Story Title: Unexpected
Chapter Title: An Unexpected Ally, Chapter 1
Time line: Mid-May, 1998, Buffy is a Junior in High School, the school year is nearly over.

New ending for “The Becoming, Part 2” Season finale for season 2, a new beginning for Buffy and Spike. Alternate Reality.

Buffy has made a deal with Spike to defeat Angelus and keep him from opening the portal to hell. Story goes off canon after Buffy leaves Giles’ apartment after talking to Whistler about how to defeat Angelus and close the portal. Will Spike still help Buffy when the plan goes pear shaped?

Thanks: To Amy from Elysian Fields for her patience with the first pass beta of this chapter and fixing all my very rusty punctuation!

To lovesbitch91 from Bloodshedverse for even more fixes to punctuation, terminology and verse.

To Angie from Bloodshedverse for wonderful suggestions for changes in style and sequence that really improved this chapter!

Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, violence, sex and adult themes which may include rape, attempted rape, blood play and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.


Buffy woke with a dull moan. A pounding in her head threatened to explode out of her eyes, keeping her from opening them, as she tried to remember what had happened and determine where she was. She was preparing to head to Angel’s, no, Angelus’, mansion to stop him from activating the portal of Acathla – she remembered meeting with Spike and that he was going to help her stop Angelus. Had Spike double crossed her and done this? She simply couldn’t remember.


Buffy tried to listen, to figure out where she was, but she couldn’t hear anything. She tried to move her hands, but they were locked in shackles. She realized that she was hanging from them, the pain in her shoulders suddenly starting to overpower the pounding in her head. Attempting to move her feet, she found they were also shackled together and definitely not touching the floor. Steeling herself, she slowly opened her eyes to try to see where she was. She looked down and found she was dangling at least three feet off the floor. Fear rippled through her as she realized she was at Angelus’ mansion, hanging like a side of beef from the shackles on her wrists. She tried to break them, but realized immediately that Angelus wouldn’t be so stupid as to use anything that she would be able to break.


She stopped struggling and looked around the large room. No one seemed to be here. The stone demon Acathla stood at one end of the room, sword still in place . . . Sword! She needed the sword that Kendra had brought to stop Angelus! That’s where she was coming from when she was attacked – she had retrieved the sword from the high school then gone to Giles’ apartment to find out from Whistler how to use it to close the portal. She still didn’t know what happened after that. Surely, though, whoever brought her here had also brought the sword. If she could just get free and find it!


Suddenly she heard footsteps coming and closed her eyes, lolling her head back to one side to feign unconsciousness; perhaps she could catch them unawares and still escape in time to stop Angelus. The footsteps stopped a few feet in front of her, her vamp senses tingling down her back. She knew immediately that it was Angelus standing there without ever looking.


“No need to pretend, Buff, I can hear your heart racing. I know you’re awake.”


She opened her eyes and glared at him with as much dignity as she could muster. “What the hell do you think you’re doing Angelus? Let me down from here!”


He laughed - Angel hardly ever laughed, but Angelus - he had a laugh that cut through her. “After all I went through to get you and your pretty sword here, lover, I don’t think so. I got you a front row seat, after all.” He glanced back at Acathla, waving Kendra’s sword at the stone demon. “It won’t be long now. Just a couple of loose ends to clean up first.”


“SPIKE!” Angelus yelled at the top of his undead lungs, sending knives of pain through her head to the back of her eyes and forcing her to close them again.


Buffy opened her eyes again when she heard the wheelchair make its way into the room as the platinum blond vampire appeared. He stopped as soon as he saw her hanging there, eyes darting back and forth between the dark vampire and the slayer. “You know, Angel, in order to say you’ve slain a slayer, you actually have to kill them, not just hang them up like a pretty picture on the bloody wall,” he drawled slowly, attempting to find out exactly what Angel had in mind.


“Well, Willie since you're the Slayer of Slayers and all, I thought I would save the honors for you. Seeing as you’ve gone behind my back to conspire with one, you deserve one more notch on your belt before I dust you.” Angelus moved before Spike could react, grabbing him by the lapels of his duster and tossing him like a rag doll against the wall next to where Buffy hung. Spike hit with a crack and slid down hard onto the stone floor with a thud.


“Bloody Hell, Angel! All you had to do was fucking say so! I don’t have any problem draining another bloody slayer.” Spike struggled back to his feet, facing Angelus. “They’ll be no dusting of my pretty ass, though. Just let Dru and me go on our merry way; I’ll do the deed and we’ll bugger out of here right quick like.”


“Not quite what I had in mind, Willie, in fact, just the opposite. Since you’re so friendly like with the Slayer, I thought we’d start with her draining you.” 


The two blonds stared at Angelus, brows knit, trying to catch his meaning as he walked within swords reach of Buffy and started slicing the buttons off her top. As her top fell open, another quick flick of his wrist cut the front of her bra. With her hands shackled above her, there was no way for her to cover herself and her breasts lay exposed to the vampires.


“No, no, no . . . Angel . . . No, you don’t want to do this, Angel, please!” She couldn’t help but plead with him, hoping somehow she could reach Angel buried deep within Angelus.


Angelus grinned. “Sorry, Buff, Angel’s not home right now, but if you’ll leave a message, I’ll be sure he gets it.”


Spike tried to intervene. “Seems to me you said she wasn’t worth another go, Angel . . . if you don’t want her, what makes you think I would? You know the only one I want is Dru.” Spike pulled his duster closed in front of him and stood up as straight as possible, to give himself a little more size as he addressed his grand-sire.


“What makes me think you want her, Willie, is that hard-on you're hiding with your coat. Plus, you must know Dru’s with me now. She knows all about your little arrangement with the Slayer. You’re not the only one that can decipher Dru’s ramblings, you know. I made her, after all.”


 “DRU!” Another shout from Angelus had Buffy’s head starting to throb again. “Bring the Watcher and let him watch.”


Buffy’s eyes widened as Drusilla dragged her Watcher into the room. “Giles!” she called as Drusilla dropped the tortured watcher on the floor near Angelus’ feet.


Angelus knelt down to the Watcher, pulling him to a sitting position, facing Buffy. “Rise and shine, Rupes! Time to watch your slayer die a slow and painful death.”


Giles struggled to clear the cobwebs from his brain and opened his eyes. “Buffy . . . ” it was barely a whisper.


Buffy was livid. “Giles! What have you done to him Angelus?! God damn your soul, when I get free from here I’m going to make you wish you’d never HEARD OF ME!” She thrashed against the shackles that bound her, but they held firm.


“Damn my SOUL!? MY SOUL? You already damned my soul, little girl – I do owe you that. Which is why I’m gonna let Our Sweet William here fuck you to death and drain you instead of me. He’s always been the sensitive one, after all.” Angelus was enjoying this more than he’d even hoped . . . getting back at Rupert, Buffy and Spike all at once was one of the best plans he’d had in decades!


Behind Angelus, Dru giggled insanely. "Yes, please!" she said, clapping her hands together in anticipation of what was to come.


Spike decided that perhaps the best thing to do was to go along with Angelus’ plan, at least until he could get the opportunity to grab Dru and escape. “Not to be all obvious, Angel, but how do you suggest I shag her with her strung up there like a side o’ beef? I’m not the bloody Jolly Green Giant, you know. And unless you know something I don’t about Slayer anatomy, it’s gonna be a bugger to get those lovely legs spread with shackles on her ankles.” Spike raked his eyes down Buffy’s body for effect and looked back at Angelus, running his tongue along his teeth hungrily and allowing his duster to fall open to reveal his ever increasing erection.


“Fine, take her down, but you’re not starting with her quim, William, you’re starting with her nasty little mouth. She likes to use it so much, I think you should show her what it’s really good for.”



Spike raised an eyebrow to Angelus, but said nothing. Moving over to where Buffy hung, he wrapped his arms around her legs and lifted up, pulling her away from the hook on the wall that was holding her up. His hands moved up her sides as he slid her slowly down, pressing her tightly between the wall behind her and his body. He could feel her body heat, smell her fear – it was intoxicating. 


Buffy had listened to Angelus and Spike in stunned silence, fear of what was to come on the verge of overtaking her. She had to calm down, had to think, had to get herself and Giles out of here, had to stop Angelus – God, maybe she could get a pedicure and a facial while she was at it! Obviously, she couldn’t count on Spike for any help now; he would save his own skin and have no problem adding another Slayer notch on his belt, as Angelus had put it. She felt strong arms around her lower legs, felt herself being lifted and her hands that had been trapped above her, now dropped painfully down in front of her. After being in that one uncomfortable position for so long, the heavy shackles pulling her arms down made her shoulders throb as pain knifed through them. She tried pulling the shackles apart again, only to cause more pain in her arms and shoulders; she fought a cry of pain, not wanting to show weakness to her captors.


Giles watched in stunned silence, he couldn’t move. Not only had he been tortured by the best for several hours, but now Drusilla stood over him with Angelus only a couple of feet away. He watched the blond vampire pull Buffy down, his hands all over her – Giles felt nausea start to overtake him and struggled to keep the bile down from his throat. Was this how it would end? Buffy being raped and killed, if not by Angelus’ own hand, certainly by his orchestration, while he stood by, or more aptly sat by, helplessly and watched? He had to think, there had to be something he could do . . . think, damn it!


Spike struggled to keep his demon down as Buffy's feet hit the floor and she stood in front of him, their bodies pressed together. Buffy locked eyes with Spike, her green eyes boring into the depths of his blue. His cool, hard body was pressed into hers and she thought she could feel every muscle even through his clothes. She knew she could feel his erection. God, her shackled hands, now trapped between their bodies, were pressing directly against it. She kept her eyes locked on his, then she heard it, “Trust me” . . . or she thought she had. It had been barely a whisper, she couldn’t really be sure. She quickly decided that she had little choice but to hope she had heard Spike correctly and shot him a look, willing her eyes to convey that she had heard. Her eyes then darted to Angelus, had he heard it? He hadn’t moved or said anything and surely Spike knew just how loud he could speak to keep from being heard by his grand-sire. She briefly caught Giles’ eyes with her own, again, trying to convey to him to be ready with just a look.


Spike took her chin in his hand and turned her attention back to him, his eyes slid over her face and settled on her lips. Tilting her head up to him he lowered his mouth to hers, she tried to pull away, but a firm grip by his other hand on the back of her neck, plus the wall to her back, kept her from leaving his embrace. The kiss was slow, deliberate and in any other context, it would have been romantic, even sweet. She thought again of his words, “Trust me,” and stopped struggling in his embrace and returned the kiss, parting her lips for his tongue to slowly explore her mouth.


No longer having to hold her in place, Spike starting rubbing her shoulders and arms, effectively kneading the stiff and aching muscles, causing an unconscious moan to escape Buffy’s lips as she felt the circulation and strength return to them. He slowly lowered his hands, sliding them down her arms until they rested on her hands that were trapped between them, exploring the shackles mutely for a moment before moving to start unfastening his belt.


“Our Sweet William has found his effulgence, he has. Naughty, naughty, boy," said Drusilla. "My darling William, so lost all these years. Not even the little fishes could bring him home. ” Drusilla started sing-songing about glittering, shiny, effulgent fishes.


“Dru, do stop your prattling on!” said Angelus impatiently. Then, turning back to where Spike and Buffy stood, “I didn’t tell you to kiss her to death, Wee-Willie!” Angelus was getting impatient with this display. “You better start fucking that mouth instead of sucking it dry if you don’t want to be dust in the next ten seconds!”


Although Spike stiffened slightly at the taunt, he kept his hands between them, his mouth on hers. Spike moved his hands back to the shackles on her wrists and gripped them tightly; he stopped moving his mouth on hers, taking her lower lip between his blunt, human teeth and bit down ever so slightly to signal NOW! At the same moment, Vampire and Slayer pulled together with all their strength against the shackles on her hands.


At first, Buffy thought it wouldn’t be enough, but then suddenly the heavy chain between the shackles snapped, unfettering her wrists from their prison. However, Angelus had heard it and was already rushing towards them. Spike ducked just in time for Buffy to throw a punch that landed directly on Angelus’ jaw, sending him back onto the ground behind Spike. While Angelus was down, Spike yanked Buffy’s feet out from under her, sending her down hard on her ass and nearly knocking the wind out of her. She was confused until she realized that it was the only way he could get enough leverage to effectively break the chain between her ankles. He struggled against the heavy chain to no avail for a moment until she joined him in trying to pull the shackles apart. The chain on them snapped just like it had done on her wrists, leaving her in the shackles, but no longer hobbled by them.


She was up in a second, leaping over Spike to tackle Angelus. She saw Giles in her peripheral vision as he lunged at Drusilla. She was too fast for the weary Watcher, though and Dru moved easily to the side as Giles sprawled heavily on the stone floor. Spike leapt to his feet and spun around in time to see Buffy wrestling with Angelus for the sword he still held, Kendra’s sword. What he hadn’t expected was Drusilla moving swiftly from where the Watcher laid on the floor to join the struggle between Angelus and Buffy. He needed to get to Dru, get her out of here – take her with him and leave this hell dimension of a town behind; needed to get back to normal, back to the way it was before Angelus had re-joined their lives.


He moved to intercept her, but she was closer to them and moving too fast. He hadn’t seen the stake in her hand until she pulled it up over her head, steeling herself to drive it deep in Buffy’s back as Buffy still struggled with Angelus for control of the sword. “SLAYER!” Spike screamed as he flung himself at Drusilla. His only thought was of protecting the Slayer from the ambush. The two vampires, sire and childe, tumbled to the ground in a flash of ebony and platinum, Spike falling hard on top of Dru. The hand with the stake in it caught under her, driving it into her heart.


There was a split second look of panic in her eyes, “William!” was the only thing she could say before dissolving into dust.


“DRUSILLA!” Spike screamed her name, willing it to not be true.


A rage built within Spike as the realization of what had been taken from him hit home. Leaping to his feet he ran to where Buffy was still struggling on the ground with Angelus. Grabbing her under her arms, his rage and adrenaline augmenting his strength, he pulled her up and off Angelus, tossing her into the nearest wall like a sack of potatoes. Blinded by rage, Spike stood over Angelus and screamed, “YOU! YOU DID THIS! YOU BLOODY SON OF A BITCH! YOU KILLED HER!”


The moment that Angelus was free from Buffy’s assault, he started moving away from Spike, closer to Acathla, chanting the Latin incantation of the ritual to free the sword. Angelus made a last lunge with all his strength to grab for the sword and pull it from the demon statue, blood staining his hands from where he had been struggling for Kendra’s sword with Buffy, before Spike attacked Angelus with fists and fangs.


It was too late, Buffy could only watch from where Spike had thrown her as Angelus pulled the sword from the stone demon. “NO!” she screamed, leaping back to her feet and picking up Kendra’s sword where it had been left when Angelus lunged towards the stone demon. 


Spike and Angelus were still fighting near the demon when Xander ran into the room. Buffy saw him and yelled, "Get Giles out of here, NOW!” Xander didn't hesitate, helping Giles up and heading out of the mansion with him.


Buffy turned back to the fighting vampires. She knew what she had to do – only Angelus’ blood would close the portal and save the world now. How she was going to get Spike away from Angelus to do that, she wasn’t sure – she might just have to kill them both.


As these thoughts raced through her mind, both vampires suddenly stopped fighting, seemingly caught in some kind of trance for a moment. She was close enough now to see a light flash in Angelus’ eyes - Spike was facing away from her so she couldn’t see his face, but somehow knew whatever had stopped Angelus had also stopped Spike. She took the opportunity that was presented to her to shove Spike away from Angelus and the demon statue, standing alone in front of him with Kendra’s sword at the ready.


Angelus looked at her, confusion clouding his eyes “Buffy? What’s going on? Where are we? I don’t remember.”


Lowering her sword slightly, she stepped towards him. “Angel?” Suddenly, she realized what had happened. Willow must have done the spell again and it worked. Angelus was gone, which meant that Angel had his soul back.


Taking her arm in his hand he said, “You’re hurt! God! Buffy, your shirt!”


She stepped closer, pulling him into an embrace.


“God, I feel like I haven’t seen you in months. Everything’s so muddled,” he said. Tears poured down their faces as she hugged him to her. Over his shoulder, she could see the demon portal opening. Her mind raced, Oh God, no, no, no, I can’t do it! It’s Angel, he has his soul back! But from deep within her she knew she had no choice. If she didn’t stop the portal, it would end the world . . . again. She started to pull back away from him.


“What’s happening?” he asked as he searched her face for answers.


“Shhshhshh,” she quieted him, placing a finger on his lips. “Don’t worry about it.” Her hand caressed the side of his face before her lips met his in what she knew would be their final kiss.


Pulling back to look into his eyes she murmured, “I love you."


 “I love you,” Angel responded, his voice deep with emotion.


“Close your eyes.” He searched her face again. She just nodded, silently imploring him, “Trust me.” He closed his eyes and Buffy moved her lips to his one last time before backing up and swiftly thrusting Kendra’s sword through him and into the demon portal at his back. His eyes flew open, reaching a hand towards her.


“Buffy?” was all he said before the portal closed, pulling Angel in with it.


She watched horrified as the portal closed around him, her tears rolling freely now. Her knees buckled under her as she sank to the ground in front of the now dormant stone demon. Sobs wracked her body as she folded herself into a tight ball and tried to deal with the fact that she had just sent her lover to hell, with his soul intact.





Spike had watched the exchange from the floor to the side of the demon where Buffy had shoved him out of the way. He was mourning his own loss, he had been with Drusilla for over a century, what would he do now without her? But watching the broken Slayer on the ground before him somehow made him hurt even more. He moved to her, tears running down his face from his own grief. Spike pulled her to him, rocking her gently in his arms, murmuring soothing words and smoothing his hands over her hair trying to comfort her. She clung to him as if her life depended on it, burying her face in his chest as the uncontrollable sobs escaped her throat.


“Gonna be alright, let it out now, it’s ok, pet.” But even as he said it, he wasn’t sure how anything would ever be alright again.


Something had happened to him, he still wasn’t sure what, but he felt . . . different somehow. So many emotions were running through him, emotions that felt stronger than he’d ever remembered. Sorrow, pain, compassion, despair all battled for attention. He blocked them out by concentrating on trying to comfort the young woman in his arms, for he knew her pain too – they both had lost their loves this day.


He didn’t understand how seeing this woman who he had fought, who he had more than once tried to kill, who was certainly one of the strongest people he’d ever known, how seeing her so broken could cause him such pain and sorrow. Yesterday, it would have brought him untold joy to see her like this; today he wanted nothing more than to make it better, to heal her heart and ease her pain.


How long they had been on the floor, he didn’t know. Exhaustion had finally overtaken the broken Slayer and she now slept in his arms. Slowly, he rose to his feet, picking her up with him as gently as he could and making his way to one of the bedrooms in the large mansion. As soon as he laid her down on the bed and tried to pull away from her, he could feel her sobs start again.


“Please don’t leave me,” she begged. A human wouldn’t even have heard her, her voice was so soft.


“Not leavin’, pet,” he whispered back to her as he wrapped the sheet around her, her shirt still open from Angelus’ earlier display. 


He moved to a dresser on the wall and pulled out a black T-shirt from a drawer and took it to her. “Here, luv, put this on.” Staying covered by the sheet, she pulled off what was left of her shirt and bra and tossed them on the floor before slipping the T-shirt over her head.


“Thank you,” she murmured, unable to meet his eyes.


Spike removed the still fastened shackles from her wrists and ankles before moving to the end of the bed. He removed first her shoes, then his own along with his duster, tossing everything next to her tattered clothes on the floor, and crawled in alongside her. They clung to each other, each giving comfort to the other before they both fell into a fitful sleep.

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