Story Title: Unexpected
Chapter Title: Patrol Buddies, Chapter 11
Time line:

Mid-June, 1998.

36 days following Angel being sent to hell, 34 days since his return and Spike leaving. The same day she informed the Scoobies of her pregnancy.

Summer between Junior and senior year in High School for Buffy.

Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, violence, sex and adult themes which may include rape, attempted rape, blood play and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.




Buffy and Spike go on their first patrol together.

Everyone sat around the new “research central” area of the mansion going through the various books on prophecies. Even Spike was reading, but he had moved away from the main group who sat at the table, instead choosing to sit on the couch by the TV. Every once in a while, Buffy could feel his eyes on her but, when she looked up, he'd drop his gaze back down to his book.


Buffy had read the same passage in the latest “Prophecies for Dummies” book she had in front of her five times and still had no idea what it said. She hated research – she needed to do something. She sighed, just a few more minutes and the sun will be down and I can go patrol . . . or WE can go patrol, she looked at Spike, he seemed immersed in his book now.


She dropped her book on the table and headed to the kitchen for a soda. Willow followed her in. “Howya doin’?”


Buffy smiled a tired smile at her friend. “Good. I’m good. You know, poster child for unwed teenage prodigal pregnancy good.”


“Anything I can do? I mean, other than the protection spell, which, you know, all done doing that. You know if you need to talk, I’m always here.” Willow gave her a wan smile back.


“I know Will, I love you.” Buffy gave her best friend a hug.


“I love you too, Buffy – we all do, you know that, right?”




“Including Spike,” Willow added.


Buffy snorted and rolled her eyes. “Oh, yeah, he’s all with the lovin! More like lovin’ n leavin’! Who’d a thunk it – Spike’s gone country.”


“Buffy, trust me, he loves you. He came back. Can’t you see how he looks at you? He can’t take his eyes off you,” Willow admonished her friend.


Buffy felt the familiar tears starting and shook her head. “God damn hormones, they go straight to your eyes!” She rolled her eyes and wiped at them with her fingers as she turned away from her friend and retrieved the soda she’d come in for.


“Com’on, better get back to that party out there . . .” Buffy brushed past Willow and put an end to the conversation; one that she didn’t exactly feel like having, anyway.


The second the sun dropped low enough for Spike to venture out safely, Buffy dropped her book on the table and stood up. Looking over at him she said, “Com’on, Patrol Buddy, let’s go. Evil awaits.” She grabbed his hand on the way, because he hadn’t gotten up quickly enough to suit her, and dragged him behind her.


“See you guys tomorrow,” she called over her shoulder to all of her friends whom were still sitting around the table.


Spike broke the silence as they walked toward Restfield Cemetery. “Did you make an appointment with the doctor?”


“Yes, tomorrow night at seven. It should be dark enough by then for you to take me, right?” Buffy knew that it would be, but thought she’d give him an out if he wanted it.


“Yeah, be fine.”


“When we get back tonight, I think we need to have a talk about . . .” about what? Love? Trust? The baby? “everything,” she finally settled on.


“Yeah,” Spike agreed.


They continued on in silence.


It didn’t take long after they entered the cemetery to run into a group of four vamps, one was a fledge and went down easily; the other three were older and put up a good fight. God, I love a good fight! Buffy thought as she dusted the last one. God, I love to watch Buffy fight! Spike thought as he turned to see her dust the last vamp seconds after he dusted the one he was fighting.


Buffy’s whole body was buzzing from the adrenaline of the fight and she suddenly wanted nothing more than to feel Spike on top of her, inside her. It had been over a month with nothing but memories and hand jobs and, with the added high of the fight, she couldn’t contain it any longer. Buffy pushed Spike hard against a tombstone and, with her face barely an inch away from his, demanded, “Fuck me.”


“Now? Here?” Spike looked around at the open cemetery.


“What’s the matter, Big Bad afraid of a little cemetery?” Buffy teased as she dropped her hands to his belt and started to pull on it.


“What about that talk you wanted?” Spike stilled her hand with his.


“Talk later, fuck now.” She shrugged his hands off and started to undo the top button of his jeans.


“It’s too open, here, luv. To easy to be ambushed by nasties. You might get hurt.”


“So do your job and protect me,” she said, challenging him.


"What about the sprog?" Spike asked, stilling her hands again with his. He'd never wanted a woman more than he wanted Buffy right now, but he couldn't let himself give into his desire if there were a chance of harming the miracle growing within her.


"Protection spell. The baby's safe. Fuck me!" Buffy demanded again. Pulling her hands free of his grasp, she laid one palm against his growing erection and rubbed up and down its length, pressing hard through his jeans.


Spike looked around quickly and spotted a crypt, That'll do. He picked her up, her arms around his neck, her legs wrapped around his hips, their mouths fused in a hungry kiss and headed for the promised privacy, and relative safety, of the crypt. Kicking the door open and stepping inside, he sat her down on the sarcophagus in the center of the room as he finished unzipping his jeans. He kicked them off while Buffy shimmied out of her own clothes and laid back, spreading her legs, to give him room to join her. As he climbed up between her legs she pulled his t-shirt over his head before he dropped his mouth to hers and devoured her lips in another hungry kiss.


“Fuck me,” she whispered into his mouth as she pulled away for a breath. “Fuck me, now.”


Spike lifted her legs up over his shoulders and rubbed his cock between the folds of her wet cunt.


“NOW!” she demanded.


He pulled back and thrust hard and deep into her hot, tight slit as she gasped and raised her hips up to meet him. She brought her hands to her hard nipples and started to twist and pull them as he thrust hard into her pussy.


“HARDER!” she demanded and he did, her back arched as much as it could in this position. As she neared climax, she took one hand and slid between them to increase the pressure on her aching clit. With every thrust Spike made into her, thousands of electrical shocks started at her clit and traveled down her quivering legs, curling her toes.


“HARDER!” she demanded again and he fucked her harder still, harder than he thought possible, until her screams of pleasure echoed off the walls of the crypt. Her body convulsed in release, her tight cunt tightened even more around his rod and he still kept thrusting into her, carrying her climax as far as he could take it. He felt her orgasm ending and changed to short strokes, building to his own climax, when suddenly her foot was on his chest and she kicked him off and down onto the floor below.


“Bloody hell, woman!”


Buffy was down on him in a second, one strong hand around the base of his erection, the other pressing on the soft skin between his balls and his anus, stopping his ejaculation. “I’m not done with this yet, you don’t get to come until I say so.”


Christ, he thought, where the hell did she learn that little trick? Not as innocent as she would have you think, mate.


“CHANGE!” she demanded. “I want the demon.”


“Buffy . . .”


“Change!” she demanded again and slapped his face, splitting his lip.


“Change!” she drew her hand back again, but Spike caught it before she could connect and his face morphed into his demon self.


“Better,” she said as she turned around on all fours and put her ass towards him. “Fuck me in the ass! And don’t you dare change back.”


“Buffy . . .” Spike started again, his face morphing back to human.


“God damn it, Spike!” she whorled on him and hit him with a closed fist on his jaw. “I WANT THE DEMON!”


Spike morphed back into his demon and growled at her, grabbing her hips in his hands as he knelt behind her. He spread her cheeks to reveal her tight bung hole and swirled his tongue around it before taking one finger and pulling her cum from her pussy to her ass, he slipped the finger inside, turning it around, slicking her hole. He rubbed his rock hard cock along the folds of her pussy, covering it with more of her juices before pressing the head of it into her ass.


On all fours, Buffy gasped when he entered her, back arching and head tilting back. She concentrated on relaxing so he could press in further. When Spike felt her relax, he pushed harder, Buffy moaned and thrust herself back against him, taking him in all the way to the hilt.


“DOWN!” he growled at her and pushed between her shoulder blades, she fell down from her hands to her elbows. Spike grabbed a cold, partially burnt candle from the floor next to them and shoved it in her pussy. The rough edges from where the candle wax had dripped down the shaft scrapping on her tender flesh. She let out a small squeal and brought one of her hands back to replace his on the candle.


Spike started pulling his cock back out of her ass, starting a slow rhythm and she matched it with the candle in her cunt.


“FASTER!” she demanded, and he obliged. He fucked her ass and she fucked her pussy with the rough candle as they increased the tempo.


“Harder!” she demanded, “Fuck me harder!” and Spike did. Buffy felt the orgasm building, she kept demanding, “Harder!, Faster! Fuck me!” from the demon and the demon did as she demanded.


Buffy’s knees and elbows dug into the hard concrete of the floor, her face rubbed on the cold surface as Spike rode her. The candle and his cock pounding her in a dizzying rhythm of pleasure and pain, ecstasy and agony mingled in her as she felt her climax building.


“BITE ME!” she demanded of the demon. “NOW!”


Spike couldn’t stop himself, he had lost control of the demon; it was under her control now.


He thrust hard into her one last time and leaned forward to clamp his razor sharp fangs down on her neck, right at the pulse point.


Buffy screamed, the pain/pleasure scales tipped momentarily towards pain but, then, just as quickly back again, as she felt her blood flow into Spike’s mouth, felt him suck hungrily at her. Her body exploded in climax and she pressed her ass hard against him and squeezed her internal muscles around him and the candle, bucking and writhing under him she screamed at him to CUM before she lost all conscious thought and let herself fall off that cliff with a soul piercing scream.


Spike couldn’t believe how primal she was tonight. Was this the same woman that he’d made tender love to the last time they were together? That he made a baby with? She wanted the demon! She wanted the demon fucking her, biting her! Her blood was like heaven in his mouth as he sucked hungrily at her neck. She now not only had the man, but she had the demon under her spell and he didn’t care. 


He had started to cum before she even said it, there was no way he could have stopped it, but her words made his orgasm that much harder, that much longer. He felt her tighten even further around him, heard the candle in her pussy crack under her pressure, felt her whole body writhe and convulse under him. His own roar reverberated through the crypt, joining her screams of release that seemed to be both never ending and not nearly long enough.


Spike pulled slowly out of her, his human side back in control, licking the blood droplets that still formed where his fangs had entered her neck. Buffy let the candle fall out of her ravaged pussy before collapsing onto her stomach, her breath still ragged from her climax. Spike tried not to fall on top of her as he tumbled to the ground with her.


“God, Buffy . . ." he reached out to put an arm around her, to pull her to him, when she suddenly bolted up from the floor, pacing around the crypt picking up her clothes, then her shoes and tugging them back on as quickly as she could. “Where’s the fire, luv?”


Buffy didn’t look at him, she picked up her stake and slid it into the waistband of her pants at her back and started for the door.


“I’m going to Mom’s,” she said flatly. “I’ll see you later.” And she was gone, leaving Spike exhausted and confused on the floor.


She heard him say, “What the bloody hell?” before she took off running towards Revello Drive.


Spike followed her scent to her house, or, her mum’s house, he corrected himself, just to make sure she was ok. From the street, he could hear her talking to her mom, but couldn’t make out the words. Knowing she would be pissed if she caught him following her, he turned around and headed back to the mansion to wait for her return.


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