Alternate Universe: Unexpected
Story Title: Kooks
Chapter Title:


ih-fuhl-juh-nt, adj., shining forth brilliantly; radiant; beaming


Time line:

Night of May 24th, 2004 (the night Hallie got turned into a rat at the Bronze)


Joshua "JJ" Harris was born on April 21st, 2004

The twins (Danielle and William) were born on February 12th, 2004

Annie turned five on February 14th.

Spike and Buffy have been married five years in February. (seems longer, doesn't it?)

Buffy turned 23 on January 19th.


All the Potentials were endowed with full Slayer power in February 2003.

Buffy and Spike learned of the other dimensions in May, 2003.



Now that Hallie's out of the way, can Spike suss out what else is bugging Buffy?


Notes: Heartfelt thanks to my "ET", PaganBaby, for her wonderful suggestions and encouragement!! 


"I Do (Cherish You)" by 98 Degrees:

Other references: 

Tootsie Pop commercial:

Original Poem:

"I Love You, Buffy" by Passion4Spike


Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.

Night of May 24th, 2004:


That night, Spike sat in their bed, leaning up against the headboard and waiting, as usual, for Buffy to come to bed after she’d checked on the children and taken her shower. He wondered what their conversation about Hallie, and what Buffy had obviously witnessed at the Bronze, was going to be like.  Was Buffy going to be mad? Royally brassed off?  Angry enough to stake him for that display? 


She’d seemed happy when he rejected Hallie, but she hadn’t really had time to consider it fully then. He knew that her mind must be spinning trying to suss out what had led him and Hallie to be there having that discussion in the first place. 


Spike sighed heavily. God, he had really hoped to avoid admitting to Buffy what a ponce William was . . . even though he’d told her before that William was a poof . . . he never had to give her examples of his poofiness. The thought of dragging all that ancient history up now and laying it out at her feet was daunting. Would she laugh?  Would she feel sorry for him?  He didn’t want any of that – he really didn’t want to discuss it at all, if given the choice.


Spike was pulled from his thoughts as Buffy entered their room, freshly showered, wearing shorts and a tank top, and carrying the baby monitor.  She had done as Lorne suggested and moved the twins’ cribs next to each other in the nursery and there hadn’t been a peep from them since they’d gotten home – utterly astounding.


“How’re the nippers?” Spike asked, tilting his head towards the monitor in her hand.


“Perfect ang . . . ummm, perfectly fine,” Buffy told him with a small smile. 


Buffy sat the monitor down on the nightstand and crawled into bed, sliding over and sitting next to Spike at an angle. She leaned her back against his chest with a sigh.  Spike put his arms around her and held her to him, burying his face in her hair, he closed his eyes and inhaled her wonderful scent – a scent that was no one but Buffy.


After a few moments, the silence was broken when both Buffy and Spike spoke at once. “About Hallie . . .”


They both laughed and Spike pulled her more tightly against his chest.  Buffy leaned her head back against his shoulder and closed her eyes.  “You go first, luv,” Spike whispered to her as she rested against him.


Buffy took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She kept her eyes closed as she spoke.  “I know you loved her . . . she was your first love, wasn’t she?”


Spike pursed his lips together and furrowed his brow. “How d’ ya know that, luv? Did she tell ya’?”


“Not important . . . she was, wasn’t she?”


“Yeah, I reckon so . . .” Spike admitted with a sigh.


“And you . . . did you . . . you don’t . . .” Buffy sighed. She was afraid to ask the question – Do you still love her . . . but, surely he didn’t - he spurned her in the Bronze . . . but your first love isn’t easy to get over, no matter what – Buffy knew from experience. As much as she loved Spike, she always gave Angel the benefit of the doubt, always gave him a second chance, always stood up for him even when he didn’t deserve it . . . your first love is hard to just toss away.


“Buffy, I love you.  You’re the only woman I love – you’re the only woman I want – you’re the only woman I need,” Spike told her tenderly.


“Dru took you away from her . . . don’t you wonder – ‘what if?’ What if that hadn’t happened? What your life would’ve been like?” Buffy asked softly.


Spike chuckled slightly, wrapping his arms even tighter around her. “Never . . . I’ve never regretted meetin’ up with Dru. I wouldn’t be here with you if I hadn’t of.  My life with you has outshined anything I could’ve ever had as William – my whole life has been leading me to you.  You are my destiny.”


Buffy nodded slowly, her eyes still closed, considering his words for a few moments. “Lorne says we share a soul – that we’re true soulmates . . . Do you think that’s true?” Buffy asked, opening her eyes, sitting up slightly and turning her head so she could see Spike’s face.


Spike smiled softly. Looking into the depths of her green eyes, he tilted his head and considered her question a moment before answering.  “Yeah . . . yeah, I think that’s true, luv.”


Buffy nodded. “Me too,” she admitted quietly, lowering her eyes from his.  “I love you - I love Spike and I love William . . . you know that, right?” she asked him, raising her eyes back to his to await his answer.


Spike nodded. “And I love you – all of you. Slayer, lover, friend, wife, mum - every befuddling and frustrating bit – eyeballs to entrails . . . I love you all.”


Buffy smiled and nodded as she leaned back against him again and laid her hands and arms over his where he held her around the waist.


“Spike, did you ever . . . ummm . . . ever write any poems for me?” Buffy asked cautiously . . . afraid his answer would be ‘no’.


“One 'r two . . .”


“Could I . . . I mean, if you don’t mind – could I hear one?”


Spike closed his eyes, leaned his head back against the headboard and sighed.


“I’d really like to, you know . . . just one,” Buffy prodded.


Spike cleared his throat and recited as if reading Shakespeare – slowly, seriously and with reverence, “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Cashews are nuts and so are you.”


Buffy rolled her eyes and jabbed him lightly in the ribs with her elbow. “Spike!” she said sharply – using the same tone she took with Annie when Annie had left her toys in the middle of the floor.  “I’m serious.”


“Oh – serious, are we?  Ahh, well – I didn’t realize you were serious, luv. Ok, ummmm . . . let's see . . .”  Spike cleared his throat and started again.


“All I am, all I'll be
Everything in this world
All that I'll ever need
Is in your eyes
Shining at me

“When you smile I can feel
All my passion unfolding
Your hand brushes mine
And a thousand sensations
Seduce me 'cause I

“I do

cherish you
For the rest of my life
You don't have to think twice
I will

love you still

“From the depths of my soul
It's beyond my control
I've waited so long to say this to you
If you're asking do I love you this much
I do

“In my world, before you
I lived outside my emotions
Didn't know where I was going
'Til that day I found you

“How you opened my life
To a new paradise

In a world torn by change
Still with all my heart
'Til my dying day


“I do

cherish you."


Buffy listened to Spike as he recited the poem, but the further he went with it the more her brows furrowed in confusion – the words sounded familiar to her . . . wasn’t that a song?  She was really sure she'd heard Tara playing that on her IPod not long ago . . .


“That’s beautiful,” Buffy told Spike softly, turning her head to look at his face. “You wrote that for me?”


“It’s how I feel about you, Buffy,” Spike told her lifting one hand to touch her face tenderly.


Buffy nodded. “And you wrote it . . . for me?”


“I do cherish you, Buffy – I’ll love you forever,” Spike answered, evading her question.


Buffy pulled the arm that Spike still had around her waist up and away from her and spun herself around quickly so she was straddling his hips with hers and looking directly into his eyes.


“Show me . . .” she challenged as she leaned over towards his nightstand to retrieve his journal.  Spike grabbed her wrist and stopped her – pulling her arm back and holding it against his chest.


“Don’t,” he insisted.


Buffy sat back on his thighs, her legs still straddling his and sighed.  “You don’t have to hide your heart from me,” she assured him lovingly.


“I know, luv – it’s just – that stuff don’ amount to much of anythin’ – just words and prattling on – it’s not any good.”


“Did you write it from your heart?  Is your soul in those words?” Buffy asked him, her voice low and kind, as she leaned her forehead against his and wrapped her arms around his neck.


“Yeah . . . but . . .” Spike closed his eyes and sighed heavily.




“Buffy, I couldn’t take it if you laughed, I just couldn’t – I’d rather you stake me right now than have you laugh.”


“I’d never hurt you, William – I love your poet’s heart.”


Spike sighed again before reaching over and picking up his journal from the nightstand. Buffy sat back and waited as he flipped through the pages for a few moments before settling on one.


He looked up at Buffy – his eyes locked onto hers as he took a deep breath and let it out slowly . . . he really would rather be staked at that moment than have her laugh at his words . . .


Spike lowered his eyes to the page and, with trepidation, began to recite the words he’d written there . . .


“You came to me, as if in a dream,

You’re like the sun, a ray,

A golden beam, to light my way

Out of the dark and into the day

You kindled a spark, but I didn’t stay.


“You didn’t give up on us, on me,

What I did to deserve you, I can never see,

But by your side I made a promise to be,

Because to my heart, only you hold the key.


“You gave me your hand, I gave you my name,

Then came the day, when everything changed,

You gave me a child, a father I became,

And my heart burned, with an ever brighter flame.


“You proved your love, time and time again,

How to tell you your worth, I can’t even begin,

‘I love you’ seems so small, compared to the feelings within,

My heart and soul are yours – shackled under my skin.


“But I’ll never attempt to break out, to be free,

I want nothing more than your arms holding me,

Your love and your smiles – that’s all that I need,

You are my world, my life, my soul. I love you, Buffy.”


Spike closed his eyes and held his breath – not that he needed to breathe, but breathing was comfortable, it was relaxing and he didn’t feel the least bit comfortable or relaxed at that moment.


Spike could still hear the echo of people laughing at him, at his heartfelt words, another lifetime ago.  He remembered the humiliation he'd felt and the way it had stung, and he hadn't even cared about those people.  If Buffy laughed too ... he was sure he couldn’t bear it.


He waited for the inevitable; he waited for the laughter, he waited for Buffy to clear her throat and stammer out a few unintelligible words before excusing herself, going into the bathroom and puking.  But he didn’t hear anything . . .


Finally, Spike opened his eyes and looked up at his wife.  Tears glistened in her eyes and she gave him a small smile.


“Bored ya ta tears, eh?” Spike quipped – hoping that wasn’t the actual truth.


Buffy shook her head slowly as she took the journal from his hands, closed it and laid it back on his nightstand.  Turning back to him she leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss on his lips before telling him, “That was the most beautiful poem I’ve ever heard, William.  I love you, too. You are my world, you are my heart, you are my soul.”


Spike smiled and drew in a deep breath. She liked it, she bloody well liked it, he thought as he pulled her to him and kissed her.


Buffy pulled back and laid a hand tenderly on his cheek. “You have no idea how scared I was that I’d lost you . . .  that you didn’t love me anymore – that you wanted Hallie, instead.”


 “Buffy . . . how could you ever think that, luv? You’re all I ever want – don’ you know that?”


Buffy shrugged and lowered her eyes as she picked absentmindedly at the string holding Spike’s PJ’s around his slim hips, twirling it around her finger, before unwinding it again.


“Buffy – please tell me what’s wrong – you’ve been in a funk and I just can’t suss it out, luv.”


“It’s nothing . . .” Buffy started and Spike put a finger to her lips, stopping her.


“It’s not nothing – you made me share – now it’s your turn, pet. Truth or Dare  - only, you can’t choose dare . . . what’s botherin’ ya?”


Buffy rubbed a hand tiredly over her eyes and let out a long sigh before looking back at Spike and taking a deep breath. “I just feel like . . . like I’m not who you want . . .” Buffy stopped Spike from protesting by laying two fingers softly on his lips before she continued, “. . . not that you don’t want . . . ‘Buffy’ but that I’m not quite the ‘Buffy’ you bargained for or fell in love with . . .”


Spike looked at her with confusion and pulled her hand away from his lips. “You’re . . . what, not my Buffy? – ‘cause, gotta say, you look like my Buffy and smell like my Buffy . . . you’re confusin’ as hell – like my Buffy . . .”


Buffy gave him a small laugh and rolled her eyes before explaining further. “You fell in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer . . . or Slutty the Vampire Layer . . .” she told him with a smile. “I’m not that girl anymore, Spike – I . . . God, I have all these scars and this fucking roll of fat around my middle that will not go away not matter how much I work out or how little chocolate I eat – Hallie was right . . .”


“BOLLOCKS!” Spike exclaimed, interrupting her.  “Hallie is full of shite!  You think that because you’ve finally got some meat on your bones, that I, what? Don’t want you anymore? Don’t think you’re the most beautiful woman in the bloody galaxy?  ‘Cause, you’d be wrong 'bout that, luv.”


“Spike! Look at me!  Look at this!” she told him, laying her hands on her abdomen. “I’m not Buffy the Vampire Slayer anymore! I’m Buffy –the Mom – and I’m not even very good at that, it seems.”


“I’m not even going to dignify that with a response, Buffy – ‘cause everythin’ you just said is nothing but a load of bollocks.  Get up . . . UP! Get off me, woman!”  Spike ordered as he took her by the shoulders and rolled her off his legs and down onto the bed. 


He stood up and walked over to the old-fashioned, free standing floor mirror that stood in one corner of their room.  He pulled it up closer and positioned it so it was directly in front of one corner of the bed.


“Ok – drop those bloody clothes and sit down ‘ere. C’mon – not gonna ask twice, Slayer,” he instructed her, pointing to the corner of the bed reflected in the mirror.


“Spike!” Buffy whined.


“Don’t ‘Spike’ me – and sticking that bottom lip out ain't gonna change nothing - do as I say . . . class is in session. C’mon – Slutty the Vampire Layer – you’ve obviously forgotten some a' your lessons – time for continuin’ education.”


Buffy rolled her eyes and sighed before standing up and reaching for the light switch to turn it off. 


“Nope – havin’ none a that for this lesson, Slayer,” Spike told her as he caught her hand before she could reach the switch.  “And don’ start – you asked for lessons, don’t forget.”


Buffy put her hands on her hips and shot Spike a look that would’ve killed any mortal man . . . but he stood firm and raised his eyebrows saying, “I’m waiting!” with nothing more than a look.


“Fine . . . you asked for it,” Buffy told him as she slid her shorts down and kicked them off before pulling her tank top up over her head. 


“Full Monty,” Spike told her, cocking a brow and tilting his head towards her panties that she’d left on.


Buffy rolled her eyes again before sliding her panties down and stepping out of them. “Happy now, Professor?”


“Very,” Spike said with a smirk.  His eyes wandered down her body then back to her meet her eyes as his cock jumped to attention within his PJ’s.  He almost forgot what it was he was getting ready to do – his lesson plan seemed to fly out the window for a moment as he took her in.  Spike shook his head to re-focus and motioned for her to sit on the corner of the bed, facing the mirror.


Resigned to her fate, Buffy did as he asked, sitting on the corner of the bed, but keeping her eyes averted from the full length mirror that held her reflection, staring at the very interesting pattern in the carpet, instead. 


Spike dropped his own PJ’s to the floor and climbed behind Buffy on the bed, so she was sitting between his legs and he could see her reflection in the mirror as he looked over her shoulder.  Of course, Buffy couldn’t see him in the mirror, which she thought wasn’t quite fair.


“Now then,” Spike started. “Let’s see what we ‘ave ‘ere.  Look in the mirror, luv.”


Buffy closed her eyes before lifting her head to face the mirror.  “It’s not that hard, Slayer – just open your peepers,” Spike whispered into her ear. Buffy opened her eyes with a roll, looking first to the left, then the right of the mirror before finally meeting her own eyes in the reflection before her.


“Look at how beautiful you are . . . you’re a goddess, Buffy – can’t you see it?” Spike asked her as he looked at her reflection in the mirror.


Buffy shook her head slowly with a frown on her face.


“No?  Let me show ya, luv,” he said softly.


Spike picked her hair up and ran his fingers through her soft, luxurious, golden tresses.  Buffy could see her hair moving in the mirror – almost as if it had a mind of its own and she had to smile at the weirdness of the image. 


Spike spoke slowly, deliberately, his voice deep with emotion and desire. “Your hair is your halo . . . glowing, golden – like spun gold.  I love the feel of it on my skin . . . when you’re above me and you move down my body . . . your hair glides over my skin like the wings of an angel – just barely there, caressing me softly with a thousand heavenly fingers – it sends rivers of pleasure through my whole body when it touches me.”


Spike pulled her hair away from her neck to reveal the scar left from his fangs. He slowly circled the scar with is tongue before he spoke again. “Your neck is my chalice . . . where you offer yourself – all of yourself – your life blood, to me. You share your most precious gift with me – you trust me to take only a sip, but that sip is so sweet.  There’s nothing in this world I could compare it to, made all the sweeter because you give it in love and take nothing in return.”


Spike let her hair fall and moved his hand to lightly touch her cheek. “Your face . . . Buffy, your face is the face of an angel – framed by your golden halo.  Your green eyes pull me into their depths until I feel like I could drown in them. When you pour your love over me, when our two bodies are as one, I look into your eyes and I do drown . . . I drown in you – in your love, every time – every – single – time.


“Your mouth is such a contradiction – I think perhaps I love it most of all.  One moment soft and supple, giving and pliant – the next moment demanding, taking, insisting on more – but always full of passion. 


“Then, when you smile – oh, Buffy – when you smile you light up my world.  It’s like the sun on my skin, it makes me warm and fills my heart with joy to see you laughin’ – that’s when you’re the most beautiful - when you show the world your smile.”


Buffy’s eyes moved as Spike spoke – first to her hair, then to her neck and the scar there – Spike’s scar, then to her eyes and her mouth.  Spike’s voice was mesmerizing . . . deep and rumbly, it seemed to come from deep within his heart as he spoke and she was spellbound by it.


“This scar . . .” Spike started again as he touched a finger to the starburst shaped scar on Buffy’s chest that she’d gotten from the amulet she’d worn in the Hellmouth, the amulet that Angel had brought her, “. . . is your heart, Buffy.  It shows the world what you did, what you were willing to sacrifice, to save it.  It is who you are more than anythin’ else – The Slayer. The one who stands against the demons, against the armies of hell itself – the Chosen One - the protector of this world. 


“You face the demons that no one else wants to even admit are there – and you do it without question, without a thought of your own safety, and without hesitation.  That is your heart – that is who you are at your core.


“This scar is your soul,” Spike told her as he moved his hand down and touched the scar on her abdomen from the emergency C-section. “I think I love this scar most of all – it’s where you gave me m’ son. Without it, William would’ve never seen this world, sweet Danielle would be missing a part of herself, and I would’ve never held that beautiful boy made from our love – made from us.  It’s something I never thought I’d see, Buffy – but you . . . you gave it to me, like you always do – without asking for anythin’ in return.”


Buffy blinked back tears as she listened to Spike describe what he saw when he looked at her scars.  The scars that she thought made her look like a prizefighter that had lost a few too many fights – beaten and scarred for life, Spike saw different meanings for.  He found the beauty in them – the heart and soul of them – he actually loved them.


“And this . . .” Spike said, as he moved his hands down to encompass her lower abdomen, where the dreaded ‘baby fat’ was hanging on, before sliding his hands down to the flare of her hips, “. . . all this just means you’re a woman, Buffy.  You’ll always be m’ girl . . . but you’re a woman now – a Mum – a good Mum, loving and kind, and yeah, a little cranky at times,” Spike said with a small chuckle that made Buffy smile, too. “But I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to share my life with, to raise children with, to be with until death . . . or dust, do us part. 


“You think I fell in love with the girl, but you’re wrong. I fell in love with your heart, with what you are inside. I fell in love with how you try, what you do, your kindness and your strength. I’ve seen the best and the worst of you, and I love you even more for sharing it all with me.  You are a helluva woman, Buffy Summers – you’ll always be the one.”


Buffy closed her eyes to hold back the tears as she leaned back against Spike’s chest and pulled his arms around her middle.


“I love you, Spike,” she whispered to him.


“I love you, too, Buffy,” he returned, his mouth near her ear.


They sat in silence for a time as Spike’s words echoed in Buffy’s mind.  Everything that she had been hating about herself, suddenly had a new light – or a light of any kind, shined on it. Spike had found good in everything that she had seen as only bad; he had found beauty in what she saw as only ugliness; he had found desire in what she saw only as undesirable.




“Yeah, luv?”


“I think you missed some parts . . .” Buffy told him with a sly smile.


“Did I now?” Spike smirked, looking into her eyes in the reflection before them.




“Ahhh, you mean your naughty bits?” Spike asked with a smirk.


Buffy shrugged, a small smile still playing on her lips


“Well, now . . . let’s see here,” he started, sitting her back up straight and disentangling his arms from hers.  “These are two of the most amazin’ things God ever invented . . .” he told her, cupping her breasts in his hands.  “They can make a young boy cum in his jeans with just a quick look; they’re soft and oh so supple . . . and just look how they bounce when you move – make a grown man cum in his jeans jus’ watchin’ ‘em.


“And, when I do this . . .” he said, moving his fingers lightly across her nipples, “they stand at attention, beggin’ for more – sendin’ little tingle-telegrams downstairs saying, ‘Get ready!’”


Buffy moaned and leaned back against his chest as he caressed her softly; lightly squeezing and releasing her full, round breasts as he brushed a thumb across her nipples with feather touches.  Spike watched her face in the mirror as she closed her eyes and leaned against him. That look – that look of pleasure – he loved to see that look on her face almost as much as he loved to see her smile.


Spike leaned down and began drawing small circles of fire on the skin of her neck with his tongue and Buffy moaned deeper and tilted her head to the side, pulling her hair away, to give him access to that sensitive skin.


“God, Spike . . .” she moaned when he hit the spot behind her ear that made her crazy and he lingered there even longer than normal . . . teasing, tasting, kissing and flicking his tongue lightly around and over that spot.


He loved when she moaned his name, he loved knowing that he was giving her pleasure – a Slayer’s life didn’t normally include a lot of pleasure – it was short, lonely and usually met with a violent end – he knew, he’d ended two that way.  It gave Spike just as much pleasure as it did her, knowing that he gave Buffy that ultimate, unadulterated, complete bliss – knowing that he could still take her to heaven.


Spike’s cock stiffened against Buffy’s back and she reached her hand back between them to stroke his hardness as he teased and tantalized the skin behind her ear with his heavenly tongue - sending quakes full of desire out to every part of her body.


She rubbed her thumb across his slit and felt a drop of his pre-cum there.  Buffy rubbed small circles around the head of his cock with her thumb, spreading the slick liquid all around and over his sensitive skin – relishing the feel of it.  


She was silently glad that she had gotten to the doctor and started on the pill – there would be no need for the condoms tonight. The thought of his cum spilling into her core made Buffy moan even deeper and squeeze Spike’s cock hard in her hand – producing a deep, rumbling moan from his throat as he kissed and suckled at her neck with his soft lips.


Spiked looked up into the mirror to watch Buffy’s face as he ran his hands down from her breasts, past her waist and hips, and down as far as he could reach onto her thighs before starting back up with butterfly touches – finally stopping at her mound of dark curls.  Buffy spread her legs further apart for him, and Spike slipped a finger between her pussylips sliding up from her dripping hole to her hard, aching clit. He pulled his slick finger out and held it up for her to see.


“This naughty bit is what the best dreams are made of, luv,” he whispered to her. “You’re always so wet for me, Buffy – your quim is like a heavenly banquet . . . ambrosia, nirvana, paradise . . .” he told her as he brought his wet finger to his mouth and sucked her juices from it with a deep, reverent moan.  


Spike slid his hand back down and spread her outer lips open, revealing her soft, wet, pink skin to the mirror. “Look at what I see, Buffy . . .” he told her softly. “You don’ know what that does to me . . . your skin glistening with desire for me; your little nub pokin’ out . . . begging to be licked and touched; your slit, pulsing with anticipation, squeezing and throbbin’ – wantin’ to be filled.


“So hot . . . so tight – when you envelop me, when we’re joined and I look into the depths of your eyes . . . Buffy, that’s . . . it’s the most perfect feeling in the world. Knowin’ that I still take you to heaven with me – that’s all the sustenance I need, luv. You are my only desire – making you happy, my ultimate reward.”


Buffy looked at what Spike was showing her . . . her skin seemed to move on its own, her outer lips spread of their own volition in the mirror as he opened her to it with his hand.  In the mirror, she was alone – her eyes roamed the mirror, looking behind her for her husband’s handsome face, for his blue eyes, his scarred brow – but he wasn’t there. 


In the mirror, she was The Slayer – standing alone against the demons – alone and lonely; but when she turned her head and looked at Spike’s face, she had a feeling of belonging, of being a part of a bigger whole – of having someone to stand with her against the demons. Even the strongest of demons, her own, internal demons – were no match for them when they stood together as one.


“Lift up, pet . . .” he instructed and Buffy slid her feet to the floor and lifted her ass off the bed.  Spike slid forward and pulled her slowly back down with one hand as he guided his cock into her wet, throbbing slit with the other.  Buffy slid onto him slowly – relishing the feel of his cock as it entered her. She never tired of that feeling as he pushed in – his cock stretching her, filling her, as her supple pussy walls molded around his hardness – squeezing and pulling him in deeper with Slayer strength and Slayer desire. 


Buffy moaned and let her head fall back against Spike’s shoulder as his cock pressed into her until her ass was on his lap and her juices were running down his cock and covering his balls with slick, warm goodness.


They both stopped moving when he was buried to the hilt in her heat.  Spike reached around her and spread her pussylips with one hand. “Look at how bloody hot you are, Buffy . . .” he whispered to her.  Buffy lifted her head and opened her eyes, looking in the mirror at what Spike was looking at.  Her pussy was held open by invisible fingers, revealing her slit, stretched wide around an invisible cock. Spike dropped a finger softly onto her clit.


“God!” she exclaimed and her eyes closed as her hips jerked involuntarily and electricity shot down her legs while her cunt squeezed even tighter around his hardness.  Spike began moving his finger lightly back and forth across her sensitive nub, keeping her spread open to the mirror as he watched and felt her body react to his touch.  Buffy’s legs quivered with every soft touch of Spike’s finger on her clit and her pussy pulsed around his cock as he teased her gently with a feathery touch.


“Jesus, Spike . . .” she moaned pressing her ass down even harder against him as she reached down and held his thighs, pulling them up against her at the same time as she pressed down.


“Ahhhh, God – fuck!” she exclaimed as he continued teasing her clit with his finger and she began squirming in his lap, wanting more – needing more.


“Do you see yourself, Buffy?” he asked, his voice husky with desire; he also wanted, and needed, more.  “Open your eyes, pet . . . see what I see. Head to toe, luv – can’t you see how beautiful you are?”


Buffy opened her eyes and Spike stilled his ministrations to her clit a moment so she wouldn’t close them again.  “You are a goddess . . . you’re my goddess – I worship you,” he whispered into her ear as Buffy looked at herself in the mirror. Her golden skin was flushed and covered in a thin sheen of perspiration, her cheeks were rosy pink, her eyes smoldered with desire, and her hair was tousled. The scars on her body were still there, but now they had new meaning – they were badges of honor, of courage – they symbolized her heart and soul. 


The bulge of baby fat around her middle and the wider swell of her hips were there because of the family she and Spike had made – a family neither of them had ever dared to dream was possible not so very long ago. She was a woman, a mom, a Slayer, a friend, a wife, a lover . . . and she finally felt like she could be all those things and not have to sacrifice one to be the other.  She was loved and in love with a man who . . .  who worshiped her, cherished her and she cherished him.  It made her heart fill with joy to know that she was able to give him a family – to give him not only two daughters that he adored, but a son – a legacy.  


“I love you, William,” Buffy whispered to him, turning her face to his and away from the mirror before laying a hand gently on his cheek.


“I love you, Buffy,” Spike told her as he buried his face against her neck and began nibbling with blunt teeth down to her shoulder.


Spike resumed his teasing touches to her clit and began pressing his hips up and around in a slow circle under her.


“Need to see you . . .” Buffy moaned as Spike’s cock started moving ever so slowly in and out of her cunt.  Spike put his arms behind him, lifted his hips up and pulled them both back away from the edge of the bed before he laid down flat on his back. Buffy lifted up a bit onto her knees and started to turn in place, to face Spike, but she rose up too far and Spike’s cock popped out of her.


Buffy moaned as she finished turning around and climbed back atop his hips.  “Ah,ah,ah Slayer . . . bad form on the sit ‘n spin there . . . I believe you need some remedial trainin’ . . . or punishment . . . I think a blowjob would be fittin’ . . .”


Buffy cocked a brow at him, pressed her hands against his hard stomach and slid herself down between his legs on the bed.  “I think I know what you are, William,” Buffy told him with a sly smile.


“Do ya’, now? Incredibly sexy, good lookin’, and smart?”


“Don’t forget modest,” Buffy said with a laugh. “But no – you’re a Tootsie-Pop.”


Spike liked the sound of that . . . the thought of her licking and sucking his cock like a Tootsie-Pop made his cock twitch against his hard abs.


“You’re hard on the outside, but have a soft, gooey center . . .” Buffy continued as she took his cock in her hand and brought it to her lips.  She circled the mushroom head with her tongue, tasting his pre-cum, as well as her own juices, on him.


“I wonder how many licks it takes to get to the gooey center of a Tootsie-Pop?” Buffy asked with a devilish smile. 


Buffy held his cock against his body and dragged her tongue from his balls all the way to the head of his cock in one long, hard lick. “Ah-one,” she announced with a giggle. She repeated the long lick again. “Ah-two,” she said, barely able to contain a laugh before licking the length of him again. “Ah-Three!”


Suddenly, the old commercial with the owl licking the Tootsie-Pop leapt into Spike’s mind and he reached down and grabbed her by the shoulders and hauled her up onto his chest and away from his cock. “Oh no you don’t – you scamp!  They’ll be no biting of the teacher! Not there, anyways!”


Buffy threw her head back and laughed – her eyes danced with joy and Spike smiled at her. This was heaven, his two favorite ways to see Buffy – laughing and sexy –naked on top of him, her skin aglow with desire and that little funny, evil streak she had just peeking through.


As Buffy’s laughter faded, she looked down at him, his bluer than blue eyes were the most beautiful color she’d ever seen. She knew exactly what Spike was talking about when he said he could drown in her eyes, she felt the exact same way about his - they were like liquid pools of cool, crystal blue water and she wanted nothing more than to drown in their depths.  Buffy leaned down and pulled Spike’s bottom lip into her mouth, tasting and teasing him as she sucked and nibbled on it lightly with her teeth.


Spike wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body hard against his as he deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth with his tongue, tasting her and swirling his tongue slowly around hers.  Buffy lifted up her ass and straddled his hips, never breaking the kiss, before guiding his cock back into her tingling channel. 


They both gasped into each other’s mouth as she pressed down on him and took his shaft into her again. Suddenly, as if ignited by a single spark, they both demanded more from the other.  The kiss became frantic, heated and hungry as the flames of their mutual desire danced and flared higher.  They both began moving their bodies in an ever increasing rhythm – plunging his cock deeply into her tight channel before pulling away and then crashing together again.


Buffy sat back on his pelvis, pulling away from the kiss, to take him in deeper – she needed to feel him at her core, feel him pressing against her womb.  Spike drove his hips against her feverishly and Buffy matched his tempo with her own burning desire, impaling herself on his hard cock as he drove deep into her.


Spike reached a hand between their bodies to finger her clit. “Cum for me, Buffy . . . cum all over me . . . cover me with it . . . God Buffy . . . so fucking hot . . .  so tight . .  . Jesus . . . Bloody Christ woman!”


Spike felt his balls tighten with that familiar burn and his cock surged with his cream as he watched her body moving on him, devouring him, taking everything from him - giving everything to him . . . “God –Buffy!”


Some foggy recess of Spike’s mind realized that Buffy hadn’t cum yet – she was so close, he could see it on her face, but he couldn’t hold back . . .


Spike morphed into the demon, grabbed her by the shoulders and flipped them both over as his cum began to spill into her. Holding himself above her with strong arms, he drove his cock into her with renewed force, grinding his pubic bone against her clit on each down stroke.


“Yes!! God, Spike! Fuck me!  Harder! More! More! God! Yessssss!” Buffy screamed at him as she wrapped herself around him and allowed him to take her into heaven with him. She could feel his cock pulse – expand within her as he came, and all conscious thought left her – words had no meaning – all that mattered was the feeling of him within her, filling her with his seed and sending her over the edge of oblivion and down into the clouds of heaven. 


Her primal screams of release echoed off the walls of their room as Spike ground harder against her on every stroke. A deep, growling roar joined Buffy’s scream as another rush of cum swelled up from his balls, into his cock and spewed deep within her as he thrust one last time with all his strength into her core.  


Buffy’s scream had faded, there was no more oxygen left in her lungs to sustain it, but her orgasm continued as Spike’s cum gushed into her for the second time in as many minutes. Buffy’s body thrashed and bucked frantically against him, her channel squeezing him tighter and tighter until it held him captive deep within her.  Spike dropped to his elbows, needing to feel her body against his, as they both floated amongst the clouds.


As they slowly floated back down to earth, like feathers on a soft, summer breeze, Buffy pulled Spike down so all his weight was on her body as she fought to get oxygen back into her lungs. She began running her hands slowly up and down the soft skin of his back; over the hills and valleys made up of the muscles there, then down to his ass, cupping his cheeks in her hands and squeezing lightly, before starting back up his body.


“God Buffy . . .” Spike moaned against her. “That was . . . I’ve never that quick – Bloody hell, twice! . . . God Buffy!”


Buffy smiled. “You were pretty God-like yourself . . .” she told him as her breathing began to return to normal.


Spike rolled slightly to the side and propped himself up on one elbow so he could look at her.  Buffy rolled her hips with him, keeping her legs wrapped round his waist and his cock buried within her. She let her hand slide around from his back to his chest as he moved and continued her soft exploration of his skin and body. 


“You are magnificent, truly amazin’, a helluva woman,” he told her with an adoring look.


“Oh, go on . . .” she said with a smile, “. . . really – I mean it – go on . . . I’m listening . . .”


Spike laughed and leaned in to drop a soft kiss on her lips.


“You know how you make me feel?” Buffy asked when he pulled back, her smile fading to a loving, but serious look.


Spike shook his head as he studied her face.


“Effulgent,” she told him – there was no mockery – it was said with love, because it was true – he made her feel effulgent.


Spike cocked his head to the side and considered her a moment before smiling at her.  “You are effulgent, luv.”  

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