Alternate Universe: Unexpected
Part: 4. The One Who Knows
Story Title: Scream

Chapter Title:



Dream a Little Dream


Chapter Summary:


While Spike is in Yuma, Arizona with Troy, he and Buffy share a dream. Will he end her torture or only add to it?


Time line:

September 2011


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Music Referenced: Mamas and Papas, Dream a Little Dream


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Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes, and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY.

Later that night, Saturday, September 17th, 2011:


After dinner, Spike laid down on the bed in his room, still dressed, and called home on his cell phone.


“Don’t even start,” Buffy growled in greeting when she picked up.


“What?” Spike asked innocently.


She could hear the smirk in his voice. She took a calming breath and tried to act civilized, if for no other reason than all her children were looking at her like she’d lost her last marble. “How was the trip? Did you talk to the guy?”


Spike gave her a quick run-down of the day’s events, including the fight at the gas station, the disappointing visit with Mr. Bryant, and an abbreviated re-telling of the creation myth that Troy had related to him over dinner.


Buffy sat on the couch and listened, interjecting ‘uh-huhs’ and ‘mmm-hmms’ in the appropriate places. She fidgeted as he spoke, crossing and uncrossing her legs, tucking them up and under her to one side, then the other. She tried to concentrate on the words he was saying, but mostly she just heard his voice gliding over her, deep and silky, caressing her like a warm, velvet blanket of sound.


She’d played his little game all day, but it really was getting to be a bit too much. She let herself drift off into the sweet honeyed thickness of his voice, wishing he were right there, whispering in her ear rather than hundreds of miles away. Her body tingled all over with pent-up desire, and just the low rumble of his completely innocent words had her teetering on the edge of …


“Are you listenin’ to me?” he asked sharply, pulling her from her daze.


“What? Sure. Of course,” Buffy stammered, as the vision of his lips whispering over her like his words shattered abruptly, almost painfully. “Why don’t you … ummm …” Buffy cleared her throat a little uncomfortably, “… talk to Annie. Love you – here …” she said quickly.


“Slayer,” Spike rumbled, stopping her in the middle of handing the phone to her daughter.


“Vampire,” she grumbled, pulling the phone back to her ear.


“No touchin’ without me,” he warned. “See ya tonight – got a brilliant dream for ya,” he purred.


Buffy nearly groaned aloud in relief, but instead tittered giddily for a few moments before finally clearing her throat and composing her scrambled emotions. He wasn’t gonna torture her with this much longer. “Right. See you soon. Here’s Annie…”




Even with the promise of a rapturous night of decadent dreams with Spike, Buffy had a hard time falling asleep. Her body was wired, revved up beyond reason. She tossed and turned, but that only made the little balls she had inside her – which had at one time been pleasurable, but were now torture devices – move around and key her up even more. She got up and made some warm cocoa with lots of milk, she tried putting on some relaxing music, she even burnt some candles that Willow had given her that were supposed to be soothing. Nothing seemed to work.


If she could just let a little of the tension out of her body, she was sure she could get to sleep. Spike was probably asleep – he wouldn’t know … right? Even if he did, it was just a game. She’d made that promise under duress – that didn’t count, did it? Wasn’t that what they always said on ‘Law and Order’? Confessions under duress wouldn’t stand up in court? Surely that was the same for promises. Anyway, what evil torture would he really rain down on her if she broke it?


Don’t be breakin’ your promises t’ me, Slayer. I’ll take it right personal, Spike’s warning from that morning echoed in her mind.


Buffy shivered. Everything she did, every sound she heard, everything she touched, every move she made was having that effect on her. Everything she looked at or even thought of somehow got twisted into some sort of phallic symbol. She was going mad.


“Fuck it,” she murmured under her breath, closing the bond with her husband completely. She stood up quickly, before she could change her mind, and bore down – just like she’d learned in Lamaze class. The two little torture devices dropped, slick and glistening, into her palm.


As she opened the bedside drawer and removed her favorite vibrator, she felt Spike pounding on the closed bond. Shit! Not two seconds later, the phone began to ring. Double shit!


She picked it up before it could wake the kids. “Yeah…” she answered, trying to make her voice sound like she’d just been suddenly awoken.


“What the bloody hell do ya think you’re doin?”


“Huh? … Nothing … sleeping,” Buffy muttered, trying to sound groggy. She was so busted.


“Like hell,” Spike snarled. “Put ‘em back in, Slayer. Put the soddin’ vibrator away and … Go. To. Sleep. You bloody well promised, minion-mine. You break that promise, you won’t get the reward,” he warned.


“You are a freak, Spike … a mind-reading, evil freak of nature,” Buffy growled back at him as she tossed the vibrator back in the drawer. “I’m too keyed up to sleep,” she offered as an excuse, putting a little whine in her voice for good measure. She would’ve pouted, but it would be lost on him over the phone.


“Sleep will be the only way t’ get that taken care of t’night,” Spike informed her. “Now get to it.”


Buff heard the line go dead and sighed as she hung up. She flopped down on the bed and took as much pleasure as she could at re-inserting the torture devices into her soaking core. As good as it felt, it wasn’t nearly enough. She lay as still as she could, tried to push everything out of her mind and ignore her body; she closed her eyes and envisioned herself floating in a cloud of peaceful sleep. It took a while, but finally exhaustion overtook her…




Buffy was still lying prone when she awoke within Spike’s dream – but she wasn’t in bed any longer. Well, that’s not entirely true; she was in a bed, a riverbed.  Rushing water sluiced over her bare body, flowing over and past her in a sheet of liquid silk. Although the water was cool, it felt refreshing rather than chilling, like it would feel on a hot, summer’s day.


As she looked around, she could see that she was laying on a large, flat rock in a shallow part of the river. Her arms were up above her head, palms pressed together as if she were getting ready to dive into a pool. She couldn’t move them, although she couldn’t see anything holding her. Her legs were also immobilized, neither spread wide nor pressed together, just straight down from her hips in a natural position. She’d been positioned so that her body was basically a straight line, offering the least resistance to the rushing water.


The water flowing over her rock wasn’t deep, a few inches at most. It rolled over her like silken ribbons, touching nearly every inch of her skin on its way downstream. Her rose-tipped breasts cut the water like volcanic islands jutting up from the center of the earth. The water tickled her nipples, lapping at them as it parted and flowed around the obstructions, before ebbing back into a perfect sheet of crystalline liquid beneath them.


The entire bed of the river was littered in smooth rocks in various sizes and shapes; all in warm shades of brown, ochre, and tan. On either side of the stream were tall evergreens and beyond the trees were majestic, snow-capped mountains. The sky above was a clear, cerulean blue, and the sun shone down brightly, glinting off the water like diamonds, but not blinding her like a real sun might. Buffy could actually smell the freshness of the evergreen trees, and feel the sun warm her skin and try to dry spots the water had ignored for too long.


The water burbling over her tingling, sensitized body was like a million soft fingers gliding over her.  All-in-all, it felt really good – or it would’ve felt really good if she wasn’t already teetering on the verge of insanity. The silky tendrils of water teased and taunted her skin, lapped gently at her lips and breasts, kissed her aching mound, but did nothing more. It was a new form of teasing-torture, designed to keep her hovering close to the edge, but not allow her to fall.


“’Ello, pet,” Spike purred in her ear.


Buffy jerked her head to the side to see Spike kneeling next to her in the river, wet and naked. Her heart jumped and she shivered at the sight of him. Her husband’s hard body glistened in the sunlight, muscles tensing and undulating with every move. Water dripped from his blonde curls and created rivulets that ran down his shoulders, over his pecs and abs, and down to his cock, which stood out from his body in defiance of gravity, hard and thick and oh so tempting.


“Spike…” she breathed, barely able to get anything out past the shallow gasps for breath that he’d reduced her to.


He leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. Although the water was cool, his lips were warm – fevered even. She lifted her head up to deepen the kiss, but he pulled back, out of reach.


“Been a naughty girl, you ‘ave,” Spike chastised her.


“No … no, I didn’t break my promise,” Buffy argued.


“Nearly did … you were gonna pleasure that sweet quim without me,” he accused. “Sorry t’ do it, but gonna ‘ave to punish you, pet.”


Buffy thought that he didn’t actually sound all that sorry. His voice came out thick and rich, and suddenly the water changed from a rushing sheet of soft silk to a slowly flowing blanket of warm caramel. A moment before she’d been cool as the clear water rushed over her skin, but now she was warm, wrapped in a river of thick, sticky caramel. It engulfed her, oozing over her skin slowly, deliberately, coating her like an apple at Halloween. It was heavy against her body, forming to her like a glove, as it slowly made its way downstream. She wasn’t actually sure which she liked better – the cool, silken rush or the warm, syrupy glove – they were both wonderful in their own ways.


“I didn’t mean to be naughty,” Buffy cooed, giving Spike her best pout. “I just needed you so badly.”


“Did ya, now?” Spike replied as he dipped a finger in the thick caramel, lifted it up over her, and let a drop fall down onto one hard, uncoated nipple.


Buffy squirmed as the thick, warm liquid fell onto her sensitive flesh, then rolled slowly down her breast like a gelatinous dewdrop to rejoin the thickly flowing stream. Spike repeated it on her other breast and Buffy groaned in pleasure.


“Got beautiful tits, you do,” Spike murmured as he watched them sway gently with her gasps of delight. “Perfect, ripe melons, they are.”


“Maybe … you’d like to … kiss them,” Buffy suggested breathlessly.


“Mmmm … maybe,” he agreed. He leaned forward slowly and touched a tongue down onto one sugar-coated nipple. When the tip of his tongue met her hard nub, the warm caramel that clung to her dusty-pink skin transformed into cold, bubbling champagne.


Goose bumps exploded over her flesh.


Buffy gasped and her back arched up from the rock below as the cold liquid fizzed against her breast, tickling and teasing her unmercifully. She pulled against her unseen restraints as streaks of red-hot lust lanced between her breasts and her loins with bolts of pleasure. No matter how she tried, she couldn’t get away. Whatever Spike had holding her was stronger than she was – it didn’t give.


“Brilliant that,” Spike smirked as she wriggled and writhed beneath him. He curled his tongue around her other nipple, gentle as a butterfly, transforming the sweet, golden syrup upon it into sparkling wine which tickled and chilled her heated skin.


“God, Spike … please!” Buffy begged. Her pussy throbbed in need, her body thrummed with desire, her mind fogged with desperation.


Spike touched a syrupy finger to her lips. Buffy’s tongue darted out and licked the sweet caramel from his digit, then sucked his finger into her mouth hungrily. Spike watched her luscious, pink lips move over his finger and added another for her to suck on. His cock jumped, growing even harder as she lapped at the sticky liquid, sucking his fingers wantonly.


He pulled his fingers from her sweet lips and touched his tongue down on a bit of caramel at the corner of her mouth. More champagne bubbled, spilling into her mouth and down her neck. Spike lapped at the tickling liquid, drawing his tongue down her neck and pausing over her jugular.


“Bite me … yes …” Buffy moaned, still struggling to get free of the restraints that held her.


Spike nibbled on her skin with blunt teeth. He could feel her pulse racing just below the surface, smell the lust that’d been building in her all day. It was all he could do to not bite her at that moment. Every hormone in him screamed at him to bite her, to fuck her, to give her what she was begging him for.  But it wasn’t time for that yet. When he gave in to her demands, it wouldn’t be in a dream, no matter how real it felt. He wanted to actually be there. He wanted to send her rocketing to heaven and keep her there for hours. He wanted to make her cum harder and longer than she’d ever done before. He wanted to make her scream. That would be her reward … and his.


Spike pulled his lips away from her neck and trailed his tongue down her body, leaving a path of sparkling, cold wine in its wake.  Buffy shrieked and shuddered as warm turned to cold on her skin; thick richness turned to bubbling lightness. The wine fizzed against her tingling flesh, drawing more goose-bumps to the surface from somewhere deep inside her and causing her to shiver uncontrollably.


There were so many sensations bombarding her she felt sure the tidal wave of ecstasy would break over her any minute, but Spike knew just where to draw the line. He kept her teetering right on the edge, never letting her topple over.


“Spike, please!”


“Please what?” Spike prodded before licking her belly button and turning the warm syrup there into more chilling, bubbling champagne.


Buffy’s hips jerked and bucked. “Please fuck me. Need you inside me. God, make me cum!”


Spike clicked his tongue reproachfully. “Oh, minion-mine, your lesson’s far from done. Naughty Slayers must learn t’ mind their masters and keep their promises.”


“You’re trying to kill me!” she accused.


Spike chuckled lightly. “Is that what I’m doin’?”


Buffy whimpered when Spike licked the thick liquid from her mound and cold bubbly appeared. She screamed out when he licked down again, trailing his tongue languidly over her outer folds, and her clit was engulfed in freezing bubbles that popped against her bundle of nerves. She could feel it growing stronger, that tidal wave. It was right there. She could almost see it: a nearly-tangible wall of crimson-lust ready to crash down on her and crush her with bliss.


“Jesus Christ! Spike! Fuck!” she exclaimed as even more goose-flesh rushed over her body. If he’d only touch his tongue down on her clit, lick her throbbing hole, fill her to overflowing with sparkling champagne, she would explode like a bottle of Brut after a NASCAR race.


Spike laughed an evil, wicked laugh that made Buffy shudder, and he simply stopped touching her. Buffy shrieked and begged and bucked, desperate to touch him, desperate to have him inside her, desperate for release.


“You think I don’t know your body, naughty girl?” Spike wondered idly. He began stroking his cock as he watched her body heave and quiver with unbridled need. So beautiful, even topped with caramel syrup.


Buffy lifted her head as far as she could with her hands tied above it so she could look at him. She licked her lips as she watched him stroke his caramel-coated shaft. It should make it sticky, but instead the liquid on him was slick and glistening.


“I could … that is … uhhh … clean that for you,” she offered, eyeing his rod hungrily.


Spike curled his tongue over his teeth and sucked in a hissing breath. Oh, that would feel like heaven.


“Just … uhhh … untie me and…”


Spike barked out a laugh. “Not gonna untie you, pet. Hold me down and use m’ hot, tight little body for your pleasure, you would.”


“I would not!” Buffy objected adamantly. “I might suck and lick your balls and cock until you begged me to use your body for my pleasure, but I’d never force you. I can’t believe you’d think I’d do that. ‘Champion of All That’s Good and Just’ here, ya know! I’m totally insulted.”


Spike cocked a brow at her. “You think ole Spike would beg?”


Buffy licked her lips seductively. “Oh yeah, you’d be a beg-a-thon.”


“That a challenge, Slayer?”


Buffy shrugged with her head, a small tilt to the side, since she couldn’t really move her shoulders. “Take it how you want. You aren’t the only one with a talented tongue in this marriage.” Buffy’s pink, wet tongue darted out and flickered over her lips like a snake’s as proof.


Suddenly the rock she was laying on began to move, the top of it rising up and lifting Buffy’s head and shoulders with it. The caramel continued to flow down over her like sticky, heavy hands tugging at her body, but now it was more of a waterfall coming down from above.


Spike got up and stood over her, one foot on either side of her. When her face was even with his pelvis, the rock stopped moving. He leaned forward, bracing his hands on the now elevated rock-bed at her back.


When his caramel-coated rod came within reach, Buffy licked a line from his balls all the way up to the tip. The thick, warm goo morphed into light, bubbly wine at the touch of her tongue. Spike moaned his approval as the bubbles burst against his sensitive flesh and dripped off. When Buffy’s mouth closed around the engorged head, her mouth filled with the cold, fizzing liquid, and Spike’s body jerked against her uncontrollably.


“Bloody hell!”


Buffy lowered her mouth over his shaft slowly. Each time her tongue found more caramel to lick off, more bubbles burst to life inside her mouth and around his cock. Spike’s knees quavered and nearly buckled under him as she slowly, but surely, enveloped him with thousands of small exploding bubbles of bliss.  The cold liquid filled Buffy’s mouth and spilled out, covering his balls with the same eruptions of pleasure. 


He couldn’t stop his body from reacting; his hips thrust forward of their own accord. He couldn’t stop his mouth calling to God Almighty as she undid his resolve. He was on the verge of untying her and fucking her senseless when she pulled off abruptly and leaned her head back against the rock.


His hips thrust, finding only empty air now, and he moaned his displeasure. “What the bloody hell?” he demanded, looking down at her in disbelief.


Buffy smiled up at him sweetly. “Beg.”


A growl of frustration erupted from his throat as he stepped back and away from her. “You bloody evil vixen,” Spike ranted as he paced next to her with noisy ‘plops’ in the thick, caramelized river, running a sticky hand through his curls impatiently.


“What’s the matter? Can dish it out but can’t take it, master?” Buffy chided him. “Untie me. I could do so much more if I had my hands too,” she cooed. “I’d have you begging in another minute,” she promised.


Spike stopped and looked down at her scornfully. How had he let her turn this around on him? That wouldn’t do. That wouldn’t do at all.


Spike waved a hand, and the flowing river of cool water was back, the champagne and caramel gone.


Despite trying to act nonchalant and wholly unperturbed by the bubbly blow-job, Buffy was breathing hard, her chest heaving from her own arousal. The sudden change in sensations felt like heaven. The rushing water glided over her skin like the lover Spike refused to be just then. She closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the feeling, imagining Spike’s hands, his mouth, his body flowing over her, sliding against her like the water.


Spike watched her as the water came down in a sheet, flowing over her head, her shoulders, and across her heaving chest like a waterfall. It bounced into her lap and he could see her trying to open her legs further to allow the silken drops to caress her clit. Her skin shone golden in the sunlight, her hair trailed down and danced over her shoulders in waves with the cool water; diamonds glinted off the water where it pooled beneath her. She was as beautiful today as she was the very first time he’d seen her.


“What are you thinking of, luv?” Spike whispered from above her, his voice barely audible over the rushing water.


“You … inside me, touching me,” Buffy breathed back, never opening her eyes.


“Like this?” Spike wondered as he knelt next to her and grazed his fingers over her erect nipples.


“God, yes,” Buffy affirmed, her back arching, pulling against her restraints to press her breasts harder against him.


“Or this…” he continued. He slid his hands over the curve of her full breasts and dipped them under the surface of the water. The water seemed to rush faster, a thin layer of velvet softness between his hands and her hungry flesh. He was so close, close enough that she could feel that same fever-like heat radiating off his hands, heating the water, but he wasn’t actually touching her. His hands slid down her torso, his thumbs under her breasts, his fingers splayed along the side of her ribcage as the water poured down.


“If you stay perfectly still, I’ll reward you. Tomorrow night, when I’m home, I’ll touch you everywhere,” he promised.


Buffy looked up into his blue eyes. There was a glint of evil glee there, but beneath it there was a bright fire of longing. At least it wasn’t just her that was suffering; she took some satisfaction in that.


Spike continued to trail his hands down, over her slim waist to the hour-glass of her hips. Never touching, only hydroplaning over her body, close enough to feel the heat and lust she radiated. His cock throbbed in rhythm with her thudding heartbeat and he once again considered chucking this game and taking her right now, right there in the rushing water.


“When I get home, I want you so wet, so bloody horny, that all I have to do is whisper in your ear and you’ll cum,” Spike revealed as he watched his hands move over her body.


“I think I’m there now…” Buffy admitted as his hands slid down her body, turning the layer of water that separated their skin to warm, soft velvet.


“You can take more. Waiting will only make the reward that much sweeter. I’m going to take you past heaven, pet. I’m going to make this beautiful body sing for hours and hours.”


Buffy moaned in half-protest and half-lustful-anticipation and her eyes slid closed again, but she didn’t move as his hands continued gliding over her gently. The thin film of rushing water that separated them felt soft as a downy pillow, wispy feathers teasing her flesh. A wave of goose-bumps rolled over her body, following the path of his hands. She had to stifle a shudder lest she move too much and make contact, and possibly delay the promised reward.


Spike slid across the boulder beneath them effortlessly as he continued his almost-touching exploration of her golden body. He passed her hips and continued down her shapely thighs, toned and tan. Past her knees, her calves, her ankles, the thin layer of rushing water never wavering, still separating them. She threw giggling protests at him when he tickled the bottoms of her feet with a swirl of the cool, feather-soft water before starting back up slowly.


When he got back to her hips, he trailed his fingers across her hipbones to the mound of curls nestled between her thighs. “I’m going to slide my fingers into you and fuck you with those little baubles still inside,” he murmured to her. “Got any idea what that would do, luv? Gonna cover me with your sweet cum like never before, you will.”


Buffy moaned in reply, trying to tilt her hips up to him now. She didn’t want to wait any longer. Not tomorrow! Now!


Spike shifted positions, lifted a leg over her thighs, and sat astride her. Buffy’s eyes opened at the contact; his flesh was so hot it felt like it would burn her in the most delicious way. She met his gaze and held it as he continued talking. His voice dripped out as a low, sensuous baritone. She half-expected the caramel to reappear, but it didn’t.


“When you stop quiverin’ and can breathe again, I’ll slide the toys out and slam my cock into you deep and violent-like, like a bloody animal. So hard for you, Buffy. Oh, what you do to me. Make me crazy, you do. Can ya feel it?” he asked, as he guided his cock down toward her mound, almost touching – only a thin stream of water between them.


“God yes,” she whispered between gasping breaths. “You feel so hot … like an oven … like a fever.”


“It’s you … you do that to me,” Spike admitted as he stroked his cock. All he’d have to do is release her legs, drive his hips forward, and he’d be inside her. God, how he wanted to do that.


“When I’m covered with your cum – all slick and juicy – I’m gonna get that vibrator you wanted so badly and …” Spike paused, bit his bottom lip, and moaned, never letting his gaze waver from her eyes. “… and I’m gonna fuck your sweet ass and your pussy at the same time. Gonna drive deep into you, thrust against you hard and fast. Gonna fuck you ‘til you can’t scream … can’t make another bloody sound – then I’m gonna fuck you some more.”


“God, Spike … please … now. Do it now,” Buffy begged. Damn it! He was supposed to be the one begging!


Spike was still stroking his cock slowly and deliberately. “You want to suck my cock again, doncha?”


“Yes … yes!”


“An’ you want my cum dripping from your tight pussy?”


“God yes!” she assured him.


“Want my cock up your sweet ass? Hammerin’ into you?”


“Yes!” Buffy screamed, once again pulling against her restraints with all her strength.


Spike moved faster than humanly ... or even demonly possible. In a blink of the eye, his face was right next to hers, his mouth at her ear, his torso supported on strong arms, not touching her. He was close enough for her to feel the heat radiating off him, warming the water that flowed and splashed over and between them.


He trailed the sharp tip of his tongue over the shell of her ear. It left a searing, heated path behind, and Buffy could’ve sworn she heard steam hissing from where it touched the cool water there. Buffy’s whole body quivered from the contact.


“Then keep your promise an’ be a right good Slayer the rest o’ the night and tomorrow, and you’ll ‘ave it, minion-mine. I want you hornier than you’ve ever been in your life. Give me that, an’ I promise you the sun, the moon, and the stars.”


And with that, he simply vanished.


Buffy’s restraints were suddenly gone and she began to glide down the river with the silken water, sliding easily over the smooth stones, like a feather carried on the tide.


“You really are evil…” she muttered to him as she whispered smoothly down the rapids towards the waterfall.  She hadn’t seen it or heard it, but there had to be a waterfall for her to drown beneath. Being dead was the only way she’d make it through the rest of the night with a shred of sanity. She wasn’t sure how she’d make it through the day tomorrow, though.






End Notes:


Next: Spike and Troy's mission continues. They attempt to get more information from Mr. Bryant, then head for home.



Mamas and Papas, Dream a Little Dream



Stars shining bright above you;
Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you."
Birds singing in the sycamore tree.
Dream a little dream of me.

Say nighty-night and kiss me;
Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me.
While I'm alone, blue as can be,
Dream a little dream of me.

Stars fading but I linger on, dear,
Still craving your kiss.
I'm longing to linger ‘til dawn, dear,
Just saying this...

Sweet dreams ‘til sunbeams find you,
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you.
But in your dreams, whatever they be,
Dream a little dream of me.

Stars fading but I linger on, dear,
Still craving your kiss.
I'm longing to linger ‘til dawn, dear,
Just saying this...

Sweet dreams ‘til sunbeams find you,
Sweet dreams that leave all worries far behind you.
But in your dreams, whatever they be,
Dream a little dream of me.


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