Alternate Universe: Unexpected
Story Title: In These Choos?!
Chapter Title:

In These Choos?!

Time line:

January, 2005



Joshua "JJ" Harris was born on April 21st, 2004

The twins (Danielle, "Dani" and William, "Billy") were born on February 12th, 2004, they will be one this coming February.

Annie will be six on February 14th (she was born in 1999)

Spike and Buffy have been married six years in February. (Married in 1999)

Buffy will turn 24 on January 19th.  (Born 1981)


All the Potentials were endowed with full Slayer power in February 2003.

Buffy and Spike learned of the other dimensions in May, 2003.


William/Spike was turned by Dru in 1880; first came to Sunnydale in Sept. of 1997.

VERY Brief synopsis of the past: Spike and Buffy (Mr. and Mrs. Weckerly) are 'married with children' and living in Sunnydale, along with all their friends.  In 1998, Spike helped Buffy defeat Angelus and Acathla, accidently dusting Dru in the process. In his rage over losing Dru, Spike fought with Angelus and inadvertently got his soul restored at the same time Angel did when Willow did the spell. When Buffy and Spike took comfort in each other's arms and fell in love, the monks entrusted them with 'The Key', a child made of them, their first daughter, Annie. Spike and Buffy were married just before her birth and Spike claimed her at that time, bringing the Slayer into the clan (she's still the Slayer, not a vamp). They share dreams and can communicate telepathically through the bond, but both of them must open it in order to do so. They have since had two more children, twins - another daughter and a son. After another vamp went after the Gem of Amarra, Spike retrieved the it from it's hiding place in Sunnydale and it is now embedded in his chest, next to his heart, protecting him at all times.
Chapter Summary:



The gang’s getting together at the Bronze to celebrate Willow’s new job … Spike and Buffy will be a little late.



Music Referenced:

In These Shoes?    Kristy MacColl

Heaven, Bryan Adams:

 I Touch Myself,  Divinyls

Me and You, Kenny Chesney:


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Rating / Warnings:


Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY.

Saturday, January 15th, 2005:




Spike knocked on the bathroom door for the third time in the last ten minutes. “I’m sure you look ravishing, luv – we’re gonna be late,” he called through it to Buffy.


“Just one more minute … I’m almost ready …” Buffy called back.


Spike sighed and leaned his back against the wall outside the door … that was also the third time she’d said ‘one more minute’ in the last ten minutes. He patted down his pockets, looking for a cigarette, when he remembered that he didn’t smoke anymore … mostly.  A decision he regretted anytime he had to wait for anything … waiting wasn’t his strongest character trait.


He wasn't sure why she was getting so gussied up, it was just the Bronze, she said she 'just felt like it.' He'd been ready to go for an hour - a quick shower, black jeans, black t-shirt, Doc Marten boots, duster ... it was a classic look that he hoped would never go out of style.


Buffy suddenly swung the door open and stepped out. She had on the short, black, long-sleeved Niemen Marcus dress that Spike had bought her in Beverly Hills, along with the lacy, stiletto heeled, Jimmy Choos. Most of her hair was pulled back in a low bun at the nape of her neck and covered with a black, sparkly, beaded hair net; what wasn’t pulled back hung in curls, framing her face.


Spike raked his eyes up and down her and back up again, finally settling on her eyes. “Well, was it worth the wait?” she asked with a small smile.


“You’re always worth the wait, luv … I just sometimes forget while I’m waitin’,” he acknowledged with a smile, before turning and offering her his arm. Buffy settled her palm against the crook of his elbow and the couple headed for the stairs.


Everyone else had left for the Bronze half an hour ago…err, make that forty minutes ago now, to celebrate Willow’s wonderful job offer she’d gotten from Microsoft.  She didn’t actually start the job until she graduated with her degree in June, but it was never too early to start the celebration.


Spike and Buffy stopped downstairs and checked in with Wesley who had drawn the 'short straw' and had babysitting duty tonight, then they headed out to the garage. When she released his arm, Spike bypassed the DeSoto and headed over to the Harley; he swung one leg over the seat, lifted it off its kickstand, and started it as he waited for her to get on behind him.


Buffy stopped and stood there, looking at him in disbelief. When she didn’t move, he looked back at her to see what was wrong. “Ya comin’, luv?” he asked, motioning with his head at the empty seat behind him.


“You expect me to ride on that in this dress? In these shoes?” she asked incredulously. “I don’t think so.”


“Awww … c’mon, pet,” Spike moaned. “Nothing’s gonna happen to your shoes and you’ll look bloody sexy as hell in that dress,” he informed her.


“Oh, yeah, in a Playboy, ‘Hot Wheels and High Heels’, biker babe centerfold sort of way …” Buffy huffed, folding her arms across her chest.


“Yeah ... and?” Spike questioned, wagging his eyebrows at her suggestively - sounded damn good to him.


"Why can’t we take the DeSoto?” she asked, knowing that her car needed a brake job and bad … Xander was supposed to do that tomorrow.


“Cracked head gasket …” Spike offered with an innocent shrug.


Buffy scrunched up her face in thought for a moment then rolled her eyes and sighed. “You better not be lying just so you can get me on that motorcycle or there’ll be someone else with a cracked head gasket around here…”


“It’s a nice night … we could walk, I suppose…” Spike suggested, as he started to put the kickstand back down and reached to turn the motor off. 


“In these shoes!?” Buffy exclaimed again, rolling her eyes and dropping her arms down to her sides in defeat.


Spike smirked, but didn’t say anything else as Buffy climbed on the back of the Harley, pulling the hem of her dress down as far as she could on her legs before wrapping her arms around him and leaning against his back.


Spike headed out of the garage and turned right on Crawford … but the Bronze was to the left.


“Where are we going?” Buffy asked as they rumbled slowly down the neighborhood road, then turned north onto the highway leading out of town.


“Spike, where are we going!?” Buffy asked again.  “I know you can hear me!” she informed him, poking him in the ribs with a finger.


Spike flinched when she poked him and laughed, but kept going. “Just a little detour,” he called back over his shoulder.


“We’re gonna be late!” Buffy insisted.


“We already are late, pet … we’re gonna be lat-er,” he retorted as he gunned the accelerator and drowned out any further objections from his passenger.


Buffy sighed heavily and shook her head … You know, that trick doesn’t really work, I know you can still hear me, she sent to him through their bond.


Spike reached one hand back and ran it slowly up her thigh from her knee, past where she’d pulled the hem of her dress to, and back down to her knee again where it rested against his hip.  Just hold on and enjoy the ride, luv, he sent back to her, still smirking, as he kept going.


A few miles out of town, up in the hills that surrounded the north side of Sunnydale, Spike pulled the bike off onto a small dirt track and, after going about fifty yards, stopped and cut the engine.  “Here we are…” he announced as he put down the kickstand.


“Where is here?” Buffy asked as she remained sitting on the back with her arms around him.


“It’s a surprise, luv… you always love surprises,” Spike reminded her.


“Okaaay …” Buffy said, dragging the word out in a suspicious tone as she looked around. “I see woods and rocks … and briars and maybe ticks,” she told him, not moving from her seat on the Harley.


Since she didn’t move to get off from behind him, Spike swung one leg around in front, over the gas tank and handlebars, and stood up, offering her his hand.  “It’s up there…” he told her indicating a steep, rocky path that led up to the top of one of the hills.


“Up there? Are you out of your mind? You think I’m climbing up there in these shoes?” she asked shaking her head adamantly. “No way, José. Why don’t we just stay here? You can bring the surprise down.”


Spike smirked and bent down until his shoulder was in her stomach and wrapped one arm around her as he lifted her up off the bike and into a fireman’s carry with her legs dangling down in front of him and her head behind.


“Put me down!” Buffy insisted, slapping lightly at his back. “Unhand me you cad!”


“I believe milady needs a bit of encouragement … and a lift. Sorry, I don’t ‘ave a horse-drawn carriage, ole’ ‘beast a’ burden’ Spike will ‘ave to do,” he informed her as he started up the incline with her on his shoulder.


“You are unbelievable …” Buffy complained from his shoulder. She grabbed onto his belt to help keep her balance as he picked his way slowly up the path, slipping from time to time on the slick rocks. “What could possibly be up there that’s worth all this?”


When Spike finally made it to the top with his precious cargo, he set Buffy gently down on her feet on a large, flat rock that covered a large portion of the hilltop.  Spike then took her by the shoulders and turned her around so she was facing the same way he was, towards the overlook.


Buffy gasped audibly and brought her hand to her mouth at the sight before her. On either side of the flat rock were boulders of various sizes and shapes, most had small clusters of white, pillar candles on them, which cast the whole area in a soft glow.  At the edge of the flat rock, near where it dropped off the other side of the hill, there were at least a hundred more candles burning brightly, arranged in a half circle around an intricately carved, wooden settee which faced out towards the overlook. Beyond that was the city of Sunnydale in all its glory … lit up like a hundred-million diamonds sparkling below them, and above them the stars twinkled and a crescent moon smiled down on the outdoor ballroom.


“God, Spike … it’s … wow … this is gorgeous,” she murmured, moving away from him towards the large bank of candles and the view of the city below. “This seat is … wow! Where did this come from? How did you do this? How did you get all this up here?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder at him momentarily, then back to the view that was laid out in front of her.


“A little help from m’ friends … Clem’s actually stronger than he lets on, ya know …” Spike explained with a satisfied smile. He loved finding new ways to surprise her – he never wanted to stop surprising her.


Buffy stopped when she got within the half circle of candles next to the settee and turned back to face him. He hadn’t moved from where he had stopped and put her down, he’d just been enthralled, watching her walk in the soft light from the candles and the moon. 


Buffy gave him a questioning look. “What?” she asked. “Oh, God! Do I have grease or dirt or something on my shoes?” she questioned, looking down the back of her legs and lifting up first one foot, then the other, to see what he was staring at.


Spike shook his head slowly then started towards her, each step deliberate and slow … like a panther stalking its prey … but there was no threat to his movements … just a sensuousness that always made Buffy’s heart race and her pulse quicken … and don’t think he didn’t know it.


“Then what are you staring at?” Buffy asked seductively when he got up to her.


“Heaven,” Spike replied in a whisper, taking her in his arms and feathering a soft kiss on her lips. “May I have this dance?”


Buffy looked at him with confusion for a moment before music started playing softly. “How’d you do that?”


“Can’t give away all my secrets, luv … you know too many of them already,” Spike insisted as he took her in his arms and began moving to the slow beat of the love song he’d chosen for this dance under the stars … for this dance in heaven.


Buffy leaned against his body and swayed with him as he sang softly along with the song. She was his heaven … and his earth and his moon and stars.  Even through the rough patches, he’d never stopped loving her, never stopped yearning for her, never stopped needing her by his side – they’d made it through the hard times and their love was stronger for those challenges.  She completed him … just as surely as he completed her; there was no doubt that they were each other’s destiny.


Brian Adams, Heaven


Oh - thinkin' about all our younger years
There was only you and me
We were young and wild and free

Now nothin' can take you away from me
We been down that road before
But that's over now
You keep me comin' back for more

Baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

Oh - once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
Bring you up when you're feelin' down

Ya - nothin' could change what you mean to me
Oh there's lots that I could say
But just hold me now
Cause our love will light the way

N' baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

I've been waitin' for so long
For something to arrive
For love to come along

Now our dreams are comin' true
Through the good times and the bad
Ya - I'll be standin' there by you


Buffy closed her eyes and melted against her man as he sang to her softly, held her gently in his arms, and swayed with her under the stars.  She never tired of the feel of his strong arms around her, or the sound of his voice, so deep and full of love, or the feeling she had when he was near … that inexplicable feeling of wholeness…and she never tired of his surprises – he was right, she did love his surprises.


When the song ended, Buffy opened her eyes and looked up; when their eyes met, her heart skipped a beat. She saw such a look of love in his eyes … she felt like she was drowning in blue, bottomless pools of devotion and desire … and she didn’t want to be saved.  She wasn’t sure how he could do it, but he seemed to be able to surprise her in ways that made her heart swell, made it fill so full of love that she thought it would certainly burst.


“I love you, Spike … so much more than I can ever say or you’ll ever know,” Buffy told him softly, laying a hand on his cheek as she raised up and kissed his lips with a loving gentleness that made her seem like a fragile, porcelain doll to Spike rather than the Slayer.


It was one of the things he loved about her … how she could be strong and in charge in one moment then gentle and vulnerable the next.  She was everything he’d ever dreamed of all rolled into one beautiful package; a girl, a woman, a mother, a friend, a fighter, a lover – she could be flirty and coy and funny or demanding and sexy and strong … she was a world of contradictions just waiting to be unraveled, and he looked forward to spending the rest of eternity doing exactly that.


Another slow song started playing, but Buffy couldn’t hear the words anymore, all she could hear, see, feel, or touch was standing right in front of her. Spike started swaying to the music and Buffy let her body move with his, as if she were part of him.  As they swayed, Spike ran his hands up and down her back and arms, just barely touching her, and his touch sent shivers up and down Buffy’s spine. How he could make her want him so much with just a look, a whisper, a touch, Buffy never could understand. It had been that way since the very first time … she’d dreamt she was with Angel and woke up with Spike, and she’d never been the same since.


“Need you,” Buffy moaned as she raised her lips to his and sucked his lower lip into her mouth, nibbling on it lightly with her teeth before kissing his mouth gently with teasing, butterfly kisses.


“In those shoes?” Spike teased as he covered her lips with his own equally delicate and undemanding kisses. “Reckon I’ll survive?”


Buffy gave him a kittenish smile and a small shrug. “If you don’t, you’ll go out with a smile on …” she assured him.


“Will I now?” Spike murmured against her lips as their bodies continued to sway to the slow song that still played.


“Mmmhmmm,” Buffy assured him, taking his face into her hands and deepening the kiss.


“Well … mother always said to honor a lady’s wishes … don’t reckon I see any proper ladies ‘round here, but …” Spike teased and Buffy poked him in the ribs.


“Owww!” Spike squealed with a laugh as he rubbed the spot she’d poked.  


Buffy tried to look mad, but it was no use … she loved his laugh, it was so contagious and she could only hold her ‘mad face’ a few seconds before she laughed, too. 


“You’re going to pay for that, Mr. Weckerly,” Buffy informed him in as serious a tone as she could muster.


“I’ve no doubt,” Spike acknowledged, still chuckling at getting her.


He backed up a step from her, took a deep bow, switched to the most serious tone he could and, with an ‘upper-crust’ English accent, he vowed, “My deepest apologies, milady.  How can I ever gain your forgiveness? Your every wish is my command.”


“My every wish?” Buffy questioned with a smirk and an evil glint in her eye.


“I’m your willin’ slave …”


“Oooo, I like the sound of that!” Buffy exclaimed, grabbing his hand and pulling him back towards the path that led down the hill.


“Where’re we goin’?” Spike questioned as he let her drag him along.


“Home. The windows need washing, the carpets need cleaning, the books need dusting, the bathrooms all need scrubbing, the flower beds need weeding and mulching, the floors need …” she started.


“OI! Let me rephrase … I’m your willin’ sex slave …” Spike amended, pulling his hand out of hers and stopping. “I can see the bloody honeymoon is over …” he remarked with a smirk as his hands went to his hips in mock annoyance.


Buffy laughed and turned around to face him. “Oh … well, that’s different … let me think now … hmmmm, those are totally different sorts of slavey wishes…”


Buffy stood and looked up at the sky, tapping one finger on her lips in deep thought for several moments before grabbing his hand back in hers and heading over to the carved wooden bench that he had set up to look out over Sunnydale.


Buffy positioned Spike about three feet in front of the bench, then she backed up and sat down. “Strip,” she commanded as she leaned back and got comfy on the bench and waited for the show to start.


Spike cocked a brow at her then shrugged nonchalantly. He dropped his duster unceremoniously on the rock at his feet then started to pull his t-shirt off.


“No! Not like that … like the chipmunk guys…” Buffy amended. “Put your coat back on and start over…” she instructed.


“Chipmunk guys?” Spike questioned. “What the bloody hell are you on about now, Slayer?”


“Oh, Spike,” Buffy moaned, rolling her eyes. “You know, those chipmunk stripper guys … Chip N’ Dale!”


Spike rolled his eyes, dropped his t-shirt back down his torso, and picked his duster up and put it back on. “That’s 'Chippendales', luv … like the chair, not the bloody chipmunks …” he informed her.


He turned his back to her and started to slowly slide his duster down his arms … then he pulled it back up and looked over his shoulder at her, pursing his lips and cocking one brow, giving her one of his sexiest looks, before letting it fall slowly off him again.


“No - wait … it still needs something,” Buffy insisted as she got up and tracked down the source of the slow music that was still playing – a portable IPod player hidden in the rocks.  Buffy found the song she wanted and sat the player down on the rock near the bench as Spike folded his arms and watched her with amusement … she was so very Buffy


“Ok – put your coat back on and start over,” Buffy instructed as she started the music for him, putting it on ‘repeat’ so it would just keep playing … wouldn’t want him to run out of music.


“You sure, pet? You’re gonna ‘ave me knackered just putting m’ bloody coat off and on …” Spike protested, picking his duster back up and slipping it back on.


“You can handle it … I have all the faith in the world in Big Bad,” Buffy teased as she sat back and waited for the show to really begin.


“I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls started playing and Spike smirked as he turned back around, facing away from Buffy, and started over.


The Divinyls, "I Touch Myself"


I love myself, I want you to love me
When I feel down, I want you above me
I search myself, I want you to find me
I forget myself, I want you to remind me

I don't want anybody else
When I think about you I touch myself
Ooh I don't want anybody else

Oh no, oh no, oh no

You're the one who makes me come running
You're the sun who makes me shine
When you're around I'm always laughing
I want to make you mine

I close my eyes, and see you before me
Think I would die, if you were to ignore me
A fool could see, just how much I adore you
I get down on my knees, I do anything for you

I don't want anybody else
When I think about you I touch myself
Ooh I don't want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no...

I love myself, I want you to love me
When I feel down, I want you above me
I search myself, I want you to find me
I forget myself, I want you to remind me

I don't want anybody else
When I think about you I touch myself
I don't want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no

I want you
I don't want anybody else
and when I think about you, I touch myself
OO OO OO-OO Ahhhhh

I don't want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
I don't want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
I touch myself

I don't anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself, I honestly do

Big Bad closed his eyes and started swaying to the song, tapping one heel to the beat. Spike kept his eyes closed and his head tilted back as he turned back around and faced Buffy then ran his hands down his body, under his duster, starting at his shoulders, down to his belt, then back up again, imagining that it was Buffy touching him.


Buffy bit her bottom lip as an eager smile played at the corners of her mouth when he turned around … oh, this was gonna be good! Buffy watched Spike slide his hands slowly down his body … she could almost feel his hard muscles moving under her own palms as he touched himself and she felt her panties growing damper by the moment.


When Spike’s hands made it back up to his chest, he slowly slid his duster off his shoulders and down his body … again, but instead of dropping it on the ground, he threw it at Buffy … Maybe that’ll stop ‘er from making me put the bloody thing back on again. Buffy cried out in surprise but caught it, gathering it up and bringing it to her nose and inhaling deeply as she continued to watch him. 


That fragrance … of well worn leather, cigarette smoke from his boy’s nights at Willy’s, and just a hint of gasoline … it was so Spike, from the very first day she’d met him, that aroma was the same.  Buffy smiled to herself though, because mixed in with all that sexy, tough-guy, manly-man aroma was baby powder and cherry Kool-Aid – and that just made him all the sexier to her.


Spike opened his eyes and their eyes met across the short distance between them as he continued moving to the music and began lifting the hem of his t-shirt up ever so slowly.  It was almost painful for Buffy to watch, he was going so tantalizingly slow and she was ready to see those muscles like now.  Buffy couldn’t keep the silly grin off her face as she held is duster tight and watched him raise the hem of his t-shirt, then slide it back down …then up a little higher, revealing his six-pack abs and the fine line of hair that led down from his bellybutton and disappeared into his jeans. Her eyes were drawn like a magnet down his body to the growing bulge in his pants and she started bouncing slightly in her seat in anticipation.


Spike splayed the fingers of one hand out across this abs, then slid them down under his belt as he moved his hips in a slow circle to the beat of the song. He finished pulling his shirt off with his other hand and tossed it to her. Buffy caught it and gathered it up in her hands as she'd done his duster as she giggled with excitement.  She understood now why all those women screamed at those male strip shows … she was on the verge of screaming herself. But, instead, she bit down on the collar of his duster and leaned forward in her seat to get an even better view.


The candlelight danced across Spike's muscles … making them seem to move even when they weren’t moving – he looked like a Greek god sculpted in marble that had come to life just for her. His lips were pursed, making the hollow of his cheeks that much deeper, his cheekbones that much sharper and he had that confident, ‘I’m the badest, sexiest Big Bad around,’ look in his blue eyes – Big Bad was in the house and he was going for the full monty.


Spike stepped closer to her with a confident swagger, rubbing one hand up and down across his abs and down the front of his pants. When he was standing right in front of her, within easy reach, he slowly started unfastening his belt, as he swayed his hips in slow, sensuous circles, matching the beat of the song. 


Buffy’s eyes went wide when he moved closer and she had to restrain herself from reaching out and touching him as he danced and stripped in front of her with a self-satisfied expression on his face. He knew he was getting her hot – he could smell her lust, he could hear her heart racing, and see the look of desire in her eyes. He should’ve put on a show like this for her before now … chipmunks be damned.


Spike pulled his belt out of the loops, folded it in half, holding it in both hands and snapped it against itself. The leather made a loud, cracking sound that made Buffy jump and giggle like a school girl. Spike draped his belt around her neck then began unbuttoning his jeans.  Buffy licked her lips in anticipation, her eyes wide and ready for the pièce de résistance … the star of the show to emerge, but at the last moment, Spike turned around, putting his back to her again, just before unfastening the last button of his button-fly jeans.


Buffy moaned in disappointment and Spike’s smirk grew, being a tease wasn’t just reserved for women anymore … there were equal rights now, men could tease, too. Spike slid his jeans down one hip, revealing one cute, tight ass cheek … then started pushing the other side down, before pulling both sides back up again, eliciting another loud moan from Buffy.


“Like what ya’ see, do ya?” Spike asked, his voice low and seductive.


“Mmmmhmmm!” Buffy agreed heartily.


“Wanna touch?” Spike asked as he rubbed one hand slowly over his chest and abs, holding his jeans up with the other.


“MMMMHMMMM!” Buffy acknowledged with an eager nod.


Spike turned around and faced her again, sliding both hands down the sides of his hips, taking his jeans down with them, then pulled them back up quickly and Buffy moaned in frustration again.


“I believe it’s customary to stuff $100 bills into the front of my … uhhh … you can just stuff ‘em in m’ pockets,” Spike suggested as he pulled his jeans back up and held them closed at the top, letting only the head of his hard cock peek out the fly, but nothing more.


“Hundreds, huh?” Buffy asked, her eyes glued to the fly of his jeans in anticipation of the goodies yet to be revealed. “Too bad you’ve got such a low opinion of yourself. You really should work on that self-esteem problem.”


“Worth every dime, I am, luv,” Spike assured her, as he swept his tongue slowly across his lips. Spike reached one hand out and grabbed one of hers. He lifted her hand up to his chest and drew small circles over his pecs and abs with her fingers then went lower with it until her fingers touched the head of his cock. He released her hand as he shimmied out of his jeans, pushing them down his thighs and dropping them in a puddle on the ground around his feet.


“Yes you are…” Buffy agreed as she took his hard shaft in her hand and dropped her mouth down onto the head causing Spike’s hips to jerk forward towards her and a moan to rumble from his throat. His striptease hadn’t just built the anticipation up in Buffy, but in himself, and having her warm mouth suddenly surrounding his glans nearly overwhelmed him.  Spike felt his knees wobble and he put his hands on her shoulders to steady himself as Buffy began licking and sucking down the length of his rod, down to his jewels and slowly back up again.


“Bloody hell…” Spike moaned as he watched her mouth move up and down his throbbing member. “God, Buffy … so good.”


Buffy growled low and pushed against Spike’s stomach with both hands – he tried to step back to keep from falling, but his jeans were around his ankles – he was trapped. Spike fell onto his back on the rock floor and Buffy was standing up over him in an instant with one Jimmy Choo stiletto heeled foot firmly planted on his chest.


Spike spread his arms out against the rock at his back in surrender and looked up at her, unsure of what she had in mind.  Buffy smiled down at him and began moving her hips in a slow circle, just as he had done, to the beat of the music, the heel of her shoe digging into his flesh as she moved, which just turned him on more. Buffy sang along with the song as she began to strip for him, still keeping him pinned on the ground under her heel.


When I’m feeling down, I want you above me …” she cooed as she slid her dress down off her shoulders and pulled it slowly off her arms, letting it gather at her hips, revealing her black lace bra and bare stomach to him.


Spike watched her move above him, felt the heel of her shoe dig into his chest, and listened to her sing seductively along with the song as she stripped for him, and his desire for her grew ever higher with every movement, every word, every glimpse of skin.


You're the one who makes me come running; you're the sun who makes me shine; When you're around I'm always laughing; I want to make you mine,” Buffy continued as she pulled the sparkly, black hair net off of her carefully coiffed hair and shook her head,  letting waves of spun gold fall freely down her back.


Spike’s eyes danced, he couldn’t have looked away even if he’d wanted to. His angel had released her halo and it shimmered around her face in the soft candlelight like a golden waterfall. He longed to tangle his hands in her soft tresses … but she had him pinned securely with the heel of her shoe – that would have to wait.


I close my eyes and see you before me; think I would die if you were to ignore me; a fool could see just how much I adore you; I get down on my knees and do anything for you,” Buffy sang as she ran her hands over her bra and bare abdomen. She closed her eyes, letting her head fall back as she got lost in the music and the moment. Her long hair softly caressed her back as her hands caressed her front, but all she could see behind her closed lids was Spike’s face … all she could feel on her skin were Spike’s hands.


“♫ I search myself, I want you to find me; I forget myself, I want you to remind me,” Buffy crooned on with the song as she unfastened her bra and slid it slowly down her arms before dropping it down onto Spike’s bare chest.


I don’t want anybody else … when I think about you, I touch myself… Ohhh, I don’t want anybody else, oh no, oh no, oh no…” Buffy sang as she slid her hands down her body and her dress and thong slid down past her hips.  Buffy lifted the foot that was on Spike’s chest and slid her thong and dress over her shoe and off that leg.


Buffy stepped over Spike with that foot so she was straddling him. She bent over, her legs staying straight, and put her hands on his chest and then lowered her lips to his.  “I don’t want anybody else…” she whispered to him before capturing his lips in a slow, sensuous kiss as she stood above him. 


Spike invited her tongue into his mouth as he reached his hands up and tangled in her long, silky, golden mane. Their tongues danced silently, each making love to the other, swirling and tasting, teasing and taunting.  Buffy slowly bent her knees, lowering herself down over Spike’s hips and his raging hard-on.  It still made her quiver and tremble when he entered her … every time was just as good as the first, and tonight would be no exception.


Buffy reached one hand between them and guided his cock to her aching pussy, pressing down slowly, wanting to feel every bit of him as he entered her, stretched her, filled her. They both gasped against each other’s mouth when Buffy pressed down and took the head of his cock into her hot, wet hole, then slid down further, ever so slowly. Buffy struggled to go slow, her body wanted him and it wanted him now … but she knew it would be so much better if she went slow, and she was right – he felt like heaven sliding into her and the heaven went on and on and on with every tantalizing inch.


Spike’s hands moved down Buffy’s body, fluttering over her shoulders, down her sides, and to her hips and thighs. He could feel her body react to his, feel her muscles straining, strong and hard under her soft skin, feel her heat engulf his shaft, as she lowered herself down onto him ever so slowly. He loved it when she took control of their lovemaking … just as much as he loved her giving the control to him.


When Buffy’s ass met Spike’s thighs and his cock was buried in her to the hilt, she stopped moving and pulled back from the kiss to look into his eyes, balancing herself above him with her hands on his hard pecs.  She loved the smoldering look of desire and pleasure she always saw in his blue eyes at these moments … she could see the fire burning from deep in his soul and that fire, that yearning, was for her.  She loved stoking that fire, fanning the flames of his desire, making him crazy with lust. As powerful as she was as a Slayer, as a modern woman, something about seeing that look of complete surrender in her man’s eyes, that look that said he was under her spell, her willing slave, helpless to deny her anything, made her feel like a goddess. 


At times she thought that perhaps her feelings were antiquated, that she shouldn’t need that to feel like a goddess – modern women didn’t need a man to complete them … right?  They didn’t need anything or anyone but themselves, self-reliant and strong – self-assured and powerful – that’s what it said in the magazines, anyway. But then they turned right around and talked about how to make your man want you … how to keep him, how to please him … how to find love, how to find your soul-mate – so which was it? Are you supposed to need someone else or not?


Buffy had given up trying to make sense of their advice … there were few, if any, people in the world more powerful than her, man or woman – she was the Slayer after all. The fate of the world often rested on her shoulders, plus she’d been a ‘Cosmo Girl’ since she was twelve - that had to count for something, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t let the love and devotion of her soul-mate turn her into a goddess.  If that was antiquated, then that’s just what she would have to be, because she couldn’t deny how Spike made her feel … complete. Without him she was like a Rubik’s cube with all the colors mismatched and jumbled up … with him by her side, she was perfectly matched … everything aligned, the colors of her life were in perfect harmony.


Buffy began moving up and down on Spike’s thick rod and Spike helped support her with his hands on her hips. He knew that even she couldn’t stay in that position for long, but he was going to enjoy it as long as she did. He could feel her strong muscles straining and trembling in her thighs – they felt so good under his palms; almost as good as her tight pussy felt around his cock. 


He loved watching her make love to him … it turned him on even more to see that look of pleasure on her face, seeing her full breasts move and sway and bounce above him and he wanted to drown in the green of her eyes as she looked down into his. He loved everything about her, not the least of which was her strength, both mental and physical. She was his perfect match; like one of those crystal geodes that they cut in half to make bookends out of; two pieces of one whole that fit together perfectly … each one completes the other, each separately is strong, but together they’re stronger; each is lovely in its own right and each can stand on its own, but it’s clear that they are only half the picture, together they form the whole – they complete each other.


Buffy moved slowly up and down on him, swirling her hips in a circle and pressing down hard on the down-stroke, her hands still pressed firmly against his hard chest helping to balance and support her.  She wished she had more hands … she wanted to touch every inch of his body at once … caress his thighs, squeeze his tight ass cheeks, outline the hard muscles of his abs, tease his nipples, stroke his balls, feel the hard muscles of his back. She wished she could turn herself into … something … something like thick honey and pour herself over his body, cover every inch of his skin with hers … then turn herself back and lick every drop off him.


Buffy smiled at the thought and bit her bottom lip … maybe thick, warm chocolate syrup would be better …


“What?” Spike asked as he watched her eyes dance with amusement and lust. The smile on her face made her glow … whatever she was thinking, it involved something naughty with chocolate on top.


Buffy stopped moving, resting her ass down against him and leaned back slightly so she could straighten her legs.  Spike sat up and helped her wrap them around his back as he wrapped his arms around her so they were both sitting up, her in his lap, his shaft still buried deep in her wet heat.


Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in for a kiss. “I was just thinking how I’d like to lick every inch of your body …” she whispered against his lips before kissing him softly.


“Mmmmm…” Spike moaned against her mouth. “Got no objections … but we don’t have any chocolate …” he pointed out.


Buffy laughed and pulled back to look into his eyes. “I didn’t say anything about chocolate!” she argued. “Can’t I want to lick your body without chocolate being involved?”


“Hmmmm … let me think …uhhh – not bloody likely,” Spike concluded with a smirk and Buffy rolled her eyes. It was hard to argue with him since there had been naughty chocolate thoughts mixed in there at the end…


“Shut up and earn your money,” Buffy demanded with a sly smile.


“I don’t think you actually gave me any money, luv,” Spike pointed out, raising his brows and pursing his lips together.


“Oh … well, that’s ‘cos you’re my sex slave … look it up,” Buffy advised. “Slaves, by definition, don’t get paid.”


Spike laughed. “I reckon not,” he agreed.


Before Buffy could say anything else, Spike rolled them to the side and, before Buffy could react, he had her on her back on the smooth rock and he was above her. Spike covered her mouth with his and her exclamation of surprise was smothered with his kiss. Spike began moving against her, slowly at first, grinding down on her clit with his pubic bone and sending little electrical pulses down her legs and up her torso and Buffy moaned against his mouth – as much as she loved being in control, she loved him taking control just as much.   


Spike pulled back and unhooked her legs from around his body and pushed them forward, bending her knees until her stiletto heeled feet were planted firmly against his chest and her ass was supported on his thighs. He ran his hands down from her toes, over her prized Jimmy Choos, up past her ankles, across her calves, around the bend of her knees to her thighs before settling them firmly on her hips. Buffy repositioned her feet on his chest, crossing her legs, and Spike gasped as her pussy tightened even more on his cock. 


His eyes met hers and he began to move again, pulling in and out of her slowly at first as their passion began to reignite.  Buffy ran her hands up and down his arms, down to his thighs and back up again … feeling his muscles undulate as he thrust in and out of her, harder and faster.  Buffy reached one had up over her head and pushed against one of the boulders that surrounded the ‘dance floor’ to get some leverage to thrust back against him, but the most she could do in this position was just keep from sliding away when he thrust against her … Spike had the control – she was at his mercy, and that was perfectly fine with her.


Buffy’s heels dug into the flesh of Spike’s pecs and the hard rock under them scraped and bruised his knees, but Spike had come to appreciate a little pain with his pleasure over the years with Angelus, Darla, and Dru.  The pain made the pleasure that much more … pleasurable, and Buffy’s moans and quivering pussy spurred him to thrust harder, deeper, faster.


“God, yes, Spike! Oh, baby … Fuck yes! More! More! Harder! Oh, God, Spike!” Buffy demanded of him and Spike willingly obliged.  He loved how she screamed his name … loved her demands for more, loved how she felt under him, how her fire and passion threatened to consume him.


When their time was up on this earth, he hoped that this would be how they would go out … in blaze of furious passion causing an explosion of ecstasy that totally engulfed them both, fusing them together, and taking them both on to the next world as one. He couldn’t imagine being without her in this life or any other – now that they had found each other, he couldn’t imagine losing her – and he knew without any doubt that she felt the same.  He also knew that would be his only hope of staying with her … her fate was heaven … his was uncertain at best – having their souls fused together, inseparable, would be his best hope for whatever life followed this one.


“God, Buffy … so good. Love you so much … fuck, feels so good. Like heaven, an angel you are. Cum for me, baby … scream for me …” Spike whispered to her as he drove into her feverishly with unrestrained power and lust.


“Yes, Spike! Harder … faster! Almost … Oh God! Oh God! Oh, Spike … cumming!” Buffy announced as her eyes closed involuntarily, her back arched up off the hard rock, and her pussy tightened and trembled around his cock.  Buffy felt the small waves of bliss begin at her core, building higher and higher with each thrust Spike made into her, each slap of flesh on flesh, each moan, each whispered word that dripped from his tongue like dark, rich molasses, covering her with his love and desire. 


“Buffy! Yes! Oh, fuck … bloody fucking hell!” Spike exclaimed as he felt her orgasm engulf him, her sugar walls tightened like a vise around his cock and pulled him deeper and deeper into her.


Buffy suddenly felt like she was drowning … drowning in a sea of love … as the waves built higher and higher and began crashing down over her body.  Buffy’s scream of release was joined by Spike’s growling roar as he slammed into her one last time and let his last thread of control go. His whole body tensed and trembled as his cum spilled deep into her. He no longer felt the pain of her heels pressed against his chest or the hard rock under his knees … he only felt her love and her passion and the heaven that only she could give him and he let her carry him away, far away from the shore, out into the middle of an ocean of ecstasy, on waves of loving bliss.




Buffy snuggled against Spike’s side, his arm over her shoulders and wrapped around her body as they sat on the carved bench some time later and looked out at the sparkling lights, candles and stars that surrounded them. 


“Are you sure you’re ok?” Buffy asked, touching a hand against Spike’s chest through his t-shirt.


“Never better…” Spike assured her, his voice a mixture of contentment and exhaustion. In fact, there wasn’t a mark on his body … the Gem of Amarra protected him from more than stakes and beheading…even though he felt the pain, the scrapes and punctures and bruises had healed almost immediately.  “What about you? Your back...”


Buffy smiled up at him. “I have to say, I’ve never gotten road rash while having sex before … but it was totally worth it. My shoes are fine, so, I’m good.”


“You’re more than good, pet …” Spike disagreed, dropping a kiss on her forehead and squeezing her tighter against his side. “A helluva lot more than ‘good’ – you’re a bloody goddess. I’ve lived for-bloody-ever and I’ve never known anyone like you, Buffy … the way you give everything … your heart, your soul, your body… I’m the luckiest bloke in the bloody world.”


Buffy smiled at the compliment and snuggled closer to him, rubbing one hand lazily up and down his denim covered thigh. “I’d say we’re both lucky …you get the job done pretty well, yourself.”


“Does that mean your willin’ slave’s earned ‘is keep for another day?” Spike asked with a smirk.


“I’d say that would be a world of yes – I think I’ll keep you around another day … maybe two,” Buffy laughed.


“You know…” Buffy continued, changing the subject, “… you never answered my question … where’d you get this bench – it’s amazing,” Buffy queried, running her hand along the carved teakwood back of the settee.


“It’s part of your birthday present…” Spike explained. “Happy ‘four days before your birthday’, luv … or is it three now?”  he questioned, looking up at the moon to try and figure out if it was after midnight, certainly it must be.


“Really!? Just part!?  I can’t wait to see what goes with it!” Buffy exclaimed in excitement as she raised up and swung one leg over him so she was straddling his lap and facing him. 


“I love it. Thank you,” she murmured to him, taking his lips in a soft kiss.


“Did I ever tell you that I love your surprises?” she asked, pulling back from the kiss to look into his eyes.


Spike smiled and tilted his head as he looked at his angel.  When they’d left the house, her hair had been perfectly styled, now it was disheveled, going this way and that as it framed her lovely face; her dress had also been perfect … she’d put it back on, but now it looked like it had been crumpled up on the ground and perhaps run over by a Mack truck; her makeup had been carefully applied, now there was little left of it, but her own natural glow took its place and looked even better, in his opinion … the only thing untouched by their evening were her shoes. 


“Yeah … I think you’ve mentioned that,” he murmured to her as his eyes wandered over her face, finally settling on the green pools of love that were her eyes. “You’ll ‘ave the rest waitin’ when you and Annie get back from your trip to visit yer Aunt Darlene …” he started to explain, but stopped when he heard something … or someone. “Bloody hell,” he moaned, dropping his head back against the bench behind him.


“What?” Buffy asked, looking around … but he didn’t have to answer.


“Hope you’re decent up there!” she heard Faith’s voice coming from the path that lead up the hill.  “Ready or not … here we come – tuck it in or be prepared to share!”


Buffy watched as their friends crested the rise, single file; Faith, Willow, Tara, Lorne, Anya, Xander, Clem … and finally Giles, bringing up the rear.


"Clem's got a big bloody mouth ..." Spike moaned as the group crashed their private party.


“You missed the party, so we thought we’d bring it to you!” Faith explained, holding up two magnums of champagne.  “We’re not interrupting anything, are we?”


“No … it’s intermission,” Buffy sighed as she stood up off Spike’s lap, took one of the magnums from Faith and gave it to Spike to open. “Did you bring glasses, too, or are we being totally couth and just passing the bottles around?” she asked her fellow Slayer with a tinge of sarcasm.


Willow, Tara, and Xander held up several long stemmed glasses and before long everyone had a drink, there had been several toasts to Willow’s new job, lots of hugs, and a few happy tears shed at the thought of the girls leaving ‘home’. 


Buffy was sitting on her birthday bench talking to Willow and Anya when Spike came up and offered her his hand. “May I have this dance, milady?” he asked, extending a hand towards her.


“Certainly, kind sir,” Buffy agreed with a smile, taking his hand and joining him on the ‘dance floor’.


Me and You, Kenny Chesney:



Ordinary, no
Really don't think so
Not a love this true
Common destiny
We were meant to be
Me and you

Like a perfect scene
From a movie screen
We're a dream come true
Suited perfectly
For eternity
Me and you

Everyday, I need you even more
And the nighttime too
There's no way I could ever let you go
Even if I wanted to

Everyday I live
Try my best to give
All I have to you
Thank the stars above
That we share this love
Me and you

Everyday, I need you even more
And the nighttime too
There's no way I could ever let you go
Even if I wanted to

Ordinary, no
Really don't think so
Just a precious few
Ever make it last
Get as lucky as
Me and you
Me and you


It was apparent that Tara had snuck in a few songs of her own in the playlist on the iPod, but Buffy had to admit that it was a beautiful song as she got lost in the music and the feel of Spike’s body swaying with hers under the stars and moon.  It definitely described her and Spike … their love was a dream come true, it was destiny, and she knew that it would be eternal.  They had made it through some hard times, through misunderstandings and bad decisions and their love was even stronger for those experiences and lessons learned. They could make it through anything together, of that she was certain.


“I love you, Spike,” Buffy murmured to him as he took her lips in a tender kiss.


“I love you, Buffy … you and our family … you’re my everythin’,” he told her, still holding her body against his. 


A fast song came on next and Spike took her hand and they started back towards the bench; he knew that slow dancing was all she’d do in those shoes. Buffy sat back down on the bench with Willow and Anya as Spike went to track Faith down for a refill on their drinks.


“So – you and B up for a patrol?” Faith asked eagerly as she refilled the empty glasses in Spike’s hands. “Wes says I’ve been slacking too much … I think we still have time for a quickie before sunup. Whaddya say, big guy? You got a quickie left in ya?”


Spike raised his brows and looked at her incredulously. “Patrol? In these shoes!?” he asked her, pointing down to his new Doc Marten boots that Tara and Willow had given him for Christmas, his only concession to getting 'dressed up' for the night out. “I bloody well don’t think so.”


In These Shoes?    Kristy MacColl


I once met a man with a sense of adventure
He was dressed to thrill wherever he went
He said, "Let's make love on a mountain top
Under the stars on a big hard rock,"
I said, "In these shoes?
I don't think so,"
I said, "Honey, let's do it here.”

So I'm sitting at a bar in Guadalajara
In walks a guy with a faraway look in his eyes
He said, "I've got as powerful horse outside,
Climb on the back, I'll take you for a ride
I know a little place, we can get there for the break of day."
I said, "In these shoes?
No way, Jose"
I said, "Honey, let's stay right here."

No le gusta caminar. No puede montar a caballo
(She doesn't like to walk, she can't ride a horse)
Como se puede bailar? Es un escandolo
(But the way she dances, it's a scandal)

Then I met an Englishman
"Oh," he said,
"Won't you walk up and down my spine,
It makes me feel strangely alive."
I said, "In these shoes?
I doubt you'd survive."
I said, "Honey, let's do it.

"Let's stay right here."

No le gusta caminar. No puede montar a caballo
Como se puede bailar? Es un escandolo



** The End ** 














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