Story Title: Unexpected
Chapter Title: Prophecy, Chapter 6
Time line: Mid-May, 1998. 

The night following Angel being sent to hell.

Buffy is a Junior in High School, (but has been expelled before completing 11th grade.)

Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, violence, sex and adult themes which may include rape, attempted rape, blood play and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable.   If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY.  Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.




Fun, Sex and a Prophecy . . . what more could you want?

The men watched the warrior lovers through time, through magicks, waiting for what was prophesized.


 When two great warriors join, when the hunted and the hunter lie together in love, the keepers shall bless their seed to create the vessel for the Key. Only the two great warriors shall have the power to protect the Key from the Beast.


The younger of the men spoke, “It is time. The warriors have joined.”


“No, not yet. The warriors are not yet ready to accept the gift,” replied the elder. 


“Time is running short.”


“Yes, but it is not here yet. Love must first blossom.”




Spike held her tight and flipped them over, settling her above him on his hips, his cock already hardening again within her.  He pulled her head down to him and took her mouth in a slow, sensuous kiss.  He probed and explored her with his tongue as she slowly began moving her hips up and down on his length.


Spike pulled back from the kiss. “Suck me off.” 


Buffy stopped what she was doing with her hips and looked at him with wide eyes  “But . . . I've never . . .” she started. 


Spike grinned. “Thought that was the point of our lessons, luv. Com’on now, class’s back in session.  And don’t forget to swallow.”


“WHAT? Gross!” She sat back up, screwing her face up to convey just how gross she thought it was. 


It nearly made Spike laugh, but he held the chuckle in and pressed her. “Not gross. Nectar of the Gods. Now be a good Slayer Slut and do as you’re told.”


Buffy sighed, she had asked for this, after all.  Ok, she could do this, she thought to herself, but she was no way going to swallow anything, nectar of the Gods or not. 


“Ok, but you have to tell me what you want.” 


Spike smiled. Oh yeah, this was gonna be bloody fucking brilliant.  Spike spread his legs apart to allow her to perch herself between them, bent his knees and tipped his hips up to give her complete access.


“Start with m’ balls, lick, suck, use your hands on my cock at the same time.”


Spike closed his eyes as she started, tentatively at first, but growing bolder as she went on.  His words of encouragement made her more confident. “Christ, Slayer, yes . . . Jesus, God that feels good.” 


When she nibbled with her teeth at his ball sack and then sucked them completely into her mouth, lolling them around with her tongue Spike nearly lost it. “Argngh, bloody . . . christ . . . mhmnph . . . fuck.”  


Buffy smiled to herself, what power she had over him! He was writhing under her mouth, barely able to form words, she was driving him completely insane! This WAS bloody brilliant! Wait . . . When did I starting thinking in “Spike”?


“Stop. Slayer, STOP!”


 Buffy let go, genuinely concerned that she’d done something wrong.  “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”


“No, luv, bloody wonderful. Just, if you keep on, I’m gonna cum before the end of the lesson.”


“Oh!” Buffy brightened and went back to work.  She flicked her tongue lightly over his balls and then started up the shaft, replacing her mouth on his balls with her hand as her tongue worked its way up his erection, licking, sucking, nibbling all along the length of it until she got to the tip.  Pulling his cock to her mouth with one hand she ran her tongue in slow circles around the head, then flicked lightly at the slit. Tasting his precum, she stopped momentarily, somewhat surprised – it wasn’t that bad, not nectar of the Gods, (which would have tasted like Godiva Chocolate) but not as bad as that time the Grolac demon had oozed grossness all over her before she killed it. 


She continued her exploration, so intent, she hadn’t realized Spike was talking again. 


“Use your other hand to tease my arse, Slayer, and the other one, tighter around . . . God, yeah, that’s it.” 


Buffy tightened her hand around his shaft and trailed the fingers from her other hand down from his balls to his tight ass, feathering touches on the sensitive area around it.  She lowered her mouth down over the velvety head of his cock and sucked hard, trailing her tongue round and round at the same time.


Spike tangled his hands in her long hair, gently directing her movements, showing her the speed and depth he liked best, as she pumped up and down with her mouth. Buffy didn't mind his hands in her hair...she wanted to do what he liked, she wanted to take him as high as he'd taken her, make him crazy with desire, and give him just as much pleasure as he'd given her. She took in as much of his thick rod as she could while stroking and squeezing the rest of his shaft with her hot hand and soon Spike's direction was no longer needed ... she knew what he wanted and she gave it to him eagerly.


“Jesus! Holy mother of Bloody Christ, Slayer!” Spike screamed as he felt his balls tighten; heaven was just a moment away. Buffy wondered briefly why vampires would be calling to God and Jesus Christ – you’d think those words would burn their tongue or something.  She could feel him tense under her, his words had deteriorated into nothing more than moans and grunts and she stopped.  Completely stopped, pulled away and took her hands off him.


“Bloody Hell!” 


“What’s the matter Spike?  Turnabout’s fair play.”  She smiled coyly up at him.


“You little minx!  I’ll show you turnabout!  Flip 'round, put your arse right up here . . .”


He showed her where he wanted her as she eyed him suspiciously, but did as he instructed.  Once he had her dripping pussy situated over his mouth and her mouth over his aching cock, he teased his finger around her ass as he slid his tongue down from her taint to her dripping channel and began fucking her with it. 


Buffy gasped as his tongue touched her and bucked when it entered her. Doing her best to concentrate, she went down on his cock with renewed fervor, but every time he swirled his tongue in a different place, she gasped and found it hard to concentrate on what she was doing.  Then she felt something else penetrate her, pull out and just as suddenly press against her tight ass.


“What the fuck!”  It was his thumb, she realized, on her ass!


“Relax, Slayer, let me in.”  He pressed a little harder and Buffy tried to relax, letting him penetrate her ass with his cum slick thumb; as he passed the tightest part, she gasped again.


“Christ! Jesus Christ, Spike! God, don’t stop!”  She pushed back against him, spreading her legs even further to give him full access to her ass and pussy.  He moved his thumb slowly around in her puckered hole and started again on her pussy with his tongue. When he touched  her clit she bucked against him and dove back down on his cock with her mouth, sucking, pumping and squeezing it like her life depended on it.


“Slayer, stop. Shhh.  Slayer!  Listen!”


She didn’t want to stop, didn’t want him to stop. God, was he out of his fucking mind!?  What!?”


“Someone’s here,” he whispered.


What!?” Suddenly on alert, she tried to connect to her demon senses, but all she could sense was Spike.


“How many?  Demons?”  She hated that she couldn’t hear what he heard or sense anything at this point.


“No, human, several -" he started but was interrupted by a knock on the door.


“Buffy? Buffy, are you in there?” came softly from the hallway.


“Willow?” Buffy replied to the closed door.


“Bloody hell,” Spike murmured as he went back to what he had been doing.


“Yeah, Buffy, umm, we’re here to get the, you know, demon world-ending-statue-thingy so it can be, you know, neutralized,”  Willow said from the other side of the closed door.


“Sure, Will, fine,” she tried to continue as Spike tongued her clit again “Aaaggh . . .  Ooohh . . . Jesus . . . I mean, umm, yeah Will . . . ooooo . . . go ahead and take it.”  Buffy slapped at him to get him to stop and tried wriggling free, but he held her hips firm and his thumb was still in her ass; she gave up.


He started moving his thumb in and out slowly. “Jesus!” She exclaimed and pushed back against him, arching her back to take it in even more.


“Buffy, are you ok?” came from the other side of the closed door.


Fuck, Willow was still there!


“Yeah, Will. Fine. “


“Cause, you know, you sound like maybe not fine . . . are you sure?  I can get Giles . . .”


“NO!  NO GILES! I’m fine, really.  I’m just . . . " Buffy thought about what to say but gave up, deciding to just go with the truth. "I'm at the fornication fair here and . .  . OOOO! . . . ummm . . . you know, fornication  . . . AAAGH! ... with an evil vampire with a heavenly tongue . . .” 


“TMI!  Buffy . . . waaay too much information!”  Willow stopped her from continuing.


“ ‘K then – you guys can take the . . . fuck! . . . demon. See you later, Will.”


“Umm, Buffy?” 


God, why wouldn’t she go AWAY already?


“Yeah, Will?”


“We kinda need you and Spike to help us get the demon out. It’s really big and heavy and, you know, you guys with the super strength and all . . . Giles sent me up here to get you.”  Suddenly worried, Willow asked, “You are in there with Spike, right?”


“No Willow, I’m in here with a random vampire I picked up on the street earlier.  Thought I’d give ‘em all a test drive before settling on one.” 


Spire growled in her pussy, vibrating her whole body and sending tremors down her legs.


“God, that’s so sexy!”  she addressed Spike before turning her attention back to Willow. “Can it wait 'til morning?”


“Well, no, not really, Buffy – plus, you know, sunlight – kinda dusty for vampires. Sorta hard for Spike to help us during the day.”


“Ok, Will, tell them we’ll be down in a minute.” 


“Or fifteen,” Spike said loud enough for Willow to hear.


“Ok,” Willow responded and finally left.


“Random vampire, huh?”  I’ll show you a bloody random vampire!”


Spike dove back into her pussy, sucking on her clit as his hand continued to fuck her ass. Buffy bucked again and dropped her mouth back down on his cock. 


She couldn’t make out anything he was saying, just random grunts and muffled cries as he serviced her with his mouth .  She could feel the orgasm building in her - spreading out from her core, from his heavenly mouth and over her entire body. She stopped her own sucking to demand, “MORE! NOW! MORE!” from Spike. 


He removed is thumb from her ass and entered her dripping pussy with three fingers, slamming them into her hard.  She arched her back, throwing her head back and screamed, “MORE!”  


Spike continued to finger fuck her hard. Taking his other hand off her hip where he had been holding her, he reached up to twist and pull at her hard nipples. “ARRRhhh! YES!” The new sensation pushed Buffy over the top of her climax and she clenched his fingers within her with so much strength Spike wondered if she would break them.


When she could finally breathe again, she came down on his cock hard with her mouth.  Pounding the head into the back of her throat while pumping what wouldn’t fit in her mouth with one hand.  She ran her other hand down to her own pussy, slicking it with her cum before bringing it back to him, and pressing one finger into his own tight ass.  He didn’t have to be told to let her in. God, she's a fast learner, he thought smugly to himself.


“FUCK!  Bloody fucking hell, Slayer!”  he screamed and bucked against her as she fucked his cock with her mouth and his ass with her finger.   He let go - all control completely lost, and sprayed the back of her throat with his cum.  She kept pumping and kept fucking his ass until his spasms slowed to shallow tremors. Removing her finger, she slowly ran her tongue all around his cock, lapping up every drop of his nectar before swallowing it down without another thought.




When Spike had recovered enough to prop himself up on one elbow, Buffy was digging through her bag, pulling out jeans, shirt and under things.  “You better get some clothes on and let’s go.” She glanced up at him from where she was kneeling over her bag.


“Give us a minute, luv.” Spike lay back down on the bed and closed his eyes.  He really didn’t want to share her with her bloody friends. He wondered if they would go away if they just ignored them. Probably not.


“The sooner we get this done, the sooner everyone will leave . . .”  Buffy was pulling on some boots, obviously ready to get down to the business of demon moving.


“Right then. Be right there.”


Spike started to rise as Buffy leaned over and kissed him on the mouth.  "See you downstairs,” she said as she opened the door and was gone.


Spike got up and noticed that all her clothes were mashed this way and that in her bag from her digging to find the things she wanted.  He picked up the bag and placed it on top of the dresser. Consolidating his own clothes down to just half the drawers, he left the now empty drawers open for her to unpack her clothes into later.


He pulled on his jeans, socks and boots, grabbed a t-shirt and headed out to find his Slayer.




As Buffy descended the stairs, the first thing she noticed was that someone had turned the TV up really loud.  Willow, Oz and Giles were sitting on the couch near it, but none of them seemed to be paying any attention to it.


As Buffy reached the bottom of the stairs, she called out a greeting over the blaring TV. “Hey Guys! What’s up?”


Willow and Giles jumped at the sound of her voice. Oz had obviously already heard (or smelled? God, I didn’t think of that.  How good can he smell, anyway?) her coming.  Willow jumped up and turned off the TV. 


“Were you watching that?”  Buffy inquired.


“Umm . . . no, not really,”  Willow stammered and couldn’t meet Buffy’s eyes.


“Ok, you were testing the speakers, then?  Did they pass?”


“Actually, we were, umm, you know . . .” Willow looked guiltily up towards the second floor, “giving you some privacy while we waited.”


Buffy’s mouth formed an “O” and she felt like her face turned three shades of red, Were we THAT LOUDLoud enough that the TV had to be turned up to ‘Rock Concert’ volume?  Apparently so.  “Oh,” she finally managed. “Sorry?”


Giles still hadn’t said anything as he cleaned his glasses furiously.


“So, what’s the plan?  Just take this big boy outside and blow it up? Because, if there’s another rocket launcher involved, I’m all over it!”  Buffy changed the subject.


Giles finally stood and looked at Buffy.  She looked good, much better than she had earlier that day.  If he didn’t know better, he would have said that she was glowing.  “Indeed. I wish it were that easy.  We need to get it up to the street and onto the truck.  It needs to be buried in the dessert with a particular incantation to protect it from future discovery.” 


“In the desert?”  As in hours of driving and digging and burying and incanting, she thought grimly.


“Yes, well, we just need you, or you and Spike, more precisely, to get it up to the street.  Oz has rented a truck with a loader and Xander is already out in the desert with heavy equipment getting the burial plot ready.  Is Spike coming?”


Buffy looked back upstairs then back at Giles with confusion for a moment. “OH! Yes! Coming down here . . . to help . . . yes, I’m sure he’s on his way!”


At that moment Spike appeared, shirtless and sauntering casually down the stairs.  Buffy stared at him, practically awestruck, as he lifted the t-shirt in his hands over his head and pulled it and down over his torso.  She frowned as he finished covering up his chiseled body.  His hair was still tousled from their love making.  He had considered fixing it before coming down. He really didn’t like the curls, no one other than Dru had even seen them in years, but the thought of the reaction his disheveled look would illicit from the Watcher was just too much to pass up.


“Right,” he started as he walked up to the small group, stopping next to Buffy and placing a possessive hand on the small of her back. “Out to the dust bin with it, then?”


“We have to get it up to the street,”  Buffy informed him.


Giles couldn’t make eye contact with either of them and Spike smiled his most lecherous smile. “That it then, Watcher? Just to the curb with it?”


Giles cleared his throat and finally looked at Spike. If looks could kill, Spike would have been dusted for the second time tonight.  But, since they couldn’t, the death stare from Giles just made Spike rake his eyes over Buffy, move his hand to her hip and pull her closer to him. 


“Precisely,” was all that Giles could get out.


Buffy and Spike walked over to the stone demon and pushed against one side of it.  It barely moved.


“Bloody hell!”


“How did Angelus get this down here?” Buffy addressed Spike.




“Where are they?  Maybe we can get them to help us get it back out.”


“Uh, I think you dusted them all, luv.”


“You don’t have any more, Master Vampire and all?”


“Noooo,” he dragged the word out across his tongue.  “Would you like me to make some more?”

Buffy rolled her eyes.  Some master vampire, she thought. “Ok, well, we’ll just have to put our backs into this, then.” 


“Other things I’d rather be putting my back into, luv,” Spike said with an evil grin, making sure it was loud enough for Giles to hear.


Buffy smacked him playfully and smiled. “Shhh . . . Watcher!”


As they both pushed on one side of the demon, easing it towards the garden stairway, Oz set up a block and tackle, hooking a chain around the stone demon to help move it.  When they finally got it to the bottom of the stairs, Oz re-set the block and tackle to help lift it up to the street.  After quite some effort, the stone demon that had swallowed Angel was to the curb and being loaded onto the large truck Oz had rented.


Buffy and Spike leaned heavily against the stone wall surrounding the top of the garden, both breathing hard.  She never could figure why Spike breathed so much, not like he needed it, but she found it somehow comforting anyway.


When they had the demon loaded and secure Buffy asked, “Are the pack mules free to go back to the stable, now?”


Giles looked at the pair leaning on the wall, he still didn’t trust Spike, but it was obvious Buffy did. Since they had very obviously been, ahem . . . copulating, and Spike seemed to still have his soul...such as it was, he guessed that she was safe enough with him for now.


“Yes, thank you both for your help.”  Giles started to turn away but stopped and turned back to address Spike. “And thank you for what you did to help Buffy defeat Angelus.”


Spike eyed the Watcher suspiciously. “‘S ok, Watcher, didn’t fancy the world ending m’self.”



“Indeed,”  Giles replied. Then in a voice low enough only the vampire could hear, “You do know that if you hurt her, you’ll bloody well beg with your last breath for the world to end, don’t you?”  Giles held Spike’s eyes with his; Spike never wavered from the stare. 


“I’ve no doubt, Watcher.”


Giles gave a small nod and turned away to join Willow and Oz in the truck.




Buffy grabbed Spike’s hand and pulled him back down the stairs and into the garden.  “Last one to the bed is on the bottom!”  She yelled as she took off running through the door and towards the stairs. Spike followed quickly on her heels, but had no desire to overtake her; this one time, he was more than happy with second place.

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