Alternate Universe: Unexpected
Story Title: I Run to You
Chapter Title:




Time line:

July, 2004



Joshua "JJ" Harris was born on April 21st, 2004

The twins (Danielle, "Dani" and William, "Billy") were born on February 12th, 2004

Annie turned five on February 14th (she was born in 1999)

Spike and Buffy have been married five years in February. (seems longer, doesn't it?)

Buffy turned 23 on January 19th.


All the Potentials were endowed with full Slayer power in February 2003.

Buffy and Spike learned of the other dimensions in May, 2003.



Annie’s teacher wants to talk to Buffy again … what could it be this time? 

Buffy and Spike do their part to help Lorne out at the Bronze … then have some ‘alone time’ on patrol.


Notes: Heartfelt thanks to my "ET" and wonderful Beta, PaganBaby, for her wonderful suggestions, much needed corrections and always appreciated encouragement!!  


Music Referenced:

Behind Blue Eyes, The Who


Fever, performed by Rose McGowan (on 'Charmed')


Here’s the Peggy Lee version, as well: (I like Rose McGowan's version better - much sexier)



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Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.


Monday, July 19th, 2004


“Mrs. Weckerly,” Mrs. Johnston called down the hall as Buffy headed out the door of Annie’s pre-school after dropping her off that morning. “Mrs. Weckerly!”


Buffy was nearly out the door … she’d almost escaped unscathed! Buffy took a deep breath and put a smile on her face as she turned back towards the teacher who was hurrying down the hallway towards her.  What would it be this time … Vampires? Witches? Demons? Oh my!


“Mrs. Johnston … sorry, I didn’t hear you,” Buffy started, keeping the smile plastered on her face. 


“Can I have a word with you, Mrs. Weckerly?” the teacher asked, motioning towards an empty classroom across the hall.


Buffy smiled even wider. “Of course …” she agreed with a false brightness as she cringed inside, already trying to come up with some new stories about why Annie is making up crazy things about her life, hoping beyond hope that Annie hadn’t related the ‘UH-UH, OH-OH’ story to the class.


Mrs. Johnston sat down in one of the small chairs at the back of the room and Buffy joined her … she felt like a clown in the circus sitting on that little chair, but apparently that’s what everyone here did.


“Is everything alright?” Buffy asked, keeping the fake smile on her face.


“Oh yes! Fine!” Mrs. Johnston started, matching Buffy’s smile. “I just wanted to talk to you about the results of Annie’s aptitude test.  I keep trying to catch you but you just scamper off so quickly … I guess that lumberjack training really keeps you in good shape!”


Buffy smiled and nodded. She did scamper off quickly when she picked Annie up or dropped her off … teachers, even pre-school teachers, tended to make her feel like she was a student instead of a parent. “Well, you know … those pesky trees don’t just stand there and wait forever!”


Mrs. Johnston looked a little confused at that, but shook it off and smiled at Buffy again.  “Right… Anyway, as you know, Annie will start first grade in the fall and, based on the aptitude tests we give all the five year olds, and my own observations of your daughter over the last couple of years, I’d like to make some recommendations for you to consider.”


Oh boy, here it comes … Buffy thought as she waited for the teacher to tell her Annie needed some kind of remedial classes or a thorough mental health evaluation...perhaps some Ritalin …


“Of course,” Buffy agreed, keeping the smile on her face.


“Annie’s extremely bright and, despite her vivid imagination which sometimes takes her in some interesting directions, she’s quite a hard worker!  She really enjoys story time and she’s got an excellent memory … she’s already reading a first grade level.”


“Well, her dad reads to her a lot … and her aunts work with her on the computer,” Buffy interjected, wondering when the other shoe was going to fall and if it would be a size five stiletto heel or a size thirteen steel-toed boot.


“Well, it shows…” the teacher gushed. “The one thing that really stands out above everything, though, is her aptitude for languages.


“As you probably know, at this age, children are more open to learning different languages … so we do try to introduce some limited vocabulary in several different languages to them … Annie is simply amazing at picking them up and her retention rate is, well … quite impressive,” Mrs. Johnston told Buffy.


Buffy’s eyebrows went up in surprise … Annie hadn’t mentioned that to her at all … she wondered if Spike knew.  The conversation with the Buffy in the other dimension about Dawn and her aptitude for languages came back to Buffy … she wondered if it was a Key thing …


“So, what I’d like to suggest to you is that you look into this Magnet program, it’s called ‘Primary Years, International Baccalaureate’.  It has a special focus on reading, writing, and speaking several different languages. They also explore international customs and geography and actually allow the students to connect, via video conferencing, with other students around the world so they can practice their skills with native speakers.” Mrs. Johnston held out a flyer detailing the program to Buffy.


Buffy took the pamphlet from the teacher’s hand and looked at before looking back up. “Don’t you have to apply for these like … before the kids are born?” Buffy asked her with a furrowed brow.


“Well, yes …normally you should have applied a couple of years ago … but, well, I took the liberty of calling in some favors … I hope you don’t mind.  I really think Annie would thrive in that environment … it’ll be something to challenge her intellect. 


“Many bright children get bored in school and end up wasting their talents … these Magnet programs really work with the students and can move them ahead at their own pace … which means she could, theoretically, be taking college courses, and earning college credits, while still in high school.”


Buffy looked back down at the flyer and nodded slowly … she never had that problem – being too bright for her classes. She wondered briefly if William had…before remembering the scene of the bullies telling him to keep his gob shut … he made them all look like gits. Yeah, he probably had been too smart for his classes.


“The world is shrinking … there will be endless opportunities in the future for bright people with language skills … Annie could be one of those people.  It could open the whole world to her,” the teacher continued, trying to convince Buffy to place Annie in the program.


“Well, let me talk to Spi…my husband and, of course, Annie about it, but yeah – I think that would be a great opportunity for her,” Buffy told Mrs. Johnston, looking back up and meeting the teacher’s eyes.  Buffy’s fake smile was replaced with one of gratitude and pride that their daughter had garnered such confidence from the teacher that she would’ve called in favors to get Annie admitted to the Magnet program.


“I’ll let you know tomorrow, okay?” Buffy asked, standing up.


“Sure … that would be fine,” Mrs. Johnston agreed, as she also stood up and both women headed out of the empty classroom.




Buffy walked out of the school with the flyer and headed to her car when she suddenly felt … something. She stopped and looked around the parking lot, but didn’t see anything unusual. Buffy started walking again slowly towards her car, trying to pinpoint the source of her unease.  There was no blaming it on the Cuervo this time …


Buffy continued to scan the parking lot and surrounding area for something to blame her willies on … but couldn’t find anything.  She was having a hard time nailing down the feeling … at times it felt kinda like a vampire was near, with a little tingle down her spine … other times it was just a feeling of general unease. 


Just for her own peace of mind, Buffy walked completely around the school building … but still didn’t see anyone or anything out of place.  By the time she got back to the parking lot, the feeling had passed.


One time she could blame on the drinks, twice could possibly be a coincidence … if it happened again, then that would definitely make it a pattern … an ugly pattern … perhaps like Rodney Dangerfield sports jacket pattern…


Buffy looked around one more time before getting in her car and leaving the school parking lot.  She drove around the block slowly and came back, but still everything looked fine and the feeling didn’t return.


Buffy let out a long breath she hadn’t been aware she was holding and headed back to the mansion.  She’d ask Spike if he had noticed anything else unusual … then tell him that their daughter was a language genius … that should make him strut like a peacock for a week, at least …




“¿Cómo estás?” Spike asked Annie as he and Buffy entered her room to tuck her in that night.


“Muy bien, gracias,” Annie replied with a smile.


“Well now, I believe you just eclipsed your mum’s knowledge of Español … and I tutored her for six bloody months…” Spike told his daughter with a smile as he sat down on the edge of her bed.


“Hey! That’s not true … I remember lots of Spanish … margarita, taco, quesadilla, bodega, nacho, rancho … San Jose …” Buffy defended with a laugh.


Spike looked at Annie and crossed his eyes and Annie laughed at his funny face.


“So, your teacher says that you’re bloody brilliant … a chip off the ole block, you are,” Spike told Annie with a smirk.


“She totally gets that from me, fang boy … I think she gets the obsession with chocolate from you,” Buffy teased.


Spike nodded but twirled one finger next to his temple then pointed to Buffy and Annie laughed again.  “Haveta pardon your mum, Niblett, she’s been off her meds…”



“Papa! She doesn’t take any medicine …” Annie pointed out.


“The problem, precisely,” Spike joked. “See, bloody brilliant, you are.”


Annie smiled and rolled her eyes. “You’re silly.”


“Too true … but we did actually want to talk to you ‘bout sumthin, Niblett,” Spike told her, changing to a serious tone.


“Annie, your teacher thinks you’d do really well in a Magnet program next year … one that teaches different languages.  How do you feel about that?” Buffy asked her.


Annie shrugged. “Ok, I guess… would I have to … go away?” she asked them, looking worried.


“No … no, not at all, honey. It would just be at a different school – you wouldn’t have to go anywhere,” Buffy assured her.  “Do you like learning other languages?”


“Sure … it’s fun.  You can talk and no one knows what you’re saying!  I told Billy Boxtner, ‘Tu sens le fromage,’ and he didn’t even know what it meant! He’s so dumb!”


Spike raised his brows. “He smells like cheese?”


“Stinky cheese … but they didn’t teach us the word for ‘stinky’ …” Annie clarified.


“Ahhhh … well, perhaps that’s best…” Spike said, looking at Buffy with a barely concealed grin.


“That wasn’t a very nice thing to say, sweetie … why did you say that?” Buffy asked, trying to not look at Spike and smile herself. Why did she always have to be the adult and point out the wrongness of stuff?


“’Cause he’s a big meanie,” Annie defended with a pout. “He said I have ‘stupid hair’!”


Buffy couldn’t contain a laugh at that remark. “I think that means he likes you, honey,” Buffy informed her daughter. “Boys have a funny way of showing it…”


“Did anyone ever say you had ‘stupid hair’?” Annie asked her mother.


Buffy looked at Spike and he rolled his eyes. “Oh, once or twice I guess…” Buffy assured her daughter.


“Ok, honey … I’m gonna tell Mrs. Johnston that we’ll go ahead and register you for that Magnet school, then … okay?” Buffy asked her daughter, changing the subject, and Annie nodded.


“Sure … maybe they’ll teach us the word for ‘stinky’.”


“Brilliant. Sweet dreams, Niblett,” Spike told her as he tucked her covers around her tightly and leaned down and dropped a kiss on her forehead.  He lingered a moment and whispered, “Pepé Le Peu,” to her before pulling back and giving her a wink, his eyes dancing with amusement.


Annie looked a little confused for a moment, then it was like a light bulb went on over her head and she smiled and nodded conspiratorially before Buffy leaned in and also kissed her goodnight.


“Te quiero,” Spike called back as he and Buffy left her room.


“Te quiero,” Annie replied with a smile before he closed her door.


“What was all that about?” Buffy asked.


“I told her I loved her …” Spike replied.


“No … not that … the nudge, nudge, wink, wink stuff …”


“Oh, nuthin’ … just a little stinky French cheese to keep the gits away …”




Tuesday, July 20th, 2004:


“Did you know Giles could sing? I didn’t know he could sing … I mean, he’s singing … in public and it’s actually … not horrible …” Buffy rambled in a state of semi-shock as she and Spike sat at their booth in the back of the Bronze and listened as Giles sang and played guitar on stage.


Lorne had made Tuesdays, a typically slow night for the Bronze, ‘Open Mic Night’ and it seemed to be quite a success.  There had been lots of people taking their place on the stage and exhibiting any number of talents … from magic tricks to singing to juggling.


At the moment, Giles was singing the classic, “Behind Blue Eyes” and playing acoustic guitar. 


“I mean, I’ve known him for how long and he’s never told me he could sing! That’s just wrong … he knows everything there is to know about me and I have to find out he sings and plays guitar like this … I mean, who woulda thunk it? Giles is a Limp Bizkit fan …”


Spike looked at her with raised brows. “The song was originally by The Who …” he informed her.




The Who.”


Buffy looked at him with a furrowed brow and Spike rolled his eyes.


The Who  …  Roger Daltry, Pete Townsend … Please tell me you’ve heard of The Who, Slayer.”


Buffy shrugged and turned her attention back to Giles. “Sure, they go along with The What, The When, and The Where … The Who … The first lesson in ‘Interrogation 101’, got it.”


“That’s it - I want a divorce,” Spike grumbled, shaking his head as he turned his attention back to Giles … making a mental note to make sure their children were schooled in the classics … The Who, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Sex Pistols, The Byrds, Cream …  There was no way any children of his would think this was a Limp Bizkit song!




Giles joined Buffy and Spike after his song and, after assuring her that he had never heard of Limp Bizkit, ("Is that something that's served with tea in America?" he'd asked her with a disapproving look when she questioned him about it.) and Buffy scolding him for never telling her that he sang, the three watched a few more acts together. After a balding, fifty-something with a beer belly got finished singing “Do Ya’ Think I’m Sexy?”, Lorne called Spike for his turn on the stage.


Buffy looked at him with surprise. “I didn’t know you signed up … are ya gonna sing me a pretty song?” she asked with a sly grin, batting her lashes as she leaned towards him.


“Nope … not today, Slayer,” he informed her as he stood up. Spike leaned back down next to her ear and whispered, “Maybe a command performance could be had later … if you play your cards right.” Spike ran his tongue across his teeth seductively before turning and heading for the stage and Buffy grinned devilishly. A command performance, indeed…


Spike cleared his throat as he took the mic from Lorne and fought the butterflies in his stomach.  He really didn’t think there would be so many people here tonight.  He took a deep breath and tried to relax before bringing the mic up to his mouth.


“This is called ‘Te quiero’ … it’s for m’ girl, Annie,” he announced, a slight edge of nervousness creeping into his voice.  He thought he had gotten past that fear when he recited his poems in the other dimension … but that little voice of doubt still lingered in his mind and began to grow as he looked around at the expectant faces in the club. This time there was no apocalypse to look forward to if they booed him … or worse, laughed.


Spike cleared his throat again and took another deep breath before locking his eyes on a folded paper he’d pulled out of his pocket and beginning. 


“I watch as she makes her way in the world,

Running and laughing, dancing with a twirl,

Going places where I wish I could follow,

Her dearth leaves me feeling so very hollow.


“Is it wrong for me to wish that she would stay,

Where I can be near her every night and day?

She was born to soar … to walk on her own,

That this day would come, I should’ve known.


“The day that my Annie steps out of the door,

The day that she doesn’t need me anymore,

To hold her hand or wipe her tears,

Or to bring her comfort from her fears.


“Born, it seems like only yesterday,

When she was brought to into the pungent fray,

Of this lunatic fringe we often call life,

She is the best of us … me and my wife.


“Now those pieces of us have grown,

Into a lovely child, with a mind of her own.

What will happen with another blink of my eye?

She’ll test her wings … she’ll be ready to try.


“I’ll stand in the doorway, and I’ll kiss her goodbye,

And I’ll miss her and love her and try not to cry.

She’ll smile at me, blue eyes shining bright,

“Je t'aime, Papa …” she’ll call, as she soars out of sight.


“Te quiero, my beautiful girl…live your life in the light.”


Buffy and Giles, along with the rest of patrons, listened, enthralled by Spike’s deep, emotion filled voice and his heartfelt words.  Buffy blinked back tears as she thought of the day that Annie would spread her wings and fly and be out of not only Spike’s reach, but hers as well. Buffy smiled sadly, recalling how much it physically hurt to give birth to Annie, Dani, and Billy … she knew that would be nothing compared to the day they had to let them go their own way.  Every day gave her a new understanding of what her own mother must have gone through and how strong she was.  Buffy wasn't sure what she'd do if one of her daughters was a Slayer ... she was sure she wouldn't accept it as gracefully as her own mother had. 


As before, the end of Spike’s poem was met with nearly complete silence. He had focused on the paper in his hand, not really needing to read the words so much as just have something to look at other than the audience.


He was afraid to look up, so he simply put the mic back in the stand, stuffed the paper into his back pocket, and turned to walk off the stage when he heard clapping start from the back of the room.  When he looked up, Buffy and Giles were on their feet, giving him a standing ovation and within seconds, the rest of the club joined them.


Spike pursed his lips together and smiled slightly as Lorne passed by him, patting Spike on the shoulder as he went to retrieve the mic and call the next entertainer to the stage. 


“If you keep bringing down the house, Sweet Cheeks, they’re gonna start calling it the Platinum instead of the Bronze…” Lorne told him with a smile as he passed by.


“How about that guy!?” Lorne started when he retrieved the mic and the crowd erupted again with shouts and louder applause.  Spike waved a hand at them as he made his way back down the stairs and off the stage.


Buffy was still standing up when he got back to their table and she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a sweet kiss.


“You’re amazing …” she whispered against his lips.


“That was beautiful…sad and depressing and kinda scary, but beautiful,” she told him as she pulled back to look into his eyes and give him a sweet smile.


“Thanks … I think,” Spike smiled back as she released her hold on him.


“Would you be a sweetheart and get me another ‘rita?” Buffy asked, sticking her bottom lip out in a pout and picking up her empty glass off the table.


“How could I resist that …” Spike teased, taking her empty glass with him to the bar.


“Ok …wish me luck!!” Buffy told Giles, crossing her fingers on both hands and holding them up in the air.


“You’ll do fine … just focus on your breathing - it’s just like slaying … only, well – not,” Giles tired to assure her as he sat back down and Buffy headed towards the stage. 


She had gotten Lorne to help her with a song that she wanted to do for Spike … he was always doing things for her and she wanted to return the favor and surprise him with a song of her own.  Butterflies fluttered around her insides as she made her way to Lorne.  The act before her was just finishing and Lorne walked her up on the stage and gave her a reassuring smile as he handed her the microphone.


Ok, you can do this … you can do it … oh, God … I don’t think I can do it … Buffy thought as she tried to focus on breathing … which suddenly seemed quite difficult, like perhaps someone had taken all the oxygen out of the room.


The music started and Buffy had to decide … walk off the stage like a chicken or go through with it … since she was pretty sure she wasn’t poultry, she cleared her throat and announced, “This is for my husband, Spike …”


Spike was just getting ready to order her drink at the bar when he heard her and he turned around with a confused look to see what was going on.  Buffy caught his eye and smiled at him and suddenly everyone else melted away and there was just them … the butterflies fluttered away … the oxygen came back into the room and the song that she’d worked on for the last week came from her lips… 


“♫Never know how much I love you,

Never know how much I care,
When you put your arms around me,

 I get a fever that's so hard to bear

“You give me fever - when you kiss me,

fever when you hold me tight
Fever - in the morning,

fever all through the night.


“Now you've listened to my story,

here's the point that I have made:

"Fever - till you sizzle, what a lovely way to burn.
What a lovely way to burn.
What a lovely way to burn.


“Spike! Hey man … whaddya want?” Joe, the bartender asked for the third time.


“Huh?” Spike asked, looking away from Buffy momentarily and at the ‘intruder’ that had broken into the ‘bubble’ that they two of them were in.


“What. Do. You. Want?” Joe asked again, slowly enunciating each word as if talking to someone who didn’t speak good English.


“Uh …” Spike cleared his throat and looked back at Buffy, who was just walking down off the stage as the audience applauded.  “Uh … nothing mate…got what I want comin’ this way…”


Spike walked quickly up to Buffy and wrapped his arms around her, lifting her up off her feet and taking her lips in a ‘fevered’ kiss. Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss just as feverishly … their tongues dancing against each other, pressing, exploring … demanding. 


“Need you…” Spike whispered against her lips as he started walking with her in his arms out of the club.


“Wait …Giles,” Buffy managed to say.


“No…” Spike stopped and pulled back from her, looking confused.


“I need to say goodnight to Giles,” Buffy clarified with a smile. “Put me down a minute…”


“Oh … yeah – right,” Spike stammered, putting her back on her feet.


Buffy nearly ran over to their booth to bid Giles goodnight.


“Gotta patrol … good night, Giles,” she said quickly.


“Patrol? Ah, yes… I’m sure that was the desired effect of that song …to get Spike ready to patrol,” Giles mocked, rolling his eyes.


“Oh … totally!” Buffy assured him with a serious look and a nod before turning and hurrying back towards Spike.


She grabbed Spike’s hand as she rushed past and they both ran out of the club and into the warm night air. Spike pulled her around by the hand and her body crashed against his.  He wrapped his arms around her again and took her lips in a hungry kiss.  


You give me fever - when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight, Buffy sent to him through their bond as Spike’s lips devoured hers, his tongue probing and tasting her mouth as he held her body against his.


So bloody hot, you are … need you … need you now, Spike sent back to her as he reached down, lifted her up by the hips and pressed his erection against her throbbing pussy through their jeans as she wrapped her legs around his slim waist.


When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear, Buffy sent back to him as she pulled away, unhooked her legs from around his waist and dropped down to her feet. 


She giggled and started running down the alley away from the club. Spike took off after her in a second … he knew he’d catch her soon enough, but the view of her gliding through the dark alley – her grace, her speed … her fire as she ran made his cock strain even harder against the confines of his jeans.  He loved watching her move … whether it was walking across a room or fighting a demon or running like the wind … it all turned him on.


Buffy laughed as she ran ahead of Spike. “Catch me if you can,” she called back over her shoulder as she ran down the alley behind the Bronze, dodging around boxes and dumpsters and leaping over puddles.  After a few blocks, she turned and headed towards Restfield Cemetery, looking back over her shoulder periodically to catch a glimpse of Spike.  She knew he could run faster than that … she thought it was cute that he always let her outrun him, even when she wasn’t running full speed.


When Buffy turned the corner and entered the side entrance of the cemetery, she stopped abruptly and pulled a stake out of the waistband of her jeans as she looked around cautiously. Spike, unaware that she had stopped, ran into her when he turned the corner a couple of seconds later and they both tumbled to the ground.


“Bloody hell …” he muttered. “Should signal ‘fore stoppin’ like that, Slayer,” he told her, picking himself up off the ground and offering her a hand up.


“Vamp …” Buffy said in explanation as she took his hand and pulled back up to her feet, still looking around the cemetery.  Spike looked around too as he pulled a stake out of his waistband, as well.


“This way …” Buffy whispered as she started moving further into the cemetery. As the pair rounded the corner of one of the large crypts, they were met by three vamps. One was a fledge, which Buffy dusted easily, but the other two were older and attacked Buffy and Spike with fists and fangs.


Buffy was elated! She hadn’t had a decent slay in what seemed like ages and she took on the larger of the two vampires as Spike morphed into game face and lunged with his stake at the other and the fight was on!


Spike wasn’t happy for the interruption of what had promised to be a feverish patrol … but he loved any chance to watch Buffy slay. He loved sparring with her, but to watch her fight, to smell her adrenaline, to hear her heart race, and her pulse quicken as she fought for real was something he’d never tire of.


Spike made quick work of his foe, who appeared to have been more of a bookish vamp than a fighter, and turned to watch Buffy. She was giving as good as she got with the larger vamp … he was obviously the muscle of the duo and a much more talented fighter.


Buffy hit him with a roundhouse kick and sent him stumbling back against a tombstone, but he recovered as she reached him and punched her in the stomach, knocking the air temporarily out of her and doubling her over.


Buffy let the vamp close in on her, she was still doubled over, holding her stomach with both hands and moaning loudly. Spike leaned back against the crypt and smirked… he’d seen this trick a time or two … he fell for it himself once or twice during sparring sessions. 


As the vamp reached for her neck, Buffy suddenly straightened with more speed than should’ve been possible and plunged the stake into his heart.  The vamp’s eyes went wide with surprise just before he disintegrated into dust.


God, that was bloody brilliant! Spike thought as he pushed off the crypt wall and started towards her.


“Dumb ass!” Buffy exclaimed with glee as she turned to look for Spike. “You know, you’d think they’d learn that trick after a while … it’s almost too easy,” she told him with a smile as she started walking towards him.


“I could watch you fight all night, Slayer …” Spike told her as they met halfway.


“Uh-uh … I have other plans for you tonight,” Buffy growled as she pushed him back against a tombstone and sucked his bottom lip into her mouth. Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her body against his and Spike wrapped his arms around her … her scent, her heat, her desire was driving him crazy and he returned her kiss eagerly. 


He’d already been crazy with lust for her when she sang that song. Buffy sang a song – for him, to him, in public! Not in the shower, not a little snippet on the training room floor or a whispered lyric while they danced … but a bloody randy song in front of everyone. That had started it, then to see her fight that vamp just added fuel to his fire – he had to have her and it needed to be now!


“Crypt,” Buffy murmured breathlessly against his lips and Spike picked her up by the hips and headed for the door of the crypt, kicking it open and then back closed behind them, never breaking the kiss, their lips fused together in mutual desire. 


Spike set Buffy down on the sarcophagus in the center of the room and started undoing his belt, but Buffy’s hands on his stopped him. She jumped down off the tomb and took over the job of undressing him.  Her hands moved deftly and easily as she tugged his belt loose and unbuttoned his jeans, running her hand down the outline of his denim covered cock before carefully unzipping them. 


Buffy slid her hands down his hips … his skin was so soft, his muscles so hard beneath … she moaned involuntarily as her hands moved down past his hips to drop his jeans in a pile at his feet.  Spike toed his boots off and then pulled free of the jeans as Buffy ran her hands back up his hips then around his back, tickling her fingertips lightly across the swell of his ass.


Spike moaned as her fingers traced lines of fire on his skin, his cock jumped and throbbed and ached for her. He had to be inside her; not being inside her was going to make him spontaneously combust at any moment, he was sure of it. 


Buffy watched Spike’s face as she trailed her fingertips over his skin … up and down his hips, around his ass and back again.  Then up under his t-shirt as she pressed it up and pulled it over his head as he held his arms up for her.  She traced her fingertips back down his muscled chest and abs and Spike moaned as the fire she was kindling threatened to burn out of control.


Buffy took Spike by the shoulders and reversed their positions, pressing him against the sarcophagus. “Sit …” Buffy whispered to him as she pushed him back and Spike lifted his body up with his arms and sat on the hard top of the tomb. 


Buffy ran her hands down his chest one more time before dropping her mouth down to his cock and circling the engorged head with her hot tongue. 


“Ahhh, Christ!” Spike exclaimed as his hands tangled in her hair and his hips jerked against her.  Buffy licked a slow line down the underside of his rod to his balls and back up, flicking her tongue all along the length of him and Spike moaned and clenched his eyes shut as he fought to maintain control. Everything she did made him want her more, if that was physically possible. He felt as if not having her pussy engulfing his shaft soon would surely be the death … the ultimate death … of him.


Buffy smiled seductively and pulled her mouth and hands away from him.  She wanted him as badly as he wanted her…but she’d made a plan for tonight and she hated to toss it aside completely – no matter how much her body screamed at her to screw the plan.


Buffy backed up a couple of steps from him and began humming the tune to the song she’d sung earlier. Spike opened his eyes and watched her as she began slowly unbuttoning her blouse, swaying her hips to the slow rhythm…


“♫Never know how much I love you, Never know how much I care,” she sang softly as she continued to unbutton her blouse, moving her hands slowly down her body. 


Spike sat and watched her – spellbound; mesmerized by her beauty, by her voice, by her movements … by the words she sang so seductively to him.


“♫When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear,” Buffy sang as she slid her shirt off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind her.  She ran her hands slowly over her body, across her white lace bra and down her stomach to the waistband of her jeans.


Spike licked his lips as he watched her. Her golden skin was covered in a thin sheen of perspiration … her hands gliding over her body made his own hands jealous, and he had to hold onto the edge of the tomb’s lid to keep them from reaching for her.


“♫You give me fever, when you kiss me, Fever when you hold me tight,” Buffy continued as she unhooked her jeans and slid the zipper down with a slow, deliberate motion as her hips continued to sway from side to side in a slow rhythm.


Spike took a deep breath and ran his tongue over his teeth hungrily as Buffy slid her hands under her jeans and down.  She went slowly … excruciatingly slowly … revealing her white lace thong to Spike little by little.


“♫Fever in the morning, Fever all through the night,” Buffy continued as her jeans dropped to the floor and she kicked her shoes off and the jeans with them.


Buffy’s hands ran back up her thighs, up across her abs and stopped at the hook in the front of her bra.  Spike’s eyes were riveted on her body … yes, he’d seen it thousands of times … but it didn’t matter.  It always made him suck in a sharp breath … always filled him with awe and longing and always, always captivated him.


Sun lights up the daytime, Moon lights up the night,” Buffy crooned as she turned around, putting her back to Spike, and unhooked the bra, letting it slide off her shoulders. 


Spike followed it with his eyes until it hit the floor before looking back up as she turned around to face him again.  Her arms were crossed over her chest, covering her tits, and Spike bit his lip as he waited for her to reveal more to him.


“My eyes light up when you call my name, 'Cause I know you're gonna treat me right,” Buffy sang in a low voice as she slowly uncrossed her arms, dragging her hands across her skin.  She stopped when her fingers reached her nipples and circled them lightly, causing them to stand up even harder.


“Bloody hell…” Spike muttered as he sucked in a sharp breath and closed his eyes, trying to control his urge to simply grab her and take her right then.


Buffy smiled … her plan was definitely having the desired effect … Spike’s cock was at full attention and still jumping with each new thing she did.  His face was awash in lust and love and adoration and his blue eyes shone brightly, even in the dim light of the crypt, as they followed her every movement.


She hadn’t been sure when she started this if she could finish completely without just grabbing Spike and taking what she needed from him … she wanted him so badly, especially after that excellent slayage earlier. Her pussy ached and throbbed and her juices covered her slit and her thong … but her control had been worth it … she was driving him out of his ever-loving mind, just as she had hoped.


“Fever,  when you kiss me, Fever when you hold me tight,” Buffy continued singing slowly as she slid her hands down her body and hooked her thumbs under the sides of her thong.

“Fever, 'til you sizzle, What a lovely way to burn,”
she finished singing as she pushed down on one side, then the other of her thong, slowly inching it down her thighs.


Everything was threatening to overtake Spike’s control. As her thong slid down her legs, and the scent of her arousal grew stronger, he lost the battle with himself.  Spike growled deeply as he jumped down off the sarcophagus, grabbed Buffy by the shoulders and pulled her to him, ravaging her mouth with his.


Yes! Spike … God, yes! Buffy encouraged him through the bond as she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss with just as much abandon.


Spike picked her up and turned them around, dropping her roughly down onto the hard top of the tomb and yanking her panties the rest of the way off her legs. 


“Make me burn …” Buffy demanded of him as she spread her legs for him to join her on the narrow slab. 


Spike needed no further urging … he was already burning … burning from the inside out it seemed, and only Buffy could satisfy the flames of his desire.


Spike was on her in a heartbeat, pushing into her heat with barely contained lust as she lifted her hips up to meet his.  Buffy gasped as he entered her – her throbbing pussy pulsed and quivered around his cock and Buffy cried out as a small orgasm flared out over her body. Her back arched and her legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him into her with unbridled desire as the flames licked up from her core and sent chills across her skin.


Spike began moving his hips against her harder and faster … there would be no slow tonight … no easy lovemaking, no tender touches.  She had driven him past that … his thirst for her was unquenchable; his desire to be buried deep within her was uncontrollable; his need was like a tinderbox on the verge of igniting and setting them both burning out of control.


Their bodies crashed together like two freight trains running at full speed … it was violent and primal and exactly what they both wanted and needed at that moment.  Spike’s demon came up uncalled as he drove his manhood into her with all his strength … she’d driven him past all control, past even wanting to try to maintain control. 


Buffy clung to Spike as he thrust into her … his cock filled her as he took as much as he gave … fanning her desire and sending her dancing in the red hot flames of her own lust.  She felt his demon come up and his strokes into her got more frantic and wild. His pubic bone crushed against her clit with each stroke and sent molten embers of ecstasy cascading out from her core.


Everywhere the embers touched down ignited her passion in bright orange flames and Buffy screamed out as her body was completely engulfed in them. Her body convulsed under Spike, her pussy trembled and tightened around his cock as she came with the power of a thousand wildfires. 


When she screamed out, Spike dropped his mouth to her neck … as his hips continued slamming in and out of her tight channel.  She hadn’t ask him to bite her … he had no invitation to do so … but he couldn’t stop it – the demon had to have a taste of her blood, just as the man had to have her body.


Spike’s fangs sank into her neck and Buffy’s fire was suddenly being fanned by the Santa Ana winds … they whipped and swirled and lifted the flames higher and higher – spreading their heat in all directions at a frantic pace. Like flames over drought plagued hills, there was no stopping the orgasm that consumed her.


Buffy’s body sucked air deeply into her lungs, but as soon as the much needed oxygen was there, the fire within her used it to fuel itself and lift higher yet as she danced among the burning embers of her orgasm for what seemed a lifetime.


As the first drop of Slayer blood touched Spike’s tongue he slammed deep into her tight channel one last time and he came hard and long.  His nectar filled her and spilled out, covering them both with their combined juices. His body tensed and he growled savagely against her skin as his cum continued to spill into her while her body engulfed him in her flames.


As the flames slowly died down until all that was left were tiny, glowing embers, Spike morphed back to his human face and tenderly licked Buffy’s wounds to seal them and stop the bleeding.  He suddenly worried that Buffy would be upset at him for biting her without an invite … he’d never done that before, but she’d never driven him that crazy with lust before, either.


Buffy moaned as Spike’s tongue licked at her hot skin, his body now resting down against hers as her arms and legs held him captive atop her.  She wished whoever kept taking the oxygen out of the air would quit already as she struggled to replenish her depleted body.


Spike finished and raised his head up to look at Buffy’s face. Her eyes were closed but she had a look of complete bliss on her flushed face as a small smile played at the corner of her lips.  Buffy opened her eyes and locked on his as her smile widened.  Spike dropped a soft kiss on her lips and pulled back, searching her face for any sign that she was upset with him for the liberty he took by biting her.


“You ok?” he asked, figuring that could cover any number of meanings.


“Mmmhmmm … perfect,” she murmured back to him, pulling his head back down and kissing him again.


“You’re not gonna … you know, gather up your clothes and run off then?” Spike asked … remembering the last time they’d used this particular crypt over six years ago. He’d purposely avoided it since that night when she left him dazed and confused on the floor and run off to her Mom’s house.


“No … we agreed, you got to take care of the surprise ending this time,” Buffy told him with a small smile as she traced a finger over the bite mark on her neck.


“Sorry ‘bout that …” Spike started and Buffy pressed her finger to his lips.


“I like your surprise better …” she whispered to him. “Much better... What a lovely way to burn …”




The man followed the pair to the club and waited outside … perhaps he would get his chance tonight.  It seemed to take forever for them to come out … but then, he’d been waiting a long time already … a few hours wasn’t much in the grand scheme of things.


He’d missed his chance yesterday morning at the school by hesitating … he didn’t want to make the same mistake again.


He ducked behind a dumpster when they came running out the side door into the alley. He could hear them moving around and then he heard their footsteps running in the opposite direction. “Catch me if you can …” she called and the man’s shoulders slumped.


He left his hiding place and followed behind far enough to not be seen. At the cemetery, he ducked behind a large bush across the street from the entrance and watched as the pair fought and dusted three vamps.  They were both talented fighters, there was no doubt about that … although the girl did have a dirty side to her, tricking the vamp into thinking she was injured and then staking him. He’d have to remember that for the future … just in case.


When the pair scrambled into the crypt and slammed the door, the man ventured across the street and into the cemetery … ducking behind headstones as he came closer to see what was going on now. He heard what sounded like singing … but couldn’t quite make it out, so he snuck closer … up to the window and peeked in.


The man pulled away and pressed his back against the wall immediately at the sight of the girl stripping for the already nude vampire.  He stood perfectly still, not 100% certain what to do…when he heard her screams he nearly jumped out of his skin. Peeking back in the window, it became obvious that they weren’t screams of pain, but of pleasure.


The man covered his ears and darted from tombstone to tombstone, working his way out of the cemetery and back to the street.  He stopped and looked back at the crypt … now silent and dark – then up and down the deserted street.


Perhaps he’d just go back to the lot across the street from the mansion and wait for their return… it seemed clear that he wouldn’t get a chance tonight, either.


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