seer of truth shall be born under the crescent moon, during the harvest’s bounty, on the day that falls one short of the month and the year. The seventh child, a daughter of fire, born to the fair, immortal warriors, guarded by the sign of Libra, shall see the truth through a veil of lies, uncover the darkness shrouded by the light, and possess the power to tip the scales. (MacKenzie Weckerly)

  • To reap the harvest they have sown, she who brings forth The Tetrad from her loins (Buffy) must stand alone against the End of Days with neither friend nor foe nor kith nor kin betwixt her heart and the gaping maw of hell.

  • From Buffy's dream: When the pendulum swings too high into the light, the End of Days will be near. Only she who brings forth the Tetrad can stop what they start … she who stands alone. To balance the scales, the Tetrad will open the gates to hell, but only 'she who stands alone' can close them.

  • The Tetrad: A Slayer, A Seer, A Key, and An Empath. (Per Buffy's dream it is: Dani, MacKenzie, Annie, Billy)

  • Gertie Greenbrair: Sept 2011 to Buffy: "Your final journey will one day be clear. The Mother within will show ya the path; take heed of her call, Slayer."

Universe Map:

Click here for a PDF document that contains a map of the different Universes visited. WARNING FOR SPOILERS!! If you haven't read all the Unexpected stories thus far, you will find spoilers here!





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