Story Title: Unexpected
Chapter Title: Need, Chapter 3
Time line: Mid-May, 1998.

About 12-15 hours after sending Angel to hell; Buffy is a Junior in High School, (but has been expelled before completing 11th grade.)

Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, violence, sex and adult themes which may include rape, attempted rape, blood play and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.




Buffy makes love to Angel but wakes up with Spike.

BANGEL WARNING . . . . it's only temporary.

Buffy woke slowly, her head rested against a cool, hard chest. The owner of that chest was curved around and over her, as if protecting her from some unseen attacker. She remembered immediately where she was and who it was that was holding her. Spike. She let out a small sigh and tried to move, but found it difficult with his weight on her; she really needed to pee, otherwise she would have just stayed put. Moving as slowly as possible, she slithered down towards the bottom of the bed and out of Spike’s grasp. He only moaned lightly at the loss, but didn’t awaken.


It was dark in the mansion – duh! she thought, vampire’s lair! She had no idea what time it was or how long she had slept. She felt like shit, her eyes were swollen from crying, she had bruises on her wrists and ankles that were starting to throb and her head still hurt where someone must have knocked her out before kidnapping her. Yeah, she felt like shit, or more like the whole shithouse had been dropped on her.


Letting her eyes adjust to the darkness and remembering the layout of the room, she stepped to the door, turned the handle and pulled. Nothing . . . it didn’t open. Fuck. Then she remembered Spike had locked it after her friends had left, obviously to keep them from coming back and just barging in again. She felt above the handle and found the lock and turned it; the door opened quietly. Stepping out into the hallway and closing the door with a slight “click” behind her, she pondered silently, “If I were a bathroom in a vampire’s mansion lair, which way would I be?”


Looking first one way then the other down the hallway, she decided on the direction that had the most doors. Stepping to the first door, she opened it and looked inside – just another bedroom. Moving slowly along, she came across two more rooms, devoid of furniture. She hit the jackpot at the fourth door and silently thanked the Powers That Be for vain vampires who require working bathrooms. Buffy wondered if it was a blessing or a curse that there were no mirrors in it. After cleaning up a bit, washing her face and running her fingers through her tangled hair, she came back into the hall and started back the way she had come to retrieve her shoes from what was apparently Spike’s bedroom.




Buffy stopped and listened again, not sure she had actually heard something.


“Buffy, where are you?”


Ok, definitely heard it now. It came from the room opposite the bathroom. Who could possibly be here calling her name? Spike would be back in the other bedroom, not down here, surely. She turned and moved to the door; taking a deep breath, she opened it quickly. She stood frozen as Angel turned around from where he had been lighting candles that lined the mantle in the oversized bedroom.


“Angel?” Buffy asked, her brows knit in confusion.


“Buffy! Thank God, I thought you wouldn’t come back!” Angel rushed to her, taking her in his arms and pressing a desperate kiss to her mouth.

“Bbbuut . . . . how . . . I saw . . . you were gone . . . .” She tried to form a coherent thought, tried to talk, but his lips devoured hers. She gave up and gave in, thrusting her tongue into his mouth as he explored hers with his own - hungry, searching, demanding more. Running her hands through his hair as he pulled her against his body, she could feel his erection pressed into her and pushed her body even harder against his.


Angel scooped her up and laid her down on the bed, never breaking the breathless kiss. He moved his hands under the t-shirt she wore and slid it up her body, breaking the kiss only long enough to pull it over her head and off. 


 “Oh, God, Buffy, I missed you so much, I love you so much,” he murmured into her ear as he started trailing kisses down her neck, pausing over the spot where her pulse raced to nibble lightly with his blunt teeth, causing her to writhe under him.


“Angel! Oh, Angel, yes! Please, I want you so much.”


Angel smiled and moved to look into her eyes. “Buffy, I want you more than anything, you know that don’t you? You know I love you, don’t you?”


She lifted her lips to his in a passionate kiss, giving him his answer. Pulling away, Angel trailed his cool tongue down her body to find a hard nipple. He swirled his tongue around it before taking it into his mouth and sucking hard. Angel worked the other nipple between his fingers, tugging and pulling lightly on it until Buffy arched her back, pressing her body harder against him, and moaned his name.


Moving lower, he reached the top of her jeans and deftly undid them, sliding them and her desire soaked panties down her legs and off. Looking down at her now naked body he murmured, “God, so beautiful.” He reached to undo his own pants, but was stopped as Buffy sat up and began undoing them for him. His cock immediately jumped out of its confines as she slid his pants down his legs and he kicked them off. He pushed her back down; she spread her legs and lifted her knees, opening her dripping pussy to him. She gasped as he slid his hard cock into her, “Oh God, Angel!” She tilted her hips up to give him better access, wrapped her legs around his hips, and pulled him in to her cunt.


“Buffy . . . oh, Buffy,” he murmured over her as he began sliding slowly in and out. “Jesus, you’re so tight!”


He bent his head down and took her mouth with his, tasting, probing every inch of it with his tongue while he increased the thrusts into her. She matched his rhythm with her own hips meeting his. She dug her nails into his back as he fucked her; she could feel the orgasm coming as he slammed into her. “Yes, Angel! Yes, harder! Oh, God, yes!” Her inner muscles tightened around him as she came in waves of pleasure, he thrust harder as he felt her clench around him, keeping her riding the waves of pleasure longer than she thought possible.


As she started coming down from her climax, Angel flipped her over so she was on top straddling him and he slowed the rhythm again. Using one hand to pinch and pull one hard nipple, he slipped the other between them to finger her clit. At his touch she bucked against his hand and his cock, urging him on. She started moving up and down on him, first matching his slow rhythm, then increasing it until they were once again slamming against each other with power only a Slayer and a Vampire could achieve.


She screamed as she came again, unable to form words, his fingers hard on her clit, his cock buried deep in her. She felt him tense beneath her and she squeezed around his cock even harder as he spilled his cum deep within her with a roar of his own. She collapsed on his chest, his now only half hard cock still inside her, their juices dripping from her cunt to coat his balls and ass in warm stickiness.


He put his arms around her as she lay on his chest and breathed into her ear “God, Buff, you really do know how to take the soul right out of a guy.”


Buffy shot up, to look into his face. “No!” His eyes! His eyes that were so warm and loving when she had entered the room were now hard and mocking. “NO! NO! NO!” she screamed at him. She punched him in the face then continued beating him in the chest as she tried to move away. She had to find a stake! Oh, God, what have I done?! AGAIN! What the hell is wrong with me!?


 He grabbed her hands to stop her assault. “Stop it, God damn it! Slayer, stop!”


“Bloody hell, Slayer! WAKE UP!”


Buffy woke with a start, still trying to pull her hands away from her captor and escape to find a stake. “Slayer, STOP!” Spike yelled at her – not Angel, Oh God, not Angel, not Angel.


She stopped struggling long enough to fully absorb the fact that it was Spike she was straddling. Oh, thank God we still have our clothes on! And it was he who had her hands held in his, trying to contain her. He had blood coming from his nose where she'd hit him and one cheek was quickly turning a deep shade of purple.


“Oh, God, Spike! I’m . . . I’m so sorry! It’s ok, you can let go of my hands. I’m sorry!” He slowly released her hands, but kept his at the ready for defense in case she struck out again. “Oh, God – I just . . . . a nightmare . . . Spike, I’m sorry! You’re bleeding!”


“ S'nothin', Slayer.” He took one finger and wiped his bloody nose then licked it off. She looked at him like he had two heads.


 “What? Vampire, remember?”


She was still astride his hips and apparently not moving from her perch on his ever growing erection. Sure that she was done pummeling him, Spike put his hands behind his head and gave her his most lecherous look. “Generally not into shagging birds while they’re asleep and calling someone else’s name, but you seem to be wide awake now if you’d like to finish what you started." He swiveled and raised his hips up to press his erection harder into her now soaked-through jeans.


She looked at him for a second, the kiss he had used to buy time the day before flitted through her mind and made her pussy throb in need. Her whole body seemed to vibrate from within as she leaned down, her mouth hovering over his.


“I’m not Angel,” he whispered into her mouth.


“I know,” she murmured back, lowering her lips to lightly brush his, taking his lower lip into her mouth, tasting him, teasing, before she deepened the kiss to match the growing need she felt in her body.


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