Alternate Universe: Unexpected
Story Title: Brownies
Chapter Title:


Brownies, a one chapter interlude ...


Time line:

Saturday, June 19th, 2004


Joshua "JJ" Harris was born on April 21st, 2004

The twins (Danielle, "Dani" and William, "Billy") were born on February 12th, 2004

Annie turned five on February 14th.

Spike and Buffy have been married five years in February. (seems longer, doesn't it?)

Buffy turned 23 on January 19th.


All the Potentials were endowed with full Slayer power in February 2003.

Buffy and Spike learned of the other dimensions in May, 2003.



Someone was silly enough to leave an unguarded pan of brownies cooling in the kitchen ...


A quick update of Buffy and Spike's life right now:

Buffy, the Slayer, and Spike, a vampire with a soul, are married. Their daughter, Annie, was created of them by the Monks to conceal the Key from Glory.  They live in the mansion on Crawford Street, along with their other children, Dani and Billy, twins who were bestowed on them for their heroic deeds. Willow and Tara also live with them, helping with babysitting and demon fighting, while they attend UC Sunnydale. Willow had recently turned one of their adversaries (Hallie/Cecily) into a rat accidently just by suggesting in anger that the ex-vengeance demon was one.  Lorne, who Spike calls ‘Green’, also lives in the mansion with them. He came to them for help after being kicked out of Angel Investigations by Cordy.


Notes: Heartfelt thanks to my "ET", The Queen of Smutville, PaganBaby, for her wonderful suggestions, corrections and encouragement!!  I am your humble servant ... I salute you with my very prim and proper pinky ... ;P


Inspired, in part, by my conversation with 'strikske', which brought back memories of a visit to Amsterdam during the summer between high school and college and our student group’s experience with the "funny" brownies they have there…  :O

The brownies in the story aren’t the funny kind, though – 'cause that would be wrong!  :D


Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.

Saturday, June 19th, 2004:


The smell of hot, freshly baked brownies assaulted Buffy’s senses as she walked in the garden door of the mansion carrying Dani and Billy.  She stopped just inside the door, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply … heaven … that was what heaven must have smelled like.  She couldn’t actually remember what it smelled like, but she was pretty sure that was it. 


Buffy had been working out in the yard. She’d spread a blanket out under the oak tree in the back and laid the twins down there while she worked in the rose bed.  She paid the kid from down the block to cut the meager grass around the mansion every week, but she didn’t let anyone touch the rose bushes but her, and they had been badly neglected lately.  A little while after Xander and Anya moved into Buffy’s mom’s house, they had surprised her with half of the roses that her mom had planted there … a piece of her mom, of that house, to have with her here, they’d said.


Annie had wanted to go visit Uncle Giles at the Magic Box… well, she had wanted to go visit Uncle Giles’ computer and Play Station – seeing Uncle Giles was a side benefit, so Spike had taken her over there through the sewers a little while ago; he wasn’t back yet.  Buffy figured it must be Willow or Tara baking the brownies… she was pretty sure they had an ‘after finals’ party that night over at a one of their friend’s houses.  Well, in truth, there had been a few of those parties…Buffy guessed that the whole summer may be filled with ‘after finals’ parties.


Buffy walked into the kitchen and the heavenly aroma from the warm brownies just got stronger … there was a huge pan of the chocolate delights sitting on the counter cooling.  Buffy’s mouth watered as she took in another deep breath … surely they wouldn’t miss just one…but her hands were full with Billy and Dani – crap!


“Time for a nap, guys,” Buffy told her babies brightly. “Mama needs some alone time…alone with the brownies.”


Buffy took the babies upstairs and settled them into their cribs for a nap before hurrying back downstairs and into the kitchen.  She grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and carefully removed one of the brownies from the pan, making sure to take any pieces that tried to stick to the pan with it.  She set it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it back up as she retrieved the vanilla ice cream from the freezer and the Hershey’s syrup and the Amarena Fabbri wild cherries  from the fridge.


“OW! Hot!” Buffy exclaimed as she pulled the bowl with the brownie in it out of the microwave, dropping it quickly down on the counter and putting her fingers in her mouth to stop the slight burning sensation.


Buffy smiled like the Cheshire Cat as she scooped out a huge portion of the vanilla ice cream on top of the steaming brownie, looking back over her shoulder now and then for Willow or Tara. It would be best to not actually get caught taking the brownie – especially since Willow had yet to figure out how to turn Hallie-rat back into just plain ole skank-ho-Hallie.  Buffy didn’t want Willow calling her any names like that!


Buffy was drizzling the chocolate syrup over her creation when Spike walked in behind her. “Whatcha doin’?”


“AHHH!” Buffy exclaimed, jumping and turning around, stringing chocolate syrup all over the counter and the floor. “Fuck, Spike! You scared the fuck outta me!  Don’t you know it’s rude to sneak up on people like that!?”


Spike laughed. “Wasn’t sneakin’, luv. What’s got ya so jumpy?”


Buffy raised her chin and said, “Nothing. I’m not jumpy – you’re just sneaky.


Spike walked up to the counter, looked behind her and raised his eyebrows. “Your ice cream’s meltin’, luv.”


“Oh, shut up,” Buffy told him, turning back around to finish her masterpiece by topping it all off with some of the wild cherries and spooning large amounts of the heavy syrup the cherries were in all over it.


“Who made the brownies?” Spike asked.


“Dunno…Willow or Tara,” Buffy said as she gathered up the ice cream, syrup and cherries and put them away.


“Oh, good,” Spike said, taking one out of the pan and taking a bite.


“What does that mean?” Buffy turned on him with narrowed eyes and a furrowed brow.


“Wha?” Spike asked her, his mouth full of brownie.


“What does ‘Oh, good’ mean?” Buffy repeated, folding her arms across her chest. "You don't like my brownies?"


Spike took another bite and shook his head, pointing to his full mouth. “Not poli to talk wif yur mouf ful …” he told her, leaning his head back so none of the brownie would fall out.


“Yer ice cream’s meltin’…” he reminded her after swallowing part of the brownie.


Buffy rolled her eyes and grabbed a spoon out of the drawer before picking up her bowl.  She leaned her back against the counter and dug into her creation, making sure to get some chocolate syrup, ice cream, cherries and brownie all in the spoon.  She held the bowl close to her chin as she quickly shoveled the dripping spoonful into her mouth.


Buffy lolled the sweetness around her mouth … hot and cold, chocolate and vanilla and cherries … the inside of the brownie was all soft and gooey but the outside was still slightly crunchy. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, closing her eyes and letting her head tilt back as she savored the contradictions that were swirling around her taste buds.


Spike smiled as he watched her. The look on her face was pure heaven – chocolate and sex were the two things that brought that look to Buffy’s face without fail.


Spike stepped up to her and crumbled the rest of his brownie up in her bowl.  When she opened her eyes to get another spoonful, Spike tilted his head slightly, looked at her with pleading, puppy dog eyes and opened his mouth. Buffy smiled and got another spoonful of brownie, cherries and ice cream, not quite as big as the one she’d just gotten for herself, and raised it up to his lips, slipping the sweet spoonful into his mouth gently.  Spike closed his mouth around it and Buffy pulled the clean spoon out from between his soft lips.


“Mmmmm,” Spike repeated Buffy’s assessment of the wonderful flavors with a slight moan.


Buffy took another big spoonful and raised to her own lips, scooping it in quickly to try and not lose any of the yummy goodness, but a bit dribbled down her chin, despite her best efforts.  Not one to let an opportunity like that pass, Spike leaned in and licked the sticky sweetness off her chin, starting at the bottom and trailing up towards her lips.


“God, so sweet you are, pet,” Spike mumbled against her lips before dropping soft kisses all around her mouth and over her lips as he ran his hands lightly up and down her bare upper arms.


“Mmmmm,” Buffy moaned against him as she swallowed the brownie and parted her lips, inviting Spike’s heavenly tongue in to sample more of her sweetness. Spike didn’t hesitate, sliding his tongue into her mouth, which tasted like heaven squared…like Buffy and chocolate covered cherries and vanilla … hmmm, maybe it was heaven cubed – whatever it was, he was sure this must be what heaven tasted like.  Buffy never told him what heaven tasted like, but he was pretty sure this was it.


Buffy slid one hand to the back of Spike’s neck and pulled him down against her lips harder and Spike obliged, devouring her heaven with his lips, as their tongues tangled and curled around the other’s – tasting the heaven that they each offered the other.


Spike tasted of chocolate-cherries and vanilla and Spike.  If Buffy had been asked to describe the flavor ‘Spike’ with words, she wasn’t sure that she could. It would be like trying to describe a rainbow or a symphony to someone from another planet that had never seen any colors before or never heard any music before.   It was rich and complicated and passionate and beyond description – it was ‘Spike’.


Spike pulled back slightly to let Buffy breathe.  “Should … go … up … stairs,” she told him between breaths.


Spike picked up the spoon Buffy had left in the bowl and scooped up more of the melting goodness and raised it to her lips. Buffy opened her mouth and took in the manna he offered, closing her lips around the spoon as he pulled it away.


“Right behind you, luv,” Spike told her in a rumbling voice as he set the spoon back in the bowl and backed up to let her pass. 


Buffy pulled her hand away from the back of his neck, slid it along his hard chest and down to this belt buckle. “Don’t be long …” she said in low, sexy voice as she headed for the door, scooping another spoonful of gooey goodness out of the bowl and into her mouth as she walked towards the stairs.


Spike smirked and grabbed the ice cream out of the freezer and the chocolate syrup and cherries out of the fridge.  He opened the ice cream container and dumped it all on top of the pan of brownies that were left on the table before squeezing copious amounts of Hershey’s syrup over the whole thing and pouring the whole jar of cherries atop it.  Spike grabbed another spoon out of the drawer and picked up the pan of brownies, now covered in ice cream and syrup and cherries, and headed out of the kitchen and to the stairs, leaving only the empty ice cream container, cherry jar and mostly empty syrup bottle, in their place.


Buffy sat Indian style and completely nude in the middle of their bed as she finished the rest of the ice cream, cherries and brownie in her bowl and waited for Spike.  She moaned and savored every bite of the sweet treat and was about to start licking the bowl clean when Spike came in with the whole pan of brownies.


“OH MY GOD!” Buffy exclaimed as he sat it down in front of her on the bed.  “Willow is soooo gonna kill you!” Buffy warned him even as she took her spoon and dug into Spike’s monstrous creation.


Spike smirked. “No worries. Got you for protection, luv,” he informed her as he pulled his t-shirt up over his head and dropped it on the floor.


“Willow’s gonna turn us both into rats!” Buffy giggled as she pulled the spoon, piled high with brownie, cherry syrup and ice cream quickly from the pan to her mouth, holding one hand under it to keep it from dripping on the sheets.


“God, tis is fuckn gud!” Buffy said with another giggle holding her hand over her full mouth.


Spike dropped his jeans to the floor, kicked off his boots and sat down opposite her on the bed.


“That, by the way, was the proper way to speak with your mouth full, Mr. Weckerly … one hand covering it, head tilted back slightly – you did it all wrong downstairs,” Buffy informed him as she lifted another spoonful to her mouth.


“Did I now? Didn’t know I was married to Miss Manners … all prim and proper, you are, pet - sittin’ there starkers shoveling stolen brownies into your gob and talkin’ with your mouth full. I think you’re supposed to hold your pinky out like this, luv … to be perfectly proper.”  Spike picked up the other spoon and dug into the concoction, as he raised it to his lips he stuck his pinky out and put on an arrogant, upper-class look – raising his chin and feigning complete nonchalance, before devouring the huge spoonful like the shark in Jaws devoured the swimmers.


Buffy giggled again. She put on her best English, upper-crust accent and said, “Oh, yes … I believe I see now.  Right you are, dear sir.” Buffy dug her spoon back in and brought it to her lips slowly, holding her pinky out in imitation of how Spike had done it, but before she could get it to her mouth, the whole thing fell off her spoon and left a trail of vanilla, cherry and chocolate down her chin, chest and stomach.


Buffy burst out laughing and fell backwards on the bed as she started wiping the sticky sweetness off her skin with her hand and licking it off her fingers.


“Ah, ah, Miss Manners,” Spike started as he slid the pan to one side of the bed. “That’s not proper etiquette – you must offer that to others first … guests are always served first, luv.”


Spike got up on his hands and knees and crawled up the bed to where Buffy had collapsed backwards.  Spike started with a chunk of brownie that was stuck on her thigh. He lowered his mouth over it and sucked the chocolaty goodness up before swirling his tongue over the spot where it had been and sending chill bumps up and down Buffy’s body as he licked and sucked on her golden skin.


“Oh God . . .” Buffy moaned. “Yes, yes, I can see now how serving guests first would be the proper thing to do,” she said slowly as Spike slid his tongue up her body, following the trail of sweetness from her thigh up to her stomach and then slowly to her breasts.


Spike reached over to the rapidly melting ice cream and dug his hand into it, bringing back a handful of dripping ice cream, red cherries and gobs of brownie. Buffy opened her mouth and Spike held the sweet, gooey mess above her and let it dribble into and around her mouth then down her throat and around her breasts, covering them with the sugary manna.


“You’re making a mess …” Buffy protested feebly.


“Mmmm,” Spike agreed. “No worries … I’ll clean it up, luv,” he assured her.  He started to lick his fingers clean when Buffy grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand to her mouth.


“Guests first …” she reminded him as she sucked first one, then two, then three of his sweet fingers into her mouth.


Spike moaned and his cock jumped as he watched her suck his fingers into her hot mouth. Spike bent his head down and began licking lightly at Buffy’s skin, trailing his tongue up from her breasts to her throat and down again, as he cleaned up his mess, as promised.


Buffy moaned around Spike’s fingers in her mouth as she sucked and licked all the sweetness from them.  When Spike’s tongue circled her hard nipple lightly, her back arched up, pressing her aching body harder against his mouth.  Spike sucked her nipple into his mouth, nibbling it lightly with his teeth as he began lavishing it with his tongue. Spike moaned against her hot, sticky skin as he made love to first one breast, then the other, with his soft lips, hard teeth and devilish tongue. 


Buffy’s sweat mingled with the sweet goo that he’d covered her with as her passion and desire rose, and, at that moment, Spike thought he’d never tasted anything more perfect as he moved his mouth hungrily over her body.


Buffy released his hand, satisfied that she’d gotten all the syrupy goodness off, and Spike slid it down from her mouth, all the way down her body until he found her dripping mound.  He ran his hand lightly across her curls … barely touching her and Buffy moaned in anticipation, lifting her hips off the bed, begging for more, but Spike didn’t oblige her … he kept his touches light and teasing across her pussy, occasionally reaching her puckered hole and teasing the sensitive skin there, as he continued to clean her skin with his tongue.


“God Spike,” Buffy moaned, running her hands through his hair as he moved his mouth up her body to her throat and licked and sucked all the sweet, stickiness from it, sending little electrical charges out to all parts of her body as he went.


Spike licked his way up, over her jaw and slowly circled her mouth as he continued his efforts to clean up the mess he’d made.  “You’re killing me …” Buffy protested, when Spike would only tease her pussy lightly with his fingers.


“Mmmm, am I now?” he asked in a deep, rumbly voice.


“God, please … Spike,” Buffy moaned as he started a finger between her pussy lips but pulled back out.


“What do ya’ want, pet?” Spike asked her between soft licks to her skin and lips.


“Need . . . more.”


“More . . . brownies?” Spike asked with an evil grin.


 “No … Yes … No …” Buffy stammered.


“Which is it, pet, yes or no?  Tell Big Bad what you want. Ask nicely and maybe he’ll give it to ya.”


“Arrgghhhh!!” Buffy screamed in frustration, grabbing Spike’s shoulders and pushing him down hard onto his back as she jumped on top of him, determined to end the torture that he was inflicting on her.  When she did that, Spike’s hip hit the pan with the brownies and ice cream and it flipped up, spilling all the gooey-chocolaty-cherry goodness all over the bed and him.


“Bloody hell!” Spike yelled as the cold treat covered his hips, abdomen, and cock and started running down his balls.


Buffy began to laugh as she sat on his thighs and scooped as much of the gooey mess of ice cream and brownies up off the bed and off him and back into the pan. 


“The wet spot’s on your side for a change,” she told him, still laughing at the shocked and dismayed look on his face.


Spike put his hands behind his head as he watched her clean up the mess and the shock of the cold ice cream hitting his hard cock began to be worth it. When she’d gotten as much of the goo up as she could, Buffy leaned over set the pan down on the floor and turned her attention back to her original mission. 


Buffy raked her eyes up from Spike’s now ice cream and chocolate-cherry brownie covered cock, up across his hard abs and chest to his face. Her eyes lingered on his soft lips, now curled into a small smile then to his sunken cheeks and razor sharp cheek bones before settling on his bluer than blue eyes, which were watching her every move with passion and desire.


“Guests first,” he told her with a wicked grin, lifting his hips up for emphasis.


Buffy grinned back at him. “Why thank you, kind sir,” she said, putting on her not very good upper-crust, snobby accent again.


Buffy leaned down quickly and swallowed Spike’s cock until it hit the back of her throat in one fast, hard move.


“FUCK!”  Spike exclaimed, caught off guard, as his hips attempted to push his cock even deeper into her hot mouth.  Buffy pulled back slightly when he did that, keeping him enveloped in her hungry mouth perfectly.


She began swirling her tongue around his hard shaft licking the sweet combination of his pre-cum, vanilla ice cream, bits of chocolate brownie and cherry syrup from his hard rod. Buffy moaned against his sensitive organ as the tastes mingled in her mouth and Spike’s hands tangled in her hair, pulling it away from her face so he could see her lips sliding up and down on him.


“Fuck Buffy! God … so bloody hot … Christ, I love what you do to me … so beautiful … Ahhhh ... God … Yes! You make me fucking crazy … Buffy ...yes!”


Buffy pulled off his cock and began licking and sucking down Spike’s long, hard shaft, all the way to his balls, then back up again as she cleaned up every bit of the sweet dessert from his skin.  She changed to soft, feathery, barely-there licks as she finished getting the sticky substance off him and Spike’s hips pressed towards her, begging her to go back to the hard, hungry touches.


“Buffy … please … Christ,” he muttered as he pushed his hips up against her mouth and pressed her head down with his hands, but Buffy pushed back and sat up on his thighs, using one hand to lightly tease his balls and the skin around his ass.


“What do you want, baby? Ice cream? Brownies?” Buffy asked him with a sly grin.  “Tell Big Bad what you want …” Buffy mimicked Spike’s words.


“You,” Spike responded immediately, sitting up and pulling her mouth down to his and devouring it in a fierce, fiery kiss. Buffy slid her hips up his thighs, never breaking the kiss – her tongue warring with his for dominance but at the same time happy to be dominated by his lust for her. When she reached his pelvis, she lifted up and moved until she felt his cock head at the entrance to her burning slit.


Buffy wrapped both arms around Spike’s neck and slammed her hips down on him, taking his hard cock into her core in one thrust.


Both warriors broke the kiss with a scream and howl of pleasure when his cock plowed into her, her pliable pussy walls enveloping him in their heat, his swollen cockhead pressing roughly over her g-spot as it was buried deep within her and his pubic bone pressing hard against her sensitive clit.


Buffy squeezed Spike’s cock within her, making him gasp in pleasure as he recaptured her lips in a frenzied kiss.  Buffy began to move her hips in slow circles, round and round, then up and down on him, grinding against him with her clit and sending shock waves out to her whole body on every downstroke.


Spike slipped a hand between them and fingered her clit when she came down on him, causing Buffy to scream out and arch her back involuntarily. Spike took a ripe nipple into his mouth and sucked hard as he pulled and pinched the other one with his hand.


“YES! FUCK YES! MORE! HARDER!" Buffy demanded of him. "Fuck, Spike, yessss!”


She tightened her hold around Spike’s neck and he had to release her nipples as she slapped her ass down against his thighs and fucked him harder and faster, needing to feel him slamming into her, wondering if someone could actually be fucked in half … if they could, she was pretty sure that’s what she wanted right then.


“God Buffy! Christ .. . Yes! Fuck me … harder … Christ woman! YES! Ahhhhh! FUCK! YES! I love you so bloody much… fuck yes! Buffy!” Spike roared as he raised his hips up to meet hers on every thrust.  “Cum for me, Buffy … cum for me ... cum all over me!” he demanded as she slammed down on him, his finger hitting her clit on every down stroke, his cock filling her.


“Oh yes!!! YES!! God…. Spike!!” she screamed as she felt her orgasm building from her core and begin rolling through her body like thunder. Her words turned into screams on every exhale as she pounded down on Spike, impaling herself on his cock until the thunder turned into lightning traveling up and down her limbs as she climaxed. Her body spasmed and trembled and bucked on him; her back arched and her scream of release echoed off the walls of their room like thunder echoes in a desert canyon.


Spike could feel her tighten around him, squeezing his cock until the pleasure nearly turned into pain as she screamed out and bucked against him.  He continued to finger her clit, he could feel the ripples of electricity as they shot down her legs each time he touched her sensitive nub.


“Fuck Buffy! YES!  Jesus Fucking Christ! So fucking good!” he growled as she came on him, her hot cum covering him, running down his shaft, buried deep within her, down to his balls and his ass and mingling with the ice cream and cherries and brownies that soaked the sheets beneath them to form an ambrosia he was sure he could live on, if given the chance.


As he felt her coming down from her high, Spike rolled her sideways and down onto her back, pushing her legs out wide and up towards her chest as moved with her and dove down into her cum soaked pussy.  Buffy screamed out again and her hips jerked as Spike sucked hard on her clit before burying his mouth against her dripping slit and devouring her juices.


He fucked her with his tongue, thrusting it deep within her as he tapped a finger down on her clit again and again – faster and faster – harder and harder, until Buffy spasmed under him and screamed out as another bolt of lightning hit her and zinged through her body with what seemed to be enough power to run a small city.


Before she could come down from the clouds, Spike moved over her and guided his cock against her throbbing hole, holding himself up above her body with strong arms. When Buffy’s scream of release began to wane, he slammed his cock into her, grinding his pubic bone against her clit and Buffy screamed his name, demanding more – harder – faster as she hooked her legs over his shoulders, opening herself to Spike completely.


The feeling of him above her, slamming into her, controlling her, was overwhelming – she felt at once vulnerable and completely safe. She reveled in the feeling of her lover lifting her once again into the clouds where the thunder and the lightning waited to roll over her and engulf her in their power.


“Come with me, Spike! Yes! Now, Spike . . . NOW! Fuck!!!! YESSSSS!” Buffy shrieked as she felt the thunder begin to build from her core and roll out over her body again. She dug her nails into his back as she bucked her hips up against him and her channel tightened even harder around his thick rod. 


Her demand for him to come with her into the clouds overwhelmed Spike as he watched her face and saw her leave him for that time – it was one thing he never grew tired of seeing . . . Buffy in the clouds of heaven.  Spike slammed into her with one, two, three more hard strokes and he joined her there as he came with a loud roar, which joined her screams echoing off the walls of the small room. His cum spilled deep into her core, her pussy clutching him, pulling him deeper . . . holding him so tightly he thought he might pass out from the complete ecstasy of it. 


As they both floated back down from the heavens and the lightning bolts faded into smaller and smaller electrical shocks running through their bodies, Spike rolled to the side, pulling Buffy with him as he did, until he was laying on his back and she was atop him again.  The wet, sticky spot on the bed was cold on his ass, but it didn’t matter, because Buffy was warming his front, her hair was splayed across his chest, her head on his shoulder and he held her to him with strong arms as he listened to her ragged breathing slowly return to normal.


“I love you, Buffy … you are the most amazing woman,” Spike whispered to her.


Buffy smiled and wriggled her body down even tighter against his. “I love you, too – you crazy vampire … even if you did make a huge sticky, wet spot on the bed,” she sighed to him.


Spike chuckled lightly and gave her a hard squeeze with his arms; he started to say something about cleaning it up later when there was a banging at their door.


“BUFFY! SPIKE! Are you guys in there!?” Willow yelled from the other side of the closed door.


“NO!” Buffy and Spike both answered her.


“Oh, don’t try that with me, I’m not Xander!” Willow told them, rolling her eyes.  “Do you know what happened to the brownies I had cooling on the counter?”


Buffy and Spike both looked at each other with wide eyes and made “eeeek!” faces before they both said, “NO!”


“Are you sure!? ‘Cause they were there not too long ago – I need them for the Wicca group meeting tonight ….”






“Umm, did you try Green?” Spike asked, still looking at Buffy with wide eyes.  “I think he has a fetish for brownies … We’ve been … umm … occupied – haven’t seen a thing.”


“You two are always occupied,” Willow informed them with a sigh. “You’ve been occupied since the first time I knocked on this door and you’ll probably be occupied until the end of time.  Meanwhile, someone steals my brownies – pan and all, plus all the ice cream, those expensive cherries and half the Hershey’s syrup, right out from under your noses! Some super-heroes you are!”


“Sorry, Wills,” Buffy told her, biting her lip and repressing a laugh . . . “Ummm, maybe we have ghosts . . .  chocoholic ghosts . . .” and they've been eating your brownies and having major poltergasms, Buffy added silently - trying hard not to laugh aloud.


“Oh, you two are no help!! Crap, now I’m late. I’ll just have to pick something up on my way.  Go back to being occupied … but when I find out who took my brownies, so help me, I’m gonna …. OOOO, turn them into . . .”


“NO!!” came from Spike and Buffy as they both jumped up from the bed. Spike wrapped the sheet around his waist while Buffy opened the door a crack and stood behind it, poking her head around the edge to look at her friend.


“Wills… you don’t want to turn anyone into anything – really, now do you?  It’s just probably someone saw them there and got hungry and they didn’t mean to take them all . . . it just kinda happened, you know . . . I mean, I’m sure it wasn’t malicious.”


“Yeah, I guess that’s possible,” Willow acquiesced. “Well, I gotta go – sorry for disturbing you while you were, you know, occupied.”


“That’s ok, Wills . . . really sorry you lost your brownies,” Buffy told her.


You know, Buffy, you should probably have Spike lick that chocolaty goo off your neck for you when you start being occupied again . . .” Willow told her with a devious smile before turning and heading down the hall.


Buffy closed the door and burst out laughing.  “We are soooo busted! We’re gonna owe her big time,” she informed Spike.


“Ahh, well – that’s for tomorrow . . . I think right now, we should take ‘er advice.”


Buffy tilted her head and furrowed her brow. “What advice?”


“Let me lick that chocolaty goo off your neck and get occupied again, luv,” he told her as he dropped his lips to her neck and wrapped his arms around her.


“Mmmmm . . . good advice.”



** ~ END ~ **



(Well, of course, not "THE END" ... just the end of this one chapter interlude ... got more to come, so don't go too far away!) 

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