Alternate Universe: Unexpected
Story Title: Hokey-Pokey
Chapter Title:

I'll Be Loving You Forever - Part 2

Time line:

January, 2005



Joshua "JJ" Harris was born on April 21st, 2004

The twins (Danielle, "Dani" and William, "Billy") were born on February 12th, 2004, they will be one this coming February.

Annie will be six on February 14th (she was born in 1999)

Spike and Buffy have been married six years in February.

Buffy will turn 24 on January 19th.


All the Potentials were endowed with full Slayer power in February 2003.

Buffy and Spike learned of the other dimensions in May, 2003.


William/Spike was turned by Dru in 1880; first came to Sunnydale in Sept. of 1997.



Shopping is over ... time to head back home.


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I’ll Be Loving You Forever, Westlife


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Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY.

<b>Saturday, January 8th, 2005:</b>



With Spike’s ‘expert’ advice, Buffy eventually narrowed it down to three pairs … it had taken all afternoon.  She was sure <i>Fabrice</i> and the rest of the salespeople were happy to see them go – she didn’t know if taking all afternoon to pick out three pairs of shoes was normal for Rodeo Drive or not.  None of the people in the shop seemed put out by it, but it was half an hour past their closing time when Buffy walked out of the shop with her selections in hand… or two pairs in hand and one pair on her feet, still dressed in the Nieman Marcus dress that Spike had bought her.


Spike stayed inside and paid the bill as she went outside and called the limo from her cell phone. She never did know what any of the shoes cost and Spike insisted that she not ask, even after they’d been paid for. 


As she waited, she wondered if it would be a Beverly Hills <i>faux pas</i> to run through a McDonald’s drive-thru in a Hummer stretch limo wearing Chanel No. 5 parfum, Jimmy Choo shoes, and a Neiman Marcus dress… she was starving again.


Spike emerged from the shop just as the Hummer pulled up to the curb in front of them. Kalani came around and opened the door for the pair, letting his eyes wander up Buffy’s body from her red toenails peeking out from her new sparkly, stiletto-heeled shoes, up her shapely legs to her new dress and then to her newly highlighted hair and smoky eyes.  She definitely looked like a different woman than he’d picked up in Sunnydale that morning. 


Spike patted the lad’s cheek as he followed Buffy into the back of the limo. “Sorry, mate, she’s taken,” he informed the young man with a smirk and Kalani blushed slightly and averted his eyes – he didn’t realize he’d been so obvious.


Before the door was even closed behind him, Spike heard Buffy exclaim in glee, “Food! There’s food! Kalani got us food!”


“Surfer Boy got us what I told him to get, luv,” Spike informed her with a smirk.


“Oh – <i>you</i> got us food! I love you!” Buffy gushed, giving Spike a hug and a quick kiss as the limo began to move slowly through L.A.’s rush-hour traffic.


Spike laughed. She really was so easy to please and got so excited over some of the simplest things... it was one of the many things he cherished about her, so vibrant, so full of passion for life.


Buffy began pulling out containers of food from the take-away bags from a restaurant called “The Stinking Rose.” “We season our garlic with food!” the bag exclaimed under the name, “Have a stinking good time!”  There was popcorn calamari, garlic French fries, garlic encrusted baby back ribs and garlic fish and chips.


Buffy had to laugh. “I swear, you’re the only vampire I’ve ever known that garlic not only has no effect on, but who actually seeks it out in massive amounts…”


“What can I say? I’m a rebel,” Spike explained with a smirk, as he popped one of the calamari bites into Buffy’s mouth before taking one for himself. Spike poured them both a glass of Dom Perignon and handed one to her before holding his up and making a toast, “To you, you are my sun, you are my light, my world – I’ll love you forever.” 


Buffy smiled softly at him, looking deeply into his crystal blue eyes – his handsome face was so full of love that it took her breath away. How had she gotten so lucky to have his love?


“I’ll love you forever, too,” Buffy whispered as she clinked her glass against his and took a sip of the sweet, bubbly liquid.


They both dug into the food with ravenous abandon – each feeding the other as much as they fed themselves.  Buffy got rib sauce on her face and Spike kissed it off before holding up two garlic encrusted French fries for her. Buffy nibbled down the fries, taking several small bites, until she got to Spike’s fingers, then she licked the salty garlic off his digits with her lips and tongue. Every bite turned into an erotic encounter … the food suddenly becoming an afterthought as they kissed and touched, teased and stroked, and whispered words of love and desire to each other.


Buffy couldn’t remember ever being this happy before. She had new shoes, a new dress, new perfume – she had garlic encrusted ribs and French fries, bubbly champagne, and Spike.  She couldn’t think of a single thing in the world that she could add to that list that would make this moment any better… well, maybe chocolate.


As if reading her mind, Spike opened the last bag of food from The Stinking Rose and pulled out a container with Chocolate Truffle Mousse Cake, another with a Chocolate Walnut Brownie, and a third that contained two huge servings of Tiramisu.  Buffy thought that she might faint from sheer happiness.  Of course Spike wouldn’t have forgotten the chocolate!


Buffy stood up and grabbed the container with the Mousse Cake in it, then turned around and straddled his legs with hers, sitting in his lap and facing him as he sat on the expansive bench seat. Buffy took a small piece of the cake between two fingers and held it up to his mouth and Spike wrapped his lips around the chocolate treat and her even sweeter fingers.  Spike gently sucked and licked the moist, chocolaty goodness from her fingertips, using his tongue to get every morsel. Buffy watched him make love to her fingers with his mouth and couldn’t stifle a moan – his lips and tongue felt so good – it didn’t matter where they were touching her, they were always a little piece of heaven on her skin.


When Spike pulled his mouth off her fingers, Buffy got another piece of the cake and put it into her own mouth, sucking and licking every bit of the mousse icing from her fingers, just as he had done.  Spike’s cock jumped and twitched in his pants as he watched her luscious mouth engulf her fingers … he wanted that beautiful mouth touching him, that tongue curling around his, those lips teasing his cock and balls with their velvety softness.


Buffy took a swipe of the fluffy, whipped frosting on the cake with one finger and slid down one of Spike's sharp cheekbones with it, ending at his luscious lips before setting the container down beside them. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gently licked the line of chocolate off his cheek then took his lips in a gentle kiss, nibbling lightly on his scrumptious, chocolate covered lower lip like it was part of her meal. Spike wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her body against his. She tasted like champagne and garlic and chocolate and ‘Buffy’ and it was beyond measure - heavenly. Her body felt so good against his, her heart pounding in her chest, her blood racing through her veins, the sweet aroma of her desire escaping from her thin panties and filling his nostrils with her ambrosia all combined to break down the last shred of willpower he had left.


He’d wanted her all day – in the dream bowling alley when she’d promised him cheerleader and French maid Scrabble, on the sidewalk outside the spa when she’d kissed him so passionately, in the restaurant when her lips touched his fingers as he fed her the caviar, at the perfume shop when she’d offered him her wrist to smell, in the shoe store, dressed in that little black dress, as she modeled her selections for him, and now – now most of all. Her lips against his, her tongue dancing with his, her teeth lightly grazing his skin, her body pressing against his – it was more than he could take.


“God, Buffy, need you,” Spike moaned against her mouth.


She needed him too.  She needed to feel his palms on her skin, his mouth on her breasts, his hard body against hers, his manhood buried in her heat.  Buffy sat back and began to unbutton Spike’s shirt. Every place her fingers touched his skin seemed to sizzle … Spike thought that he’d see smoke rising from his chest at any moment.  He was already on fire and she was fanning the flames with every move, every touch, every kiss, every look.


Buffy finished unbuttoning his shirt and ran her hands down his hard chest, across his six-pack abs and to his belt – then lower, pressing a palm against his erection through the thin fabric of his dress pants.  A deep rumbling moan escaped Spike’s throat as his head lolled back against the seat and his eyes closed.  Buffy squeezed his cock and fondled his balls through the fabric – he was so hard for her. It made her feel like a star again … his undying desire for her always made her feel sexy and vibrant, no matter what.


Buffy slid down off his lap onto the floor of the limo and undid his belt as well as the hook and zipper of his pants, freeing his cock from its fabric veil.  Spike’s hands tangled in her hair as Buffy flicked her tongue over the tip, tasting his pre-cum then teasing him with butterfly kisses up and down his hard length.  Spike raised his ass up off the seat and Buffy pulled his pants completely off – turning them inside out as she tugged them over his shoes, pulling them off with his trousers, and tossed it all on the floor behind her.  She ran her hands over his well muscled thighs, from his knees to his groin … carefully avoiding his ticklish spot.  There was a time for tickling, but this wasn’t it – she wanted him to moan, she wanted him to scream her name and tell her she was his heaven … that she was his everything.


“Talk to me…” Buffy whispered as she took his cock in her hand and brought it to her lips. She began swirling her tongue around the sensitive glans; teasing and tasting him, then wrapping her lips around his thick rod and nibbling her teeth lightly up and down his length.


“God, Buffy … feel so good, you do.  Fuck! Yes!” he exclaimed, his hips jerking, as she dropped her mouth down fast and the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat.


Spike ran his hands up and down her arms, through her hair, across her shoulders as she licked and sucked his cock and fondled his balls with her hand … and he talked, his voice sounded like liquid gold to her, rich and fluid and hot...


“So hot you are, luv… Buffy, God, pet – what you do to me! Make me crazy, you do! Christ, woman … fuck! Yes, Buffy … Heaven, you are! God, Buffy – Jesus Christ! Oh God! Oh, Bufffffy!” Spike exclaimed, as she sent him over the edge. Unable to hold back, his body tensed and his cum boiled up from his balls and exploded into her mouth, sending stream after stream of his nectar against the back of her throat – so much that she couldn’t swallow it all fast enough and it spilled out of her mouth, covering her lips and chin as she continued to bob and lick and make love to his cock with her mouth.


Buffy smiled around his cock – she loved the way he screamed her name … she loved how she could make him lose control and that she could take him to heaven.  It was her second favorite thing to do … the first being going to heaven and dancing among the stars with him.


Spike pulled her up his body, his hands on her upper arms, and captured her mouth with his. His jizz covered her mouth and mingled with all the other flavors that were there to create a hot, sweet ambrosia the likes of which he’d never tasted before. Spike pulled her against him as he devoured her mouth with his, licking his cum from her skin as his hands wandered down her body, feathering light touches down her sides, across the swell of her breasts and down to the flare of her hips before finding the bare skin of her thighs.  Spike slid his hands under her dress and started back up – lifting the dress up her body as his hands roamed over her soft skin underneath.


Buffy broke the kiss and sat back, raising her arms as Spike lifted the dress off her and tossed it on the floor with his slacks.  Spike fingered her hard nipples through the white lace of her bra and Buffy’s back arched, her head fell back and she moaned loudly.  But she wanted more – she wanted his skin on hers, his fingertips feathering around her hard nipples, his palms stroking her smoldering body.


Buffy reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, letting it fall down her arms before tossing it away, as well. Spike’s mouth engulfed one nipple as his fingers caressed the other. “God, Spike … so good,” Buffy moaned as she ran her fingers through his hair and loosened the hold of his hair gel …releasing his soft curls from their prison. 


“God, Buffy … so beautiful, pet. So bloody beautiful,” Spike declared as he kissed up from her breasts to her collarbone, then her neck, twirling his tongue in slow circles as he went higher and higher until he reached her earlobe.  He nibbled lightly on her ear and his breath tingled against her skin, sending chill bumps racing over Buffy’s body and fire coursing through her veins.


“Spike…” Buffy moaned. “Need you.”


“You have me, luv – forever. You are my everything, Buffy – my world,” Spike murmured against her ear before gracefully turning her and lowering her down on her back onto the bench next to him.  Spike shrugged the rest of the way out of his shirt and then hooked his fingers under the sides of her thong and slid it down her golden legs and off – leaving her new Jimmy Choos on.


Spike lifted her legs up, then started moving his hands down slowly from the sparkling stones on her new shoes to the heaven that awaited him at her core. He wanted to touch every inch of the golden skin on her strong, shapely legs with his hands and lips and he took his time doing so, kissing and licking and stroking her soft skin with his hands and mouth as he worked his way towards paradise. Every soft touch of his lips and hands sent fire burning up and down Buffy's quivering legs and he continued to fan the flames of her desire until she thought her whole body would burst into flames at any moment. Buffy's moans fueled Spike's own desires, making him want her even more, making him ache for her. He loved every inch of her, from her Jimmy Choo clad feet to the shimmering green pools that were her eyes and her golden halo - she was an angel, she was his angel.


When he reached her apex, her scent washed over him like a wave of pure desire and hunger as he lowered her lovely legs over his shoulders and settled between her thighs.  Buffy’s back arched and her whole body tensed and trembled as Spike’s tongue found her clit – twirling and licking and lavishing her sensitive nub with his heavenly mouth.


Buffy’s hands went to her nipples, pulling and stroking them as she felt the edge of heaven approaching … “God, Spike … please, baby!” she begged him and Spike slid one, then two fingers into her dripping hole and sucked down hard on her clit. 


“Fuck yes!!!” Buffy exclaimed as her body convulsed and her spirit soared off the cliff and directly into heaven.  Wave after wave of undiluted bliss washed over her as Spike stroked his fingers in and out of her heat and licked and sucked her clit until the scream that he so loved escaped her throat as the ecstasy became more than her body could hold inside without exploding.


Buffy’s body thrashed and convulsed under him, her pussy walls tightened around his fingers and her cum flowed onto his hand and covered them both as Spike licked it from her slit and pussy lips and his fingers.  She was heaven … she was his heaven and everything about her turned him on and made him love her more every single day – the way she laughed, the way she ate, the way she looked at the world – her passion, her desire, her spirit. Buffy was like no one he’d ever known before and would never know again – of that he was certain. He still wondered what he had done to deserve the love of this Slayer … this goddess, this passionate woman.


As Buffy drifted back down from heaven and her body relaxed under him, Spike slid her legs down his sides and moved up over her body, supporting himself on strong arms above her as he dropped soft kisses over her face with silky lips until she opened her eyes.


“Hey, handsome,” Buffy whispered to him, the love he saw in her eyes as she looked into his would’ve surely made his heart melt if not for the Gem of Amarra protecting him.


“Hey, cutie,” Spike replied just as quietly before taking her lips in a gentle, sensuous kiss.


When Spike pulled his lips away and trailed his tongue down her cheek to her neck, Buffy wrapped her arms and legs around his body and whispered, “Make love to me, Spike.”


Suddenly, they heard someone clear their throat … it was Kalani on the intercom. “Sunnydale in fifteen,” he announced.


Buffy’s hands covered her mouth and her eyes went wide. She’d totally forgotten he was up front driving the limo.  “He could hear us!” she whispered to Spike.


Spike laughed. “Reckon so – doubt it’s the first time, pet,” he assured her. “I doubt we’ve sullied his virgin ears.”


“Oh God, how embarrassing…” Buffy moaned, covering her face with her hands and shaking her head back and forth in denial.


Spike smiled at her – so cute, she was, still so much like a girl at times – but very much a woman.


“Hey, look at me,” Spike challenged, going down on his elbows and resting his body against hers.  Buffy opened her eyes, looking at him through spread fingers, as if watching a gruesome scene in a horror movie that you didn’t want to see, but couldn’t look away from.


“You are a beautiful, sensuous woman with fire in your veins – it would’ve been embarrassing for me to be back here with ya and he <i>not</i> heard anything, yeah? You don’t want him to think I’m a Nancy Boy, do ya?” Spike asked her as she continued to look at him through her fingers.


Buffy laughed lightly, took a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened them the panic was gone, replaced by a look of love – it seemed to flow out of her soul, through the windows of her eyes and directly to his heart.  “Say that one part again…” Buffy requested, wrapping her arms back around his chiseled back.


“Uhhh…not a Nancy Boy?” Spike teased and Buffy slapped him playfully.


“Nooo, the other part – something about beautiful,” Buffy reminded him.


“Ahhhh …” Spike nodded, as if just realizing what she was talking about. “You are a beautiful, sensuous woman, Buffy Anne Summers-Weckerly. Where other people have blood in their veins, you have fire … desire, passion. You are my heaven, my earth, my everything.”


Buffy raised her head up and kissed his lips softly – how did he always know the right thing to say to make any situation better?


When the kiss broke, Spike reached over and pushed the intercom button. “Hey, mate, drive around another hour … got a Benjamin in it for ya,” Spike said to Kalani.


“Take your time … make it two,” Kalani replied – he didn’t have anywhere else to go tonight anyway; he could handle an extra fifty bucks for driving around aimlessly for a couple of hours – he didn’t have to pay for the gas this thing sucked up.


Buffy smiled and tightened her thighs around Spike’s waist … two more hours of heaven.


Spike caught a glimpse of Buffy in the mirrored ceiling of the limo – with the fairy lights reflecting all around her, it looked like she was floating in the stars – which was exactly where he planned on taking her.


Spike kissed her again, his tongue probing deeply into her mouth, swirling around her tongue – first giving, then taking, as her tongue joined his in the silent dance.  Spike shifted his hips and guided his hard cock into her tight, wet channel, never breaking the kiss. He slid in slowly; fighting his own urges to go fast, to be buried in her heat with one hard stroke… he wanted her to enjoy every delicious inch as he pushed into her.


Buffy fought her own urges to keep from thrusting her own hips up against Spike – he was going slowly – his cock stretching and filling her bit by naughty bit and driving her completely insane with desire.  The fire that Spike said was in her veins seemed to escape and burn over her whole body … then chill bumps sprang up and raced up and down her sizzling skin making her feel alive with contradictions; hot and cold, sweet and sour, good and wickedly impish all at one time.


Buffy moaned as he pressed deeper and deeper into her core until Spike’s cock was buried to the hilt in her and he stopped moving. Spike brushed some stray hair back from her face with his fingertips as their eyes bore into each other – down past their brains and conscious thoughts, past even their hearts and directly into the other’s soul – into their life force, their spirit.  Had they been one person eons ago and had Zeus actually severed their soul in half? Had they been searching for each other since then? How many seemingly random circumstances had to converge to bring them together in this lifetime?  How many lifetimes had their souls lived before this without finding each other? Neither could fathom that now, now that they knew what it was to be one, living without the other would be worse than death.


Spike began to move his hips, pulling out just as slowly as he’d pressed into her. Her body felt like nirvana – like a physical manifestation of joy and elation and rapture all wrapped into one beautiful package. But it wasn’t just that, he knew – there were many beautiful women in the world – it was Buffy’s heart and spirit that made her so different than all the rest. Her physical beauty was breathtaking, but her inner beauty was what captured his heart and completed his soul.


Spike and Buffy kept the slow, unhurried rhythm of their lovemaking going for what seemed hours … it felt so good, so right. The feel of skin against skin, soft against hard, body against body continued to lift them both higher and higher as their muscles worked, flexing and relaxing … pushing and pulling – lifting their souls to the sky. Whispered words of love and longing flowed easily from their lips … there was no thought to them, just feeling – no one else existed in the world in these moments, just their love.


As the desire in their bodies grew and bloomed, their rhythm quickened until their hips were slamming together, flesh slapping against flesh as Spike drove his cock hard and deep into Buffy’s hot channel.  Buffy’s hips rose up to meet him as she clung to his back with her arms and the sharp heels of her new shoes dug into the flesh of his ass and thighs, which only made him thrust into her harder. 


Spike roared like a lion as he slammed into her with all his strength and his cum coated Buffy’s pussy walls as her body convulsed and tightened under and around him, her body engulfed in the flames of her own orgasm. Their whispers changed to cries of rapture … shouting each other’s name and screaming in bliss as they both reached the peak of the highest mountain and soared off.  They flew without wings – dipping and diving then riding another wave of pleasure up, up – up past the clouds until they were one with the deep blue sky above.  They clung to each other as their spirits climbed and fell and then rose back again – soaring above the earth, above the noise and the clamor of life, up into the heavens where there was nothing but warmth and golden light and each other’s love.


Spike collapsed down onto Buffy’s body, unable to support himself above her any longer, as their spirits floated softly back down to earth. She was breathing hard, trying to find enough air to keep her body going one more minute as she clung to Spike, wrapping her arms tightly around his back and pulling him against her.


Neither one could think or talk or even moan for the longest time as they lay in silent contentment, listening to the sound of the highway play a steady rhythm under the wheels of the limo.  Finally, Spike lifted up enough to look into Buffy’s eyes … she moved her arms up from his back and folded them gently around his neck.


“I love you, Spike,” Buffy whispered to him and Spike dropped his forehead gently against hers.


“I love you too, Buffy,” he whispered back before dropping a sweet kiss on her lips.


As they both regained use of their limbs, Buffy reached towards her champagne glass, but couldn’t quite get it, so Spike reached across the aisle for her … but in his weakened state, he lost his balance and tumbled down onto the floor between the bench seats and the bar, pulling Buffy with him.


“Bloody hell…” he muttered, unaccustomed such a graceless dismount.


Buffy laughed as she landed on top of him – she could reach her glass now, so that was a plus! She turned over, still on top of Spike, putting her back against his chest, and took a deep drink of the sweet, bubbly liquid.  Spike looked up and saw her reflection in the mirror above them again … to him she looked like an angel coming down from heaven – a very sexy, slightly rumpled, and thirsty angel.


Buffy looked up and saw it too … but frowned because she couldn’t see Spike in it.  Buffy poured more champagne and offered it to Spike then pushed the button that opened the roof.  Soon, they were traveling under the stars and moon. Buffy laid back against Spike’s chest, her head resting on his shoulder, her soft hair fanned out across his hard chest, and he wrapped his arms around her as they both gazed up at the night sky. 


This is what she’d wanted from the beginning of the day … to lay in Spike’s arms and watch the stars pass by. Wasn’t it funny how life seemed to make full circles? Sometimes the circles were long and the road traveled was hard; other times, like today, the circle completed quickly with only good times and laughter along the path.


Neither knew what lay ahead for them – what obstacles they would face, but it was a comfort to think that, no matter how long the road, no matter how steep the mountain they had to climb, that eventually the circle would complete and they would find their little piece of heaven again – under the stars in each other’s arms, in each other’s hearts and souls forever.


** The End ** 


I’ll Be Loving You Forever, Westlife



I'll be loving you forever,
Deep inside my heart you'll leave me never,
Even if you took my heart,
And tore it apart,
I would love you still, forever,

You are the sun,
You are my light,
And you're the last thing on my mind,
Before I go to sleep at night,
You're always round,
When I'm in need,
When trouble's on my mind,
You put my soul at ease,

There is no one in this world,
Who can love me like you do,
That is the reason that I,
Wanna spend forever with you,

I'll be loving you forever,
Deep inside my heart you leave me never,
Even if you took my heart,
And tore it apart,
I would love you still, forever,

We've had our fun,
We've made mistakes,
But who'd have guessed along that road,
We'd learn to give and take,
It's so much more than I could have dreamed,
Cause you make loving you, so easy for me,

There is no one in this world,
Who can love me like you do,
That is the reason that I,
Wanna spend forever with you,

I'll be loving you forever,
Deep inside my heart you leave me never,
Even if you took my heart,
And tore it apart,
I would love you still, forever,

And girl I pray you leave me, never,

Cause this is the world, where lovers often go astray,
But if we love each other, we won't go that way,
So put your doubts aside,
Do what it takes to make it right,
I love you, forever, no-one can tear us apart,

I'll be loving you forever, (forever)
Deep inside my heart you leave me never,
Even if you took my heart, (took my heart girl)
And tore it apart, (you tore it apart now)
I would love you still, forever,
And I'll be loving you forever, (forever)
Deep inside my heart you leave me never,
Even if you took my heart, (you took my heart girl)
And tore it apart, (you tore it apart now)
I would love you still, forever,
I'll be loving you forever,
Deep inside my heart you leave me never,
Even if you took my heart,
And tore it apart,
I would love you still, forever

Author's Notes:

January, 2011: I will have more in this universe, but it may be a few weeks. Keep checking back or email me here and I can let you know when updates are done.  Thanks so much for reading! I really love hearing from you, so drop me a note - it's like a limo ride with Spike for my soul!  {{grin}}

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