Alternate Universe: Unexpected
Chapter Title: Lemmings
Time line:

Currently: September 2003

Buffy's about 4 months pregnant



Annie turned four in February.

Buffy and Spike have been married four years.

Buffy turned 22 years old in January.

All the Potentials were endowed with full Slayer power in February 2003.

Buffy and Spike learned of the other dimensions in May, 2003.


Buffy has some unresolved fears stemming from her death and wants Spike to help her work through them.

Notes: Thanks so much to PaganBaby for her help with this chapter!
Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.


September 2003:

Buffy stood near the edge of the cliff and leaned forward as she tried to look over. She shuffled her feet tentatively forward a little at a time until she could finally see over the edge. There were rocks directly below her, to land in the water she’d have to jump out and away from the cliff, at least five feet – probably ten feet would be better. Buffy backed up from the edge and took some deep breaths trying to steady her racing heart and jangled nerves.


“So, you jumpin’ or just gonna enjoy the view, luv?” Spike asked, walking up beside her and looking over the edge himself.


“Just give me a minute,” she said still trying to calm her nerves.


Spike shrugged, stepped back from the edge and went back to the boulder he’d been sitting on for the last half hour while he “gave her a minute” the last twelve times.


“You don’ have to do this, Slayer,” he told her. “It’s not like we’re fighting beasties on rooftops all over town every day.”


Buffy turned around and walked toward him. “Spike, we’ve been over this. I do need to do this! I have to get over my fear of heights. I never used to be afraid of heights before,” I died falling off the fire escape, she added silently. “I’m the Slayer! I shouldn’t be afraid of a little thing like heights!”


Spike rolled his eyes and sighed.


“What if we have to fight up on top of another building and I freeze up?” Buffy reasoned.


“You won’t,” Spike assured her. “It’s different when you're fightin’, luv. Adrenaline and instinct take over.”


“But what if I have to go up on a roof for something else and I can’t do it?” Buffy asked, more to reinforce her own conviction than convince him that she needed to get over this fear.


“Like what?” Spike asked as he crossed his arms across his chest and tilted his head to await her answer.


“Like . . . I don’t know . . . a kitten! I might need to save a kitten from up a tree or on a roof!” Buffy countered.


“Kittens will come down on their own when they get hungry, luv. Plus – that’s what firemen are for! Don’ need Slayer strength to rescue a bloody kitten.”


Buffy frowned. Spike was right, but she felt strongly that she just needed to get over this fear of heights that she’d developed when she fell off that fire escape. She’d given it time and hoped it would just go away on its own, but it hadn’t. Last week, she’d gone on the double Ferris wheel at the fair with Annie and she crushed the safety bar from holding onto it so tightly. She couldn’t even open her eyes one time during the whole ride and she wasn’t sure, but she felt like she hadn’t taken one breath during the whole ride, either. When she got off, she had a stress headache and felt like her heart would never slow back down to a normal rhythm. That’s when she decided she had to conquer this fear once and for all. So, she had Spike drive them down to Acapulco for a long weekend. She was determined to jump off one of these cliffs where they did the cliff diving for the tourists and get over this fear.


“I know! You can throw me over!” Buffy said brightly, grabbing Spike by the hand and hauling him to his feet.


“WHAT!? Have you come down with a fever, Slayer?” he put his free hand on her forehead as if to check for fever. “’Cause that’s NOT happenin’.”


“Why not?” Buffy pouted. “Just one time – you can do it! Just pick me up and toss me over!”


“There are sooo many reasons that’s a bad idea, the first being me getting clawed and scratched up one side and down the other when I get near the edge of that bloody cliff with you!” Spike said, pulling his hand free of her grasp, sitting back down and crossing his arms firmly across his chest. “Bugger that!”


Buffy stomped her foot, crossed her arms across her chest and stuck her bottom lip out in a pout that Annie would’ve been proud of. Spike suppressed a smile at her imitation of Annie. Or did Annie imitate her? Or was this another thing that was passed on in the genes? The pout gene . . . he thought idly as he pursed his lips together and sucked his cheeks in to keep from smiling as he stared her down.


“Fine!” she said finally, turning away from Spike and walking back towards the edge of the cliff for the twentieth time since they’d gotten there. It was about midnight and there was no one else around; the moon was bright and full, not a cloud in the sky, so they could easily see each other, as well as the water and rocks below.


Before she got back to the edge she spun back around to face Spike and exclaimed, “Butch and Sundance it with me!” Running back to where he was she grabbed his hand again and tugged him up.


“WHAT?!” Spike exclaimed, trying to pull free of her grasp as she pulled him towards the edge with her. “No sodding way, Slayer!” He dug the heels of his boots in the dirt and pulled back hard, dropping down onto his ass when his boots finally caught hold and stopped her from pulling him along, tumbling Buffy down onto the ground with him.


“Awwww, c’mon Spike – Butch, Sundance – you, me . . . partners, right?” she said as she righted herself into a sitting position next to him. “I thought you loved me,” she pouted.


“Oh, now that’s not playin’ fair, Slayer. Just ‘cause I love you doesn’t mean I’m a bloody lemming ready to follow you over the cliff to m’ death for no good reason!” he countered.


“You’re already dead, Spike – and you wouldn’t be following me, we’d jump together. It’ll be romantic!” Buffy pleaded with him. “What about a lemon?” she added, brows knit in confusion.


“Lem-ming,” he repeated slowly, enunciating the word clearly, before resuming his argument. “I could be MORE dead and that’s about as romantic as Romeo and Juliet – romantic and DEAD! Count me OUT!” Spike told her. “You Slayer types may have a death wish, but yours truly does not.” Spike’s logical mind didn’t really think either of them would die or even get hurt jumping off the cliff, but that didn’t mean he wanted any part of this scheme of hers.


“We aren’t gonna DIE, Spike. People jump off these cliffs all the time – regular people. It’ll be fun – Butch and Sundance . . . cornered on the cliff . . . surrounded, can’t fight, gotta jump . . .” Buffy said, trying to convince herself as much as him.


“I know the sodding story, Slayer! We aren’t cornered on this bloody cliff! My bike’s right over there – a perfectly good road goes down the hill to the perfectly good hotel with a perfectly good bed. Why don’ I show you how much I love you there, instead?” Spike reasoned.


Buffy narrowed her eyes and studied him closely. “You’re scared,” she announced, as they both still sat on the ground where he’d stopped her from pulling him towards the edge. “You’re just as scared of this as I am! Big Bad, scared of a little water!” she teased.


“You forgot, luv. According to you and Annie, the Big Bad in our house ain’t the vampire . . . it’s the bloody Slayer . . . you wanna jump so bad, you do it,” Spike said waving his arm towards the edge with as much confidence as he could, trying not to let on that she was right. He still had nightmares about being on that roof and fire escape with Glory, and, as bad as it was watching Buffy fall, it wasn’t always Buffy that fell in his nightmares, more often than not, it was him and Annie.


“What if you have to rescue a kitten from the roof, Spike?” Buffy asked softly. “Don’t you think we both need to get over our fear?”


Spike rolled his eyes and sighed. God, he hated it when she was right – but he wasn’t rescuing any bloody kittens! The only kittens he had any intention of “rescuing” were the ones anted up by the other demons in the weekly poker game in the back room of Willy’s Bar. If he had to fight another beastie on a roof, he wasn’t really certain that adrenaline and instinct would be enough to overcome the fear, despite his hope that it would be.


“Fine. Bloody fucking fine,” Spike said with resignation. He tugged his boots and socks off and tossed them over by the Harley where Buffy had left her shoes. The pair stood up and Buffy grabbed his hand in hers. They were about ten feet from the edge of the cliff.


“Ok, on ‘three’ we start running as fast as we can and just jump hard when we get to the edge, K?” Buffy asked him.


Spike nodded and took a deep breath. He was afraid that nothing more than a squeak would come out if he tried to speak.


“ONE . . . TWO . . .”


“WAIT!” Spike stopped her.


“What NOW?” Buffy asked.


“Which one am I?” Spike questioned.


“Which one what?”


“Butch Cassidy or The Sundance Kid. Which one am I?” Spike clarified.


“What difference does it make?”


“I don’ know, just think I should know which one I am,” Spike defended as he stalled.


“Fine. You’re Butch,” Buffy told him and grabbed his hand back. “ONE . . . TWO . . .”


“BUTCH? Why do I have to be Butch?” Spike stopped her again. “You don’ think I’m good enough to be The Sundance Kid? Sundance got the girl, ya know! Not handsome enough to be played by Robert Redford, that it?” Spike pursed his lips together, accentuating the hollow of his cheeks and cocked a brow at Buffy.


Buffy rolled her eyes. “Fine, you’re The Sundance Kid; I’ll be Butch Cassidy,” she said tightening her grip on his hand and starting the countdown again. “ONE . . . TWO . . .”


“No, that’s not right. Your hair’s not curly enough to be Butch Cassidy, luv. Paul Newman had . . .” Spike started.


“SPIKE! Stop stalling. The sooner we do this, the sooner we can get to that perfectly good bed,” she sing-songed the last words as she ran her free hand seductively down his chest to the waist of his jeans and back up again.


“Pfffttt,” Spike snorted softly. “Yeah, they can lay our cold, dead bodies on that perfectly good bed when they find them in the mornin’, smashed on the rocks.”


Buffy ignored him and started again. She had to do this; had to conquer this fear. “ONE . . . TWO . . . THREE!” On THREE, they both took off running towards the edge of the cliff. On the last step, they pushed off with all their strength to clear the rocks below. Buffy let go of Spike’s hand on the way down so they could both use their arms to keep themselves upright in the air so their feet would hit the water first.


They both let out bloodcurdling screams as they fell the eighty feet to the cool, azure blue water below. The fall seemed to go on forever and at the same time, be over in the blink of an eye. Buffy’s fear of heights washed over her as she fell towards the water; her mind flashed back to that dirty alley behind the Hyperion. Buffy’s logical mind knew that she wouldn’t be hurt – people really did jump off these cliffs all the time, but that corner of her mind that had her worst fears in it, was panicking – her heart was pounding faster than she thought possible and she could feel the adrenaline coursing wildly through her body in those few seconds. Buffy nearly forgot to clamp her fingers down on her nose before she hit the water; but got it just in time to keep from having gallons of salt water forced into her sinuses.


Under the water, everything was quiet and soft . . . if it had been daylight, it would’ve looked blue, but as it was it was dark and black, but somehow it was comforting; not scary. When her body stopped going downwards, she kicked her legs and started back to the surface. Surprisingly, her body wasn’t fighting for air, she must have taken a big gulp before she hit, but she didn’t remember doing it. Suddenly, the panic was gone, replaced by a peaceful feeling. Her heartbeat was still going fast, but the nervous tightness in her chest from the “fight or flight” adrenaline was nearly gone. Alone in the dark water, her fear seemed to drift away with the waves as she swam back up towards the surface.


Both warriors surfaced at almost the same time. Spike shook the water from his hair, flinging water droplets in all directions before saying, “That was bloody brilliant! Let’s do it again!” Buffy laughed. She had to agree, it was “bloody brilliant!” It was exhilarating and freeing – all the pent up fear of going over the edge was gone. She started swimming over to the ladder anchored in the rocks that lead back up to the top of the cliff. “Last one to the top is a lemon!” she called behind her to Spike. “And has to pucker up and kiss my ass!”


“Be my pleasure, luv,” Spike said with a smirk as he took off after her. “My bloody pleasure.”




After their fourth jump off the cliff, Spike reached the ladder first and was waiting for Buffy at the top when she climbed up over the edge. Their fear was gone, but the adrenaline high that it produced was just the same as when they were fighting demons; it had them both needing something more to release that tension – and Spike knew just the thing.


When Buffy cleared the ladder at the top Spike pulled her to him, wrapped his arms around her and captured her lips in a voracious kiss. Buffy wrapped her own arms around Spike’s neck and pressed her body against his as their tongues danced together – each delighting in the taste and feel of the other as their desire for release grew even stronger.


“Fuck me,” Spike demanded when Buffy pulled back for a much needed breath, his mouth still hovering near hers – his breath cool against her lips.


Buffy smiled seductively. “What’s the magic word?” she asked teasingly.


“Now,” Spike responded without a moment’s hesitation before capturing her mouth again with his and sucking her bottom lip, that pouty lip that he loved so much, into his mouth.


Yep, that’s the magic word! Buffy thought as she smiled to herself and reached her hands between them to unbuckle his belt. Spike picked her up, never breaking the kiss and walked behind an outcropping of rocks before setting her down on a smooth boulder. Buffy had managed to get his belt loose and was working on the button and zipper when he set her down.


Spike tugged his wet shirt up but it seemed determined to stick to his body – rolling up and catching just under his arms. “Bloody hell,” he muttered as he wrestled with the wet shirt. Buffy was having similar problems with his jeans, which didn’t want to slide down his legs at all. Finally, after applying Slayer and Vampire strength to the water-demon possessed clothing, it was defeated and lay in a pile on the sand at his feet.


Spike pulled Buffy’s shirt up and off her and tossed it on the ground with his clothes and just stopped to look at her. He adored how she glowed when she was pregnant. He leaned down and dropped a soft kiss on her swollen belly before trailing his tongue up and capturing a nipple between his teeth and flicking the tip of his tongue lightly across it as it hardened under his touch. Buffy moaned and arched her back, pressing her breasts to him. Spike took the other nipple between his still wet fingers and teased it with feather touches as he sucked harder on the one in his mouth.


“God Spike!” Buffy moaned as he sucked and licked and tugged her nipples with his mouth and hands. Her whole body tingled and her pussy throbbed in anticipation of him being in her – of him filling her and taking her over a different edge – the edge that fell directly into heaven.


Spike trailed his tongue up from her breasts to her collarbone. He lingered a moment at the hollow of her throat before finding his way up to the sensitive spot behind her ear. He twirled his tongue around in the way he knew drove her crazy before sucking her earlobe lightly between his soft lips as she moaned and writhed under his expert touch.


Buffy reached down and took his hard cock in one hand and began stroking slowly up and down. She teased him, just barely touching him at first, running her fingers lightly up and down his hard length, but on each stroke she tightened her grasp further until she was pumping him hard causing him to moan against the skin of her neck as he trailed his tongue back down her body.


“Fuck me,” Buffy demanded of him.


“What’s the magic word?” he teased.


“Now,” Buffy responded as she took his balls in her hand and stroked them softly, causing his hips to jerk involuntarily towards her. Spike quickly tugged her shorts and panties down to get them off. Buffy wrapped her legs around his waist to raise her ass up off the rock she was sitting on so he could get them down, then dropped her legs so he could wrestle them all the way off.


“Now!” Buffy demanded again when her own demon-clothes were shed. She leaned back against the rock behind her and Spike lifted her legs, pushing her knees out and up towards her chest, opening her pink, throbbing quim to him. “God Buffy,” he murmured, unable to resist a taste of her juices, he dipped his head down and darted his tongue into her hot, wet channel as he held her legs up and out with his arms.


Buffy’s hips jerked up against his mouth as he fucked her with his tongue. Spike darted his heavenly tongue in and out of her throbbing pussy, tasting her ambrosia but wanting more – wanting her cum. Her hands tangled in his soft, wet curls and pulled his face hard against her pussy. He could feel her orgasm building as he fucked her with his tongue, but knew she needed more. He pulled out and trailed his tongue up to her aching clit, circling it slowly before suddenly sucking on it and licking the swollen nub hard with the tip of his tongue as he growled against her – seemingly vibrating her entire body.


“God, YES! Fuck! Spike! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Buffy screamed as she came – her hips fucking his mouth, her whole body writhing with the pleasure of her orgasm. Spike let go of one of her legs and pressed two fingers into her channel as she came – her cum gushing onto them in waves that matched the convulsions in her body.


As her orgasm faded into small shudders and tremors, Spike pulled his fingers out and sucked them into his mouth. Closing his eyes and moaning as he licked and sucked her cum from them. Buffy opened her eyes and watched him and it made her want him inside her that much more. When he came back from his reverie and pulled his fingers from his mouth, their eyes met and held for what seemed forever. Spike leaned forward and kissed Buffy with her juices all over his face, the taste of her cum still in his mouth and she devoured herself from his lips and tongue.


Spike pressed his hips forward and guided his thick, aching cock into her cum soaked canal as they kissed. With Buffy reclining back on the boulder, her ass on the edge, her legs pressed up and out and Spike standing between them, he pressed slowly into her core, moaning against her lips as she enveloped him in her heat. “God Buffy . . . I love you,” he murmured against her mouth when he was sheathed within her. He pulled his face back to look into her eyes. “I love how you try; how you don’ give up . . . I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you, pet.”     


Buffy smiled softly at him. “You’re my Champion, my strength, Spike. I love you more than you know,” she said, her voice deep with emotion.


Spike dropped a soft kiss on her lips as he began pulling out of her slick heat. Their eyes locked and each one felt like they were free falling into the depths of the other’s. Spike slowly increased the pace of his thrusts in and out of her pussy until he was slamming into her with unbridled lust for the taste of heaven they always brought each other.


“God Buffy, so hot . . . so wet . . . so tight . . . so bloody beautiful . . . I love you . . .” he murmured to her, his voice was deep; it seemed to drip like golden honey from his tongue as he took her back to heaven with him.


“Yes! God Spike . . . harder! Fuck me . . . God yes! More! Harder! Yes! Jesus YES!!” She cried as he pounded into her with his thick, hard cock. His pelvic bone slammed against her clit with each stroke and sent small electrical tremors out through her body to every nerve ending. His cock drove deep into her and filled her with each powerful thrust, bringing her closer and closer to the edge of heaven.


Just as Spike felt Buffy’s orgasm starting, he saw a light pass above them and heard a car come to a stop – someone had pulled into the parking area just behind them. They were concealed behind the rock outcropping, but they would certainly be given away when they came. Not that he cared about being caught doing the horizontal limbo in public, but he wasn’t sure how Buffy would feel about it. Spike put his hand across her mouth and whispered, “Shhhhh – stop,” against her ear.


STOP!? Has he lost his fucking mind? Buffy thought, pulling his hand away. “No! No stop. Go!” she demanded in a stage whisper wriggling her hips against him where he was buried in her pussy.


“Got comp’ny,” Spike explained, trying to keep his hips still as she wriggled and thrust against him.


“Go, God damn it!” she demanded louder, her need for release overwhelming her fear of being caught.


Spike wasn’t sure what the penalty in Mexico was for public nudity or lewd and lascivious behavior, but, from the sound of her voice, he was pretty sure it would be less than the punishment Buffy would mete out if he stopped now.




The Policia pulled into gravel parking area at the top of the cliff when they saw the motorcycle parked there. Tourists were always coming up to these cliffs and, if they were drunk enough or stoned enough, jumping off. More often than not, they were hurt, even if they missed the rocks below, hitting the water from this height could do serious damage if you hit wrong.


The two policemen got out of the car and admired the classic Harley with California tags on it before walking over to the edge of the cliff and looking over. It was obvious someone had been there by all the tracks in the sand, but where were they now? The policemen walked around the area quietly until one of them heard something . . . it sounded like . . . growling?


“¿Qué es eso?” one officer asked the other, brows knit together in question.


They walked slowly towards the sound when they heard what sounded like an animal screaming in agony and even louder growling. Their eyes went wide as they looked at each other and froze in place.




Spike quit thinking about whoever was in the parking lot and began moving again with renewed vigor . . . the fact that someone was nearby – that they could be caught at any moment, spurred him to bring them both to climax quickly. Spike was unaware of the low growl that emanated from his throat as he grabbed Buffy’s hips and pulled her hard against him with each thrust of his pelvis as she held her legs up, giving him unfettered access to her aching pussy.


As Spike fucked her harder and faster, her orgasm began building again and her ragged breath degenerated into loud shrieks on every exhale. Spike leaned forward and covered Buffy’s mouth with his to muffle the sound as he continued pounding into her core with his hard rod, holding his own release until he felt her internal muscles convulse around him. She let go of her legs and wrapped them tightly around his hard body, pulling herself against him in rhythm with his thrusts into her; willing him to go deeper still – to pound her harder.


Buffy held tightly onto his neck, pulling her head and shoulders up off the boulder to keep her mouth covered with his as her orgasm overtook her. A primal scream of complete release and ultimate pleasure seemed to come from deep within her core, escaped her mouth and surged into his. Spike felt her pussy tighten and convulse around his cock as he continued to piston in and out of her dripping channel. Then her scream of pleasure flooded into his mouth and seemed to fill his entire body with her passion for him. He couldn’t hold back any longer. With a deep, growling roar that was barely muffled by her mouth against his, he slammed deep into her one last time as he came. Spike's cum surged into her core as his roar flooded into her mouth and filled Buffy with his passion for her, just as she had done to him.




“Puma,” the second officer said in a low whisper to the other as the growling increased in volume.


“¿Puma?! ¿Verdad?!” The first officer couldn’t believe that it could be a mountain lion. Certainly there were reports of such animals in the area, but to actually be this close to one was unnerving. Suddenly the growling got even louder; it sounded as if something was being killed. With wide eyes the two Policia ran back to their car, quickly jumped in, started the motor and raced away – leaving the parking area to the growling mountain lion and whatever poor animal that had fallen victim to it.




Spike heard the car as it left and pulled his mouth away from Buffy’s so they could both breath again – him for the pleasure of it; her to keep from passing out. Spike pulled her down on top of him as he collapsed onto his back in the sand below the boulder. Buffy was still trying to replenish the oxygen in the wet noodle that currently served as her body and slid easily down the smooth boulder and on top of him on the ground. He wrapped his arms around her as she lay atop him with her head resting on his hard chest and her hips straddling his.


“God, Spike . . . that was . . . amazing,” she finally croaked out between breaths. “I didn’t know . . . lemmings could . . . fuck like that!”

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