Alternate Universe: Unexpected
Chapter Title: The Gem of Amarra: Freckle Boy
Time line:

Currently: November 2003

Buffy's about 6 months pregnant.



Annie turned four last February.

Buffy and Spike have been married four years.

Buffy turned 22 years old in January.

All the Potentials were endowed with full Slayer power in February 2003.

Buffy and Spike learned of the other dimensions in May, 2003 - about 6 months ago.


Someone's after the Gem of Amarra.  Buffy and Spike need to get there first.  How will their lives change if Spike has the power of the Gem of Amarra?

Notes: Thanks so much to PaganBaby for her help with this chapter! Thank goodness she has the ability to keep her head when all about her are losing theirs!
Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.


November 2003:


After dinner, Buffy, Spike, and Annie were playing a game of UNO! at the kitchen table and Annie was cleaning up!  She’d beaten them both four games in a row.  Spike thought she must be cheating, but he couldn’t figure out how she was doing it . . . he briefly thought of taking her to a kitten poker game with him and see how she did at that, but figured, if she did win, she’d want to keep all the bloody kittens as pets


“UNO!” Annie yelled as she got down to her last card (again!) – holding it up proudly for her parents to see just the one card left in her hand. Her big blue eyes danced with amusement and a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth in anticipation of beating her parents five times in a row.


“Bloody hell,” Spike muttered under his breath. He frowned and pretended to drop a card so he could look under the table and see if she was hording cards in her lap or something, but he couldn’t see anything to indicate she was cheating. Bloody lucky little rascal, he thought as he sat back up.  He hated to lose at anything – even UNO! to a four year old – oh, excuse me, a four and a half year old – as Annie reminded him constantly.  He was happy that “half” was the only fraction she knew – otherwise she’d be a four and three-quarter year old!  


Just then, Buffy’s phone rang. “Saved by the bell,” Spike said, dropping his handful of cards into the pile on the table and admitting defeat – again.


“Willow?” Buffy answered, looking at the caller id.  Willow and Tara had left just a few minutes ago to go get supplies at the Magic Shop in town.


“Buffy!  Can you and Spike come down to the Magic Shop?  There’s been an attack . . . the owner’s dead – it was a vampire for sure,” Willow informed her.


“Sure, Wills – we’ll be right there . . . ummm – could you or Tara meet us outside? We’ll have to bring Annie,” Buffy replied as she added her cards to the pile on the table.


“Sure, Buffy – Tara’s outside anyway.  She’s still not comfortable with . . . this stuff,” Willow told her.


This stuff, Buffy thought.  Tara must be the only sane person I know – everyone else is perfectly comfortable with 'this stuff' . . . have been for years. Buffy sighed and shook her head at the thought before telling Willow again that they’d be right there and asked her to call Giles, as well.


Giles had been feeling a little left out lately.  After quitting the Council when Buffy did, he still acted as her unofficial Watcher and co-trustee for the Slayer Trust Fund with Wesley, but unless there was something extraordinary going on that needed researching, there just wasn’t that much for him to do anymore.  She trained with Spike, she patrolled with Spike and, between the two of them, they’d met just about all the different types of demons there were around these parts nowadays.  Since clogging up the Hellmouth with all that Turok-Han dust, the evil quotient in Sunnydale had definitely declined.  Not that she was complaining, but she felt bad for Giles – he seemed so lost. 


At the Magic Shop, Buffy and Spike left Annie outside with Tara before going in to survey the damage in the store. Willow had held off on calling the police until Buffy and Spike had a chance to look around – since the police had what amounted to a snowball’s chance in hell of actually ‘solving’ the murder, anyway.  Giles was already inside when they came in, looking over the inventory books to try and determine what, if anything, may have been taken.


Spike and Buffy examined the body – definitely vampire – no doubt about that.  The scent was vaguely familiar to Spike . . . like he had met this particular vampire before, but he couldn’t quite place it.  He tried mentally listing all the vampires he knew: Angel – no . . . ummm . . . hmmm . . . Bloody hell, is Peaches the ONLY vampire I know? Spike thought harder . . .  Harmony – no, she’s dust down with the army brats – not her scent, anyway. Bugger. I’ve turned into a full-fledged, poofy white hat and don’t even know a single vamp anymore! 


“Good Lord!” Giles exclaimed as he examined the shopkeeper’s books, pulling Spike from his thoughts.  Buffy, Spike and Willow looked expectantly at the Watcher, but Giles was intently studying the book in his hands. 


“Good Lord, what?” Buffy finally asked.


“What?” Giles asked, looking up.  “Oh, yes.  This is extraordinary!  Do you know what the profit margins are on magic supplies?” he asked excitedly.


"Well, if you don’t count dying, probably not bad,” Buffy replied. “This is like the fifth owner to die here in the last six years!  Not great odds, if you ask me.”


“Perhaps, but this is simply unbelievable!” Giles said with excitement usually reserved for a research party.


Buffy rolled her eyes.  “Can you tell us what might have been taken? Maybe it will help narrow down the vamp that did it.”


Giles began looking around the shop and checking the inventory list.  “This is very odd,” he said after a time.  “There seems to be a book missing here . . . a very expensive book written in Latin from the tenth century, “Sanctus Mica Sanguis.”


“WHAT?!!” Spike exclaimed, his voice raising at least three octaves as he said it, sounding like a thirteen year old boy whose voice was just changing.  He walked over to look at what Giles was reading. “Bloody hell,” he muttered, running a hand heavily across his eyes and back through his hair when he confirmed what Giles had said.


“What is it, Spike?” Buffy asked, walking over to him.


“The Gem of Amarra.  That book’s the key to findin’ it,” Spike told them.


“The Gem of Amarra?” Giles asked, looking away from the inventory book and at Spike. “That’s a myth.”


“Sorry to disappoint, Watcher . . . not a myth.  And, it’s right here in the 'valley of the sun' and that book, loosely translated ‘Vampire's Holy Grail’, is the key to findin’ it,”  Spike informed him. “I should know.”


“Why should you know?” Giles pressed Spike.


Buffy answered him with a sigh, “Trust me. He knows.”  Turning to her husband she asked, “Do you remember how you got it before?  Where it was?” referring to their life in the other dimension whose memories still lingered in their minds. 


“Yeah, weeks and weeks of bloody hard diggin’,” Spike answered her, blowing out a long breath at the thought of all that digging – especially without any minions to help him. 


Over the last six months since getting the memories from the other dimension,  Spike had thought more than once of trying to retrieve the Gem of Amarra from its hiding place here in Sunnydale. But there always seemed to be something going on that required his immediate attention – like the nearly three months that he’d spent at the Coven’s safe house training with the new Slayers and then there was that psycho Slayer Dana and all the other day to day beasties that seemed to pop up unannounced.


The thought of trying to tunnel into the crypt without any help was daunting, as well.  He really wanted to make up for the time he’d spent away from Buffy and Annie when he was at the Coven earlier this year, so spending hours and hours every day tunneling into the crypt that held the gem fell further down his priority list. 


Spike never thought that another vamp would ever find the book that was the key to its location - so he didn't think waiting would pose a threat.  In the other dimension, he had only found it by random chance down in South America after Dru left him.  He had wandered in a drunken daze into a small magic shop in a back water town looking for a love spell and found it buried under a pile of books in the back corner of the shop. If his Latin had been any rustier, or if he had been any more drunk, he wouldn’t have given it a second glance, but the word “sanguis” on the worn spine of the book was the giveaway. Blood = Vampire.  How, in this dimension, it could have gotten from that shop in South America, to this one, here in Sunnydale, was a mystery. 


“Well, maybe Xander can get some heavy equipment from his job site and, if you can remember exactly where it was, he can figure some way to reach the crypt faster,” Buffy suggested, half thinking aloud.


“PLEASE STOP!” Giles exclaimed, holding his free hand up.  “You’re telling me the Gem of Amarra exists and it’s right here in Sunnydale?”


Buffy and Spike nodded with solemn looks at Giles.


“And we need to find it before whoever did this,” Buffy waved her hand in the direction of the dead shopkeeper, “does.”


“Indeed. The Gem of Amarra, if legend is correct, in the wrong hands could be quite dangerous. It’s the source of enormous power – making the vampire that has it undefeatable,” Giles agreed before turning his attention back to the inventory book for the store and the amazing profit margins it had.


“Well, not completely undefeatable . . .” Buffy said softly, looking at Spike and rolling her eyes.  Spike shrugged and turned his attention back to the scent of the vampire that had killed the shopkeeper.  He just couldn’t place it.  Whoever it was, he was sure that it would certainly be the “wrong hands” for the Gem to be in. 




Buffy, Spike and Xander walked around near the UC Sunnydale campus later that night until Spike finally got his bearings and showed Xander exactly where the crypt was that held Gem of Amarra. 


“You’re sure?” Xander asked Spike for the third time.


Spike rolled his eyes.  “YESSSS, Harris, I’m bloody well sure!  It’s right under here.”  Spike waved his arm around an area of green lawn across the street from the college.  “’Bout fifteen feet square, I’d wager.  Not really sure how deep it is; I tunneled into it from underneath . . .”


“It wasn’t too deep,” Buffy supplied. “You caused a huge cave in – opened a big sink hole in the road over there with your tunneling.” 


“OK,” Xander said.  “Tomorrow’s Saturday, so I should be able to get a back-hoe over here at dusk and start digging. I just hope no one notices and calls the cops or something . . .”


“Who’s gonna call the cops on a construction crew, Xand?”  Buffy asked him. “They’ll just be thankful that you’re not IN THE ROAD slowing down traffic!”


Xander shrugged and hoped that she was right.  He could get in a lot of trouble taking equipment off the job site and then digging a huge hole on what was probably private property and, with the baby on the way, he couldn’t afford to lose his job now.




Buffy and Spike were both right about the crypt that held the Gem of Amarra.  The following evening Xander only had to dig down about six feet with the back-hoe that he’d borrowed from his job site to find the top of the crypt.  He punched a small hole in it and Spike dropped down into the crypt to retrieve the ring that held the gem.  Bypassing all the other jewels and treasures in the crypt, he took only the ring, the Gem of Amarra, and climbed back up and out of the crypt. 


Giles was disappointed that they couldn’t all spend some time in the crypt cataloging and retrieving the various artifacts.  Certainly, if the Gem of Amarra was in this crypt, there may be other historically or magically significant items there as well – artifacts that could be of use to them in the future – or, at the very least, that should be preserved in a museum. But they needed to get in and out quickly to keep whoever owned the property that the crypt was on from discovering them and possibly getting Xander in serious trouble for “borrowing” the equipment.  


Xander covered the small hole in the top of the crypt with a sheet of heavy metal, then spread the dirt back across the hole he’d dug – leveling it out perfectly.  The only evidence they’d been there when he was all done was the bare dirt where there once was grass – but that would grow back soon enough. Xander breathed a sigh of relief when he got the back-hoe back to his job site without any complications.  Even though he was foreman, it still wouldn’t look good to be using the company’s equipment for “personal” use.  He was pretty sure that his bosses wouldn’t buy the excuse that he was helping save the world from evil . . . again.




Spike slid the ring on.  He didn’t feel any different with it on, but he knew that he was; everything changed with the Gem of Amarra.  Sunlight and stakes were no longer a threat; even fire  - so deadly to him before, he knew, wouldn’t be an issue.  He wasn’t too sure about  beheading . . . he didn’t really want to test the theory that the ring would make him truly invincible against everything.  


Spike rose early the next morning and slipped silently out of their bed, careful not to wake Buffy.  He pulled on his PJ bottoms and left their room, went downstairs and out the garden door.  He could feel the sunrise tingling down his spine as he ascended the stairs out of the garden to the street. When he got to the top of the stairs, he turned to face the sunrise and waited.  He watched the sun as it rose over the tops of the trees; watched its rays, deadly to him without the ring, creep slowly towards him and then up his body until he was engulfed in its warmth and light.  He closed his eyes and just let the feeling of the sun washing over him fill him with pleasure; he hadn’t had the sun’s rays on his body in so very long, he’d forgotten what it felt like.  The only thing that resembled it was Buffy’s body against his – warming his skin and making him feel like part of the world, again.  Like a creature of the light rather than the creature of the dark that he was.   


Spike was so lost in his thoughts and just feeling the sun on his skin, he didn’t hear Buffy when she walked up behind him.  Spike jumped slightly when Buffy wrapped her arms around his waist and dropped a soft kiss on one bare shoulder-blade before she leaned her body against his back.  Spike laid his hands on hers and closed his eyes again with a sigh, the sun warming his front and she warming his back . . . it was something that only happened in their dreams.


After a few minutes, Buffy said, “Why don’t we go back up to Big Sur this week?”  She so wanted Spike to see the beautiful coastline between L.A. and Big Sur in the daylight; and now it was possible. 


“Sounds wonderful,” Spike said as he turned in her arms and kissed her before wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight.  He still couldn’t imagine what he’d ever done to deserve her love, but he was grateful everyday for it. 




Spike left his duster at home and even changed from his normal black, sleeved t-shirt to a white sleeveless tank top for the trip up the PCH to Big Sur. He wanted to feel as much sun on his skin as he could, but he stopped short of putting on shorts . . . that was just a little too "nancy boy" for his image. 


Buffy leaned against Spike’s back and wrapped her arms around his waist as they rumbled up the coast on the Harley.  They stopped even more frequently on this trip than they did the last.  Every scenic overlook seemed even more “scenic” than the last and they just couldn’t resist stopping and taking it all in.  Even when they vowed to NOT pull over until they’d gone at least ten miles, it seemed that there was something that just begged to be seen, and the promise of less stopping went out the window.  It didn’t matter, though – they would get to their destination when they got there . . . this was too beautiful to pass by now that they could both see it and share it with each other in the light of day. 


When nightfall finally came, it was easier to just keep going. They decided they could see the last part of the PCH on the way back, and Spike sped up the coast to their destination. He was anxious to get Buffy back in that hot tub at “their” cabin and on that big bed that overlooked the ocean.  This time, their excursions to the ocean or the river or the forest could take place in the daytime. They were both looking forward to the new things they’d discover, and the new places they’d find, in the daylight.




Buffy and Spike were walking leisurely along a small path that wound through the redwoods.  The trees were magnificent; huge, prehistoric specimens that simply boggled the mind with their age.  If they could talk, these trees could tell quite a story of how the world had changed in the last five centuries – after all, some of them had been here to witness it.


Spike stopped and listened carefully . . . turning his head one way then the other to determine exactly where the sound was coming from.


“What?” Buffy whispered as she stopped behind him, looking around to try and see what it was he was listening to.


“This way,” Spike said, as he started walking again, venturing off the path and into the underbrush.


“Ummm, excuse me, Indiana Jones, but there’s no path there,” Buffy said, folding her arms across her chest and standing firm on the path they’d been traveling on. 


“What’s the matter, Slayer?  Afraid of a little cross country travel?” Spike teased as he blazed a new trail through the weeds and vines.  “Do not follow where the path may lead,” he said. “Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”


Buffy’s brow furrowed in thought . . . Did he just make that up? No . . . not possible, she assured herself.  “Ok, Shakespeare, lead on.  But if we find a mountain lion or a bear, I’m leavin’ your lily white ass with it.”   


Spike shook his head. How could she have possibly graduated high school and taken at least one college literature course and thought that was Shakespeare?  “Emerson, luv,” he said over his shoulder as he continued stomping out a new trail.


“Huh?” Buffy asked, following a ways behind him.


“Not Shakespeare. Emerson . . . Ralph Waldo Emerson,” Spike informed her. “American poet and transcendentalist.


“He musta not have been a very good poet if he had to take up being a dentist to make a living,” Buffy replied. 


Spike stopped and turned around to look at her.  His mouth opened and closed several times as he tried to decide whether to tell her a “transcendentalist” was not a bloody “dentist.”   Finally, he just shook his head, shut his mouth, turned back around and kept going. “Don't they teach anythin' in school anymore?” he muttered under his breath. 


“Where in the world are we going, anyway, Waldo?” Buffy asked as she caught up with Spike.


“It’s a surprise,” Spike said as he continued stomping the undergrowth down.


Normally Buffy wasn’t crazy about surprises, but somehow Spike always seemed to find really nice ones . . . like the underground hot springs at the Coven’s safe house.  Buffy smiled at the memory and followed him closer as he made his way through the forest.


“Ok, stop,” Spike said after about fifteen minutes of trailblazing through the woods. “Stay here,” he told her – holding one palm up like a crossing guard trying to stop traffic.


Buffy stopped and rolled her eyes, but stayed put as he asked while he went ahead.  Within a couple of minutes he came back. “Ok, close your eyes and follow me,” he told her.


“How am I supposed to do that?” Buffy asked with a hint of impatience.


“Slayer,” he said pointing to her.  “Vampire,” he said, pointing to himself.  “Now, close your eyes and follow me.”


Buffy rolled her eyes again but did as he asked.  In fact, it wasn’t hard to follow him at all.  Even without his presence tingling down her spine, he was stomping through the weeds and vines like an elephant.  After a couple of minutes Buffy heard what sounded like water running . . . perhaps they were near the river. That must be what Spike heard back on the trail.


Spike stopped her and covered her eyes with his hand as he stepped behind her. “Ready for your surprise, luv?” he asked.  She could hear the water now and it was loud; it was more than just the river; it had to be a waterfall, she realized.  Buffy nodded her head and Spike removed his hand from in front of her eyes. “Open your eyes,” he whispered in her ear. 


When Buffy opened her eyes she was met with the sight of a lovely waterfall that plunged down into a crystal clear pool of blue-green water.  They were standing up high on a ridge above the pool on the opposite side from the waterfall.  The pool was surrounded by large boulders and trees making it look like a private oasis made just for them.  The sun was high in the sky, allowing them to see all the way to the white sand bottom.


“God, it’s beautiful, Spike,” Buffy said, smiling.  “How did you know it was here?”


“Didn’ know . . . heard the waterfall and thought I’d take a chance,” he told her. “I think we’ll call it ‘Heaven’s Gate’.  Whaddya think?” he asked her as he nuzzled her neck, drawing small circles on her hot skin with his tongue.


“Mmmmm . . .” Buffy moaned as she tilted her head to the side and raised one hand up to lightly stroke his cheek. “Sounds heavenly.”


Still standing behind her, Spike slid his hands under her tank top and lifted it up over her head and off her arms. Dropping his mouth back to her neck, he trailed his tongue down her spine, sending small electrical shocks out to all parts of Buffy’s body. When his mouth reached the clasp of her white lace bra, he unhooked it and pushed the straps down her arms so his tongue could continue its journey down her spine. When his mouth reached the waistband of her shorts, he slid his hands under the elastic and pushed them, along with her thong, down her golden legs and she stepped out of them, kicking her shoes off at the same time.


Buffy turned around to face him, sliding her hands up and under the tank top he wore, lifting it off and dropping it to the ground.  She smiled at the sight of his body as the sun danced over his skin, accentuating the ripples of muscle of his chest and abs.  She couldn’t resist running her hands over his soft skin – such a contradiction to the hard muscles that it covered.


“I wonder if you’ll freckle,” Buffy asked as she lowered her hands to his belt and tugged it loose. 


Spike smirked.  “Will you still love me if I do?” he asked her, his voice deep with his desire for her.


Buffy tilted her head and furrowed her brow as if in deep thought before answering. “Well, I guess I could live with it.  It would be a hardship, no doubt . . . but as the Chosen One, I’m used to making these kinds of sacrifices - for the greater good, of course.”  


Buffy smiled at him and caught his soft lips in a kiss as her hands continued working on unbuttoning his jeans.  Spike ran his hands up and down her arms and back with feather touches, raising chill bumps on her skin, despite the unseasonably warm air and bright sunshine.  Buffy moaned into his mouth as she slid her hands under his jeans and pushed them down, allowing his hard cock to spring out of its confines and press against her.


Spike kicked out of his boots and jeans as Buffy pulled away from the kiss and dropped down to her knees in front of him.  Holding his rod in her hand she swirled her hot, wet tongue around the swollen head, tasting his pre-cum and teasing him with light touches of her tongue and lips on his sensitive skin. 


Spike moaned and tangled his hands in her long, golden hair as he watched her.  He loved how her hair looked in the sunshine, now he could be with her in the light and actually feel it – warm and glowing in his hands. He let it fall through his fingers. Like the water falling over the cliff behind them, her hair flowed freely, softly through his fingers as Buffy licked up and down his hard length.  Her tongue darted in and out of her lips, barely touching him as she moved her mouth from the tip of his cock down to his balls. She took them in one hand, caressing them softly, before sucking one of his jewels into her hot mouth and twirling her tongue all over it. 


“Christ!” Spike exclaimed as he watched her mouth move from one to the other of his balls, giving them both equal treatment. He held her hair to the side so he could see her lovely mouth as it sucked and licked his balls and then started nibbling with her teeth and lips back up his hard length.  When Buffy reached the head again, she sucked it into her mouth, hollowing her cheeks and swirling her tongue all around his cock. 


“Fuck!” Spike exclaimed as she sucked down on him, his hands now hopelessly tangled in her hair, as she took more and more of his length into her hot mouth.  Buffy put her hands around his slim hips and clamped onto his bare ass cheeks as she started bobbing her head up and down his cock, taking as much of his length into her mouth as she possibly could.  She controlled his hips with her hands on his ass, pulling him to her when she went down and pulling him away when she pulled back. 


Spike closed his eyes and just let the feeling of her hot mouth and tongue engulfing him flow through his whole body . . . the sun on his back warmed him and made him feel again like he really was a man . . . a man that belonged in the light . . . not a monster that lived in the dark. 


“Chirst, Buffy . . . Yes . . . Jesus . . . yes . . . Fuck . . . so bloody good . . . Buffy . . . so hot . . . God . . yes . . yes . . . .fuck! YESSSSS!” Spike exclaimed as she slammed his length harder and harder into her mouth, sucking him fiercely and hitting the back of her throat with the head of his cock.


“Buffy!! Christ woman!! YESSSSSSSS!!” he screamed as he felt his balls tighten and that familiar surge build to the boiling point.  Spike came with a loud growling roar as Buffy continued pumping him into her hot mouth . . . his cum filling her mouth to overflowing as she tried to swallow it all down. 


She loved the power she had over him . . . she loved to make him scream her name and lose control.  She smiled slightly around his cock as the memory of the very first time she’d done this crossed quickly through her mind.  “Nectar of the Gods,” Spike had told her . . . Nectar of the Gods, indeed, she thought as she licked the last of his cum from his cock and released her hold of his ass as she pulled off him. 


Still smiling she looked up at his expressive face. Spike’s face showed every emotion that he was feeling; if you just paid attention, you could almost read his mind just by watching his face.  Now there was a look of complete rapture on it, pure love and pleasure, and it was all for her. 


Spike pulled her up to him and captured her lips in a hungry kiss, licking the small drops of cum that had escaped her mouth off her skin before his tongue delved into her, tasting himself in her hot mouth. 


“God, I love you,” he murmured against her lips. 


“I love you too, freckle boy,” Buffy said with a smile, pulling back to look in his eyes. 


“Butch and Sundance it with me . . .” she said, her eyes dancing as she tilted her head towards the pool of water below them. 


“Don’t think Butch ever went down on Sundance, luv.  Would put a whole new spin on the legend, though,” Spike smirked as he grabbed her hand. They both took off running towards the edge and jumped as far as they could out into the clear water below.  It wasn’t nearly as high as the cliff they’d jumped off of in Mexico, but it was high enough to make them both scream out in joy and excitement as they fell towards the surface of the cool water. 


Buffy’s feet hit the sand on the bottom of the pool and she pushed off and back up to the surface.  She surfaced with a laugh and looked around for Spike, but he hadn’t surfaced yet.  Buffy spun around in place as she tread water and finally saw him swimming on the bottom, heading in her direction.  “Not gonna dunk me this time, buster,” she said aloud as she watched him approach from underneath her.  “I can seeee yooouu,” she sing-songed, more to herself than to him, as he started up from the bottom towards her. 


When Spike turned towards the surface she could see the devilish smirk on his face; she acted like she didn’t see him until he got nearly to her.  Then she quickly did a dolphin dive down towards him, kicking her feet in the air as she descended right at him, surprising him.  She grabbed one arm and, flipping around quickly, she kicked her feet in a scissor kick and pulled him back to the surface with her. 


“Not so stealthy in the light of day, freckle boy,” she smiled at him when they were both at the surface again.  Spike smirked again and pulled her to him, capturing her lips in a soft kiss. 


“You know me too well, pet.  Guess I better change my ways . . .” he murmured against her skin as he moved his mouth to the sensitive spot behind her ear. “Better stop doin’ this, for example,” he said, twirling his tongue on that spot which he knew drove Buffy crazy.  Buffy moaned and tilted her head to the side, pulling her hair away from her neck to give him free access to her golden skin.  “And this . . .” he murmured, as he circled his fingers around one hard nipple before pinching and pulling on it lightly under the cool water, making her back arch and her head fall back. “And definitely better stop doin' this . . .” he continued, moving his hand down her body, across her swollen belly to her mound and slipping a finger between her outer lips to find her aching clit, causing her to buck her hips against him.


“Stop and die,” she whispered to him, as she wrapped her arms and legs around him and took his lips in a hungry kiss as he continued to tread water, keeping them both afloat. Buffy pulled and sucked his bottom lip into her mouth before darting her tongue between his lips, tasting and teasing him with it, as she explored his tongue with hers.  Spike smiled against her lips, yeah, she knew him too well . . . but he knew her, too – every inch of skin, every spot that drove her crazy . . . every moan, every shudder . . . he knew them and loved them all.  He could never get enough of making her skin tingle, her heart race and her body writhe in utter bliss from his touch.  It gave him as much pleasure to make her cum as it gave her . . . he loved it when she screamed in ecstasy, when he knew he’d taken her to heaven.


Spike pulled away from her, grabbed her hand and started swimming towards the waterfall.  He wasn’t sure, but he thought he saw a ledge behind the waterfall that would be just perfect for them.  Buffy allowed him to pull her along, kicking her feet to help keep up as he swam across the clear water with her in tow.  She wasn’t sure where he was heading, but she really did know him well . . . she knew it would be another wonderful surprise – that’s just how Spike’s surprises always seemed to be. 


As they approached the waterfall, they dove under the surface and went down as far as they could under the pounding water and then back up to the surface on the back side of it.  Spike smiled . . . a perfectly smooth ledge, just a couple of feet behind the pounding waterfall, greeted them.  “Heaven awaits, m’ lady,” he said giving her a boost up out of the water and onto the cool stone surface before following behind her. 


The water falling from above seemed to vibrate the air around them and a fine mist of cool water covered every surface, including their bodies.  Spike leaned into her, pressing Buffy down on her back on the smooth stone as he kissed a trail of goose bumps down from her ear to her nipples. 


Twirling his tongue around one dark areola before sucking her nipple softly into his mouth, elicited a moan from Buffy as she ran her hands through his soft, wet curls and down his shoulders.  Spike gave equal treatment to her other breast before running his tongue down her body to her belly button.  He stopped and circled it with his tongue . . . listening contentedly to the strong heartbeat of their growing baby just under it. Spike sighed and kissed her belly before trailing down further to her hot, wet apex. 


He lifted her legs and draped them over his shoulders as he dropped down to his stomach between them.  Spreading her outer lips with one hand to revel her quivering, pink quim. He licked her juices as they ran down from her slit towards her ass, lingering with his tongue around her tight ass and teasing the sensitive skin there before delving his tongue deep into her burning womanhood.


“Oh God!” Buffy moaned when Spike entered her with his tongue as her hips tilted and lifted towards his heavenly mouth of their own volition.  Spike darted his tongue in and out of her heat as he teased her clit lightly with one finger.


“Spike . . . God . . . feels so good . . .” Buffy moaned to him as he teased her with feather touches. Another finger found its way to her puckered ass and rubbed lightly across the sensitive skin there.  Buffy’s hands let go of Spike’s hair and went to her body, running her fingertips up and down her sides and across her breasts and nipples in touches that mimicked the soft teasing that Spike was doing to her with his fingers and tongue.


“Jesus . . . yes . . . baby . . . Oh, God . . . fuck . . . Spike . . . yes . . . yes . . . oh baby . . .” Buffy could feel her orgasm building as Spike teased her most sensitive spots and her words came faster and louder as the feeling of floating on a cloud rolled over her, out from her core through her torso and to each limb.


“Aaaaaaggghhh  . . . GOD YESSS!” she screamed as her body began to shudder under his touch, her back arched up off the cool stone and her legs tightened around his head as her hips bucked up against him. 


Spike pulled his tongue out of her and quickly replaced it with two fingers when he felt her orgasm starting.  He took her clit between his lips and sucked and licked it as he pumped his fingers hard in and out of her burning cunt.  He growled deeply against her bundle of nerves and sent her over the edge as she pulled and twisted her nipples harder, still matching his touches. 


Buffy’s words degenerated into screams on each exhale, and, when the full force of her orgasm hit her, changed to a long, ear piercing scream of release.  It felt like the sound, if not allowed to escape her body, would explode within her and shatter her into a million bliss-filled pieces. 


Spike kept pumping her, adding another finger to her dripping hole and slamming into her hard and fast . . . trying to carry her away, like a feather on the wind . . . up and up and up higher yet. 


Buffy had no sooner started back down from her first orgasm than she felt the next one building right behind it.  “YESSSS!  HARDER!! YES, SPIKE!  FUCK ME!” she screamed at him, writhing and bucking against him as the feeling returned to her groin and started flowing out across her body again. 


“YES!  SPIKE . . . YESSSSS!” she screamed as he pumped her hard with his fingers.


Spike thought he was going to explode himself as she continued to cum under him. Her juices flowed out onto his fingers and hands and down her ass – overwhelming him with her sweet aroma.  Spike pulled out of her and quickly repositioned himself onto his knees, pulling her hips up off the stone to meet his thick, hard cock.   He slammed into her with one hard thrust and sent her back over the edge into heaven with another long scream as her hips thrust back against him and she took him in completely. 


Spike started pumping into her, hard and fast, watching Buffy’s face as she gasped for air and seeing pure the rapture there as she screamed out on each exhale . . . unable to get enough oxygen in her lungs to do more, as he carried them both higher and higher.


YES . . . SPIIIKKE!” she finally managed as yet another wave of bliss passed through her body and she shuddered and bucked against him. Her inner muscles gripped his cock with power that would’ve been painful to anyone other than another warrior as her orgasm overtook her. 


“BUFFY! GOD YES!  SO FUCKING TIGHT!  FUCK!!” Spike screamed.  He felt like his blood was boiling in his veins as he pumped into her harder and faster, slamming his pubic bone against her clit and sending more and more waves of pleasure out to all parts of her body. 


As another orgasm slammed into her, Buffy drew a deep breath, unable to control even her own breathing. Her body sucked more and more oxygen into her lungs as she flew through the clouds until the feeling of bliss overwhelmed her entire body. The scream of finding absolute heaven started deep within her, escaped her throat and, if not for the waterfall dissipating it, threatened to be heard all the way back in L.A. Her back arched up off the stone and she grabbed hard onto Spike’s thighs in an effort to get even more of him within her, to get even closer to his body.


“YES BUFFY!  Cum for me! GOD YES!  BUFFY! ARRRGGHHH!” Spike screamed as she convulsed and writhed under him, digging her nails into his thighs and bucking against his hips. His roar of release joined her screams as his cum shot deep into her core.  He kept pumping into her, his cum filling her and spilling out, running down her ass and covering his balls as they slapped hard against her with each thrust.


When he felt her grip on his thighs relax and her body’s convulsions ease down to small shudders under him, Spike pressed his spent cock into her one last time and stopped, just reveling in the feeling of her heat around him and the beauty of her body in the sunlight. 


Sun beams shone through the waterfall and danced small rainbows across their bodies as he leaned forward and dropped a soft kiss on Buffy’s lips.  Buffy opened her eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled up at him.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and rolled them both slowly to the side, keeping him buried in her as he went down onto the stone ledge beside her. 


Buffy traced the rainbows on Spike’s skin with her fingers as they lay together in a comfortable, happy silence behind the roaring waterfall. He watched her eyes as they moved over his body, following the dancing colors on his skin and smiled to himself; she was such a contradiction.  A strong, brave, smart, passionate woman but still filled with the humor and wonder and heart of a girl.  He loved all her contradictions . . . all the sides of her and it made him wonder again what he’d done to deserve her love. 


Give all to love; obey thy heart,” she whispered, meeting his eyes with hers and stilling her fingers on his skin. “I love you, Spike.”


Spike tilted his head, which he had propped up in one hand, and considered her words.  Certainly she hadn’t just made that up.  “I love you too, Shakespeare,” he replied.


“Emerson,” she corrected him, smiling. “Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet and transcendentalist.”


Spike laughed. Yes, she most definitely was a bundle of contradictions.


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