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Links to Detailed Growing Instructions for selected SEEDS.

I provide planting and germination instructions for all seeds that I sell, but for some I provide very detailed information - up to 3 pages of information. In order to save paper and postage costs, I have set these documents up as PDF files. Below are links to these instructions.  Click on the link for the document you wish to view and a PDF file will open with the full instructions.  You may print these or simply read and refer back to this page as needed (don't forget to tag this page it as a favorite!). If you don't have Adobe's FREE PDF Reader Software, click here for a FREE download.

GOURD and LUFFA GROWING and DRYING Instructions:



Sago Palm Planting and Growing Instructions



Pindo Palm Planting and Growing Instructions



Grand/Giant White Crinum Spider Lily Seed Planting Instructions



Milk and Wine Crinum Lily (Crinum Scabrum) Seed Planting Instructions