Story Title: Unexpected
Chapter Title: New Year's Eve, Chapter 31
Time line:

December, 31 2001. Annie is almost 3 years old. Buffy died in early May 2001, brought back in September 2001.



Buffy invited Spike for a romantic night on the town for New Year's Eve.


Notes: Song referenced: Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce

I don't own the song or the lyrics. I'm not making any profit from their reproduction here.

Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, violence, sex and adult themes which may include rape, attempted rape, blood play and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.

December 31, 2001


Willow and Tara, who now both lived at the mansion with Spike, Buffy, and Annie, had said they’d be happy to babysit Annie on New Year’s Eve. They’d planned to just watch the ball drop on TV anyway.


Buffy took her new outfit to one of the spare rooms to dress. She had a silky black dress, low cut in the front and even lower in the back with spaghetti straps. There were random patterns of black bugle beads all over it, so she sparkled when she moved. The hem of the dress fell below the knee, but had a split up one side to mid thigh. Her ensemble was completed with three inch stiletto heels in black silk that matched her dress. She pulled her hair up in a twist in the back, held up with a black comb that had the same bugle bead pattern as her dress.


At nine, Buffy knocked on their bedroom door. Spike opened it and took her in. She was a vision, just as beautiful as he’d ever seen her and she had a genuine smile on her face.


Spike had on black slacks and a long sleeved black silk shirt that had a black on black design on it and was open at the collar. He’d changed his normal Doc Marten boots for black dress shoes.


“Mr. Weckerly,” Buffy smiled. “You look handsome tonight.”


“And you are lovely, Mrs. Weckerly. A true vision.” He smiled back at her.


Buffy offered her arm to him in a chivalrous manner, he put his hand in the crook of it as she turned and they headed out. Outside at the street, a black limo waited for them. Buffy opened the door for Spike and he stepped in, offering her his hand as he sat down to help her in behind him.


“So,” Buffy asked demurely, “what time do I have to have you home tonight, Mr. Weckerly? Will your daughter be waiting up for you?”


“Oh, I think we can make a full night of it, madam.” Spike grinned. “I don’t think she’ll mind.”


At the Bronze, Buffy continued her courting, opening the door for Spike, ordering drinks and paying and finally asking him for a dance. As promised, all the music was slow, romantic and made just for lovers and they danced nearly every dance. Their bodies were made for each other; they fit together perfectly, moved together perfectly. Each responded to the other as if yin for yang, two parts to one whole.


Spike basked in the feel of her body against his, moving with him, responding to his touch. It had been so long since he’d felt her respond to him like this. His arms around the small of her back, hers draped lightly around his neck, they moved like liquid fire on the floor.


He thought back to the first time he’d seen her, it had been right here in the Bronze, dancing with her friends, long before he knew even her name, just that she was the Slayer and he was here to kill her. She’d exuded grace and power and he’d gotten hard even then watching her dance, then watching her fight made it that much sweeter. God, is that when I fell in love with her? Is that really when it started? he thought, somewhat surprised at the revelation.


Spike was pulled from his thoughts as the song ended. He dipped his head down and caught her mouth in a tender kiss. Buffy pressed her body hard against his and parted her lips, letting his tongue explore her mouth as she darted her own tongue out to taste him. Before the kiss ended, the next song began and they started swaying their hips to the music. Spike bent his head down so his mouth was against her ear and whispered the words of the song to her as they danced.


If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
Till Eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I'd save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them with you

If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty
Except for the memory
Of how they were answered by you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with


When the song ended, Buffy took Spike by the hand and led him back to their table. Quickly retrieving her bag and leaving the tip, she pulled Spike behind her out the door of the club and to the waiting limo.


“We missed the big finale, Slayer,” Spike commented when they were in the limo and moving again, “it’s only eleven.”


“We haven’t missed it.” Buffy smiled seductively. “We’re just gonna have it in private.” She leaned against him in the seat and took his mouth in a hungry kiss, sliding her hand up his thigh to his hard cock. Spike pulled her to him in strong arms. God, he wanted her so much, he’d waited so long for her to want it again, too.


When the limo stopped it was in front of one of the nicest hotels in Sunnydale, not that it rivaled those in L.A., but it would have to do. She’d thought of actually going to L.A. for the evening, a romantic dinner and dancing then on to one of the really posh hotels, maybe one on the beach, but, at this moment, she was glad she’d decided to stay close. At this point, she didn’t think she would have been able to contain her need that long.


The limo stopped outside the main entrance of the hotel and a doorman opened the door of the limo for them. Spike stepped out first, holding his hand out to Buffy and she emerged from the limo with the grace of an angel. She’d booked the room earlier that day, so she led the way through the lobby to the elevators and upstairs. Pulling the key card from her bag, she handed it to Spike and he opened the door, holding it for her to enter in front of him.


Once inside, the door firmly closed and locked behind them, Buffy turned back to him and pressed into his body, her lips eager and demanding on his and he responded to her, pulling her body against him, his erection pressed into her hip as he lifted her off her feet and walked towards the large bed.


Buffy pulled back from the kiss, standing in front of the bed, she pressed her hands against his hard chest. The back of his knees hit the bed and he fell backwards onto it. Buffy stood back from him and slowly started to strip her clothes off, starting with the heels, which she pulled off and tossed to one side.


Spike didn’t move, didn’t say a word lest he wake from this dream. He just watched, his desire growing stronger than he thought possible as she continued to strip and smile that knowing smile, the one that said, I know what I’m doing to you and I love it!


Buffy pulled her dress up slowly over her head, revealing herself to Spike bit by naughty bit: thighs, hips, black lace panties, flat stomach, bare breasts, hard nipples. It was all he could do to not jump up and pull her down on him, devour her, be one with her right then. 


Buffy draped the dress over a chair, slipped her fingers under the edges of her panties and slid them down her thighs, down to her feet before stepping out of them. Then she pulled the comb out of her hair, tumbling her long hair down around her shoulders like a golden waterfall.


Buffy moved slowly back to where Spike lay on the bed and climbed up his body on all fours like a panther stalking its prey. When her chest was over his, her hips hovering above his, she held his arms out to the side, pinned down to the mattress with hers and dipped her head down to take his mouth in slow kiss. Pulling his lower lip into her mouth, sucking and nibbling at it before releasing it and flicking her hot tongue between his lips, not deep into his mouth, but just between his barely parted lips. Spike lifted his head to take her mouth in a deeper kiss, but Buffy pulled back and shook her head.


She hadn’t said a word to him since they entered the room, but her intent was clear; she was in charge, she was going to control this night. It was, he realized, exactly what he’d been waiting for, for her to open the door and lead him to her, at her pace, in her time. Spike lay back down and relaxed under her.


Buffy sat back, her ass pressed into his hard cock and his hips lifted against her involuntarily. Buffy smiled but ignored it, concentrating first on unbuttoning his shirt. She undid each button with slow, deliberate movements. Her hot skin feathering on his cool chest and stomach as she went lower. Sliding down his body, she reached the button of his pants and undid it, careful to pull the fabric away from his skin before she slid the zipper down.


Spike's cock jumped from the confines of his pants as the zipper opened, but Buffy didn’t touch him. She slid off the end of the bed and pulled on his pants legs, Spike raised his hips so she could tug them off, shrugging out of his shirt at the same time.


Buffy started back up from his ankles, flicking her hot, wet tongue around the inside bone of one ankle, before trailing it up his calf, past his knee and to his inside thigh. Spike moaned as Buffy flicked butterfly kisses up one inside thigh, stopping short of his balls before starting back down the other.


Without warning, she grabbed his cock in her hot hand. “Christ woman!” Spike thrashed under her touch. Buffy smiled like the Cheshire cat at his exclamation before lowering her mouth over the head of his cock, catching it with just her teeth and flicking her tongue over the slit, tasting his pre-cum. Spike bucked up involuntarily towards her and she took him in, closing her wet lips over him and sliding down his length to take in as much as she could into her mouth, stroking the rest of his hard, thick rod with her hand.


“Christ Buffy!” Spike couldn’t hold back, he sprayed jet after jet of his cum into her mouth as she pumped him with her hand and sucked hard with her mouth. His whole body flexed and arched under her, finding the release that he’d longed for for so long.


As Buffy pulled off of him, twirling her tongue around the head of his cock one last time, Spike pulled her up to him, taking her mouth in a demanding kiss. His cum still on her lips, the taste of him still in her mouth, he kissed her deeply. His tongue probed the depths of her luscious warmth and she returned the kiss with her own hungry need.


Flipping her onto her back, he now atop her, Spike broke from the kiss to trail is tongue down her neck, feathering kisses along her collar bone before trailing down her body to find one hard nipple. Nipping at it lightly with his blunt teeth before swirling his tongue around it and then finally sucking it into his mouth, causing Buffy to arch her back involuntarily and moan his name.


Spike listened to her moans, they weren’t the put on ones she’d done for his benefit in the weeks after she came back, but moans of true pleasure; her heart was racing, her body was ablaze. He knew this was Buffy, this was his wife. Her fire, her passion, it was there for him in this moment.


Spike gave equal treatment to her other nipple before trailing down her body, pausing at her bellybutton to circle it with his tongue before he moved lower. Lying down between her golden legs, he bent her knees and rested her feet on his shoulders. His tongue roamed through her dark curls, just barely flicking between her outer lips and then pulling back out to continue his exploration of her forest. Each time his tongue pressed between her folds with the promise of more, her hips rose up against him and with pleas of “Please, Spike, please!” escaping her lips.


“Please what, Slayer?” Spike teased her.


“Keep your promise,” she moaned to him.


“Always do, don’ I?” he smiled. He knew which promise she meant; the promise that they would find heaven again, together.


Spike spread her outer lips with his fingers and blew a soft flow of cool air on her hard, aching clit, causing her to thrash under him.


“God, Spike, please!” she cried, tangling her hands in his hair and pressing his face against her burning desire. When his tongue came down hard on her clit she shrieked and jerked against him, her whole body tensed in orgasm and she pulled his mouth down even harder against her aching nib. Her feet slipped off his shoulders and her thighs tightened around his head holding him to her as her whole body shuddered with the pleasure of her climax.


As her climax waned, she loosened her hold on him and tugged him back up to meet her lips in a greedy kiss. “I need you in me,” she murmured into his mouth as she locked her legs around his hips and pulled his hard cock towards her aching pussy.


Buffy cried out in another small orgasm as the head of his cock entered her. It seemed like forever since she’d felt the pleasure of him inside her. She clung to his back with her hands, her nails digging in, leaving marks on his alabaster skin, but Spike barely noticed as he pressed into her slowly, relishing the slick, tight heat as it enveloped him.


When he was sheathed to the hilt, he stopped. He wanted this feeling of being one with her to never end; of knowing that she was here with him this time, ALL of Buffy was with him, joined as one. The feeling threatened to overwhelm him with joy.


He leaned down and touched a tender kiss to her lips. “I love you, Buffy,” he sighed against her warm skin.


“I love you, Spike,” she replied softly.


Spike began to move, pulling out almost as slowly has he entered her then increasing the tempo and intensity of each stroke as the yearning for those few moments of heaven overtook them. Buffy felt her orgasm building from deep within her, a feeling that before she died she had almost taken for granted.


Now she savored it, she could feel it expanding within her, like ripples on a pond, moving out from her core through her torso, all the way down her legs to her toes and up her body until it seemed even her hair could feel the ecstasy of it. Her whole body tightened around Spike, pulling him against her with every fiber of her being, tightening her channel around his cock as a primal, uncontrollable scream escaped her mouth.


Spike could feel her orgasm starting and thrust into her ever harder, ever faster. Then he heard it: the scream. The scream that he loved to hear more than anything in this world. The one that told him he had taken her to heaven. The scream that he hadn’t heard in so long, the one she’d kept locked hidden inside since her return; the one behind the shroud.


“Yes! Buffy, yes! Cum for me! Scream for me! Buffy! God, yessssssssssss!” He couldn’t contain himself any longer and shot his cum deep into her heat with a loud, long roar of his own. Her whole body seemed to fuse itself to his in an effort to become one being and, at that moment, he wanted nothing more than for that to happen.


He had his wife back. Buffy was back.


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