Alternate Universe: Unexpected
Chapter Title: More Than Whiskey
Time line:

Currently: August 2003.


Annie turned four in February.

Buffy and Spike have been married four years.

Buffy turned 22 years old in January.

All the Potentials were endowed with full Slayer power in February 2003.

Buffy and Spike learned of the other dimensions in May, 2003.

Summary: The Council has recruited Spike to help train new Slayers up at the safe house in Canada and pulled Buffy down to South America to quell a demon uprising. They haven't seen each other in nearly two months. When Spike gets drunk, will he do something that he'll regret later?
Notes:  Song referenced:

"Whiskey in Mind" by Christian Kane

I don't own the song or the lyrics. I'm not making any profit from their reproduction here.

Rating / Warnings:

NC17. Content is only suitable for mature adults. Contains explicit language, sex, adult themes and other adult situations that some people may find objectionable. If you are under the age of 17 or find any of these themes objectionable – GO AWAY. Parents, it is up to YOU to control what your children are reading.


August, 2003:

I was down in Whiskey River
Stopped in for a drink
Minding my own business
Trying not to think

Bartender came over with a shot of his best
Said this one’s from the lady in the long black dress

She came waltzing 'round the corner
Anybody sitting here?
Started taking off her glasses and letting down her hair
I said thank you for the drink ma'am
How’d you know my brand?
She said there's certain things a woman can tell about a man

I said
Do you like the hard kick of old Kentucky Bourbon?
Or the slow burn of Tennessee rye?
Just when I thought I lost her
In petty conversation
She said slide over and kiss me
I got more than whiskey in mind

Oh man my heart was jumping
Shaking on the stool
She moved a little closer
And I tried to play it cool
The band had started rockin'
It was kinda hard to hear
I order us a double
And chased it with a beer

I said
Do you like the hard kick of old Kentucky Bourbon?
Or the slow burn of Tennessee rye?
Just when I thought I lost her
In petty conversation
She said slide over and kiss me
I got more than whiskey in mind

I started getting dizzy from the liquor on her lips
No 80 proof has ever got me buzzing like this
I love the . . .

Man, I love the
Hard kick of old Kentucky bourbon
And the slow burn of Tennessee rye
At this point in the night no need for conversation
Slide over and kiss me
I got more than whiskey
Slide over and kiss me
I got more than whiskey in mind


"Whiskey in Mind" by Christian Kane



Spike sat at the bar listening to the music and downing whiskey shots and beer chasers. It wasn’t really the kind of place that he’d normally choose to hang out in, with live country music, a mechanical bull and peanut shells on the floor, but he’d come down from the Coven’s safe house with Lindsey, who was singing here tonight. The witches could protect Lindsey as long as he didn’t stray too far from the safe house; Edmonton was about at the limit of his tether, though.


Spike had to admit that watching the gits try to ride the mechanical bull was amusing - he especially liked it when they were tossed off it - which was most of the time. The only thing that would've made it better was if there wasn't all that padding around it for them to land on. Nancy Boy poofs, he thought as he downed another shot, watching as yet another wanna-be cowboy went flying off. The bar was set up in a large circle, with the bull in the center of it, so anyone sitting at the bar had a perfect view of all the action.


After Buffy had Willow and Tara endow all the Potentials with Slayer strength, the Council began scouring the globe for the ones they’d missed. As they found them, they were brought to the safe house for training before being placed into “active duty” with a Watcher. As part of their training, the Council wanted them to get hands-on experience with actual vampires before sending them out into the real world, so Spike had been recruited for the job. Spike would stay at the Coven for twenty days out of every thirty, training with all the new Slayers. He'd been doing this for the last three months.


Buffy and Annie had come with him the first month, but Buffy and Spike decided that Annie shouldn’t miss so much time in school; even if it was just pre-school , they wanted to make sure she had every advantage, so Buffy and Annie stayed home the next month. Then the Council needed Buffy to help quell a demon uprising in South America, so now she was there and he was here. The timing of her leaving had been untimely to say the least; she’d left one day before Spike got back from his “tour” the previous month, so they hadn’t actually seen each other for nearly two months now. When Buffy had been home, he would talk to her every night on the phone, but since going to South America, she’d only been able to call twice because the Council of Wankers wouldn’t spring for a bloody satellite phone and she wasn't near any real town.


Their friends looked after Annie when they were gone, but Spike worried about being away from his daughter for so long. She was growing so fast – every time he came home he felt like he’d missed something important in her life – and now they had Buffy away, too. Although he talked to Annie every night on the phone, it just wasn’t the same as being there.


So, when Lindsey asked Spike if he wanted to come with him tonight, Spike had jumped at the opportunity to get away from the Council gits that were at the safe house all the time now and away from the hormonal, bickering, whiny, teenage girls that he likened to a plague of locusts – ubiquitous and never ending. Maybe drowning his sorrows in whiskey would make him feel better, or just not feel at all, for a while. That was the theory he was testing, at least.


“Never seen you here before, cowboy,” came a female voice from behind Spike. “Mind if I sit here?”


Spike turned to look at the woman speaking before looking around to see if she was talking to someone else. Cowboy? Spike looked down at his clothes; just his normal black on black. Cowboy? Do I look like a bloody COWBOY?


Spike cocked a brow at her and said, “Free country,” before downing another shot of whiskey.


“I’m Elizabeth,” the woman said. “You can call me Beth." As she climbed onto the bar stool next to him, Beth's thigh brushed the side of Spike's and he felt a familiar tingling start in his balls.


Spike looked at her closer now. She was attractive, early twenties with long blond hair – dressed in blue jeans and a button up shirt that wasn’t buttoned up very far, revealing a nice swell of breast.


“William,” he said.


The woman considered him a moment, then said, “You don’t look like a William.” Looking at him with furrowed brow she concluded, “You look like a Bill, no – Billy! Yeah, definitely a Billy!”


Spiked turned away from her and rolled his eyes as he swallowed down the last of his beer. “Can I buy you another one?” she asked as she pulled some money out of her pocket and motioned for the bartender to get Spike another drink and the same for her.


Spike shrugged but didn’t say anything. “So, you’re married,” Beth commented to him. “Where’s your wife?”


“Not here,” Spike replied dryly without looking at her, absentmindedly twirling his wedding band around his finger.


“Yeah, my husband isn’t either,” Beth informed him.


The bartender arrived with the drinks and Spike downed the shot and started on his beer as Beth did the same.


"BETH!" came the announcement from behind the bar near the mechanical bull. "Oh! My turn!" Beth exclaimed. Taking a swig of her beer she jumped up and said, "Save my seat, Billy. I'll be right back."


Spike watched her walk around to the mechanical bull. Now this is gonna be bloody funny, he thought as he watched her mount the bull. But, instead of the hard bucking and twisting that the bull had been doing before, now it moved slowly. Seemingly content to have her on its back, it made no effort at all to toss her to the floor. Beth rode the bull like she was making love to it; her head fell back and her hair danced down her back as her hips moved seductively in rhythm to the bull's slow pace under her. Her whole body undulated, rolling from her hips all the way up her torso to her head which now lolled around as if in the throws of passion. Spike looked around the bar; every eye in the place seemed to be on her. Beth leaned back so her shoulders laid down on the bull, her arms stretched back over her head and her back arched as the bull continued to move in a slow fuck beneath her. Spike thought she may actually be cumming as he watched her and the tingling his his balls moved up to his cock.


When Beth's turn was over, she came back to her seat next to Spike, but didn't sit down. “So, Billy, you wanna dance?” Beth asked, as she laid her hand on Spike’s arm. Spike could’ve sworn he felt electricity travel up his arm from where she touched him and then right back down his torso to his cock, which jumped to attention in his jeans.


He looked at her. Her face was flushed, her hand was hot on his arm and she smelled like absolute heaven. “Why not,” he said finally, as he downed another shot of whiskey before standing up. Spike grabbed her hand from his arm and led her to the dance floor.


Although Lindsey was singing a fast song when they started for the floor, by the time they got there, that song had ended and he’d started a ballad. Beth moved close to Spike and put her arms around his neck as she leaned her body against his and started swaying her hips to the slow rhythm of the music. Spike inhaled sharply when she pressed her body against his. His cock took notice of her pressing against him, too, as it hardened and strained against his jeans.


Bloody Christ, he thought as he dropped his hands to her hips and moved with her to the music. Beth noticed the bulge in his jeans, too, and did her best to press her body against it at every opportunity. As the song came to an end, she stood up on her toes and caught Spike’s lips in a kiss as she slid one hand down and pressed hard against his aching cock. “I’ve got a room,” she murmured against his mouth.


Spike closed his eyes and tried to remember why it was he shouldn’t be shagging her right then, but with her hand pressing on his cock and her mouth sucking on his bottom lip, he couldn’t quite come up with a good reason at that moment in time. He was so fucking horny and more than a little drunk, too. He thought he might come right there with her hand rubbing the length of his aching cock through his jeans.


Spike looked at Lindsey; Lindsey wasn’t paying any attention to him. Spike grabbed Beth’s hand and headed for the door. “Let’s go,” he said, dragging her behind him towards the exit.


Beth opened the hotel room door and Spike followed her in. When the door shut behind them, she turned and began rubbing his cock through his jeans again. Spike moaned and leaned hard against the wall at his back before he unbuckled his belt, un-buttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down in what seemed one single move. His aching cock, finally released from its denim prison, sprang up hard against his stomach.


“My God, Billy,” Beth cooed, taking his cock in her hand. “Your wife must be insane to leave heavy equipment like this laying around unattended.”


Beth dropped to her knees in front of Spike and pulled his cock down to her mouth, squeezing his rod hard with her hot hand. She circled the head of it with her tongue, licking his pre-cum from the slit as Spike moaned and silently willed her to continue. Beth let go and it slapped back against his stomach; he moaned in frustration, but she wasn't done. She began licking his cock with the tip of her tongue, making small circles all down the considerable length of it as it stood hard against his body. She tugged at his jeans and pushed them down around his ankles before licking the same small circles with her wet, hot tongue on his balls. When she felt his sack tighten under her touch, she pulled his cock back to her mouth and sucked down on him hard and fast.


“Bloody Christ!” Spike exclaimed as she sucked him into her mouth. His hips jerked involuntarily and his cock hit the back of her throat. Beth pulled back to keep from choking. “My, aren’t we an eager cowboy” she teased before diving back down on him. She kept a firm grip on the part of his rod that wouldn’t fit in her mouth as she sucked hard on the swollen head. She twirled her tongue around the throbbing mushroom before sucking all she could fit in her mouth and pumping the rest of his shaft hard with her hand.


“Christ, Buffy! Fuck! Yes! God! Buffy – YESSSS!” Spike exclaimed as he came, shooting his cum into the back of her mouth as she sucked hungrily up and down his length. When his tremors subsided, she pulled off, finishing with a slow swirl of her tongue around the head and a hard lick across the slit.


“Name’s Beth,” she said, looking up at him from where she was kneeling in front of him.


“Sorry, pet. Forgot,” he said, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her up to capture her lips in a hungry kiss.


Pulling away from the kiss for some much needed air, Buffy said, “I’ll forgive you this time, Billy.” Buffy smiled at him before capturing his mouth in another desperate kiss. Spike forgot his jeans were still around his ankles and, when he tried to move with her in his arms to the bed, they both tumbled down onto the floor.


“Christ, Slayer . . . you’ve got me shackled with my own bloody clothes!” he said as he rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. “What’re you doin' here?”


“Oh, should I leave?” Buffy teased as she straddled his hips with hers, wriggling her ass down hard against his cock which had already started to harden again.


“God, NO!” Spike pulled her down against his chest and devoured her mouth again in a ravenous kiss – his tongue pressing into her hot, wet mouth – tasting her as she twirled her tongue around his in a passionate dance.


They’d played this game before; he’d pick her up at a bar or she’d pick him up. They’d flirt and tease and dance and then go to a hotel and fuck like they’d never been together before; after being apart for nearly two months, tonight it actually felt that way.


Buffy pulled away from him and stood up, her feet still on either side of his slim hips, and she started unbuttoning her shirt. Her hands moved slowly, deliberately from button to button, pulling the shirt open slowly before she shrugged out of it completely and let it fall to the floor, revealing a lacy black bra underneath. Reaching behind her, she unhooked the bra and let it slowly fall down her arms, dropping it on Spike's chest to reveal her breasts to him.


Spike watched from below her as she stood over him and stripped; he didn’t remember ever wanting her more than he did at that moment. A little over three months pregnant, she had a small bulge in her belly where their baby was growing. Spike thought Buffy had never looked more beautiful than right then; being pregnant seemed to make her glow. As with Annie, Willow had put a protection spell on the baby the very next day after its conception so they didn’t have to worry about the baby being injured during a fight or during their love making.


Buffy unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down slowly before sliding her hands under the waist and dropping them down her legs, reveling black lace panties that matched her bra. Spike tugged the jeans down as Buffy lifted one, then the other of her legs out of them, leaving her shoes tangled in the legs.


Spike sat up under her and slid the lace panties down, and finally off, her legs. “God, Buffy. I missed you so much,” he told her as lifted one of her legs up to rest the back of her thigh on his shoulder before sliding his tongue between her pussy lips to taste her.


“OH GOD!” Buffy exclaimed when he hit her clit with his tongue, grabbing onto his shoulders with her hands to keep from buckling down. Spike moved one hand to her hip to help steady her before using the other to spread her outer lips further apart as he licked from her dripping channel back up to her clit.


“CHRIST! SPIKE, FUCK!” she exclaimed when he twirled his tongue around her swollen nub before flicking his tongue lightly over it, sending electrical shocks down both legs and buckling her knees. Despite his hand on her hip and her holding onto his shoulders, Buffy tumbled backwards and down onto her ass on top of his legs.


Spike pulled his legs out from under her, dropping her down onto the carpet as he flipped himself around and dove back down to taste more of her ambrosia. Buffy bent her knees and spread her legs to give him room. She lifted her legs up and tilted her hips, opening herself to him, as he lay down between them. He held her hips tightly in his hands and slid his tongue into her throbbing channel with a satisfied moan. Buffy jerked and moaned when he entered her with is heavenly tongue and cried out when he slid it back up to her clit sending more electricity out to all parts of her body, making every muscle twitch uncontrollably as he flicked his tongue over and around her most sensitive spot.


“GOD! SPIKE! FUCK! AAAGGH JESUS! YES! AAAAGGH!” she cried as she climaxed under his tongue. Her hips bucked against his mouth and her cum gushed out of her already dripping cunt as her whole body writhed on the floor in ecstasy. As she came down from her orgasm, she pulled him up atop her body, pausing only long enough to yank his t-shirt off over his head before wrapping her legs around his hips and sliding her hand between them to guide his cock into her throbbing channel. “FUCK ME!” she demanded of him, as she pulled him hard to her with her legs.


Spike held himself up with his strong arms and slammed into her in one thrust. He wasn’t sure how he didn’t come immediately. Despite having cum in her hot mouth a few moments before, the feeling of being inside her again nearly overwhelmed him. Buffy’s inner muscles constricted intensely around his rod; her need to have him inside her was as strong as his need to be there.


“GOD BUFFY! YES! JESUS! SLAYER! FUCK!” he exclaimed as he pistoned hard and fast into her heat while she matched his frantic pace with her own hips rising to meet him on each stroke.


“YES! SPIKE! GOD FUCK ME! YES! HARDER! HARDER! YESSSSS!” She screamed at him as he drove into her – her finger nails digging into his back as she clung hard to him to keep from sliding across the floor as he banged into her core.


Buffy’s words degenerated into breathless screams as her orgasm built from her core and spread out across her body. It seemed that every cell in her body was tingling with electricity as she climaxed with a long, primal scream and her channel clenched even tighter around Spike’s cock. He couldn’t hold back any longer, as every muscle in her body contracted under and around him, he shot his cum into her heat with several final, hard, deep strokes and a bone shattering roar of release.


Spiked collapsed down atop her, tangling his fingers in her hair as her ragged breath tickled the skin of his neck. Buffy loosened her grip on his back, sure that he was going to be bloodied and bruised from where she had been clinging to him, but kept her legs wrapped tightly around his hips. “I think . . . we missed . . . the bed . . .” she said between deep swallows of air.


“Lucky for the bed,” he smirked as he lifted up onto his elbows and kissed her with a slow, sensuous kiss. Pulling back, he asked again, “So, what’re ya’ doin’ here?”


“If you have to ask, I must be doing something wrong.” She smiled up at him with a twinkle in her eyes before saying, “Got done down south and wanted to surprise you. So, SURPRISE!” Buffy flung her arms out to punctuate the last word. “And, we’re going home. I told the Council this isn’t working – they can get Angel to come up here or just do what’s been done for the last ga-jillion years and let the Slayers meet their first vampire in a dark alley like normal people. We need you at home. I need you at home.”


“Thank God,” Spike said, leaning his forehead down onto Buffy’s. “I’ve been seriously considerin' thinning the Slayer herd a bit; they’re driving me round the sodding bend! The nice men in white coats will be comin' to haul me away any bloody day now.”


Buffy laughed and pulled his mouth down to hers for another slow kiss.


“Maybe we could try the bed now, cowboy” she suggested with a sly smile as she gave his cock a hard squeeze with her inner muscles.


Spike tried to get up, but his feet were still tangled in his jeans. “Give us a hand, luv,” he said, rolling off her and onto his back. “Put that Slayer strength to good use and get these bloody clothes off me.”


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