Story Title: Spirit Indestructible


Season 5. Begins with ‘Spiral’ in the abandoned gas station, and goes far off-canon almost immediately.

When Dawn makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her sister, friends, and the world, Buffy’s mind snaps. When Buffy's friends give up hope of her ever recovering, and become afraid that she’ll turn violent and uncontrollable, they call in the Council to help. Fearing what the Council will do, Spike, forgotten and ignored by her friends, steps in. Will he be able to reach the Slayer when no one else could? Will he be able to keep her out of the hands of the Council and away from her ‘helpful’ friends? How much heartbreak, guilt, and failure can one girl stand before her indestructible spirit finally resigns the fight and gives up hope?




10. Scream


Music Referenced:

Scream, Usher

Nelly Furtado - Spirit Indestructible


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Thanks to YOU for reading and to Paganbaby for taking time out of her hectic life to beta this for me! Her suggestions and commentary that always makes me smile! All mistakes are mine because I can't stop fiddling right up to the last moment.

Rating / Warnings:

OK, this is another of the chapters you were warned about: Threesome B/G/G action involving Spike, Buffy, and BuffyBot. If that really bothers you, then this chapter could be skipped and not lose the plot.

NC17. Spike/Other. Main Character Death. Implied Rape. Plenty of angst.

Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes, and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY.

Moments later...


“But … the surprise isn’t over yet, is it?” Spike wondered as he pulled BuffyBot into his embrace along with Buffy. “Maybe I could have a turn as … Master,” he suggested as he sat on the bed with his girls in his arms, looking between then and wagging his brows lecherously.


As Spike pulled the Bot forward, Buffy slid over a bit, off Spike’s lap, and onto the big bed to make room for her partner in … well, not crime exactly, but in taboo-shattering wickedness perhaps.


Spike kissed Buffy again, a quick but passionate melding of their lips which left her panting, then turned and did the same with the Bot. When the kiss broke, Spike looked from one to the other of his blondes, waiting for an answer. He was already getting hard again just thinking about the possibilities.


Buffy gave the Bot a significant look, then smirked at him. “I’m thinking ‘no’,” she said wryly as both she and the Bot pushed on his shoulders and he was knocked backwards, his back pressed down hard onto the soft mattress.


The two girls followed him down and Spike scooted back from the edge so he was lying fully on the bed in the middle again. He didn’t want to crowd anyone that might want to ravage him – that would just be inconsiderate. With Buffy on hands and knees on one side and the Bot on the other, Spike’s two Mistresses crawled up beside him and began dropping twin kisses along his jaw, taking turns with quick brushes of soft lips on his mouth, then continuing down.


Their lips and hands roamed over his marble-esque physique, from his neck to his traps, to his strong shoulders. They licked fire across his collarbone then slowly roamed down his chest, over his pecs, to the dark skin of his nipples.


Spike moaned in pleasure as they ravished him with their mouths and hands, then brushed the touches away with a sweep of their long, soft hair. He loved how Buffy’s hair felt against his skin – like a thousand strands of golden silk – and now he had two thousand fingers of spun gold washing over him, making his skin prickle and his muscles tremble with need.


Spike’s moan turned into a rumbling growl when the girls began teasing his nipples to hardness with their mouths. Their hands wandered gently over his abs and hips, taking in every detail of bone, muscle, and sinew with their fingertips. With their silken tresses falling over his chest in a veil, they licked, sucked, and nibbled at his sensitive nipples, and tickled and teased his flanks and abs, until they’d driven him to the brink of madness.


Unable to remain motionless another moment, Spike sprang with the grace and speed of a predator, surprising Buffy and pushing her onto her back. He rolled over with her, then slid off onto the other side of her body.


Buffy let out a surprised yelp, but she was smiling when Spike looked at her. “Your turn, pet,” he rumbled as he beckoned the Bot to move over to their new ‘victim’.


Spike captured her mouth in a passionate kiss, her lips parting willingly as his tongue pressed in. Buffy moaned against him, then her body arched up when his fingers began teasing one of her nipples. Buffy gasped against his mouth when she felt a warm, wet tongue flick at the other breast, and her heart rate soared higher.


The feeling of doing something that was taboo both excited and still frightened her a bit. While it was true she’d done a lot of things with Spike that she had never even considered before, some she’d never heard of before, it was with Spike. It was with a man. Of course, wasn’t being with a vamp the biggest taboo a Slayer could cross? But she’d crossed that line before – she’d wrestled with the wrongness of that before and beaten it into submission … mostly. She’d never even remotely considered this new naughty-no-no whose tongue was suddenly feeling absolutely amazing against her pebbled nub.


When Spike felt Buffy relax from the initial shock of the Bot’s warm mouth on her, he broke the kiss and began mimicking what the two of them had done to him. His kisses and nibbles slid down her jaw to her tender neck. Buffy’s Slayer instincts ratcheted up the adrenaline another notch as he bit down lightly on her jugular with his blunt teeth. Buffy gasped and her entire body seemed to tighten like a bow as the woman’s lust and the Slayer’s instinctual fear wrestled for control.


The demon’s bloodlust forced a rumbling growl from Spike’s lips as his mouth suckled at her tender skin, feeling her pulse racing beneath. He could smell the fear that the Slayer’s instincts had triggered, and his eyes flashed golden with the deliciousness of it, his mouth never breaking contact with her flesh. This tongue traced the old scars there, his demon desperate to cover them with his own, to mark her as his.


Buffy’s head tilted to the side, opening her neck up to him fully, and Spike felt something warm and soft flow out from his heart and engulf the demon’s bloodlust. Trust. She trusted him. Even if he could bite her, he wouldn’t – he’d never break that trust.


As Spike nibbled and sucked at her neck, Buffy felt her fear rising and took note somewhere in the back of her mind, but the sparks of lust that were showering down on her from Spike’s lips were simply stronger. His growl against her skin reverberated through her whole body, tingling her skin and releasing a swarm of fluttering butterflies in her stomach. While the Slayer screamed, ‘Danger! Demon!’ at the top of her lungs, the woman inside moaned, ‘Spike … yes, so good,’ in a throaty purr.


Buffy tilted her head to the side, encouraging Spike’s lips and nibbling teeth to continue their exploration of her neck. It felt heavenly. The butterflies in her stomach swarmed through her entire body, making her quiver uncontrollably from head to toe. As Spike’s tongue traced sparks across the old scars on her neck, the woman’s trust engulfed the Slayer’s fear, silencing it and transforming it into needful desire.


Buffy shivered – a primal reaction that came from somewhere deep in her core and shook her very foundation – as Spike and the Bot teased, kissed, licked, and caressed her body. Then the Bot’s long, soft hair was flowing over Buffy’s heated skin and she suddenly understood why Spike liked that so much. Her pussy ached for attention, but at the same time she didn’t want either of them to stop what they were doing.


When Buffy thought her entire body would simply unravel with need, Spike’s cool fingers brushed across her apex, barely stirring the springy curls there.


“God, yes … please,” Buffy begged as he teased her pussy-lips with light, barely-there touches. Her hips lifted off the bed, trying to meet his hand, but he reacted naturally, moving with her, and kept his touches light.


“Spread those lovely thighs wide for me,” Spike rumbled into Buffy’s ear and Buffy obeyed immediately.


Spike moved down her body and moaned against her stomach as the aroma of her arousal hit him full force.  He slid two fingers between her dew-covered petals and spread her open to the cool air of the room. Buffy’s hips jerked again, the anticipation nearly killing her. And then warm lips sucked down on her aching clit. Buffy’s mind blanked, then brilliant striations of color filled her mind as her body went into blissful spasms of release.


When Buffy recovered enough to open her eyes, she looked down her body to see the Bot between her legs, her face buried in Buffy’s pussy.


“No … no … I don’t …” Buffy began, her eyes growing wide as she tried to slide away from the Bot.


Spike stopped her with a firm hand on her shoulder. “Stay put, Slayer,” he breathed.


“No, Spike … I’m sorry. I just … that’s just … not … ummm …” Buffy stammered as the Bot continued her mission. Buffy couldn’t help but moan when the other girl’s warm tongue circled Buffy’s aching channel.


“There is no wrong here, luv,” Spike assured her.


“Oh … ummm … well, I know it’s not wrong, ‘cos, you know … Willow and Tara, and I get not-wrong, but …” Buffy’s mind blanked again, her eyes feathering closed of their own accord, as the Bot slid two fingers into her and began slowly fucking Buffy.


“Just feel, Buffy. You’re safe here, pet. There’s no judging, no wrong,” Spike assured her as he began nuzzling her neck again, right in the very spot he knew made her crazy.


Despite the reservations of Buffy’s mind, her body responded. When the Bot slid another finger into her and began thrusting against her in earnest, Buffy’s body exploded into another orgasm. Despite not being as talented as Spike was with her fingers, the Bot was amazingly strong and swift.


Then, in the next moments, there were hands and lips all over her. Buffy couldn’t separate them any longer. Her clit was being teased softly, in sharp contrast to the pounding into her tight channel, and one nipple was being sucked and nibbled on roughly.


Buffy’s body tensed and shuddered in another spasm of bliss as all the sensations overwhelmed her again. She could’ve no sooner stopped the blood-curdling scream that escaped her throat than stop a run-away freight train. Fireworks exploded, comets raced past, thunder rolled, the earth shook and then fell away in a shower of rapture.


When Buffy came back to earth, panting for oxygen, she blinked her eyes open to find Spike looking down at her, his eyes sparkling with desire and mischief. She half-expected him to say, ‘I told you so,’ but he simply kissed her. It was a long, slow, burning kiss and Buffy melted into it, giving herself to him fully.


As the kiss slowly died to glowing embers and they pulled apart, Spike rolled back and gently urged the Bot up Buffy’s body to take his place.


“Kiss ‘er, pet. Taste yourself on those beautiful lips,” Spike whispered to Buffy.


Buffy looked from the Bot to Spike as a myriad of emotions flicked across her face: fear, insecurity, desire, uncertainty, lust.  Spike’s eyes were absolutely smoldering as he met Buffy’s eyes. “No wrong here, pet,” he reminded her. “Want t’ see you kiss her.”


Buffy looked back at the Bot, who was on the bed on the other side of Buffy, propped up on one elbow. BuffyBot’s over-hot body was right against Buffy’s, half-leaning on her. Buffy thought she saw her own uncertainty mirrored in the android’s eyes, but the desire was there too.


Buffy lifted a hand and slid it behind the Bot’s neck, under her hair, and gently pulled her doppelganger down. As before, the kiss was a tentative exploration of lips. The Bot still tasted of strawberries, but above that was the flavor Buffy had tasted on Spike’s lips more than once: the taste of her cum.  Buffy found the taste of the forbidden fruit to be an aphrodisiac, and the two women deepened the kiss as their confidence and desires grew. Then Spike’s hands were on them both. Gentle fingers trailed over their curves, tracing lines of goose-flesh down their flanks. Then the fingers were followed by his lips moving from one to the other, kissing, nibbling, suckling on his two goddesses.


They both moaned their disapproval as Spike got up from the bed, but they soon replaced his hands with their own on the other’s body. When he returned a few moments later, the two womens' limbs were entwined, wrapped around the other’s – arms and legs holding their bodies together, as if any small space between them was too much to bear. Spike stood and watched them for a long minute, stroking his painfully-hard cock and reveling in the beauty and passion of his Slayers.


With his unneeded-breath coming in fitful gasps, Spike watched, utterly mesmerized. Finally, after what could’ve been a few seconds or a few minutes, a small drop of blood raced back up to his brain, spurring him back into action. With that droplet of sanity returning to his brain, he realized that he needed to snap out of his erotic trance or the threesome would be over before it really began.


Shaking his head to clear the double-Buffy induced daze, Spike finally broke from his reverie and began moving his women into the position he wanted. When they realized he was back, they stopped writhing quite so much and followed his gentle commands and touches. The Bot ended up on top of Buffy, face-to-face, their feet toward Spike. He gentled nudged their legs open enough for him to kneel between them, opening two lovely pink pussies to him.


He could hear Buffy’s heart-rate accelerate again in anticipation of what he was going to do. He began sliding a single finger down their slits, across the Bot and then Buffy, and then back up. The girls’ hips jerked and twitched, and nearly identical moans fell from their lips as he teased them both.


“So wet … So bloody beautiful,” Spike murmured as he played with the two quims spread open before him. His fingers formed a ‘rock on’ sign, with the forefinger and pinky up and the middle fingers curled down. He slid his fingers into them both at once – his pinky into the Bot and forefinger into Buffy.


The women began to kiss again, more desperately now, as he slid in and out of them in a slow rhythm, teasing them. Their hips jerked against each other of their own accord, seeking more, needing more.


“Please, Spike,” Buffy breathed at the same time the Bot begged, “Take me, Spike.”


Spike hesitated, his worried eyes darting around the room for a moment. This was the part of the dream where he usually woke up. He waited a second, two, three. Nothing changed – they were all still there. Spike smirked and turned his full attention back to his two Slayers. It wasn’t a dream. Thank the bloody God of Dreams Come True.


They both moaned when Spike’s fingers withdrew, but in the next moment Buffy’s favorite toy, the Twin Teasers vibrator, pressed into them both at once. Shrieks of surprised delight rang from their throats as Spike thrust the double penetration vibrator into them both, fucking both of their sweet quims with wild abandon.


Spike had never heard, seen, or smelled a sweeter tableau than his two Slayers writhing against each other as they were fucked with the strong vibrator. Words seemed to have lost meaning to both of them as they moaned and cursed and called to God in heaven without any network censors coming between their hormones and their vocal chords.


Their bodies rocked against each other, their legs spreading wider yet, as Spike ravaged them with the toy. When their words degenerated into nothing more than panting gasps and their bodies began to spasm, he slammed into them even harder, sending them both over the edge as one.


This time Buffy’s scream was in stereo, just as mind-numbing and ear-splitting as before. Their bodies bucked and ground against each other and against the hand wielding the pleasure device as they soared through the oblivion of bliss.


When he felt them floating back down to earth, Spike pulled the toy out and sunk down onto the mattress between their legs. His long, lithe tongue raked from bottom to top over the two dripping slits, adding the best thing he’d ever tasted to the tableau. The feel of his tongue lapping their juices only sent the two back up onto another crest of ecstasy. Their pussies throbbed wildly in response, and released more ambrosia for Spike’s eager tongue and lips to devour.


The sounds, smells, feel, and sight in front of him launched Spike’s lust to new, previously unseen levels. He couldn’t contain himself another moment, and had no desire to. With an animalistic growl, he went after what he wanted. There was no gentle persuasion to it, no request, not even any warning. He rolled the two women over by their legs, putting Buffy on top. Without a moment’s hesitation, he climbed back between her legs, lifted her ass up by the hips, and slammed his aching need into Buffy's hot, wet channel.


Buffy’s back arched and she screamed out in carnal need at the invasion. Buffy came up onto her hands so she was on all fours and her weight was off the Bot, and rocked her body back against Spike with the same wild ferocity as he was delivering.


“Fuck yes! Fuck me, Spike!” she screamed at him, tossing her head back, spilling her long, golden mane over her shoulders and the bare skin of her back. Spike released one hand from her hip, and grabbed a handful of that spun gold, holding her in place like an animal as he thrust into her with absolutely primal need.


Buffy’s back arched more to take the pressure off her scalp, lifting her pussy up to him even higher as she complied with his unspoken demand of subservience. She felt that same flush of wrongness wash over her – she was the Slayer, this wasn’t her role – but it only served to excite her more. Although Spike had taught her a lot, and they’d played a few games of Master and Slave – often with a measure of pain and violence involved both ways – this was a new level of dominance she’d not felt before. She knew if she could turn around that the demon would be behind her, fucking her with wild, savage lust. He’d never once vamped out on her before. The thought of it made her heart skitter with fear, her adrenaline surge again, and that just made her slam back against his thrusts even harder.


Suddenly a completely new sensation was added to the crazed lust. The Bot, still beneath Buffy from where Spike had simply turned them both over, closed her hot, soft mouth over one of Buffy’s nipples, her tongue dancing across the puckered flesh. BuffyBot’s small, powerful hands roamed over the Other Slayer’s flanks, the curve of her breasts, her waist, her hips, and back again as Spike drove into her.


Buffy rode the tidal-wave of wild, blind lust that Spike and the Bot built inside her to dizzying heights. Wave after wave of bliss crashed over her as he hammered into her, and the Bot’s mouth nipped and sucked at her breasts. Then the Bot’s hand found Buffy’s clit and the ground fell out from beneath the Slayer. She was floating … floating in a sea of rapture; untethered by reason or thought or worry. There was no right or wrong, no should or shouldn’t, no good or evil. There was only feeling here: glorious, heavenly, joyous feeling.


Buffy’s screams rose and fell with her bliss, intersected with gasping pants for oxygen as Spike drove into her from behind and the Bot pleasured her from beneath. Spike’s bear-like growls and grunts of effort joined the Slayer’s cries in a chorus of primal lust. The hard, fast rhythm of their flesh slapping together, and the unmistakable, moist melody of his cock sliding in and out of her tight, slick channel joined with the warriors’ cries to create a symphony of animalistic revelry.


Buffy rose up atop wave after cresting wave of pleasure, then crashed down when the wave broke, falling back into that sea of rapture, only to begin up toward the next pinnacle a moment later. Time lost all meaning, she may have been writhing in this blue ocean for a minute or an hour or a lifetime. Spike’s leonine roar of release joined hers more than once as she sailed higher and higher. She felt his cock swell and pulse as he shot his cool seed into her time and again, but each of his rumbling cries of release only seemed to spur him into a more wild and chaotic frenzy. Finally, all she had left in her was an incoherent stream of strangled moans to mark the passing of each blissful zenith and nadir.


When Buffy finally found herself washed up onto the beach, the rapturous waves transformed into small eddies gently lapping at her body, Spike’s strokes into her were languid, lazy presses and pulls. The slapping of flesh had been replaced with a gentle pressure of his hips against her ass, and the wet, squishy sound of his cock sliding in and out of her was now a relaxed, if perhaps even wetter, serenade. He’d released her hair and had a gentle hold on her hips, moving her against him in a comfortable, slow dance.


The Bot’s movements had slowed as well. They’d devolved into soft kisses and teasing touches, mirroring Spike’s languorous pace.


Buffy moaned deeply and Spike’s words about snow on Christmas morning and the rhythm of rain on a tin roof came to her mind. The tornado, the hurricane, the earthquake were gone for now, and all that remained was the warm glow of embers left in the wake of the raging wildfire.


Spike slowed his pace even more and finally stopped, his hips pressed against her ass. He leaned forward, dropping cool kisses on her flushed, damp back. “You’re a bloody animal, Slayer,” he murmured against her flesh. His cool breath and lips felt like heaven against her. “Love you so much. Can’t get enough o’ you.”


Buffy let out a low throaty moan of self-satisfied agreement, but said, “Not the Slayer. And you’re still hard …” Even she could smell his cum, and she could certainly feel it dripping down her thighs. How many times had he cum and he was still hard? Not that she was really complaining…


“Can’t help it … it’s what you do t’ me,” Spike explained in a deep rumbling basso.


Buffy somewhat reluctantly rolled away from Spike. He made no move to hold her as she flopped limply onto her back in the large bed next to the Bot, arms and legs akimbo. Buffy met Spike’s eyes and gave a small inclination of her head toward the Bot, the implication to Spike clear: he’d been ignoring someone.


Spike crawled on hands and knees, moving like a lithe, graceful panther, until he was hovering over the Bot. He dropped his mouth to hers and kissed her. Strawberries mixed with the taste of Buffy on her lips and tongue made Spike’s libido soar again. Could this really be happening? Again he wondered if maybe it was all a dream …


“Take me, Spike. Take all of me! Need to feel your hard, impressive manhood inside me,” the Bot breathed against his lips. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, lifting her opening up to him urgently.


Spike turned his head to the side slightly and looked at Buffy. He was shocked to see her nod to him, to give him permission to do this. Spike reached between their bodies and guided his still-aching need into the Bot’s hot, wet quim. She gasped when he entered her, sounding so much like Buffy that Spike had to check again to make sure it was the Bot, but the strawberry-flavored lube that someone – either Buffy or the Bot herself – had filled her ‘fluids’ tank up with was a sure give-away.


The Bot’s hands slid down from his shoulders, over his flanks, and settled on his hips, her fingers digging lightly into his ass as he pressed into her. A thought whirled in Spike’s mind: she had never done that before. That was something that Buffy always did, although her nails usually dug in deeper, often drawing blood. Had Buffy told her, taught her to do that?


The thought was washed from his mind when the Bot squeezed his length with her hot, undulating quim, urging him into action. He began moving his hips against her, slowly at first. If Buffy was a goddess, then the Bot was the goddess’ handmaiden. Her pussy tightened around him like a wet, hot, velvet glove. The Bot was actually hotter – temperature-wise – than Buffy, and the way her quim reacted to him was more rhythmic – almost like a metronome – than Buffy’s frantic palpitations, but they both felt heavenly in their own ways. The real difference, of course, was Buffy was … Buffy and the Bot was not. He cared for the Bot – despite trying to create her to be just like Buffy, her personality was really all her own – but he loved Buffy, and that made all the difference in the world.


Just as he began thinking how to get Buffy involved, he felt warm hands trailing silkily over his back. The Bot’s hands were still on his ass. He looked to the side to see Buffy watching them. She had her head propped up on one hand and the other hand was drawing gentle curlicues over his back.


“Like t’ watch, pet?” Spike asked, quirking a brow at her.


Buffy flushed bright red and dropped her eyes as her hand went still on his back. Now that her brain was functioning again, her inhibitions and all the ‘rights and wrongs’ of the outside world came bubbling back to the surface. Did she like to watch? No … no! Of course not! That’s … wrong … right? So why had she been doing it? And enjoying it?  


“No wrong, Sl… Buffy,” Spike reminded her, reading her expression perfectly. He leaned to one side a bit, taking the weight off the arm next to Buffy. He reached out and lifted her face with a curled finger under her chin.


Buffy looked everywhere but at him, finally settling on an interesting spot on the wallpaper on the opposite wall.


“Buffy …” Spike cajoled. “Look at me, luv.”


Buffy took a deep breath and finally forced her eyes to his. Spike’s eyes were bright; they glittered like they were made of sapphires, undisguised, evil glee dancing in their depths.


“Nothing wrong with enjoying it, luv. Turns me on knowing it’s turning you on,” Spike told her, curling his tongue over his teeth salaciously.


Buffy flushed again, mortified, then her mouth started working without consulting her brain. “I just … you’re … well … all … muscle-y and I never get to see you … when you’re … ummm … I mean, when we’re doing it … and … Oh, God. I am so demented.” She covered her face with the hand that had been on Spike’s back, wishing the bed would just swallow her.


“Spike?” the Bot asked finally. “You are not taking me. You are inside, but I don’t feel your thick, hard cock moving against my pleasure receptors.”


“Uhhh … Sorry, luv. Give us a minute, yeah? I’ll get those pleasure receptors firing double-time in a mo’,” Spike assured the Bot.


Spike turned back to Buffy and pulled her hand away from her face. “There’s no wrong here, Buffy,” he repeated more sternly. “There’s nothing twisted or demented ‘bout any of this. Bloody hell – you have any soddin’ idea how hot you’re making me just knowing that you like how my body looks, how it moves, how it fucks?”


Buffy rolled her eyes and flushed even brighter red, if that was possible. “There’s something wrong with me,” she asserted.


Spike barked out a quick laugh. “Well, yeah,” he drawled, perhaps too quickly, drawing a deeper scowl from Buffy. “Something wrong with everybody, I reckon. But I love you. Love every twisted, demented, beautiful, sexy thing about you.


“Watch me fuck her, Buffy … tell me what you see, what you want me to do … what you like about our bodies coming together. Use me as you will, my temptress, Mistress Pandora. I’m your willin’ slave.”


Buffy pursed her lips into a strange contortion, trying to hide the smile that leapt to them unbidden. “You’re demented too,” she informed Spike, though it was more of a compliment than a dig.


Spike shrugged one shoulder. “Better t’ serve you, Mistress.”


Buffy bit her bottom lip and took a deep breath, trying to sort through her jumbled feelings and thoughts. She’d already gone this far, done things she never imagined she'd do... much less imagined she'd enjoy doing.  So why not just keep going with it, taking and giving pleasure with no consequences, no judgment, being truly free for the first – and last? – time in her life?


Finally, she met his eyes again and let the twisted, demented, beautiful lust that smoldered in their blue depths speak to the most base, primal part of her. Somewhere deep inside, Buffy felt her freak flag completely unfurl. No wrong…


Buffy nodded slightly and licked her lips nervously, letting her eyes fall to the Bot’s face. “Ki…” Buffy’s voice broke and she cleared her throat, which was suddenly too tight. “Kiss her…” she whispered.


Spike smirked and centered himself over BuffyBot again, then dipped his head and touched his lips to hers. He felt Buffy’s hand on his shoulder, a gentle, warm weight, trailing over the muscles there. “Deeper…” she breathed to him and Spike deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue between the Bot’s parted lips.


Buffy watched as Spike’s soft, full lips nibbled on the Bot’s, sucking and teasing her. His lips were indescribably luscious, and Buffy’s own lips tingled with remembered kisses. She shivered as she watched the kiss become more passionate, watched him delve into her twin’s mouth, taste her, devour her.


“Her breasts,” Buffy whispered. “Make love to her breasts.”


Spike shifted, arching his back up to make room and still remain buried in his partner’s quim, then ducked his head down to the Bot’s chest. BuffyBot moaned her approval as he circled first one, then the other dark areola with his wet, cool tongue, hardening her nipples into small stones. Buffy watched Spike lavish one nipple with soft licks, kisses, and sucks, and her own nipples hardened in response. Her hand slid down Spike’s arm and reached in to touch the Bot’s other breast.


Buffy rolled the hard bud between her fingers as Spike continued making love to the other, and the Bot’s body arched up in rhapsody beneath their touches. Buffy cupped the Bot’s breast, feeling the weight of it, the firm roundness in her palm, as Spike so often did her own. She couldn’t quite understand the utter fascination men had with breasts … they were just … breasts, like any other part of a woman’s anatomy. Although she didn’t really get the same turn-on out of it as, for example, Spike did, Buffy enjoyed knowing that she was giving her friend enjoyment as she gently teased the Bot’s pleasure receptors.


“Pump into her,” Buffy instructed after a few moments, her voice still low, although slightly less hesitant.


Spike’s hips began to move ever-so-slowly against the Bot’s. Buffy’s hand withdrew from between Spike and the Bot, and slid down his body, over the hard muscle and bone, and settled on his lower back.


Buffy’s eyes were drawn along the path of her hand to the sleek lines of his body. She watched the muscles of his back, his ass, and his thighs ripple under his alabaster skin as he moved. She ran her hand over the bulging cords of strength, letting them rise and fall sinuously under her palm. Spike’s body rolled in a liquid grace, a slow undulation that belied the power contained within. He moved, she thought, like a jaguar or a panther – long and lean and lithe … and deadly.


Buffy pushed herself up to her knees beside the couple and began dropping kisses on Spike’s back where the muscles tensed and relaxed with each slow thrust of his hips. His skin was soft and cool against her warm lips, the tendons and muscles beneath were solid, as if made from living marble. She let her breasts press against him, the coolness of his skin making her already hard nipples stiffen even more, and ran her hands over his back and flanks.


Spike continued the slow grind of his hips into the Bot as Buffy began showering him with kisses and caresses. Her hands were gentle on his back, loving, adoring.  The feeling of her against his skin washed over him like a warm shower of love, heating him from the inside out.


He could practically feel Buffy’s eyes on his body and a surge of smug satisfaction welled up inside him. He was quite sure she’d never looked at another man the way she was looking at him … and she’d never look at another this way. Being desired by women had been common enough over the last century. He and Dru had used it more than once to lure unsuspecting girls to their death, but being wholly desired by a woman that loved him, that was different. Dru loved him in her way, but he was just one of many toys that she desired, her hungers changing depending on the moon or stars or whether the sun rose in the east or not. Buffy was different.


“Harder…” Buffy murmured against his back. “Grind against her clit, baby. Make her cum.”


Spike’s hips responded without question, pounding into the quivering pussy beneath him harder, then grinding his hips to rake his pubic bone over her clit. The Bot responded with gasps and several, ‘Oh, Spike!’s as her hips rose up to match the new rhythm.


Buffy laid a hand on the globe of Spike’s ass, nudging the Bot’s hand a bit lower, to feel the power of his thrusts. His hips moved as if they had a mind of their own, and perhaps they did. Buffy’s had been known to do that. He alternated several quick, short strokes with a couple of long, hard, grinding ones and Buffy’s pussy throbbed in jealousy. She knew how that felt, the wild friction of the short strokes, then the raw power of those long ones; the feel of his pubic bone grinding against her clit, sending sparks out in all directions. Buffy’s heart-rate suddenly jumped with just the thought of it.


Spike gasped when her fingers slid between his butt cheeks and pressed against the sensitive skin there, but he didn’t stop – if anything, his thrusts into his lover became more desperate and wild. Buffy pulled her hand back out of reflex but then she realized that Spike hadn’t made any complaint. She watched another moment as the Bot’s face contorted into furious pleasure and Buffy knew she was close to falling over the edge … or whatever bot’s did when their circuits overloaded on pleasure. Maybe they just fried some delicate fuses or flipped some breakers or something.


Not knowing how many more orgasms Spike could experience and still stay hard, Buffy leaned forward near Spike’s ear and whispered, “Make her cum, but you need to hold back.”


Spike groaned in acknowledgement that he heard her, if not actual agreement, as he took the Bot closer to her happy place. Buffy smacked a hand on his ass sharply, “I mean it,” she ordered in her best Mistress Pandora voice.


“That’s … not … helping,” he growled back at her through clenched teeth as an area the size of her hand stung hot on his ass.


‘Two times two is four,” Buffy began, “Four times four is sixteen, sixteen times sixteen is…”


“Two hundred and fifty-six,” Spike filled in.


“Two hundred and fifty-six times two hundred and fifty-six is….” Buffy prompted.


“Sixty-five thooousaand …” the Bot began before Spike could even try to calculate that, her voice growing higher and wilder as she went. “… Five-hunnnndred aand … thiiiirty … siiiiixxx!”


Spike gasped as the Bot’s nails dug into his thighs and she held him to her with arms and legs, her whole body shuddering beneath him. Spike struggled for unneeded breath and panted, “Sixty-five thousand, five hundred and thirty-six times …”


Buffy laughed, patted Spike on the top of the head like a good dog, and jumped up off the bed, running quickly to their ‘goody’ drawer.


When she got back a moment later, Spike had slowed his thrusts back to a steady, easy rhythm and no longer seemed to be calculating impossible math problems in order to keep himself under control. Buffy hid what she’d retrieved beneath a tangled bit of sheet on the corner of the bed and climbed back onto the bed with her lovers.  She lay down next to the Bot on her side facing the pair. Her hand, apparently drawn magnetically to Spike’s rippling back, began tracing idle patterns on his skin.


“Did he make you cum good?” Buffy asked the Bot.


“Yes. Spike is an excellent lover. He is the best in the entire world, perhaps the universe. He knows the exact friction, angle, torque, and magnitude of pressure necessary to stimulate every pleasure receptor perfectly.”


“He does, doesn’t he?” Buffy asked slyly, giving Spike a wicked smile.


“He is even now recharging my sensory preceptors back to maximum capacity, readying them for an additional, equally profuse overload of tactile sensation. I am awaiting it with eager anticipation.”


“Ya know, it’s hard t’ keep the mood when you bints are yammerin’ away like I’m not even ‘ere. Sound like bloody hormone-bombs at a sleepover,” Spike complained, dropping down onto his elbows above the Bot, but continuing to rock his hips against her gently.


“Oh, poor baby,” Buffy mocked, sticking her bottom lip out in a pout. “Does our Spikey need some … attention?”


“Wouldn’t say 'no' to some talk ‘bout something other than ‘receptors’ and ‘torque’,” Spike growled back.


Buffy looked back at the Bot. “Are you ready to have your sensors overloaded?”


“Yes, please.”


“How ‘bout you?” Buffy asked, turning her head to look up at Spike. “Is the World’s Greatest Lover ready for some … overloading?”


“Was ready before when some nutter made me do bloody impossible math equations,” Spike informed her dourly.


Buffy bit her bottom lip in a sly grin and sat up slowly. She moved down the bed again toward the foot where she’d hidden her toy, the whole while running her hands gently over the muscles of Spike’s undulating back. Watching him was, she thought, art and poetry and music all rolled into one.


If someone could capture the beauty of the way his body looked, the way it moved, the way his muscles flowed and bulged, the way his growling groan felt against your skin, the way he could make you shiver with his touch, and burn with his gaze, it would be something on the level of the Sistine Chapel, or Michelangelo’s David, or a symphony by Beethoven, or an Emily Dickinson poem. It would be a classic masterpiece.


Buffy sighed wistfully and dropped a soft kiss on each of his dimples of Venus, then slipped back into her Mistress Pandora persona and retrieved her surprise. Buffy touched the vibrator to Spike’s tight balls and clicked the little remote control device to the first setting. The vibrating butt-plug came to life with a low hum and Spike’s hips jerked wildly in response. His cock slipped out of BuffyBot’s tight channel, and flailed wildly against her wet folds as the thrums of vibration from the toy shot through his groin.


“Bloody hell, woman!” he growled as he brought his body back under some semblance of control. “Little warning next time!”


Buffy ignored him as she slid the vibrator forward, touching the tip of it against the base of his cock, then clicked the remote up to the next level. Spike’s hips jerked again and he moaned as waves of brilliant sensation washed over his cock, through his balls, and into the pit of his stomach.


“Gonna … have t’ start … the math … again … if ya keep … that up,” Spike warned her through gasps of bliss.


Buffy pulled the vibrator away and set it down on the bed. “Bury yourself in her pussy, vampire, then stop moving,” Buffy ordered in her Mistress voice.


Spike used one hand to guide himself back into BuffyBot. When their hips met, he stopped, as instructed.


Buffy squeezed out some of the strawberry-flavored lube onto her fingers and began sliding them up and down Spike’s butt crack. “Unclench,” she ordered him.


“Unclench what?” Spike shot back.


“Your tight ass.”


“What the bloody hell do ya think you’re gonna do with my tight ass?”


Buffy smacked one ass cheek with the flat of her hand. “Anything I want, vampire.”


Spike growled but lowered himself back to his elbows, resting his body against BuffyBot, and forced himself to relax the muscles of his back and butt.


“Ever been fucked in the ass, vampire?” Mistress Pandora wondered licentiously.


“Don’t answer that!” Buffy blurted out quickly when Spike took in a breath to answer her. “Rhetorical … I sooo do not want to know.”


“Do not feel bad, Spike,” the Bot interjected. “I cannot decipher her rhetoric from actual inquiries either.”


Spike chuckled and dropped his head to the Bot’s shoulder, allowing his body to relax more. “A bloody jewel, you are, pet,” he told the Bot, kissing her shoulder gently.


When Buffy’s well-lubed finger pressed into Spike’s ass he gasped and tightened around her. “Unclench,” she ordered him again. “Let me in.”


“Tryin’,” he ground out through equally clenched teeth.


“Not as easy as it sounds, is it?” Buffy tossed back, remembering how often he’d told her the same thing when the shoe had been on the other foot … or the finger up the other ass.


Spike moaned as Buffy’s finger began gently working the lube into him. Goose-flesh raced over his body from the sensation, something he hadn’t felt in a good many years – the finger bit, not the goose-flesh. Of course, neither Dru nor Angelus had bothered to use lube … this felt infinitely better.


His cock jumped and pulsed inside the Bot with each thrust and twist of Buffy’s finger inside him. BuffyBot moaned her approval of the relatively small, but powerful movement deep inside her, shifting her hips under him in a gentle grinding motion.


“Feel good?” the Mistress wondered, as she slid her finger in and out of him now in an easy, wet rhythm.


“God yes…” Spike groaned, his body shivered down to his very core as she fucked him, a sweet, gentle seduction. He thought every organ inside his body was trembling, every cell, every molecule buzzed with anticipation.


Buffy slid her finger out and in the next moment the butt plug, still vibrating, was pressing against his puckered hole. Spike’s head snapped back and his back arched in response to the waves of pleasure washing over and through him.


“Unclench,” Buffy said again, a gentle request this time, as she pressed harder on the small-ish vibrator.


Spike’s breathing became more labored as he forced his body to do what it didn’t want to. “Not gonna … be a marathon man … with that,” he ground out as Buffy seated it inside him.


“You better last long enough to produce a ‘profuse overload of tactile sensation’ in my partner, vampire,” the Mistress warned. “Or you will be very, very dusty.”


The moment he felt the plug seated inside him, Spike stopped fighting the sensations and reflexes it was producing in him. His demon roared with primal need as the vibrations the toy was creating flooded through him. He could feel it not just in his ass, but in his perineum, balls, and all the way down his cock.  Spike lost control of the demon and of himself. He pulled the Bot’s legs from around his waist and pushed them up and out in a swift, violent motion, then he was slamming into her, his demon snarling and grunting with the effort.


“Oh Spike! Take me! Yes! I’m yours! All yours! Bite me, Spike! Drain me! Take all of me!” the Bot screamed at him.


Buffy watched the savage power of the demon ravage her twin and was once again reminded of a panther. A force of nature. Beautifully wild. Primal.  Her body tingled with desire; she longed to be beneath that powerful animal – taking all he had to give.


Buffy picked up the double penetration vibrator Spike had used on them earlier which was still on the bed. She lay on her side next to the snarling demon and lifted her top leg. She quickly lubed up her ass, just as she’d done Spike’s, clicked the toy to its highest setting, and pressed the vibrator into her aching holes. Buffy screamed out as it hit home, sating the aching need inside her.


Her hand matched Spike’s wild rhythm as he fucked BuffyBot. She pounded against her pussy and ass with the humming vibrator as Spike pounded into her twin, all three of them desperate for release. The sight and sound of the two blondes as they brought each other closer to climax drove Buffy wild, her own blissful release building along with theirs.


And then it hit all three of them almost as one. BuffyBot began chanting, “Buffer overflow! Spike … yes! Buffer … overflow!” It was all Spike needed to hear, he’d held his own release until it had become painful. His leonine roar filled the room as he thrust in wild bursts of power into the Bot, spilling his seed into her with a barrage of rapturous explosions.


Buffy’s scream of blissful fulfillment came a moment later with a final thrust of the vibrator into her. Her body shuddered and tensed around the toy, her pussy clenching, pulling it in to her core.


Long moments later, the roars and screams faded and the room was filled with the gasping lovers’ wheezing breaths and the soft buzz of vibrators. Buffy flopped onto her back limply and pulled the toy from her sopping holes. Still panting for air, she fumbled for the remote that controlled the butt plug and clicked it off, drawing a spent moan from Spike. She pushed herself up and slowly pulled the vibrator from his ass, twisting slightly as she did.


“Fuck…” was the weak – though reverent –  murmured response from Spike, his face buried against the Bot’s neck, his depleted body a boneless glob of muscle atop her. The Bot lay beneath him, apparently still lost in the afterglow of the sensory overload. Spike had released his lover’s legs and they were splayed limply on the bed on either side of the demon atop her.


Since Buffy was already half-way up, she took the two vibrators into the bathroom and dropped them in the sink. While she was there she cleaned the strawberry lube out of the crack of her ass and off her hands, although she left the spendings between her pussy lips. That well-earned squishy feeling was somehow comforting or … something equally demented.


When she came back to the bedroom, Spike had lifted up onto his elbows, his body still pressed against his lover’s. He was showering soft, sweet kisses over BuffyBot’s face. Buffy could hear his rumbled whispers, but couldn’t make out the words he was saying to her between kisses. The Bot had wrapped her arms around his neck and was holding him to her in a gentle, loving embrace.


Buffy stood behind them at the foot of the bed and she felt hot tears sting her eyes. This is what she’d wanted – for Spike to know it was alright to love the Bot – but seeing it made her feel … alone. Very, very lonely and alone. She turned away and headed back to the bathroom, suddenly feeling like an intruder.  Somehow that seemed like too personal a moment to infringe upon.


In the bathroom, Buffy splashed some cool water on her face and tried to calm her tangled thoughts and emotions. She leaned on the counter heavily and looked at herself in the large mirror. She turned sideways and tried to imagine what she’d looked like in a few months with Spike’s baby growing inside her.  Buffy ran her hand over her flat abdomen trying to imagine the embryo there – the child that Spike didn’t want.


What she told him tonight was true, she did love him. It was almost prophetic – perhaps preordained – for her life: she could always find a way to drive the men she loved away. She remembered too clearly how Angel had talked to her after the night when she’d given him everything. She hadn’t realized it was Angelus at the time, in her heart it would always feel like Angel, the vamp that she loved, saying those hurtful, stabbing words to her – telling her she wasn’t any good. And later Riley confirmed her first lover’s assertion, turning to vamp whores, leaving her, telling her that she wasn’t giving him what he needed – telling her that her best wasn’t good enough. She didn’t even want to think about Parker … at least she hadn’t actually been in love with him.


Buffy leaned her hands on the countertop and let her head fall forward. She wouldn’t be able to bear it if Spike told her the same thing, if he hated her, resented her, for what she’d done, how she’d used him. She wouldn’t be able to handle seeing disgust and disdain for her in those expressive blue eyes. She’d seen many emotions pass through those azure depths over the years, but true disgust, hatred, or revulsion for her had never been there, not even when he wanted to kill her. She’d rather remember the smoldering lust in them, the lecherous stares, the adoration, the pride, the respect … the love.


Her time was running short; she’d need to leave soon … very, very soon. That had been the point of this little twisted tableau, after all.


“Buffy, luv … you alright, pet?” Spike called from the other room.


Buffy cleared her throat. “Yeah – fine,” she called back, wiping hurriedly at her tear-stained cheeks. “Just … getting a drink of water.”


Buffy splashed her face again and washed away her tears. She’d need to leave soon, but that wasn’t tonight. She looked at the small, pebbled window in the bathroom – the sun was well up in the eastern sky. “Or today,” she amended, softly.


She took a deep, calming breath and let it out, then headed back to the bedroom. Spike was lying on his back with the Bot curled against one side, his arm wrapped around her shoulders. He held his other arm out in invitation and Buffy crawled in next to him.


Spike dropped a kiss on the top of her head as she snuggled against him, draping one leg over his and resting one arm across his hard abs. They quivered under her touch from the exertion of the night.


“Love you, Buffy,” Spike murmured to her, his voice weary but utterly contented. “With all my heart. Never known anyone like you, pet.”


Buffy lifted her face up to his and gave him a small smile to cover the sadness that shrouded her heart. “I love you too, Spike.”


Spike’s heart swelled and soared again as angel wings beat a gleeful rhythm in his chest. Thrice! She’d said it three times now! He’d never grow tired of hearing those words cross her sweet lips. He brushed a soft kiss against those swollen lips and tugged her tighter to his side. Within moments the spent lovers were asleep, lost in peaceful dreams, far removed from the reality that lurked in the shadows of tomorrow.



Scream, Usher




Usher, baby
Yeah, we did it again
And this time I’mma make you scream

USHER! Yeah, man…

I see you over there, so hypnotic
Thinking ’bout what I do to that body
I get you like ooh baby baby
Ooh baby baby, ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby
Got no drink in my hand
But I’m wasted
Getting drunk of the thought of you naked
I get you like ooh baby baby
Ooh baby baby, ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby

And I ain’t trying to fight it, to fight it
But you’re so magnetic, magnetic
Got one life, just live it, just live it
Now relax, sing it on your back

If you wanna scream, yeah
Let me know and I’ll take you there
Get you going like ah-ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby
If you wanna turn right
Hope you’re ready to go all night
Get you going like ah-ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby
If you wanna scream

Yeah, come on

Kill the lights, shut ‘em off
You’re electric
Devil eyes telling me come and get it
I have you like ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby
Girl tonight you’re the prey
I’m the hunter
Take you here, take you there
Take you wonder
Imagine me whispering in your ear
Then I wanna, take off your clothes and put something on ya

And I ain’t trying to fight it, to fight it
But you’re so magnetic, magnetic
Got one life, just live it, just live it
Now relax, sing it on your back

If you wanna scream, yeah
Let me know and I’ll take you there
Get you going like ah-ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby
If you wanna turn right
Hope you’re ready to go all night
Get you going like ah-ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby
If you wanna scream

Out, louder, scream louder
Louder, louder, louder
Hey, tonight I scream, I’m on need

[Beat break]

If you wanna scream, yeah
Let me know and I’ll take you there
Get you going like ah-ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby
If you wanna turn right
Hope you’re ready to go all night
Get you going like ah-ooh
Baby baby ooh baby baby
Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby
If you wanna scream






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