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Ok, so here's where I have to come clean and admit to having been a Buffy "snob" in the past.  You know, one of those people that look at you funny when you say you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer?   As a mature, hard working woman with a husband, my own business and tons of responsibilities, a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer sounded like something that should be shown on Saturday mornings with the cartoons.  (Am I dating myself by saying that when I grew up cartoons were ONLY shown on Saturday mornings?  Ok, yeah, I grew up in the '60's - the 1960's - don't get carried away, now!)


Yeah, that was me - snob.  Things change.


So, what changed?  Ok, here's my second confession.  My whole reason for watching Buffy in the first place was for David Boreanaz. I love Bones and even Spike fans must admit that DB is a total cutie on that show.  At the same time I was falling in love with Bones, I was also loving the show Leverage, most notably this guy named Christian Kane - you may have heard of him (can I just say, oh, baby!).   So, here's my last confession, I actually watched the entire DVD set of Angel before I ever watched a single episode of BtVS - because, duh - DB and CK? PLEEASE!  (I have to say that I liked Angel more on Angel, the Series than on BtVS - he developed a better sense of humor in L.A.!)


When I finished watching Angel, then I bought the BtVS DVD set and watched it.  When I first started watching, I couldn't figure out why everyone was so ga-ga about Spike.  I mean, yeah, totally hot, but evil, right? I know he ended up GOOD from watching Angel, but how he got there was a mystery.  Heck, Spike beat Angel out on a poll for the most popular vamp not too long after I started watching BtVS and that totally stumped me (please note: I did NOT vote in the poll, so don't send me emails saying that I'm an evil person for voting for Angel).  Then it happened - Joss redeemed Spike, Spike fell in love with Buffy and then, of course, I got it.   I am now in the Spike corner, on his bandwagon and leading the parade.  Yeah, things change.


Like many of you, I wasn't too pleased with 1. The showing ending at all or 2. The way it ended. So, I searched out fanfic that fixed it, and I found plenty - lots of really good stuff!  I particularly liked the long stories of the life Spike and Buffy could've had (if Joss & Co. would've let them), although the short, hot ficlets are fun, too.  But the ficlets, like the show, end too quickly for me.


So, after reading quite a few fanfics by various writers, I thought I'd give it try myself - thus the creation of this site and my spin on the life that they could've had.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. I don't know how long I'll keep writing stories and adding to the site - as long as I keep enjoying it and coming up with new ideas would be my guess.


Thanks so much for visiting!  I hope the confessions about my torrid past don't send you running for the hills! If you stick around, I hope you'll email me feedback on the stories - it really is like chocolate for the soul!


~ Passion4Spike ~



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