Alternate Universe: Unexpected
Story Title: I Run to You
Chapter Title:


Time line:

August, 2004 - September, 2004



Joshua "JJ" Harris was born on April 21st, 2004

The twins (Danielle, "Dani" and William, "Billy") were born on February 12th, 2004

Annie turned five on February 14th (she was born in 1999)

Spike and Buffy have been married five years in February. (seems longer, doesn't it?)

Buffy turned 23 on January 19th.


All the Potentials were endowed with full Slayer power in February 2003.

Buffy and Spike learned of the other dimensions in May, 2003.



An end of summer getaway ...


Notes: Heartfelt thanks to my "ET" and wonderful Beta, PaganBaby, for her wonderful suggestions, much needed corrections and always appreciated encouragement!!  


Music Referenced:

Masterpiece, Atlantic Starr


I Run to You, Lady Antebellum



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Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Sexual content.

Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.

Saturday, September 4th, 2004 (Labor Day Weekend):


The gang (Willow, Tara, Xander, Anya, JJ, as well as Buffy, Spike and the kids) were spending Labor Day weekend at the beach. They’d rented a large beach house for the weekend and were celebrating Spike’s ‘Shanshu’ as well as Annie’s last weekend before beginning the next phase of her life – one that will last for the next twelve or more years … student. She was due to start first grade on Tuesday.


The house they’d rented was off the beaten path and had a long stretch of private, white sand beach that they had all to themselves. The house itself, a huge Victorian-inspired home with wide porches, three stories and six bedrooms, was up on a cliff, with a long staircase that led down to the beach, giving both the house and the beach a feeling of complete privacy.


At the end of their first day at the house, the gang decided to try out the seafood restaurant down the road, so they’d all gone back to the house to get ready to go out to dinner. Buffy had just taken the little-bits back to the house to get ready, as well, but Annie had wanted to stay longer – she loved the water and splashed and swam happily in the waves – so Spike stayed with her.  


Annie had on a pink, two-piece, “Little Mermaid”, bikini bathing suit, her skin tanned from her life growing up in the California sun. Spike had on the swimming trunks that Buffy had bought him the last time he’d had the Gem of Amarra, the alabaster skin of his arms, chest, and lower legs in sharp contrast to the golden tan of Annie’s.


Now Annie sat quietly on the sand between Spike’s outstretched legs as they watched the sun dip in the western sky. It amazed him how fast the sun moved, how quickly the sunset seemed to pull the glowing orb down.


“Listen close now …” Spike told Annie as he leaned forward near her ear and pointed to the sun as it came closer and closer to the horizon. “When it hits the water, you’ll hear it … the water will boil and you can hear the steam risin’ from the waves…”


“Really?” Annie asked, her wide eyes glued to the horizon where the sun was getting dangerously close to the water.


“Just listen …” Spike advised her as the sun touched the horizon.


“Can ya hear it?” he asked her and she shook her head, concentrating hard to try and hear the sizzling sun as it hit the water and made the water boil.


“Sssssssssssss,” Spike hissed softly, turning his head to the side a bit to make it sound like it was coming from further away.


“I hear it! I hear it!” Annie exclaimed excitedly, pointing to the sun and looking back at Spike.


“See, I told ya! Time to go back to the house … the water’ll be boilin’ shortly … won’t cool down again ‘til tomorrow.”


“Really?” Annie asked again as they watched the sun disappear into the ocean. The sky turned every shade of red and orange until, finally, no part of the sun could be seen above the dark waves, and the color of the sky began to fade back to light blue.


“Would I lie to you? Let’s go, Niblett …” Spike said, as he stood up and lifted her above his head to ride piggy-back on his shoulders.


Spike had to tell her something to get her out of the water and ready to go, she’d swim and play all night, if it were up to her – and he had other plans for the beach tonight, not involving any little-bits. 




About an hour later, when everyone was cleaned up, dressed and ready to go, Tara and Willow each took one of the twins and headed out to the cars with them – followed closely by Xander, Anya and JJ and Annie.  Spike deliberately delayed Buffy until the others were out of the house and gone.


“Hey, where’d everybody go?” Buffy asked as she and Spike walked down the stairs and into the large living room.


“They went to dinner…” Spike explained.


“But … I thought we were all going to dinner,” Buffy said, looking at him with confusion.


“Your reservations are confirmed … in the kitchen,” Spike informed her, waving an arm towards the large gourmet kitchen of the house.


Buffy sighed heavily … she really didn’t feel like cooking. She cooked all the time, it seemed. She was really looking forward to someone waiting on her for a change in an actual sit-down, carpet on the floor, tablecloths on the tables restaurant with silverware made of, well, if not silver, at least something resembling silver, and cloth napkins, and glasses made of glass.


“If you didn’t feel like seafood, you should’ve just said so – I’m sure we could’ve found something else,” she told Spike as she started towards the kitchen to see what she could whip up for them.


Spike smirked and followed behind her.  When she entered the kitchen, Buffy found two glasses of white wine on the white tablecloth covered table, with more chilling nearby. There were two tall, white tapered candles burning on the table and two place settings … actual china plate settings with actual silverware and cloth napkins.


Buffy looked at Spike with confusion as he walked past her and pulled one of the chairs out for her.  “Dinner will be just a few minutes. I think you’ll like the wine, luv – it’s a sweet German Riesling. 1998 was a very good year.”


Buffy scanned the kitchen as she sat down and saw fixings for dinner laid out on the counter near the stove; it looked like shrimp scampi. She could see the angel hair pasta already cooked and draining – a pan with olive oil sat on the stove just waiting for the shrimp.


“Who’s cooking?” she asked looking at Spike with a furrowed brow.


“I am,” Spike told her with a soft smile as he turned away from her and headed over to the stove.


Buffy’s eyebrows shot up. “You are?”


“Don’t sound so surprised. Ya can’t live for bloody ever and not pick up some things along the way…”


Buffy sipped her wine and watched as Spike seared and cooked the shrimp in olive oil then added the garlic, butter, and wine. He finished off with some salt and pepper, then tossed it all in with the drained pasta, making sure it was well mixed. 


“I thought vampires were, you know, allergic to garlic…” Buffy mused from the table.


“Rumors and innuendo started by the Garlic Producers of Transylvania to promote sales…” Spike explained with a smirk, not taking his eyes off his task.


Buffy suppressed a giggle when the thought came to her mind that she should get Spike a ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron for Christmas … then have him wear it, and nothing else, as he cooked her a nice, romantic meal for New Years or her birthday or both.  Spike can cook something other than PB&J … another hidden talent just waiting to be fully explored.


Buffy still had a goofy grin on her face when Spike turned around and headed back to the table with the large platter of shrimp scampi.  He turned off the overhead light as he passed, leaving the kitchen and their table illuminated by only the candles.


“What’s so funny?” he asked as he sat the platter down and took his seat opposite her.


Buffy shook her head and stuck her fork in his creation, bringing one shrimp and some pasta to her mouth to taste it. Spike tilted his head and smiled as he watched her devour the food. 


It was good – more than good, it was excellent! “You can actually cook!” she exclaimed as he began filling her plate with more of the scampi.


“Well, I ate a chef once, something mighta stuck…” Spike smiled as he placed her now full plate back on the table in front of her.


“You’re in big trouble now, mister.”


“Am I, then?” Spike asked with a smirk as he served himself.


“Oh yeah … you’re hired – cook, yardman … uh, arborist, babysitter, and chauffer by day and undercover lover by night.  I’ll just sit back and relax, watch ‘Passions’, paint my nails, and wait for nightfall every day – the life of Riley,” Buffy enthused as she took another bite of the pasta. Buffy “mmmmmm’d” as she closed her eyes and savored all the flavors that exploded in her mouth as she chewed.


“And just what would my job title be, then, pet?” Spike asked as he took a bite of his own food.


“Hmmmm….” Buffy thought, rolling her eyes to the ceiling as if looking for help from above. She dropped her gaze back down to meet his and her expression softened. “Love of my life,” she said softly as she picked up her wine glass and raised it towards him.


Spike picked his glass up. “To finding the perfect occupation,” he toasted and clinked his glass against hers. “It doesn’t pay much, but the fringe benefits are brilliant.”


Buffy laughed as she drank to his toast. Spike never ceased to amaze and surprise her with something. Just when she thought she knew all there was to know about him, he’d do something new and blow her mind again.  That he’d go to all the trouble of getting the others out of the house so they could have this time alone made her heart soar – that’d he’d cook a romantic dinner for her made her heart feel like it had left the atmosphere and was floating happily among the stars.


Spike watched Buffy’s face in the candlelight as she ate his creation and drank her wine.  He loved being able to do things to surprise and please her.  The look of wonder and delight on her face when she realized he was cooking and that it was actually good was something he wouldn’t have taken a million dollars for.  He loved seeing her happy, smiling, laughing – it made his heart expand and filled his soul with a peacefulness that he wasn’t sure he was worthy of, but he cherished it, all the same.


The lovers ate and drank and talked and laughed in the kitchen as if it was their first date; taking pleasure in the company of the other and the wonderful food and wine. The three things complemented each other perfectly, making the meal the best either of them could ever remember having.


After dinner, they walked down the long staircase to the beach behind the house.  The night air was cool and Spike took his duster off and wrapped it around Buffy’s shoulders. She slid her arms through the sleeves and wrapped it around herself.  The soft, worn leather felt good against her skin … it was almost like being surrounded and held by Spike. 


They walked slowly along the beach, Buffy tucked under Spike’s arm, her arm around his waist.  The sky was clear and the moon and stars were bright above them and their light reflected off the water like a million diamonds as they walked.  The surf was calm – the water almost like glass, with just small waves lapping at the sandy shore.


They both kicked off their shoes and walked through the shallow water where the vastness of the Pacific Ocean met the equally vast continent of North America. It was one thin line that divided the world of the land from the world of the sea; like so many lines that they walked in everyday life, it was a balancing act. If one strayed too far into the surf, the other would pull them back towards the land; if the other strayed too far onto the sand, the other would pull them back to the surf.  Alone, it would be easy to go astray, but together they were stronger – they each needed the other to walk the tightrope that was their life.


After walking a good ways down the deserted beach in comfortable silence, Spike led them up into the dunes a few feet away from the water and sat down. Buffy sat down between his legs and leaned back against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on her shoulder. 


Buffy closed her eyes and let her other senses take over … the sound of the soft waves lapping against the shore, the smell of Spike’s leather duster and the fresh salt air, the feel of his strong arms wrapped around her and his hard chest at her back, all combined to make her feel safe and loved and on top of the world.


The loneliness of the past month without him; the hopelessness she felt when she thought he didn’t care about her any longer; the guilt of hurting him by lying to the one person that she trusted more than anyone else, suddenly came back to her. It was such a sharp contrast to the feelings that had filled her tonight, that it brought tears to her eyes just thinking about it.


Spike turned her face to his and kissed her eyelids where the tears were threatening to fall.  He knew just how she felt – he’d been feeling the same things.  Having her here, her warm body pressed against his, the smell of her hair and her skin mingling with the ocean breeze, the sound of her heart beating, all made him realize just how lonely and forlorn he’d been when she was gone. 


He was hopeful now, though, that they’d both learned some things from that month – the most important being, no matter what, they needed each other.  When the world started spinning out of control, they needed to run to the other’s arms. When they were hit with a disaster, as they often were, knowing that they could count on the other to be there to catch them if they fell was heartening and gave them both hope that everything would always be okay as long as they stuck together.


Buffy turned her face back towards the ocean and opened her eyes as she leaned her head against Spike’s and hugged his arms around her tighter.  “The stars are amazing tonight … so glittery and bright,” she commented softly.


“Hadn’t noticed,” Spike started, looking at her. “You outshine them all, pet.”


Buffy smiled softly and turned her face to his; laying one hand on his cheek she kissed him softly. “You’ve been waiting a long time to use that line, haven’t you?” she asked with an amused smile.


Spike shrugged. “A decade or two…” he admitted. “But that doesn’t make it any less true.


“You are the most beautiful thing in heaven or earth. I could look at you forever and never get tired of the view. Like a fine painting, you are, luv. I can look and look and still, when I look again, I see something new – something different and brilliant that I had missed before.”


Buffy sighed and leaned back against Spike’s chest. How did he always come up with the sweetest things to say to make her heart soar?  And he actually meant them … that was perhaps the most amazing thing of all.


“Rembrandt, Renoir, or Van Gogh?” Buffy asked, unable to wipe the smile off her face as she stared out at the calm water.


“Ya’ lost me round that bend, pet …” Spike told her, his brow furrowed in confusion.


“If I’m a painting, who’s the artist? Rembrandt, Renoir, or Van Gogh?” Buffy clarified.


“Ahhh ….” Spike said with a nod, understanding. He tightened his hold on her and leaned close to her ear. “da Vinci,” he told her softly. “Enigmatic, mysterious, alluring … the Mona Lisa come to life, you are.”


“Mmmmmm,” Buffy moaned happily, as if just tasting something wonderful. “Well, that’s convenient, since I think you’re Vitruvian Man come to life …”


“Do you, now?”


“Mmmmhmmm,” Buffy confirmed. “What do you think would’ve happened if Vitruvian Man met Mona Lisa?”


“I reckon something like this …” Spike started as he turned her face towards his again and took her lips in a gentle kiss.


Buffy turned in his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck before picking up the kiss again as she sat on his lap in the sand. Spike wrapped his arms around her back and held her close – all the sensations he’d been savoring earlier suddenly seemed to expand within him … like one of those time-lapse videos of a flower opening – but this was deep in him, beginning at his heart and unfurling through his whole body.


“I love you, Spike,” Buffy murmured against his lips as she ran her hands through his soft hair – it was still all curly from their day at the beach, and her fingers running through it added another sensation to the ever expanding collection that were filling her mind and body with joy and happiness and overflowing her heart with love.


“I love you, Buffy,” Spike replied, he voice deep with emotion as she kissed a line of fire down his neck.  Buffy tugged his t-shirt up and lifted it over his head, before continuing her exploration of his body with her lips and tongue. 


Spike put his hands in the sand behind him and leaned back slightly, letting his head loll back as her mouth moved down from his neck, lingered at his collarbone, dropping a line of velvet kisses along it, before continuing down to his nipples. 


Buffy circled one, then the other, with her tongue, flicking softly across each of them before nibbling lightly with her teeth. Spike moaned as his nipples hardened and his cock throbbed against his jeans below her.  Buffy slid a hand down between them and pressed hard against his erection and Spike gasped. 


Buffy smiled as she listened to his reactions to her touch – his moans and gasps added another level to the sensory overload going on in her now. She loved his body, but knowing that the things she did not only made her feel good, but made him feel good, too, aroused her even more – made her want him even more. 


“God, Buffy…” Spike moaned in anticipation of her hands on his aching cock as she slid her body back down his legs and began unfastening his belt and unzipping his jeans.  Spike lifted his head and watched her as she concentrated on her task … her face was flushed, her body trembling slightly with excitement and need and her heart was racing in her chest. 


When Spike’s cock was free from its denim constraints, Buffy ran her hand gently and slowly up and down the hard length of it and met his eyes with hers.  The rapture in his blue eyes made her own desire rise even more, made her body ache for him – made her need for him something that seemed like air; it was as if not having him inside her soon would literally kill her; suffocate her, drown her in yearning.


Buffy stood up slowly and unfastened her own jeans, dropping them down her legs and Spike helped her tug them off, then she did the same with his as he lifted his ass up off the sand.  Still with her t-shirt and his duster on, Buffy straddled Spike as he sat below her and lowered her throbbing pussy down on his thick rod.


She wanted him buried deep in her so badly, but wanted to savor every tantalizing inch of him, so she went slowly, allowing the feeling of him pressing into her, then filling her, to flood her whole body with bliss as chill bumps raced across her skin, a moan escaped her throat, and her eyes closed involuntarily as she sank down on him.


Spike watched her lower herself over him, his cock hard and throbbing as he guided his shaft into her dripping pussy.  Spike moaned loudly as the engorged head entered her heat – her pussy pulsing and warm around him.  He watched her face as she slid down his rod ever so slowly, he could hear her heart racing, smell her arousal, feel her sugar walls squeeze and vibrate around his cock. It was all he could do to keep his hips from slamming up into her – her slow descent onto him was like heavenly torture – it was one form of torture he could endure for eternity.


Spike tried to keep his eyes open and watch her face – the rapture on it reflecting his own feelings perfectly, but all the sensations he was feeling overwhelmed him and his eyes closed as she continued to take him in ever so slowly.  He thought that he’d perhaps never needed her more than at that moment – needed to be in her arms, needed to be one with her; but he thought that often. Every time he was inside her, every time her hands touched him, her lips kissed him, her body pressed against his, he felt the same way – as if he’d surely explode into a pile of dust from his own desire and love for her.


She really was like a work of art – her body, her mind, her soul, her spirit all combining to make a fine mosaic that he could look at every day for a hundred years and still never see it all; still be surprised and delighted by it every time.  Like one of those paintings which were made up of many smaller images … you look closely and see a million wondrous things, but back up a few feet and see the whole person, the whole painting, and it’s something else entirely. 


Not every small painting within the picture was perfect and some were unfinished, works in progress, but when he backed up to see the whole, it took his breath away – metaphorically. It was a magnum opus; she was a stunning masterpiece, a one of a kind, and he couldn’t’ve stopped his heart from overflowing with love for her even if he wanted to.


When Buffy’s hips met Spike’s, his cock buried to the hilt in her heat, she stopped moving and forced her eyes open at the same time he did.  Spike wrapped his arms around her and began dropping tender kisses all over her face.


“What you do to me, pet,” Spike murmured between kisses. “Make me crazy, you do.”


Buffy smiled and pushed him back slightly so she could see his eyes. The light from the moon and stars illuminated his face and made his eyes sparkle as he gazed into hers. She saw her two favorite things in the world reflected in them – Spike's love and desire. 


“I love you so much – you have no idea,” Buffy told him as she captured his lips with hers, wrapped her arms around his neck, and began moving her hips in a slow circle, sliding his cock in and out of her tight channel as she started to lift them both up towards the heavens.


Spike returned her kiss, deepening it as she started moving, using his tongue to delve deep into her mouth, just as his cock was pressing deep into her pussy. He circled her tongue with his slowly, matching the rhythm she was using with her hips as his hands roamed down her body and slid up and under her shirt to feel her firm breasts through her bra. He slid his hands behind her back and undid her bra so he could run his thumbs lightly across her nipples and cup her breasts in his hands – flesh on flesh.  There was nothing that felt better to him than her soft, warm flesh against his.


Buffy gasped when Spike began caressing her nipples – his hands on her was something she could never get enough of, and she increased her intensity as she began moving up and down on him faster and harder.


“Cum for me, Buffy,” Spike murmured as he broke the kiss and trailed his tongue to her neck then to the spot behind her ear that never failed to send electrical shocks out through her body when he touched it.


“God, Spike … Yes, baby, Oh, God that feels so good – you feel so good,” Buffy murmured back as her head fell back and her strokes down on him took on more urgency – a need for more.


Spike slid one hand down between them and found her clit with his index finger and Buffy screamed out when she hit it, she came down hard again and again against his hand, devouring his cock with her need. She felt the explosion beginning and came down hard on him one last time as her back arched, her body trembled, and her pussy tightened around him.  Spike fingered her clit, taking her over the edge of ecstasy – sending her soaring up with the moon and stars above them as a primal scream escaped her throat – it was something he never tired of hearing, it was another part of the masterpiece that was Buffy.


Buffy clung to him as the orgasm ripped through her body and sent her flying through the heavens above them. Spike’s hands on her, his cock filling her, his mouth against her skin, his deep voice begging her to cum for him all combined to create a crescendo within her that she couldn’t control, even if she’d wanted to.


She never tired of him, she never tired of the feelings and emotions he could bring out in her with a touch, a word, a kiss. It was like he could touch her soul and fill her heart with joy – lifting her up above the clouds to dance amongst the stars. If she was a masterpiece, then he was the artist … her body, her soul, her heart belonged to him.


As Buffy came back down from the clouds, she leaned her forehead against his as she gasped for breath. Spike held her and stroked her back as he whispered sweet nothings softly against her ear… “So passionate, so beautiful you are. I love you so much, Buffy. You are the other half of me…more than I deserve; all that I ever want.”


Buffy pulled back and took his face in her hands and just looked at him for a long moment, their eyes holding the other captive. Finally, Buffy leaned in and kissed his mouth gently, nibbling at his bottom lip.


“I’m the luckiest girl in the world…” she whispered against his mouth. “You complete me.”


Buffy raised up off him and went to her knees between his legs as she trailed her mouth down his neck, past his collarbone and chest, pausing momentarily to circle his bellybutton with her tongue before following the thin line of hair down to his rock hard cock – now covered with her cum.  Buffy circled the tip with her tongue, tasting herself on him as her juices mingled with his pre-cum, and Spike moaned as he tangled a hand in her hair, his other hand behind him, supporting him, as he leaned back and savored the feeling of her mouth on his cock.


Buffy nibbled lightly at the head with her teeth before sliding her mouth down his length, her lips barely touching him as her tongue swirled first this way, then the other against the sensitive skin of his erection.


“God, Buffy…” Spike moaned as she began the trip back up his shaft, still barely touching him with her lips as the tip of her tongue trailed fire across his skin and filled him with need.


Buffy’s lips tightened around him as Spike’s hips moved involuntarily with her strokes. She wrapped a hand around the part of his thick shaft that wouldn’t fit into her mouth and stroked up with her hand as she came down with her mouth, her cum covering him making her hand glide easily over his length.


“Ahhh… fuck, Buffy! Bloody Christ!” Spike exclaimed as her movements got faster and harder, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and licked and relished his cock and the emotions and reactions her actions elicited in him.  She absolutely loved to hear him scream her name in passion; she loved to make him crazy with need and desire – his ardor fueled her own desires and made her want him even more.


Buffy slid one hand up his thigh and cupped his balls, lifting them up off the sand and lightly squeezing and fondling them as she continued fucking him with her mouth.  The new sensation nearly sent Spike over the edge – he could feel his orgasm building and he wanted to be inside her, joined with her, taking her with him as he came.


Spike pushed up from his reclining position and grabbed Buffy by the shoulders, pushing her backwards off him. She fell onto her back, his duster under her, and Spike growled like a lion as he disentangled their legs and crawled up her body until his chest was over hers, his hips pressed against her heat. Her mouth was wet from her saliva and her own cum and he captured her lips with his in a feverish kiss. She tasted like heaven.


Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss just as passionately, their tongues dancing a silent Samba as Spike ran one hand up over the curve of her hip to her waist and to the swell of her breast as he held himself up over her with the other. Buffy raised her hips up against his, lifting her legs and hooking her feet around his ass.


“Fuck me … Fuck me, Spike… Make me cum,” Buffy whispered to him, her breathing labored as her heart raced and her pussy throbbed in anticipation of him slamming into her.


Spike lifted his hips off hers momentarily and lined his cock up with her dripping hole before burying his cock in her heat with one hard stroke.


“Yes!” Buffy screamed out as he slammed into her. “More! Fuck me, Spike!” she exclaimed as her back arched, her heels dug into his ass, and her hips lifted up to meet his with every thrust.


“God, Buffy … so wet you are – so fucking tight. I could fuck you forever …” Spike whispered, his voice deep with lust as he did as she demanded, switching between long, hard strokes and short, fast ones.


His pubic bone crashed down on her clit and sent electrical shocks down her legs and up her body on the short strokes; on the long strokes, he ground down against her and the electrical shocks turned to white-hot lightning bolts that made her legs quiver and her body convulse in pleasure. “Cum for me, Buffy – scream for me,” Spike demanded as he felt his own release building.


His cum seemed to boil in his balls as he slammed against her and he knew he couldn’t hold it much longer. “Cum for me!” he demanded again as he slammed into her.


Buffy felt the air thinning, as it always seemed to just before her dive off the cliff and into heaven, and Spike’s words fed her own climax … lifting her ever higher into the clouds.  “Bite me!” she demanded of him, lifting her head and neck off the sand up and tilting her head to the side. “Bite me, now!” she screamed and Spike’s demon came up to do her bidding.


As Spike’s fangs pierced her skin, Buffy screamed in absolute bliss as her body exploded with brilliant fireworks and fiery lightning bolts and sharp electrical shocks. She rocketed towards the sun – out of the earth’s atmosphere and into space where she floated among the stars and waited for Spike to join her.


When Slayer blood touched Spike’s tongue and her animalistic scream sliced through his body, Spike's mind lost control and let his body take over.  His cum exploded deep into her pussy, filling her tight channel and spilling out as her body bucked under him and her pussy tightened and trembled and held him deep within her.  He roared against her skin as her sweet blood flowed into his mouth and his cum flowed into her core. His spirit seemed to leave his body as he floated in the heavens above where he found Buffy waiting for him.


She took his hand and they twirled and danced and soared through the black vastness of space – soaring where eagles never flew.  As they reached the edge of the universe, they reached a hand out and seemed to touch the face of God before they began the slow drift back to earth, back to their bodies, which had sent them soaring so high.


Spike dropped his body down atop Buffy as he morphed back to his human face and began licking gently at her wound to stop the bleeding. Buffy wrapped her arms around his back and held him against her – she could stay here forever if given the choice, his body on hers, his cock buried deep in her, his mouth on her skin – at times like this, she felt like she didn’t need anything else – no food, no water, no air – just Spike.


When Spike was satisfied that the bleeding had stopped, he rose up and looked at her, his expression soft and full of love and adoration.  “I need you, Buffy – I need you when the world starts coming undone – you’re the only one I can run to, you’re the only one that can save me. Please never give up again, remember your promise – I’ll remember mine.”


Tears stung Buffy’s eyes and she nodded slowly. “I’ll remember – I need you too. If you were lost, I’d look for you until the end of time, search the world over for you – I’ll never give up again,” she promised him. 


Spike nodded. He was sure she meant it – he could feel it in his soul. He knew she’d keep her promise this time and never give up on their love again, just as he would never make her walk alone again.  It had been a hard lesson, but he knew, no matter how high she lifted him with her into the light, he would always be in her shadow, and that’s how it was meant to be – she was the Slayer; he wasn’t. She was born to walk in the light; his destiny was just a step behind – but it was still higher and brighter than anything he thought he’d ever have and he owed it to her love and her belief in him.  Without that, without her, he was nothing.


Spike slid a hand down and found the pocket of his duster as they lay atop it – Buffy still had it on, well, mostly.  He pulled out a familiar blue box – Tiffany & Co. it said on the top and Buffy’s eyes lit up.  Buffy took the box from him as her eyes danced with excitement.


“What’s this for? It’s not Christmas …” she told him as she started to open the simple, but elegant box.


“Just ‘cause I love you,” Spike told her as he watched her, taking pleasure in the joy he say on her face. 


Spike rolled off her and sat up next to her as she opened the box. Buffy sat up and pulled a diamond and ruby ring from the box. The gems sparkled in the moonlight – she could see four rubies inside four golden hearts which were encircled with ribbons of diamonds. 


“My God, Spike! It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed as she hugged his neck tightly. 


When she pulled back, Spike took the ring from her hand. “This is to remind you of your promise – to me, to Annie, and William and Danielle – four hearts, four people that will love you and need you always.


“The inscription says, ‘Love Always’,” he continued, as he slid the ring on her right ring finger. “And that’s what it means – I’ll love you always, forever, until the end of time and beyond.  If the Powers take pity on me, then one day I’ll find you in heaven and my love will still be just as strong as it is this minute.  ‘Forever’ is something people say, but then forget – I don’t forget, I will truly love you forever.” 


“Oh God, Spike,” Buffy whispered as tears stung her eyes again. She touched the ring, turning it slowly on her finger as she looked at the four hearts representing the four people in the world that meant the most to her.  Buffy raised her eyes to his. “I’ll love you forever, too. I won’t forget my promise … I’ll never forget,” she pledged as she wrapped her arms around him again and hugged him close.


Spike encircled her with his arms and buried his face in her hair. “I believe you, Buffy,” he whispered as he held her tight against his chest.


When Buffy pulled back, she dropped a soft kiss on Spike’s lips. “You are the most amazing man … you’ve done nothing but surprise me tonight.  I almost feel guilty keeping you all to myself.”


“Do you, now?” Spike asked, cocking one brow. “Well, maybe you could talk to yer Evil Twin … ya’ know, I’ve heard that sharing is good for the soul…” Spike told her with a smirk.


Buffy laughed her eyes dancing with amusement. “I said almost, fang-boy.”


“Ahh, well – can’t blame a bloke fer tryin’,” Spike smiled at her as she stood up and extended her hand to him to help him up off the sand.


“You just keep dreaming … and running away like a 'ponce', and you’ll be ok,” Buffy informed him as she slid his duster off and pulled her t-shirt and bra off after it, dropping them all on the beach.  For some reason, she wasn’t cold anymore …


“Catch me if you can,” she called as she took off running towards calm water a few feet away.  Spike laughed as he watched her streak across the sand and then dive into the water, sending ripples out in all directions.  It was just another of those small pictures within the varied and elaborate mosaic that was Buffy that he loved so much.




When they came in much later, Spike checked on the twins then stopped in Annie’s room to check on her as Buffy headed to get a shower and rinse the salt and sand off. He stood in the doorway and watched Annie sleeping – Tara had put her to bed hours ago after the rest of the gang had gotten back from the restaurant.


Annie opened her eyes and yawned, blinking against the light coming from the hallway.


“Sorry, Niblett, didn’t mean to wake ya’,” Spike said softly, stepping into the room.


“It’s ok,” she murmured sleepily as she focused her eyes on him.


“You have a good dinner?” he asked as he sat down on the edge of her bed.


“Mmmhmm,” Annie answered, her voice rough from sleep.


“Except Aunt Anya tried to give Dani some banana pudding, and I told her not to, that they didn’t like bananas, but she wouldn’t listen – she said everyone liked bananas. Dani threw it all over Aunt Anya’s dress … the whole bowl went all down her dress.”


Spike laughed. Served the barmy bird right for that orgasm comment in front of the Niblett…


“Well, the important thing is you tried, pet,” Spike told her with a smile and dropped a kiss on her forehead as he started to stand up.


“You’re wet,” Annie observed, as Spike’s damp curls touched her head.


“I am,” Spike agreed.


“Does that mean the ocean’s not boiling anymore?” Annie asked with innocent eyes.


“It does … it’ll be waitin’ for ya in the morning, Niblett,” Spike assured her. “We’ll go out first thing.”


“Good,” Annie sighed as she turned over and closed her eyes again as sleep overtook her.


Spike smiled as he left her room and touched the small scar on his chest where the Gem of Amarra had been imbedded.  Despite the late hour and him just promising to get up early in the morning, the fact that he could take her out to the beach at the crack of dawn and stay there all day long if she wanted to, filled him with joy.


He pulled the door closed behind him, leaned back on it, and closed his eyes. He’d never been a fan of the PTB, he still thought they were using Buffy and playing favorites with Angel and that Angel would always be their pet project. Despite all that, he sent a silent prayer of gratitude to them for the life he had, for Buffy and the bits, and their friends – a life he could’ve just as easily missed but for a small, unexpected twist of fate. 


Maybe Angel wasn’t so favored, after all.




Atlantic Star, “Masterpiece” 


A simple touch of your hand,
And everything is right.
The gentle way you look at me,
When we kiss goodnight.
You've given me the freedom, no other love has known
And now I thank you girl, thank you girl

The countless ways you've touched my heart,
Is more than I can say,
The beauty that you've shown to me,
Takes my breath away,
A picture perfect painting, that's what our love is,
And yes I need you so, and now I know

ooooh, oooo …
I've found a masterpiece in you,
A work of art it's true,
And I treasure you, my love.

ooooh, oooo
I've found a masterpiece in you,
A work of art it's true,

And I treasure you.

Sometimes I wonder what I'd be,
Had I not found you,
A lost and lonely soul this world,
Could show me nothing new.

But now my life's a canvas,
Painted with your love,
And it will always be,
And now I see …

The gentle walks together,
Through time will never pass,
This fairy tale we’re sharing,
is real inside our hearts,

Let it be forever,
Never let it end,
This promise I can make,
Heaven is ours today,

ooooh, oooo …
I've found a masterpiece in you,
A work of art it's true,
And I treasure you, my love,

ooooh, oooo
I've found a masterpiece in you,
A work of art it's true,

And I treasure you.

When I'm lost and insecure,
you build me up and make me sure,
that everything will be alright,
My love

ooooh, oooo …
I've found a masterpiece in you,
A work of art it's true,
And I treasure you, my love,

ooooh, oooo
I've found a masterpiece in you,
A work of art it's true,

And I treasure you.

This fairy tale we're sharing
is real inside our hearts

This is true,

Yeah, you girl

Let it be forever,
never let it end,

Never … please never let it end…



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