Story Title: Unexpected
Chapter Title: Party!, Chapter 20
Time line:

Starts in December 1999 goes through February 2000.

Buffy is a Freshman in college, Annie is 1 year old, Buffy and Spike have been married 1 year.



Time for some fun. Annie is a year old and it's Spike's and Buffy's Anniversary, time for a Party.




1. Early one Morning, Olde English Isle’s Lullaby Sung by Cantinela Britanica



2. Looking at You, by James Marsters from the CD: Like a Waterfall.

(This is a video on YouTube featuring this song with clips from BtVS - unfortunately, James Marters' music isn't on Lala or iTunes - YET! BAD iTunes - BAD!)


3. It’s Raining Men, by the Weather Girls



4. A Valentine to My Wife by Eugene Field (Poem)


I don’t own any of these songs, poems or lyrics, they are the property of their respective owners. No profit is being made from their reproduction here.

Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, violence, sex and adult themes which may include rape, attempted rape, blood play and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.

“Sorry we’re late, Mom!” Buffy called out as she and Spike entered the mansion. Her mom, laying back and watching TV on the couch, had a sleeping Annie in her arms. She put her finger to her lips to silence the pair lest they wake the sleeping infant.


Buffy lowered her voice. “Someone spent two hours looking for his blankie.” Buffy rolled her eyes towards Spike.


“OI!” Spike said, in a stage whisper. “I’ve had this duster a long time! ‘S like m’ second skin.”


“We could have just bought another one. What’s so special about it, anyway?” Buffy countered.


“I’d wager there’s not another one like it in the world, pet,” Spike answered as he lifted the sleeping Annie from Joyce’s arms.


“I’d agree with you about now, it stinks to high heaven with that demon goop on it.” Buffy took the offending coat from Spike before it touched their baby and walked back towards the door with it, dropping it unceremoniously on the floor just inside the threshold.


“So, are they gone?” Joyce asked as she sat up, handing the baby to Spike.


“Yeah, looks like,” Buffy answered. “Hopefully, for good.”


“I left you some dinner in the kitchen. Thought you might be hungry when you got home – Chinese,” Joyce said, rising from the couch and grabbing her own coat.


“Thanks, Mom! You’re the best!” Buffy gave her a hug and started walking with her to the door while Spike started up the stairs with Annie.


Laying his daughter down in her crib, Spike smoothed her hair down gently with the palm of his hand. “Little beauty, you are, Niblett,” he whispered to her. Her hair, which had been light, almost blond, when she was born, was now growing in a dark, chestnut brown. “Guess you’re gonna’ be a raven beauty, after all, little one.” Miss Clairol, bleach and peroxide apparently didn’t pass from generation to generation, he thought blithely. He started a soft lullaby, the one he’d sang to her while she was still in Buffy’s womb, still stroking his hand softly through her hair . . .


 Early one morning, just as the sun was rising
I heard a maid sing in the valley below
"Oh don't deceive me, Oh never leave me,
How could you use, a poor maiden so?"





“Don’t worry, Sweet Girl, I’ll never let anything happen to you.” Spike pressed a kiss onto the top of his daughter’s head before slipping silently from her room.


** ~ **


February 14th, 2000:


Everyone was gathered at the mansion for the party. It was a combination of Annie’s first birthday party and Spike and Buffy’s first wedding anniversary. Music was playing in the background and everyone was talking and laughing, when a particularly good song would come on, couples would take to the “dance floor”, which was just the empty floor area in the great room, and sway to the music.


Faith had even come down from L.A. for the occasion, dragging a reluctant Angel with her. Spike, Buffy and Angel had come to tolerate each other over the last year. Angel had long ago apologized to Buffy and Spike for his behavior on what was always just referred to as “that night”. At times Spike and Angel were colleagues, working together on neutralizing the latest nasty, usually because Cordelia had a vision that would bring the two souled vampires together, but they would part ways just as soon as the mission was over.


The first time Cordelia called Spike and told him he was in her vision and he needed to come to L.A., he'd told her to "bugger off". Cordelia, being the meek, doormat of a person she was, called Buffy.


"Spike, the mission comes first. We have to put our petty differences aside," Buffy had told Spike after Cordelia called her.


 "Petty!? You call what he did a petty difference!? Fuck the mission! I'm not workin' with Angel," Spike responded.


"So, you're willing to let innocent people die because you can't bury the hatchet? What's done is done, Spike. I didn't get hurt. It's water over the damn, under the bridge and out to sea now."


Spike mumbled something about where he'd like to bury a hatchet, but just said, "FINE!" to Buffy, knowing that he'd never win this argument with her. When it came down to it, he knew Buffy would always come down on the side of the mission.


Buffy studied Faith and Angel as she helped pass the cake out to their guests. Willow was cutting pieces to order: Xander wanted a corner with a flower on it (more icing goodness!), Buffy’s mom just wanted a small piece, Faith didn’t want any, it would mess up the taste of the Champagne and so it went until everyone was served. Buffy sat down with her cake next to Spike at one of the tables they’d set up for the occasion, watching out of the corner of her eye as Faith and Angel sat at the research table, talking, touching, obviously quite comfortable with the touching, Buffy thought.


Buffy looked back at Spike who was holding Annie on his knee and feeding their daughter some cake, or trying to. It looked like more was getting on him than in Annie’s mouth, as she squealed and laughed and flung her arms around. Annie had been a wonderful baby, hardly ever cried; she was a truly happy child. Buffy felt so lucky, watching Spike with Annie, he was so patient and loving with her. Buffy looked back at Angel and Faith and tried to imagine Angel with a baby. She rolled her eyes at the image.


Spike wiped the last of the cake, which had been rained down on him from his daughter, off his arms smiling and shaking his head. How could one child fling cake and icing in so many different directions at once?


“I think your daughter has been possessed by a cake flingin' demon, luv.” He smiled at Buffy, holding up the paper towels covered with cake and icing for her inspection.


“Really? Looks like normal vampire etiquette to me.” She smiled back at him and clarified, “Playing with her food.”


Spike took a bit of the icing and plopped it on the end of Buffy’s nose before quickly leaning in to kiss it off. “Love playing with my food, pet,” he murmured to her.


“Come dance with me,” Spike said as he handed Annie to Joyce and pulled Buffy up, leading her to the open floor. She laced her arms around his neck; he placed his at the small of her back. Buffy leaned her head on his shoulder as she pressed her body against his. As they moved to the music, he sang softly along with the song.


Every day I take you
dancin’ in the garden
you could be my woman
that would be fine

If you'd be my baby
I would drive you crazy
every night and day, hey
all of the time

look at me
looking at you
looking at me
looking in your eyes

and when you take me
into your garden
let me kiss your blossom
and make it mine

I just wanna drink your
sweet crystal clear water
and then help you turn it into wine

look at me
looking at you
looking at me
looking in your eyes

And when you’re sleeping
I can watch you breathin'
murmur in the dark
and call my name

And when I join you
underneath the blanket
I know I will never
be the same, yeah

look at me
looking at you
looking at me
looking in your eyes

(This is a video on YouTube featuring this song with clips from BtVS - unfortunately, James Marters' music isn't on Lala or Itunes - YET!)


As the song ended, Spike leaned down and took Buffy’s mouth in a slow kiss, she tasted like buttercream icing. Spike probed her mouth with his tongue, wanting to taste every inch of her. Pulling away from the kiss, Spike murmured against her mouth, “I love you,” and Buffy returned breathlessly, “I love you, too.”




As the party continued with no sign of slowing down, Buffy’s mom offered to take Annie home with her for the night. Buffy and Spike agreed, kissed their daughter goodnight and Joyce carried her out to her car for the short trip across town.

Buffy was talking with Willow and Oz on the couch when Faith grabbed her by the arm. “B! Dance with me, girlfriend!” she said as she pulled Buffy out on the floor. The song that had spurred Faith into action was already playing and both Slayers sang along, moving to the music and laughing as the song continued . . .


Cause' tonight for the first time
Just about half past ten
For the first time in his-tor-y
It's gonna start rainin’ men

It's raining men
It's raining men

I'm gonna go out

And let myself get

Abso-lut-ely soaking wet!

It's rainin’ men
It's raining men
Every spec-i-men

Tall, blonde,

dark and lean
Rough and tough

and strong and mean

I feel stormy weather moving in
About to begin
Hear the thunder
Don't you lose your head
Rip off the roof and stay in bed!

It's rainin’ men
It's raining men


The two vampires watched their Slayers move together on the dance floor, grace and power and sexuality came off the women in waves. Brown eyes met blue across the room and held for what seemed a long time. Memories of past women, shared between the two, flitting across their minds like recollections of a past life. Spike let out a low, throaty growl, narrowed his eyes and shook his head at his grand sire before turning his attention back to Buffy and Faith, who had now pulled Anya and Willow to the floor with them. Angel may want to go there, but Spike would be damned if he'd ever share Buffy with anyone, the vamp that tried to rape her, least of all.


When the party finally broke up in the early morning hours, Buffy told Faith and Angel they could spend the night at the mansion before they had to head back to L.A. the following day. They had both been drinking, and, although Buffy didn’t think Angel was drunk, she wasn’t really sure. Angel’s room was pretty much as he had left it nearly two years ago. Spike had wanted for them to move into it because it was larger, had a fireplace and was much closer to the bathroom, but Buffy refused. She had bad memories about that room and she rarely went in there. Faith jumped on the invitation. “Thanks, B! That’d be great!”


Spike and Angel remained silent as the Slayers made the decision, but it was obvious neither of the vampires was really happy at the prospect of being in the same house for the night.


Giving Faith an armload of towels and reminding her about the public nudity rules, Buffy left Faith and Angel and went to join Spike in their room. Spike was getting undressed when she walked in; she closed and locked the door behind her. He lay down on the bed and patted the empty space next to him in an invitation for her to join him. After dropping her own clothes on the floor, she slid in next to him, laying her head on his shoulder and draping one leg over his.


“Did you have a good time t’night, luv?”


“Yeah, I did,” Buffy replied quietly.


“Got ya’ somethin’. Happy Anniversary, Buffy.” Spike pulled out a small book from under his pillow and handed to her, “Love Poems” it said on the cover. Opening it, she read the inscription he had written in an old fashioned script,


Because you fill my soul with love.

 Yours always,



“Oh, Spike, that’s so beautiful. Thank you. I love it.” She tilted her head back for him to take her lips with his.


Pulling back from the kiss, she reached under her pillow and pulled out a book of her own. “Happy Anniversary, my love,” she said as she handed it to him.


It was a leather bound journal; he opened it, all the pages blank except the first one.


To my husband William, the love of my life,

 Let your poet’s heart come into the light where it can shine.

 All my love,



“God, Buffy, it’s . . . I really don’t know what to say. It’s the most perfect thing anyone’s ever given me.”


Buffy smiled up at him, running her hand gently along the side of his face. “I’m so glad you like it."


She handed the book he’d given her back to him. "Read to me?” Setting the empty journal down on the night stand, Spike flipped through the book of poems until he found what he was looking for and began to read as she laid her head back on his shoulder.


Spike’s voice slipped out of his normal cockney accent and into that of an English gentleman as he began to recite the poem he’d chosen . . .

Valentine to My Wife

Accept, dear girl, this little token,
And if between the lines you seek,
You'll find the love I've often spoken—
The love my dying lips shall speak.

Our little ones are making merry
O'er am'rous ditties rhymed in jest,
But in these words (though awkward—very)
The genuine article's expressed.

You are as fair and sweet and tender,
Dear green-eyed little sweetheart mine,
As when, a callow youth and slender,
I asked to be your Valentine.

What though these years of ours be fleeting?
What though the years of youth be flown?
I'll mock old Tempus with repeating,
"I love my love and her alone!"

And when I fall before his reaping,
And when my stuttering speech is dumb,
Think not my love is dead or sleeping,
But that it waits for you to come.

So take, dear love, this little token,
And if there speaks in any line
The sentiment I'd fain have spoken,
Say, will you kiss your Valentine?


Buffy rolled over on top of Spike, taking the book from his hands and setting it with his on the night stand before dropping down to capture his mouth in a kiss. Spike ran his hands down her body with light, cool touches against her hot skin, making her shiver in pleasure. Pulling away from the kiss, Buffy ran her tongue down his neck, stopping to nip at his adam’s apple before turning back up and capturing an earlobe in between her teeth and sucking on it lightly, causing Spike to inhale sharply.


Letting go, she swirled her tongue on the delicate skin behind his ear as he moaned in the pleasure of her touch. Continuing down, she flicked her tongue lightly across his nipples, making them stiffen and his hips rise against her where she straddled him. She moved slowly lower, tickling the thin line of hair that ran down from his belly button with her tongue before reaching his erection, standing hard against his stomach. Licking down the shaft in soft touches elicited a “God, Buffy!” from Spike as he ran his fingers through her hair. Reaching his balls, she licked them, swirling her tongue around each one in turn before moving lower, encouraging Spike to bend his knees and tilt his hips up so she could trace the soft skin between his ass cheeks with her wet, hot tongue.


Buffy dipped one finger into her slick cunt, bringing it back dripping with her juices, she swirled it around his ass before pressing it in, “Fuck!” Spike spasmed against her as she entered him and began a slow fuck of his ass with her finger. Pulling her finger out quickly, Spike felt something else press against his ass, but before he could suss out what she was doing, Buffy had pressed a small vibrator into him and turned it on to a slow pulse.


“Jesus Christ!” His hips bucked against her as the vibrator sent ripples of pleasure radiating out through his body.


Buffy captured his cock in her mouth as she turned the vibrator up to a higher setting. She sucked down the length of him as he bucked uncontrollably against her mouth. Moans and disconnected words escaped his mouth as all the sensations of what she was doing overwhelmed him. He shot his load into the back of her throat with a roar as she sucked even harder, wringing him dry. When the tremors that were still shuddering through him finally stopped, Buffy slowly pulled her mouth off his cock, swirling her tongue around the tip, before flipping the vibrator off and sliding it out.


“Christ, woman,” Spike moaned as he pulled her up against the length of his body. “You’re bloody amazing.”


Buffy smiled up at him, she loved making Spike writhe and moan under her power, almost as much as she loved to writhe under his. When she’d called Faith to invite her to the party, Buffy asked her for some ideas to surprise Spike with on their anniversary and Faith had sworn that vibrator would do the trick. Faith was right.


Spike pulled her into a deep hungry kiss, the taste of his spunk still in her mouth made his cock start to harden again. “God, Buffy, I love you.”


“I need you inside me,” she murmured back to him, taking his nearly hard cock in her hand and beginning to stroke slowly up and down its length until it was rock hard again.


He pulled back to look at her, their eyes locked, blue on green, as he rolled them over. Leaning down to swirl his tongue around one nipple before pulling it into his mouth, she arched her back up to him, wrapping her legs around his hips and pulling him to her wet heat.


He tilted his hips and lined up with her dripping channel before he slowly pressed into her. Buffy gasped as the head of his cock penetrated her. He stopped . . . pulling ever so slightly in and out with just the head, teasing her, as she shuddered under him. “Spike . . . God, baby . . .” she moaned, lifting her hips up to him, pulling against his hips with her legs. “God, Spike, now!”


Spike thrust into her hard, burying himself in her. Buffy’s whole body seemed to rise up to meet him as a scream of pleasure escaped her lips. Spike fucked her hard; slamming his cool hardness into her hot soft canal, which tightened around him more with every thrust.


“Bite me!” Buffy demanded, tilting her head to the side and lifting her shoulder blades up off the mattress to him. “Spike, I need you in me – all of you!”


Spike brought the demon up, which only increased the power of his thrusts into her, as he dipped his head and sank his fangs deeply into her neck where her racing pulse beat just under her golden skin.


Buffy screamed out as her orgasm overtook her, Spike’s fangs in her neck, his cock still pounding into her womanhood, she felt like she was flying, weightless, every nerve ending exploding into space as Spike carried her on wave after wave of pure ecstasy. When Spike felt her orgasm ending, he found his own release deep within her heat, thrusting into her with hard, deliberate strokes as he came with his own howl of pleasure.


Spike fought for control of the demon, Slayer blood while she was cumming was always powerful, but tonight he thought it was the most extraordinary thing he’d ever tasted. Finally, shifting back into his human face after several seconds of battling the demon down, he nuzzled and licked at the new wounds to stop the bleeding and seal them. Buffy’s breath was ragged, her head spinning, as she held tightly to Spike, holding him to her with her legs and arms, willing him stay inside her.


I would be happy if I died right now, she thought . . . Death by orgasm, that would be the way to go.


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