Story Title: Spirit Indestructible


Season 5. Begins with ‘Spiral’ in the abandoned gas station, and goes far off-canon almost immediately.

When Dawn makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her sister, friends, and the world, Buffy’s mind snaps. When Buffy's friends give up hope of her ever recovering, and become afraid that she’ll turn violent and uncontrollable, they call in the Council to help. Fearing what the Council will do, Spike, forgotten and ignored by her friends, steps in. Will he be able to reach the Slayer when no one else could? Will he be able to keep her out of the hands of the Council and away from her ‘helpful’ friends? How much heartbreak, guilt, and failure can one girl stand before her indestructible spirit finally resigns the fight and gives up hope?




36. Breakaway  --  PART 2


Music Referenced:

Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson

Nelly Furtado - Spirit Indestructible


Some Screencaps courtesy of Broken Innocence (others from ScreenCap Paradise which is, sadly, no more). and also from



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Rating / Warnings:

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This part of the chapter has a threesome and girl on girl slash.  There is no plot development in this half; it is not necessary to the story line, it's just smutty goodness. 

You have been warned.

I don't really have screencaps for most of this, so ... hopefully the words paint the pictures for you.

Rating: Adults Only.

Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes, and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY.

Buffy slid her hand down from Joan’s shoulder to touch her bare breast, teasing the Bot’s dusty-pink nipple to hardness.


Joan’s free hand crossed the space between them and began caressing Buffy’s body from her hip to the swell of her breast and back again, following the rolling curves with a feather-like, nearly-tickling touch.


Buffy moaned and leaned in for another kiss, pressing her lips against Joan’s. Buffy never knew what Joan would taste like on any given day. It depended on what edible lubricant Joan filled her internal reservoir with, but tonight it was Buffy’s favorite: the tangy/sweet combination of strawberries and raspberries. Not too sweet, not too tart … mmmmm … just right.



Buffy slid her hand up behind Joan’s neck and pulled her friend against her harder, deepening the kiss. Joan responded in kind, her lips parting to allow Buffy’s tongue to dart between them, tasting and teasing the Bot’s lips and tongue.


To Joan, Buffy tasted as she nearly always did: a salty-sweet tang with a splash of spice and nearly always a faint tinge of chocolate. Buffy had tasted differently when she had been pregnant; Joan could actually taste Spike mingled with Buffy’s essence as the babies grew within her womb, but now it was all Buffy again. The Slayer’s lips were always cool compared to the Bot’s electronics-heated flesh. Joan always loved the feel of them on hers: soft and cool, delicately feminine and yet strongly passionate.


Buffy’s tongue swirled around Joan’s in a tango, silent but for the throaty moans emitted by both women. Small, powerful hands continued to explore the silken body of the other. Their fingers gently roamed over supple hills and valleys, rolled around dangerous curves, and snaked through nimble hair-pin turns, as the kiss continued in a slow, sensuous coupling.


Their bodies inched closer on the bed until they were pressed tightly together, savoring the feel of strong, yet yielding flesh against their own. The kiss broke momentarily as Buffy gasped for oxygen, but resumed only a moment later and continued on just as sumptuously.


With their torsos fused in a heated embrace, their free hands roamed over the other’s back. First weaving through long, golden tresses, then skimming over shoulder-blades, and traversing the luscious curve of the other’s spine until their hands settled on their doppelganger’s ass. Almost as one, their fingers dug into the tight, fleshy globes beneath their palms, eliciting more gasps against the other’s lips.


The room was filled with the sounds of moans and throaty growls as the fires of their passion grew and spread as if fanned by the Santa Ana winds. Hands tugged and groped and caressed supple flesh and velvety skin. Their mouths and tongues feasted on the other’s: kissing, nibbling, licking, then breaking apart for heady gulps of air before devouring the other again. Slender hips moved sensuously against their mirror-image, thrusting in a primal dance of need. Lean, tan legs tangled and snaked together in an effort to get even closer. Hips swiveled in a fluid, elegant samba as pubic bones pressed together in a desire to sate the need building deep in their cores; a need to be consumed, devoured, engulfed, and overwhelmed by their lover. 


Both women groaned against the other’s lips in frustration as their need not only remained unfulfilled, but continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Finally, Joan pressed against Buffy’s shoulder, pushing the Slayer onto her back. Joan followed her over, never breaking the kiss, until her body was atop Buffy’s, her hips straddling the other woman’s. Buffy’s hands tangled in Joan’s soft tresses as the Bot’s mouth slowly pulled away from Buffy’s.  


Joan began kissing and nibbling a line of blazing passion down the Slayer’s body. Trailing her lips and tongue down to Buffy’s neck, Joan softly kissed and suckled the tender spot just behind her twin’s ear that she knew drove Buffy crazy. Gasps and whimpers of pleasure fell from Buffy’s throat as Joan teased her heated flesh with lips, tongue, teeth, and hands. Her hair fell in waves, tickling against Buffy’s over-heated skin, which only added to the heady mixture of sensations raining down on the Slayer. The Bot then began moving lower, licking and kissing down Buffy’s neck to her collarbone, then lower still…


Buffy’s moan rasped from her lips and her lissome body arched up off the bed in a bow when Joan’s mouth closed over one sensitive nipple, sucking it between her lips and worrying it with her teeth. Joan’s hand fondled Buffy’s other breast, squeezing the pliant mound of flesh lovingly before ghosting her thumb over the neglected nipple. Buffy cried out wordlessly, her supine form jerking and shuddering in pleasure, as her friend, her twin, her lover, made love to her body, her skin, her breasts.


“Oh God, oh … Joan … yes … God … yes,” Buffy gasped out as goose-flesh raced over her skin, tingling every inch of her from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. She felt at once hot and cold as ripples of bliss began building and spreading out from her center. Like a pebble dropped into a pond, the waves grew larger and larger as they slowly traveled out from her core, until she was engulfed in a tidal wave of orgasmic rapture.


As Buffy’s body began to tense and quake, Joan redoubled her efforts. She began twisting one nipple roughly while raking her teeth over the other, then sucking it hard and pulling away, stretching the Slayer’s breast to the brink of pain. Sliding her free hand down Buffy’s hard-earned, flat stomach, Joan slipped a finger through the Slayer’s soft curls. She gently circled Buffy’s clit, teasing the little nubbin, before she grazed over it with the tips of her fingers, sending electrical impulses surging out into that rippling pond.


A primal scream poured from Buffy’s lips in a raging torrent as her nimble body again arched up off the bed with pleasure, pressing against her lover. Buffy’s whole body contracted, beginning in the unfathomable depths of her core, as the release she’d been so desperate for crashed over her like a tidal wave. Her limbs quivered with the powerful storm that raged through her. Her mind blanked, and all that was left was the sensation: falling, flying, diving, climbing, and then falling again. It was exquisite.




Spike was mesmerized. If his heart could beat, it would’ve broken his ribs as he watched his two beautiful, lithe, sensuous women make love. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen such things before, but this was so much different. This was Buffy and Joan. At one time he would’ve said it was ‘two Buffys’, but that wasn’t accurate any longer. Joan may look like Buffy in almost every way, but she was distinct. She was Joan. She was no longer Buffybot in any way except for her remarkable, physical likeness to Buffy.


Spike’s desire for his two lovers multiplied exponentially with each passing moment as he leaned his back against the closed door and let his eyes, ears, and nose feast on them. They were more beautiful than anything he had ever seen or could’ve even imagined just a few short years ago.


His eyes drank in the two sensual women. Each with entrancing, vibrant green eyes; long, soft hair that fell in golden waterfalls; flexible, graceful bodies which were firm, yet curved in all the right places; soft, pink lips; lithe, dancer’s legs; and strong, comforting arms that he cherished being engulfed in. 


His ears reveled in the music of their love-making. The gasps and moans; the whimpers and screams; the words of love and joy; the cries to God and curses of pleasure. The sound of lips on lips, of flesh on flesh, of bodies coming together, giving each other pleasure … there was no music ever invented that could compare to their intoxicating rhapsody.


His hyper-active olfactory senses savored the sweet aromas their bodies were emitting. The zest of rapture, the salty tang of Buffy’s heated skin, the hint of sweet strawberries and the tart trace of raspberries from Joan, all engulfed him and threatened to overwhelm him.


His hands, his mouth, his tongue, his skin, his raging hard-on – all the rest of him – urged him to move, to act, to give his other senses the same joyous feast that his eyes, ears, and nose were devouring greedily. But Spike was spellbound by the erotic beauty and carnal grace of his two women, and could not have moved at that moment for all the treasure in King Solomon’s fabled mines.




As Buffy’s scream faded to gasping gulps of air, Joan reverted back to teasing, gentle touches and soft kisses on her twin’s warm, glistening skin. Joan resumed her slow trek down Buffy’s body, but, after a few moments to recover her senses, Buffy stopped her. With a strong hand on each of Joan’s upper arms, Buffy pulled her clone back up her body and simultaneously flipped them over on the large bed.


Buffy’s body pinned Joan’s down on the soft mattress, and she dropped her mouth to her friend’s in a frantic kiss. Joan responded in kind, wrapping her arms around her lover and pulling their bodies together tightly. Once again, their hips began gently rocking against each other on instinct; their bodies lost in a decadent, timeless dance.


Buffy pulled back from the passionate kiss to breathe, resting her forehead against her twin’s, her shimmering locks falling in waves around them, enclosing their faces in a gossamer curtain. Neither had noticed, or at least not acknowledged, Spike’s presence. They were lost in their own tableau … their own dance, and the shroud of Buffy’s hair surrounding their faces made it seem like they were the only people in the world in that moment.


Over the months, Buffy, Spike, and Joan had explored each other’s bodies, learned what made the others feel good and what made them feel great. Not since the night before the ceremony atop the Rock of Gibraltar had Buffy and Joan indulged without Spike, but it somehow simply felt right now. To be together like this – perhaps for the very last time, depending on how things went with India – simply seemed natural and fitting.


Just like Spike, Joan had been beside Buffy during what were undeniably the worst months of her life. The Bot had protected Buffy, had saved her life twice, in fact. She’d helped Spike rescue her from the Council. She’d helped Spike exact revenge on the bastard that had not only put Buffy there, but had weakened her, tortured her, raped her, and, perhaps worst of all, turned the Slayer into a victim. Joan had worked side-by-side with them to make their ‘new’ old house a warm and welcoming home for the babies. Joan had been in the delivery room when the twins were born, and she took her role as Aunt to heart.


Over the months, Buffy had realized that Joan had been right: Buffy was the nexus of their family. She was the Velcro that held the three of them together. If Buffy had been killed in Sunnydale, Spike and Joan would’ve soldiered on for the sake of Jade and Will, but it wouldn’t have been the same. Each would simply be a reminder, perhaps even a painful reminder, of what was lost, not a replacement. Joan was no longer ‘BuffyBot’ in any sense except appearance. She was Joan d’Arc; she was her own person and someone that Buffy had come to care for, and rely on, deeply.


“I do love you, you know?” Buffy whispered gently to Joan beneath the golden veil of her long, silken tresses.


Joan smiled up at her friend. “I am cognizant of that emotion emanating from you.”


Buffy nodded against Joan’s forehead, her hair rippling around their faces. “And this will always be your home. Never worry about being alone or your wings not being strong enough. Always remember, ‘home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in’.”


Joan tilted her head slightly to the side, considering this. “I do not believe that to be strictly accurate…” she began.


Buffy pressed her lips against the Bot’s, silencing her momentarily. “Trust me – it’s a rule or a law or something,” Buffy asserted when the kiss broke.


Joan nodded and her hands began moving over Buffy’s back in a gentle caress. “I feel adequately reassured by this proclamation.”


Buffy dropped another gentle kiss on Joan’s warm lips, then began spreading out, peppering her twin’s face with soft, damp kisses. Buffy began to slowly move down Joan’s body; her soft, supple skin sliding provocatively against her clone’s, like silk against delicate lace. The Slayer’s fluid body flowed over her lover like a sleek sheet of liquid fire as she continued her torrent of feather-soft kisses over the Bot’s smooth, sensitive dermis.


Joan moaned in pleasure as Buffy traveled down, using her mouth and hands to tease and tantalize all of Joan’s pleasure sensors, sending them into fits of pulsating desire. Buffy paused to lavish her lover’s breasts with the same silken kisses and velvety caresses, eliciting whimpers and gasps of pleasure from Joan’s lips. Joan shivered as Buffy’s efforts brought the goose-flesh up on the Bot’s silky-smooth skin. Joan’s nipples hardened into pebbles under Buffy’s mouth and hands, drawing a moan from Buffy as she flicked her tongue lightly over one, then the other.


After lavishing Joan’s firm, round breasts mercilessly for some minutes, Buffy continued on her journey, her body gliding down her lover’s with a smooth, liquid grace. Joan jerked and squealed with laughter when Buffy nibbled on the spot on the side of her waist near her access panel where the Slayer knew the Bot was ticklish. Buffy laughed in turn, looking up to meet her twin’s eyes with a glint of evil glee in her own.


Joan bit her bottom lip to suppress the remainder of the giggle, holding Buffy’s eyes with hers. Never taking her eyes off Joan’s, Buffy traced the faint, but ticklish, water-tight edge of the access panel with the tip of her finger. To the uninformed, while it was closed, the small line might look like some type of scar or a strange birthmark on Joan’s stomach and side. Buffy and Spike, of course, knew better, but to the rest of the world it was nothing more than a faint blemish on the Bot’s otherwise perfect skin. When Joan began to squirm and laugh again, Buffy showed her friend mercy, and rubbed the area more forcefully with her hand to brush the tickle away.


As Joan’s laughter abated, their eyes remained locked on one another, a lover’s connection, each looking deeply into the un-curtained windows of the other’s soul.


Did bots have souls? Buffy had wondered this more than once. But did it really matter? Spike didn’t have a soul, but he had a heart; she could see it every time she looked into his eyes. The same seemed true for Joan. Perhaps there was no soul bestowed from a ‘higher power’, but Joan’s heart…  Joan’s heart might be made of silicon, but it was steadfast and true, and the emotions emanating from it shone in her eyes just as Spike’s did.


Buffy finally broke the connection, dropping a gentle kiss on the ticklish spot. Joan reached one hand down and cupped her lover’s face gently. The Slayer leaned into her doppelganger’s gentle touch, letting her eyes fall closed, just savoring the feel of her girlfriend’s small, soft hand against her skin. Buffy sighed contentedly and turned to press a feathery kiss into Joan’s palm before continuing her trek down. Her lips and mouth traveled southward; grazing over Joan’s flat stomach – down – over one protruding hipbone – and down further yet.




Spike watched in wonder as Buffy settled herself between her lover’s legs, draping each one over a shoulder. He could hear Joan’s unneeded breath hitch in her throat in anticipation of the rapture to come. Although the opposite had often been true, he’d never seen Buffy pleasure Joan like this before. The sight of it pressed on the small spot in his brain that still had blood-flow, and finally urged him forward, nearer the two lovers.


He silently stepped up behind Buffy, watching intently, unable to take his eyes off the gentle, blissful coupling of the two women. It was a good thing Spike didn’t have to breathe, because he wouldn’t have been able to at that moment. His contention only a few minutes before that he’d never seen anything more beautiful was suddenly shattered as he watched his amazing wife make love to his …


Spike paused as something in his brain choked and rumbled to life … a thought. Joan, he realized, was many things now, but she was not ‘his’ anymore; hadn’t been for a right good while.


Joan was her own woman now. The thought both saddened and cheered him. His Bot was no longer anyone’s property. She was self-aware, she could make her own decisions, she could analyze problems and solve them all on her own. She didn’t need anyone to tell her what the mission was any longer; she understood it and could adapt to changes in circumstances. She had learned. She had grown. She had evolved.


Joan was his friend, his lover, sometimes his confidant, often his conspirator; she was his children’s Aunt and his wife’s best friend and their partner. But she was not ‘his’. Buffy was more ‘his’ than Joan was now … but that was only fair, as he was hers, utterly and completely.


Spike reached out both hands and caressed the sweet ass that Buffy had been so worried about being saggy, circling his palms over the smooth globes.


Buffy jumped, momentarily startled from her reverie, and turned to see Spike standing behind her. Their smoldering eyes met and held for what was at once an eternity and the briefest of moments. She smiled at him, half-guilty for starting without him, but fully pleased with the obviously strong reaction he’d had to their ‘transgression’.  


Keeping her upper body pressed down onto the mattress between Joan’s legs, Buffy arched her back and pulled her knees forward, raising her round, firm ass into the air, opening herself up to her husband. 


Spike hands glided over her hips, her back, her ass-cheeks, down her thighs, and back up again. The feel of her, combined with the spicy tang of her cum from earlier with Joan, made his cock twitch and jerk as it stood at nearly-painful attention. He couldn’t remember ever wanting or loving anyone more than at that moment.


Spike teased Buffy’s opening with his cock, covering himself with her sweet, slick essence. He slid between her thighs, between her soft, damp lips, grazing her clit with his hardness as she whimpered and gasped with pleasure.  Spike would’ve liked to have teased and tortured her, and Joan, for that matter, for hours for starting without him – a fitting punishment, he thought – but she and Joan had already nearly undone him. That would have to wait for later; right now he just needed to be buried inside her.


In the next moment, Spike was sliding into Buffy’s heat; his hips slowly pressing forward, his thick cock stretching her, filling her tight, wet channel. After waiting and watching for so long, it was all Spike could do to keep from thrusting into her hard, and simply exploding deep inside her body in one primal motion, but he restrained his savage desire. There was something else he wanted to see, now that the opportunity had been laid at his feet.


Buffy gasped at the sweet invasion, her eyes fluttering closed, momentarily lost in the magic of the initial connection. It was a feeling she’d never grow tired of. It was as if she were suddenly made part of something larger, something more powerful than either she or Spike individually. It made her feel whole, complete. It flooded her with a feeling of belonging; as if she was finally in the right place – the place she’d been searching for her whole life, it seemed.


Spike fought his desires and continued to press into her slowly as her undulating channel yielded to him, welcoming his cool hardness into her soft heat. When he was buried inside her to the hilt, Spike leaned forward and began kissing the soft, tan skin of Buffy’s back, worshiping her with his lips, tongue, and hands.


She was the most beautiful, most passionate creature in heaven or earth, and she was here with him, loving him. The very idea of it was still hard for Spike to accept. He would always be beneath her, but she made him feel like that wasn’t so; she made him feel like he belonged. He was finally home. After a century-plus of searching, he had found where he fit in within the puzzle of life.


Spike leaned down even further over her back until he could nuzzle her neck with his lips. Buffy’s body responded as his mouth found that perf ect spot beneath her ear – that one that seemed to have a direct line to her core. She pressed back against him, urging him to move, to press even deeper, to plunge into her molten center.


But Spike did none of that. He instead whispered against her ear, “Let me see you make ‘er cum, luv. Want to spill inside you when your lips are covered with her sweet cunny juice ...”


Buffy turned her face to his, meeting his eyes again. She could see the fire in them, the blue burning so hot she thought it might scorch her if she looked into them for too long. She touched a tentative kiss against his lips before turning her attention back to the recently neglected member of their party.


Buffy’s heart pounded like a jackhammer in her chest with Spike buried deep in her core and Joan’s clean, pink pussy only inches from her lips. Spike’s words encouraged her; they made her entire core pulse and her body tremble. She was, again, the nexus … the heart, the center of her two lovers, and she wanted to give them both as much as they had always given her – which was everything.


Buffy began tentatively, spreading Joan’s damp lips open to reveal her hard little nub and glistening opening. Joan whimpered and moaned as the cool air of the room touched her over-heated flesh, again giving Buffy confidence to continue. Buffy blew a firm column of air against her lover’s clit, teasing her with the silken-coolness. Joan’s hips jerked and lifted off the bed, silently pleading for more as the air flowed over her, a promise of more.


Buffy began to tease and torture Joan, intending to lift her to the highest pinnacle before allowing her to fall, but at that moment Spike began moving inside her, sliding slowly out of her aching core. Buffy gasped, her eyes fluttering closed, her mission momentarily interrupted by the bliss of his cock tugging at her opening as he moved.


Buffy swallowed hard, fighting to maintain her composure, and forced her eyes open. The Slayer struggled to gather her wits as Joan whimpered and tried to lift her sex up to Buffy’s lips, and Spike slowly, achingly slowly, slid back inside her.


Buffy savored the feeling of Spike's cock pressing into her from behind as she turned her attention back to Joan lying spread open in front of her. Maybe it was Spike, inside her, maybe it was seeing Joan's legs open for her, but Buffy's mouth watered as she moved to make love to her best friend.


The first touch of her tongue to Joan's hot core was delicious and electric. Joan arched her back, lifting herself off the bed and trying to push her sex further towards Buffy's waiting mouth. Buffy, feeling safe and loved by her husband, who was still sliding in and out of her oh-so-slowly, and her twin in front of her, was suddenly overwhelmed with wanton desire. She needed them both flying with her, soaring from the highest peak, falling from the pinnacle of ecstasy, and floating in the sea of bliss alongside her. At that moment nothing else mattered, nothing else existed – just the burning need to come utterly undone with her lovers.


Lifting her eyes to her twin’s face, Buffy thrust her tongue into Joan's warm channel, swirling the appendage around inside, trying to draw more of the tasty liquid from her clone’s depths. She heard a deep growl, almost a groan, from behind her and Spike's hip jerked into her fast and hard. Spike, apparently, liked the sight of his wife being tongue-deep inside another woman.


Buffy kept up her assault, alternating between sucking on the little nubbin at the top of Joan's center, and thrusting her tongue inside her, searching for magical spots that would trigger gasps and moans from her twin.


The sight of his beautiful, sexy wife making passionate love to her twin with her mouth and hands was almost more than Spike’s self-control could withstand. When Buffy’s pussy clenched and tightened around him in reaction to the all the sensations bombarding her, he was sure he’d lost the battle.


“Make ‘er cum, luv … not sure how long … you women are undoin’ me…” Spike begged as his hips shuddered against Buffy in fast, short, instinctive strokes.


Buffy sucked down hard on Joan’s bundle of pleasure sensors, worrying the slippery pearl in earnest with her teeth as Spike began pounding into her harder, deeper, and faster. The women’s cries of pleasure were a heavenly chorus to Spike’s ears as he watched his wife devour Joan’s sweet pussy and watched Joan’s face contort in beautiful, blissful reverie.


“God, Buffy … so fucking good, luv. So hot you are … what you do to me … can’t … never … bloody fuck, Buffy!”


Buffy was wild with lust; Spike’s words, his cock thrusting into her, and Joan’s cries only made her wilder. She wanted nothing more than to lift her lovers to the very edge of the atmosphere. She wanted to make Spike mad with lust, she wanted to make him lose control, and roar and curse and cum inside her. She wanted to hear Joan’s scream, feel her quiver and buck beneath her. Buffy wanted to overflow her lover’s buffers, sibilate her sensors, and defibrillate her drives.


Buffy slid two fingers into Joan’s slick, hot channel and began to pump, matching Spike’s now frantic rhythm as he slammed into her. The Slayer began alternating between soft licks and hard sucks against her lover’s clit as she fucked her hard and deep, sending Joan’s lean, lithe body quivering with joy.


Joan’s hips jerked, then writhed in pleasure against Buffy’s mouth while a loud burst of rapturous joy sprang from her lips. 


With Joan’s exclamation, Spike’s hips suddenly jerked into Buffy even harder, pushing Buffy’s body forward, burying her mouth harder against her twin’s tangy-sweet, hot pussy.


Buffy inhaled sharply as Spike’s cock drove into her, momentarily lost in the sensation of being filled so completely. Her back arched and she moaned against her lover’s mound as Spike’s words and actions sent fissures of bliss spider-webbing out in all directions.


“Buffy … make ‘er cum, luv … please, pet … need t’ see you both unravelin’ under me,” Spike pleaded as his body began to take the upper-hand in the war, wrenching the last vestiges of his control away.


Buffy responded to Spike’s plea – it’s what she wanted too – for her lovers to unravel around her … with her. With conscious thought gone, driven only by primal need, Buffy curled her fingers inside her lover and scraped at the upper wall of her channel with her fingertips, searching for the small, elusive bundle of nerves ... or sensors buried there. Buffy continued to devour her lover’s juices, licking and sucking Joan’s pulsing clit as she searched frantically for the spongy button that she knew would utterly undo her twin.


Suddenly, Joan’s body went rigid and her back arched up off the mattress in sensory overload. The Bot’s scream was at first amplified by Buffy’s urgent pressure on her g-spot, but then it died on her lips just as suddenly, apparently all oxygen gone from her body just that quickly.


As Joan’s body quaked in bliss, Spike’s hands left Buffy hips and began roaming over her curves; over her hips, to her waist, and then around her to cup her breasts.


“Cum for me, Slayer … God, Buffy, cum for me hard, baby. Cum undone, luv ... let go,” he rumbled against her as he tweaked her nipples, turning them into hard pebbles while still driving into her, deep and hard. "Fuck, Buffy! Let go! Cum, Slayer! Cum!"


Buffy continued to fight her own release as she ravished her lover’s pussy, but the fissures Spike had opened up in her began to widen and deepen. When Joan gasped in ragged breaths of air and began to scream yet again, Buffy felt herself inching closer to the edge of the bottomless chasm of rapture. She could barely hear Spike begging her to let go of the ledge and fall as all the sensations bombarded her, overwhelming her mind and body.


When Joan’s scream began again, Spike couldn’t hold back another second. He slammed into Buffy with all the force and preternatural strength he possessed; all semblance of control utterly lost. A deep, basso roar escaped his throat as he felt his cum boiling up, filling his cock, finding its release deep inside his wife’s sweet, hot center.


Spike’s roar vibrated through Buffy’s entire body, shaking her to the core. She could feel his cock swell and pulse deep inside her as Joan bucked and jerked beneath her. Buffy’s resolve was shattered, and she quickly slipped past the point of no return with them.


In the next moment, Buffy’s scream pierced Spike’s eardrums. Her sugar walls tightened and fluttered around him. The Slayer’s womb kissed the head of his cock with frantic desire, trying to pull him even deeper inside her, as Spike emptied himself into her, coating her with his essence, filling her with his seed.


Buffy felt an intense eruption swelling up from the deepest, widest canyon that had opened within her, and then she felt her fingers slip off the ledge of that wide chasm. The sound of her own scream washed over, rising from the darkest depths of her being, as she fell into the blissful, pitch-black of nothingness.


With her lover’s hearts filling her soul with exaltation, she tumbled backwards, falling down, down, down … spiraling out of control in the darkness, no longer aware of anything but the feeling of rapture that poured from the abyss and flowed over her body.



Buffy clung to Spike’s and Joan’s hearts, holding them firmly inside her own, as the three of them unraveled in the dark nothingness of euphoria.  Long, fine ribbons of color whipped and fluttered in the zephyrs of bliss that washed over them, twirling them and tangling them around each other until neither could tell where one began and the other ended. Hearts and bodies were entwined and knotted together, joined inescapably to the others with Buffy as their nexus – their soul.


When the three lovers returned from their trip to the dark side of the rainbow, they were sprawled in a tangled pile of torsos and limbs on the bed. They all gasped for air, despite two of them not actually needing any, and chests heaved with exertion.


Spike rolled Buffy’s limp body over until she was facing him and captured her cum-slick lips in a desperate kiss. The flavor of Joan mingled with Buffy’s sweet zest creating an intoxicating cocktail for the vamp. Spike moaned against her mouth as he drank it down greedily. His hand slipped down her body as he kissed her, and slid between her pussy lips. He swirled his fingers in the slurry of cum he found there, coating his digits in their combined essence. 


When the kiss broke, he slowly lifted his shimmering fingers to her lips. Buffy’s green eyes met his. Despite his cum dripping from her channel, the blue depths of his eyes were still smoldering just beneath the surface. She felt his gaze penetrate and sizzle her somewhere deep inside, reigniting her own fires. Keeping her eyes locked on his, Buffy closed her swollen, wet lips around his digits and sucked his slick fingers into her hot mouth slowly. She moaned around his fingers as their cum combined with the flavor of Joan already on her tongue, creating an ambrosia of ecstasy within her mouth.


Joan whimpered and pouted as she snaked her way against Spike’s other side, clearly feeling left out. Spike smirked as Buffy released his now clean fingers, leaned across him, and kissed Joan deeply, sharing the nectar of the gods with her twin.


Spike watched, enchanted, as his two beauties ravished each other’s lips and tongue, as if trying to consume more than just the honeyed juices. Pink, swollen lips teased; soft, hot tongues, darted out, tasting; brilliant white teeth nibbled, all while two scrumptious bodies leaned against him, over him; surrounded him.


Spike took a free hand from each of them and slid them down his body, over his six-pack abs, to his already hardening cock. They each caressed his sensitive skin, stroking his hardness, fondling his balls, all on instinct, as the kiss slowed and finally the two lovers broke apart.


Buffy grinned mischievously at her friend. “I think I know where we can get more of that salty goodness,” she suggested, wagging her brows.


Joan returned Buffy’s sly smile and, as one, both women began sliding down Spike’s body to his now raging hard-on …


Perhaps the teasing torture punishment he’d planned for them could wait just a little while longer…




Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson



Grew up in a small town
And when the rain would fall down
I'd just stare out my window
Dreaming of what could be
And if I'd end up happy
I would pray (I would pray)

Trying hard to reach out
But when I tried to speak out
Felt like no one could hear me
Wanted to belong here
But something felt so wrong here
So I prayed I could break away

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes til' I touch the sky
And I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won't forget all the ones that I love
I'll take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway

Wanna feel the warm breeze
Sleep under a palm tree
Feel the rush of the ocean
Get onboard a fast train
Travel on a jet plane, far away (I will)
And breakaway


Buildings with a hundred floors
Swinging around revolving doors
Maybe I don't know where they'll take me but
Gotta keep moving on, moving on
Fly away, breakaway

I'll spread my wings
And I'll learn how to fly
Though it's not easy to tell you goodbye
I gotta take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won't forget the place I come from
I gotta take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway, breakaway, breakaway


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